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#6323931 ★★★★★[] |Update 13| ★Fair Play Policy★ Solo's Easy ModPack Install...

Posted soloviyko on Jan 07 2014 - 03:09

ModPack fully complies to New Wargaming World of Tanks Fair Play Policy Rules 

Installable ModPack for World of Tanks 1.5.1 with "Mod" and "Sound" Previews

When selecting a mod you will "see and hear" what you are installing. :honoring:


with Mod Previews

with Updating System




"Mods Inside"


Mods that contain "Solo*s" naming were heavily modified for best gaming experience :blinky:

"Change Log"

Has been moved to the website (click here)


 "In-Game Samples"




If you run into problems with this modpack and your question is not answered in this FAQ,

please make a clear post about the issue you have.

Do not make us guess what you are meaning.

Also be sure to include "Python" and "SoloModPackSelection" logfiles into a spoiler

These  log files are located in the WorldOfTanks folder


Note: Before you make any changes make a copy of the file(s) you are going to edit.

If things get mixed-up, use the backup files to go back to the point where you started.


In case of Additions, Corrections or Suggestions to this FAQ please leave a comment. 


This FAQ was made possible by JDF.


To download click the Icon and you will be redirected to new.soloviyko.com.

If you like Solo's Work, please click the  of this post. 


For those tankers that want it here's VirusTotal Scan. 

Any Feedback is always Welcome!

#3213434 Lert's collection of guides

Posted Lert on Dec 09 2012 - 20:04

Just a place where I collect all the guides I've written. As they keep slowly growing in number it's more difficult to keep track of them when I need them for something. Keeping them in a central spot makes it much easier on myself. And, who knows, maybe some readers will stumble across this thread, read my guides and find something useful in there.
Before you do though, you might want to pay KingAlphyn's thread a visit, there's good stuff in there for before you venture into actual gameplay mechanics.


A final foreword: The tips and mechanics in this guide will not make you a unicum. At most, these guides will make you a green, like me. As the difference between a red and a green is gameplay mechanics, the difference between a green and a purple is meta. These guides handle gameplay mechanics and basic tips. For more information about the meta, go here and ask wiser men than me.
Wait, what? Unicum, green, red, purple, meta? What does that all mean?


Glossary of terms, if you can't understand what I'm saying you won't learn anything.
A tanker's manifesto, the absolute basics.
Easy tips for beginners.

Premium tanks. What are they? What do they do? What can they be used for?


Basic gameplay mechanics explained. Weak spots + tank parts, flanking, camo basics, spaced armor, sloped armor, HE mechanics.


Be the invisitank. Camouflage and spotting basics.


Things that shouldn't need repeating, but unfortunately do.

Focus your fire.


How to deal with stronger opponents.
Different shells types and mechanics.
Anatomy of capping and defending.


When to cap and when not to.
Picking your fights.
Why the famed 'center rush' is usually a monumentally moronic idea.
The basic mindset needed to become a better player.
The 'S' key, or why sometimes backing up and giving up ground can be a good thing.
How to deal with players better than you.
About vehicle types, roles and playstyles.
How to contribute if you're a low tier scout in a high tier match.
How to deal with 'autoloaders'
How real world gun safety rules can bring down in-game team damage
How real world traffic rules can bring down in-game team damage.
TOG II* guide


KV-2 guide
Why there is no real 'hacking' in WoT.
Public Service Announcements:
When a KV-2 is not a nice thing to see.
What not to do when someone is sitting in a bush.
Play at your appropriate tiers.
About skylining, slow terrain, choke points and gun depression, and how it relates to Lakeville.
About Arctic Region's corner of death / fail.


Take note of what's happening right in front of you.


How to post a picture on this forum.
Other people's guides that I felt needed including, well worth a read:


Very large collection of ace mastery videos on youtube. Can't get a tank to work? Try here for tips on how to play it.
LittleWhiteMouse's 'how to increase your win rate' guide for beginning to intermediate players.
GrimJahk's dissertation about expectations vs tiers vs experience.
The Chieftain's own guides.


OmegaEpsilon's guide ondealing with troll players on your team.


Sask Outrider's collection.
I'll update this thread if / when I post a new guide.
This is now an ego thread of +1 farming.


Yes, I take donations.

#1017195 The Chieftain's Random Musings Thread

Posted The_Chieftain on Oct 18 2011 - 19:22

General Direction and I are having a bit of an internal contest in the office. Didn't realise we had one going, but apparently we do.

He is pleased at the fact that he has a higher 'reputation' than I do. He cunningly used the caption competition to increase his rep: Click "plus" next to the caption that you like, and he placed ten posts on there.

I'm going to be more direct. Please plus this post!

#1781942 The 10 Commandments of WoT

Posted Sword_of_Light on Apr 23 2012 - 14:00

1. Thou Shalt Not Team Kill. No offense is greater in the eyes of thine team, nor grievance great enough to justify slaying thine own. If the retch turn blue, strike him down, for he is an abomination, but neither grief nor TK if mere offense is given.

2. Thou Shalt Not Cry Out "Hacker!". There is no hack, for thine is the kingdom of the server side. Thou ye know not how that artie reloaded so quickly, or that heavy doth strike you down even though you totally had cover, it is not a hack, but skill, thine enemies skill. Learn from them, so that ye may one day strike down thine own enemies with similar mad skillz.

3. Thou Shalt Not Take Thine Own Life. For all life is sacred, with the obvious exception of yon red infidels, and only thine wife's lament that ye are late for dinner with the inlaws shall ye rush out midfield in Malinovka. All else is sin.

4. Thou Shalt Not Platoon With Tier Ones Unless Ye Be Tier One. For the Children of WoT are many, and naive, and have neither shield nor sword, and though they may desire to see the great and ferocious Maus on the field of battle, verily, it is a move more like the behind of a mule to bring one in to a match.

5. Thou Shall Be Useful. All tanks are worthy in the eyes of the Maker of Matches, unless they beith loltanks, and though ye cannot pen, and lament that ye have no purpose being here, take heart, for you can scout, or distract. Be not craven and hide in the corner, but strive, and in doing so, vex thine enemies. If ye are small, then thy repair costs are but a pittance, and your death but a minor thing. Your wreckage may serve as a haven for those who still strive for the victory which will surely granteth you too the boon of xp and creds.

6. Thou Shall Take Responsibility. Thou shalt not claim thine team arises from the land of the noob, for rarely is a loss not also your fault. Nobility in defeat is greater in glory than nobility in victory.

7. Thou Shalt Not Order In Pubs. Though many have worn the crows and chevrons of war, none do so in WoT, and no prince nor king can lay sole claim to the green flag. Order not thine team to do this or that, even if ye be a master of WoT, none is so great that they cannot utter the word "please".

8. Thou Shall Back the Play of The Big Guy. For though none command, there are those that sit upon high, and they are the point of the spear. If they strike alone, all is lost. Let them not wander in the wastes of thine enemies, but follow with sword in hand, and strike down the unrighteous.

9. Thou Shalt Not Blame Arty. Artillery is the hand that reaps the enemies in the field, it is the fist that punishes the arrogance of Men. Seek the shelter of stone, of buildings which are not destructible, of the shadow of the hills, and the hand shall pass over you. Move, for the eye of artillery detests the stationary, and will strike down those enemies who linger. Curse neither arty which has struck you down, nor curseth the arty which cannot strike the tier ten Leviathan on the other team. Much goes into the striking fist of arty, and when the blow lands, it can be mighty, or it can totally whiff. Such is the way of the world of tanks.

10. Thou Shall Remember This Is Just A Game. While thee may have paid cold hard cash, still the striving within are not real. Wars rage for real, and real people die, and many go without food, or freedom, and nothing in this game is nearly as important. Thou art blessed with the monies to have a PC, while many go without even a roof. Nor playest this game when thou has the opportunity to get you some, nor at the cost of thine friends and family, who are real. If rage within you cannot be contained, and your lamentations arise with much profanity, perhaps the time to stop is nigh upon you.

#12143305 Codes-R-Us

Posted __WarChild__ on Jun 02 2019 - 18:56



Howdy Tankers,


Tired of searching all over the Forums, Reddit, the Daily Bounce, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc. for the INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW?  Well then, you've come to the right place. Here is your ONE-STOP-SHOP thread for all the important things like Codes, Contests & News.  As I have done before, the Edit Date & Time will be posted at the top so you'll know if the thread is current.* 



Edited: _12:10am Central on May 15, 2022_

                 *highlighted = indicates recent edits/changes



ALL CODES are highlighted in YELLOW below.






Team Effort Weekend:                https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/team-effort-weekend-missions-051322/


Hull Down for Heroes Merch:    https://hull-down-for-heroes-fundrais.myspreadshop.com/

Hull Down for Heroes Info:        https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/livestream/charity-stream-052022/


New BATTLEPASS Info:            https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-events/battle-pass-s7-extra-chapter/


Update RULES Policy:               https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/rules-violations-policy-updates-0322/


Aquino Weekend Code:             WOT_Community_2022 

Aquino Tank  Event:                   https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/aquino-tank-weekend-2022/

Aquino Tank Forum Post:          http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/658332-incoming-road-trip-to-aquino-discounts-and-more/




TWITCH DROPS: NEW for MAY - https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/livestream/0522-twitch-drops/


NA Weekly Watcher Drops       https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/weekly-watcher-drops/

NA World of Tanks Schedule:    https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/stream-sched-faq/

Broadcaster:                                          https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftanksna



May CC Showcase:                     https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/livestream/cc-activation-0522/

Broadcasters:                                         O_P_Hacker, BTed72, Overlord_Prime & Deadmeat_BC_





Prime Gaming:             Stay Tuned

Something This Way Comes:      But WHEN??

Prime Loot:                                    https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/worldoftankspc






WoT's Next Friday Code:            http://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=CHAPTERFOUR

WoT's Next Bonus Code:            N/A


**SA LATAM Code** (VPN):        https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=NOMEGUSTALAARENA

**SA Brazil Code**  (VPN):          https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=FINALBRWOT22

**SA Argentina Code** (VPN):     https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=ESUNATRAMPA

        - VPN Info is HERE Only Pleasehttp://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/638243-my-vpn-code-wont-work/





Tank:                                           Any Tier IV Tank Destroyer

Base XP to Beat:                        598 Base XP

Best Prediction:                         Not Applicable This Week

End Date & Time:                       Monday, May 16, 2022 at 6:00am Central US Time

Rewards:                                    300 Gold, 3 Days of Premium Time, 3x3 Boosters

Submit 3 Photos:                       https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks.NA/



Information:                                https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/community/showdown-saturday-1120/

Where to Post your "stuff" -      http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/658465-saturday-showdown-infochatter/


TLDR:                                                   The Saturday Showdown tank is announced on Tuesdays and you have from then until Sunday evening to beat the high score.  The high score is posted on Saturdays around mid-morning.

                                                              Once you've reached a qualifying Base XP, take 3 screenshots of the 3 scoring pages. Submit all 3 on either Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you submit to the Saturday posts NOT Tuesday's post!!

                                                              In order to qualify, you must play on either the NA or the SA servers (yes, scores against bots count)



It's time for another round of Guess that Tank (in a bush). Can you tell us which tank is camping in a bush this week?

We'll reward 5 players that successfully name this tank AND leave their IGN in the comment with 3 days of Premium Time!

Twitter:                                   https://twitter.com/worldoftanks/status/1511795980781318146/photo/1

Facebook:                              https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks.NA/photos/a.596186520487740/4717649418341409/




Rinoceronte On-Track:                https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/on-track-missions/on-track-rinoceronte-0522/

STB 1 On-Track:                           https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/on-track-missions/on-track-stb-1-0522/



WOT Social Media:

WoT Twitter:                                           https://twitter.com/worldoftanks

WoT Facebook:                                      https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks.NA

WoT Twitch:                                            https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftanksna

WoT North America:                              https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldoftanksNA/

WoT Latin America:                               https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldofTanksAmericaLatina/

WoT Brazil:                                             https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldofTanksBrasil/




Information and/or Rumors:

WoT News:                                     https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/

WoT's Next Episodes:                      https://worldoftanks.com/en/media/tag/wots-next/

May Sneak Preview:                      https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/may-2022-preview/




BATTLE PASS: SEASON VII - (When Will It Return???)



REDDIT Small Fire Extinguisher Code (will work every so often): https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=EMSIXTYCODE4REDDIT




NEW Player & Re-Roll INVITE Codeshttps://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/general/invite/


NA Community Contributor Codes:


__WarChild__                 WARCHILD          Tetrarch | 700 Gold | 400,000 Credits | 3x 50% Credits (2HRS), 3x 300% Crew XP (1HR), & 1x 100% Crew XP (1HR) Boosters



OTHER New Player Codes!

PewDiePie - Excelsior Tank, 14 days Premium Time & 250,000 Credits plus 10 Day Rental of Tiger 131, Lansen C, & IS6

CHIEFTAIN2019 - Churchill III Tank with 100% Crew, Medium Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and a Toolbox

ONTRMUSEUM - Ram II Tank, 14 Days of Premium Time, 500,000 Credits (may need to go to https://tanksrule.com/  )

WOTREDDIT - 7 days of premium time, 500 Gold and a Churchill III.

TANKTASTIC - 7 days of premium time, 500 Gold and a T-127



For Future Reference

Capping: A How To Guide - http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/623799-capping-a-how-to-guide/

Discount Comparisons: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/639493-na-discounts-need-help/

Legal Documentation - http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/forum-29/announcement-117-wargaming-legal-documention/

Legal Information: https://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/


Best of luck!




Catch me LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/warchildwins


*In the unlikely event very likely event that I have to take a month long unannounced vacation from the Forums, I've enlisted the help of a friend below to carry on the fightMisterMagnificence.


#1065242 T110`s Armor

Posted SFC_Storm on Nov 03 2011 - 23:38

I wanted to start a thread about the T110`s Armor, I already did its Gun and a inside look at certain info I have available to me [Even though Chieftain, thinks it was different model, but it was same principle]
Content Removed. Excessive Caps.
No RO.
P.S. This is a very good post that was well written, but I still gotta enforce the rules. +1 though, a worthy read. Keep it classy.

The T110 would have had SCA Armor assuredly especially since the only reason it wasnt used on the M60 was repair costs, at the point in 1959 when they made the new way of repping the SCA Armor which was totally impervious to 100mm [soviet HEAT] rounds they made the far cheaper M60 andso it was decided they were faster to make andwe were so damned worried about the number of T54`s we went for more numbers less Tech, but SCA WAS PLANNED FOR THE T110 and all T-Series tanks at that point but first you had to build a steel tank to do so which was never done.
Please give us a real T10 that has a real role, or dont and run the risk of losing alot of gamers and possibly the biggest gaming market in the world by 4 times the.... US
Im begging you because I love WOT but have seen to many games like this ignore small core fan bases and then watch the game crumble, I bet money even though the US has alot less players we spend alot more income on gold, we make 4-5x the disposable income as other countries alone. I dont wanna see WOT fail we want a fair balanced tank not a T34 style "Support" its ok that its 5% lower in Win ratio as others type tank.
To all that made this epic post possible
PS to all who asked main OP is now a spoiler and my ranting from my Phone replaced it for flare :smile:
And by flare I mean for
Bats and Spectre and Faust Oh Mow,
Onyx and Tea and CCC
Loos and Knight and Golden
Minds and Dean and Gigaton, Ninja
Wingman and Crimson and Rampage...
Aesir and ForceStorm
All these guys are forum gods IMO and shoud be added to any friends list +1`s you US tankers who want change have
ZiggyDeath gets honorable mention since he was the one who basically got me on the whole "Change the US Med line" with the T54 ruling so tightly the Devs made a thread "How to Kil la T54... lol That lead to "Change the broken US heavy line"
And to whoever I forgot Im sorry :sad: I will keep updating names, so keep checking if you are a Forum God.
And last but not least the CHief who my phone always capitalizes his name :smile:
Remember guys this thread is............Dare I Say
And Remember, to all the guys who keep saying its gonna be ok and let it be we are over reacting etc....What I learned most in my Almost 10 Yrs 5+ in combat Areas. More Military wisdom that carries over to WOT and life.....
"Lead.....Follow....Or Get Out Of The Way"
Message Ends
Also I was asked to post these
original T30 ->http://www.youtube.c...h?v=iE48jF2xL6o
new T110 ->http://www.youtube.c...2qSmpH7gHg&hd=1   
Note: This thread has been declared 'Legendary,'  is the social centre of the US Heavy Forum and is the focal point of  discussion about the (when the thread started) upcoming T110 and M103 tanks, and now most any other upcoming game information. It goes off-topic to  keep people amused whilst waiting for new on-topic information to be  released to be discussed. This thread is not for the faint of heart and  contains ponies: Be warned before diving in. - The Chieftain
If I could I would make sweet love to the Chief.

#5715458 Dear Hypnotik and Quemapablos

Posted DunxtonChexton on Oct 14 2013 - 16:31

So I log onto the CW map page to see a new subversion button installed. I am curious you two, what part of "no" do you not understand?


We, the CW community the subversion change effects, have weighed in. I get that GD was either too limp wristed to resist tank locking and riot implementation for fear of his job. Your tacit refusal to walk it back makes clear that those features were a blatant money-grab, however this is just asinine.

If you think that you know best and disregard the input of the clan leaders who are complicit in this Ponzi scheme, who have an interest in continued gameplay, then there will be consequences. You are making the enjoyable side of the Ponzi scheme impossible to play; 15v15s.

So, if when CW turns back on Subversions are enable, here is what I promise;
1. NASA will return, along with the blue and the space shuttle icon. Any clan who recognizes the harm involved with these changes is welcome to participate.

Failure to comply with our wishes will further result in:

2. Forcible hard partition of the CW map; I can load less than 30 clans on ALL of the map, and ensure that any other prospective clan gets boxed out.

Failure to comply with our wishes will result in:

3. Announcement of the next campaign winners, and explicitly rigging the campaign to that end.

Failure to comply with our wishes will result in:

4. Top-30 CW clan leadership defection to War Thunder, along with strong recommendation that our playerbase do the same. Long have we suffered your company's arrogant bumbling, and unfounded holier-than-thou attitude towards the CW leaders who have taken your shoddy game from a 6 month fad like BSG: Online into the quarter billion cash cow to fund SerB and GD's call girl addictions.

This is your corrective interview, this game is already too much of a time sink for leaders thanks to your actions, these features will break the Camel's back. I am quite sure your competitor would be more than happy to adopt our entire playerbase, loyalty, and business to give us the gaming experience we desire.

Your move.

#4978188 Why there is no real hacking in WoT

Posted Lert on Jul 19 2013 - 19:03

(Posted with moderator's approval)

Anyone who's spent some time on the world of tanks forum will be familiar with so-called 'hackusations', people accusing others of hacks because they saw something they didn't understand. The more experienced and technically savvy WoT players will always reply with 'there are no hacks'. But ... Why aren't there hacks for WoT?

Well, first we need to look at what a hack actually is.

A hack is a modification to game files that would give the hacker a tangible, unfair advantage over honest players. Something like a speed-hack, where the hacker can move faster, or a reload hack where he doesn't need to reload his gun anymore. Something like a hitpoint hack where he'll never run out of hitpoints, or a rate of fire hack where the hacker can shoot faster than an honest player. These are all hacks.

What aren't hacks are things like reload timers - WoT already has a built-in reload timer, the bar that gradually fills until your shell is loaded. Also not a hack is something like the 'last known position' mod that shows a greyed-out icon on the minimap for a tank that vanishes. Anyone with enough minimap awareness would already know where that tank was when it was last seen, anyways. These are all just mods.

So, to differentiate: a hack actively modifies core game files and tank-balance stats, while a mod uses already available information and presents it to the player in a more transparent way.

Now, to actually hack the game, IE actively modify core game files and tank-balance stats, one would need to have access to these files. In some online games like some of the famous shooters, this is relatively easy to do because the core game files are stored on the local client, and the server itself just serves as a matchmaking lobby. If, for example, your gun normally has a 10 second reload, but you modify the core game files so that it has a 2 second reload, the server will blindly accept this, since it in and of itself has no concept of how long your gun should take to load. This is called 'client side'. Compare this to a safe in your home with your money in it. You can tell your bank you've got two million in your safe and they wouldn't be able to tell you otherwise.

World of Tanks works very differently. World of Tanks is what's called 'server side'. This means that all the important calculations (like armor penetration, hitpoints, visibility, reload, etc) are done on the server. Therefore if a hacker tries to fool the server by changing his reload stat from 10 seconds to 2, the server will just go "lolnope" and keep the reload at 10 seconds. After all, the server's files say that the reload is 10 seconds, and the server dictates how long your gun takes to reload. Compare this to all your money being in your bank-account. You can tell your bank "But there's 2 million on there, really!" but all they'd need to do is check their own files to see you don't have 2 million.

From this follows that you can not download a hack and install it on your local client. Your local client doesn't determine anything important, it just does what the server tells it to do. Any attempt to actually hack the game at the local client level will simply cause the server to go "denied". Compare this to ringing up your bank and going "My bank account now has 2 million on it" in your best Jedi voice. The bank will simply know better and ignore you.

So, in order to hack the game, you'd need to remotely hack into the World of Tanks server, go through its firewalls and modify the game files stored thereon. Alright, let's assume for a moment that you're a hacker of sufficient skill to get into the World of Tanks server itself.

Then you'd run into the problem that the files themselves are protected and can't just be modified by an external source.

But, let's assume for a moment that you're a hacker of incredible skill, and you somehow manage to get around the protection. You want your M4 Sherman to have 10000 hitpoints, 500mm frontal armor, 1000 damage per shot and an invisibility cloak. Alright, you modify the files, and you're now the proud owner of an M4 Sherman with 10k hitpoints, 500mm frontal armor, 1000 damage per shot and an invisibility cloak. And so is everyone else who has an M4 Sherman. Since everyone uses the same core game files on the server, any change to them is going to affect all the tanks of the same type across the entire server. So, this wouldn't work either.

Ok, so .. Imagine you're a hacker of absolute biblical skill who can somehow hack the game files to the extent where only your M4 Sherman has those inflated stats. Congratulations, you've now left a flashing neon sign pointing directly at your game client, with your IP address and login info attached, that says "I'm a hacker, permaban me!" .. After all, the modified files point to your Sherman, and not someone else's.

Ok, so that doesn't work either. So, imagine you're the absolute GOD of hacking, you're so incredibly awesome at hacking that cutting through the pentagon's firewalls is something you do as a warmup before breakfast, banks across the world pay you to not hack their systems, and .. somehow .. you manage to change the game files on the server so that your fake internet pixel tank is stronger, nobody else's is and it's untraceable to your own account ....

.... until the next time the server does a tiny little check for modified files and simply changes everything back, forcing you to start all over again.

So, yes, while theoretically it is possible for World of Tanks to be hacked, it's 'possible' only in the same way that it's possible to walk / swim from New York City to Timbuktu and back again, for a loaf of bread. Theoretically 'possible' but simply doesn't happen because nobody is that good, and nobody is going to bother going through all that effort and risk for so little return-on-investment.

"But this website says it has a hack I can download that gives me 10 million gold and all the tanks unlocked!"

Remember where I said the game is server side? Even if that supposed 'hack' wasn't a trojan or a key logger, the server would still go "Nuh uh, you don't have 10 million gold, you have 0 gold - and you haven't unlocked all those tanks yet either". And then send a polite little message to the mods of a hack-attempt from your client with your IP address and your login info with a CC to whatever law-enforcement agency deals with this kind of crime in your area of the world.

"But they have a little video and screenshots and everything!"

Yes, because screenshots can't be doctored and videos can't be faked, right? That downloadable hack is guaranteed to be a trojan, a virus or a key logger. It's guaranteed to be malware.

"But there are hacks in <Insert other game here> so there can be hacks in here, too!"

That other game has client-side calculations and the server simply takes what the client tells it as truth. Anything important in World of Tanks (Gold, camouflage system, reload times, armor penetration, shell count, tank movement, spotting system, etc etc etc etc) is calculated by the server.

"But that guy clearly hacked! He did <X> while there was no way for <X> to be possible!"

Anyone who's spent time on the forums knows these posts. In my experience, every time this is claimed, it comes down to the poster's lack of understanding of game mechanics. He encounters someone who does understand the system and knows how to use it to his advantage, causing the hackuser to run to the forums complaining about hacks.

In making their game server side and simply by virtue of being merely a fake internet pixel tank game and therefore uninteresting for 'l33t pro hackers' (after all, what glory is there from fake internet tanks to warrant the real and significant risk of getting caught and sent to jail?) Wargaming has made as close to an unhackable online game as is possible in this day and age.

#3861917 +1 If This Is How Burning Legion Diplo Works For You Too

Posted KingAlphyn on Mar 02 2013 - 01:52

A dramatization of the ultimatum presented to PUPEH over the Crimea landing zone, two days ago.
+1 for this post if you have experienced Big Stick Diplo.

I am a proud puppeh. You cannot big stick us, we love big sticks!

#3134282 [WN7] What is it and how does it work?

Posted Praetor77 on Nov 29 2012 - 00:36

WN7 formula:
+SPOT*125*MIN(TIER, 3)/3
-[(5 - MIN(TIER,5))*125] / [1 + e^( ( TIER - (GAMESPLAYED/220)^(3/TIER) )*1.5 )]
Would like to highlight that MIN() means the number capped at that value, so MIN(TIER, 5) means avg tier capped at 5, (so player avg tier is used if it is lower than 5, otherwise 5 is used) and MIN(DEF,2.2) means defense is capped at 2.2.
written by Neverwish, Crabeatoff and Praetor77
Work on WN7 is a community effort. I consider everyone who has posted in this forum to have contributed their two cents into making WN what it is today. However, I would like to highlight the contribution of the people who have dedicated the most time and effort into making WN:
Key contributors: Tpapp157, Neatoman, Syndicate, Maokai, Makaze2048, Guerdon, DracoArgentum, Crabeatoff, TheKilltech, etc. etc.
The WN rating was created using statistical analysis tools like correlation studies and evolutionary algorythms to create an accurate formula, using Win Rate as a proxy to accurately determine the weight each stat would have in the formula. The idea was to create a formula which actually tried to measure player skill in the most accurate way possible, using global account stats.
The Efficiency formula was the basis for an analysis to figure out what was wrong with it and create an improved formula with those problems fixed.
WN is short for Weighed and Normalized, and implements various ways to deal with statpadding, and in the end tried to develop a metric that could only be padded by actually being good at the game.
Key points of the WN Rating are:
  • Damage is scaled according to your average tier and is the most important stat in the formula. The points you get for damage are carefully tied to the avg tier played, so that players with avg tier played 6 or 9 could be accurately compared, despite having very different average damage. To do this, average damage for tiers were collected from vbaddict.net and the data was carefully fitted to a non-linear curve.
  • Players with a considerable number of battles who have an average tier lower than 4 are heavily penalized for sealclubbing. New players with few battles under their belts are not penalized until they achieve a big number of battles but remain with a low average tier played.
  • Cap points are not counted towards your rating, since despite HUGE efforts and statistical analysis mainly performed by Syndicate, there was no statistically sound way to include cap points into the formula. The data suggests that for the average player cap points which are actually useful in winning a game for your team are drowned out by the huge amount of useless cap points gathered at the end of already won games.
  • Winrate is used as a proxy to measure intangible stats which are not available on the player profile like spotted damage, cap used to lure the enemy out, stopping scouts from killing your arty, tracking enemies at crucial moments, keeping your teammates alive, map awareness and other crucial decisions not recorded in the stats. This term of the forumla counts for 0-10% of final WN rating.
  • Average Defense points is capped at 2.2 to prevent padding. Defense also proved to be highly correlated to winrate, suggesting players who have map awareness and return to base when needed to stop enemy capping win more often.
  • One of the most important characteristics of the WN Rating is the open development format, meaning any player can post in this thread and suggest modifications, which will be tested and, if successful, implemented. By having this open development model, it effectively eliminates biases which closed formulas such as Efficiency have.
  • After the rating was released, WoTLabs was the first website to implement it, keeping it up to date every time a new version is launched. Although many people dislike the fast evolution of the rating (having gone through several changes and versions in only 4 months), this means that the formula rapidly grows more accurate. It has spread to the point where the WN Rating is now the standard rating used on the XVM mod, although transformed into a 0-99 scale rating.

Common Misconceptions
Despite having been based on advanced algorithms, the WN Rating did not pass without heavy criticism, although most, if not all, of this criticism turned out to be misconceptions.
One common complaint was that, if it was made to correlate with win rate, then we could just use win rate. Unfortunately win rate can be easily padded by platooning with good players. The WN Rating separates those padded players by using their actual stats. A veteran player with a low WN Rating but a high win rate has been probably been heavily padded.
Another common criticism is that we should stop caring about statistics and just play the game, since statistics eventually lead to mockery. Unfortunately World of Tanks is a competitive game, and as in all competitive games, there must be a measuring stick in order to know if you are improving and how much you are improving, otherwise we might as well go play Farmville. Shooting tanks for the heck of it gets boring after a while. The idea behind WN is to use it as a tool to make sure you keep improving, and also as a wealth of information when used in XVM to help you make critical decisions based on the skill of your teammates and enemies.
Other players criticize the formula for not taking things like spotting damage into account. This can hardly be pinned on the WN Rating, since Wargaming has not released this information publicly. The WN Rating can only work with what it has available. To account for those invisible stats that help win games, Win Rate has been added to the formula.
Lastly, many players criticized using winrate in the formula, since the very same winrate was used as a proxy to weigh the other stats in the evolutionary formula. However, as posted above, the idea was not to reward winrate, but to use it as a proxy for intangible stats. Also, the reward for these "intangibles" are carefully tailored by Neatoman into an S-curve with diminishing returns for winrates above 60%, where correlation to stats drop significantly, suggesting winrates above this value are purely due to platooning and companies. Also supporting this data is the fact that Zakaladas (quite possibly NA server´s best player) almost always plays solo and averages 64% wins.
Limitations and problems
Formulas can only be created from stats that are made available via the official WoT website. Efficiency depends on those same stats. Everything WoT-news computes is off those same stats. More information on YOUR history is available from the cached dossier file, but unless everyone starts mass uploading those (which will never happen), then the official website stats are THE source for data.
What isn't in WoT website stats?
  • Normalized Experience (XP) - theoretically WG could keep track of experience based on whether a user had a premium account or not, and then either remove the premium bonus OR give all standard account users the bonus (for stats purposes) to normalize XP across users.
  • Damage Upon Detection - Damage done to targets you are spotting yourself, by tanks who are not spotting them themselves. The latter is the bread and butter of light tanks (LTs) and of front line fighters. The other bonuses are relatively small compared to the latter. But it is the most noticeably missing in all rating calculations, and it particularly screws over LTs.
  • Per tank anything - the website cannot tell you damage per tank, spots per tank, etc. This information lives in your dossier and somewhere on the WG servers. If you use a dossier parsing tool (there are several web based and one local), you can obtain this information on your per tank performances. There is something called an API which gives you this kind of information, but currently the NA server API does not work correctly, like for example it says I have 15.4 spots per game on my IS-4.

Implications of these limitations
Light tanks
Due to the lack of DUD (damage upon spotting) on the WG website, light tanks are unfairly measured by WN7. They normally get lower WN7 scores than heavy, med or TDs of the same tier. That being said, WN7 is actually the metric that gives one of NA server´s best scouts (Redparadize) the highest rating...
PR: 1842
Eff2.0: 1742
WN7: 1943
SPGs also cause issues, as their tiers are not lined up with the rest of tanks! They do much more damage than their tier value would indicate for a HT, MT or TD. This is a known limitation of the formulas. Extensive programming (parsing the website stats for SPG counts and adjusting their tier) COULD fix this, but the problem will go away when the SPGs tiers are stretched to match (per the latest ASAP with SerB). For now...we deal with it. Who care about SPG players stats anyways, amirite?!?!?
Some statistical limitations
When measuring a population, its not going to be possible to put every single person on the scale and have the scale make sense. Again, returning to a notable outlier, Tazilon and his 20k+ VK2801 games. This massive number of games means his average tier played is 5.35, which is lower than is "generally expected" for someone with 28k total games. It takes longer to move through higher tier tanks, and so you end up with more weight at 6+. Because WN7 is designed to measure the population relative to each other, some assumptions have to be made about the habits of the general population. Most players don't play 20k games in any single class or tier below 8, let alone 20k in a single tier 5. If someone plays 10k games in the MS-1....outlier! Takeaway: population ratings cannot account for every outlier.
Back to the formula
A detailed explanation of each portion of the WN7 formula by Crabeatoff and Praetor77.
Includes the answer to questions like "Why is cap not included in the formula?", "How much does winrate contribute to the equation" and "How does the low tier penalty work?":

WN7 Scale
This is the current scale for the WN7 Rating:
WN7 Rating Key
Under 500 Very Bad
500 to 699 Bad
700 to 899 Below Average
900 to 1099 Average
1100 to 1349 Good
1350 to 1549 Very Good
1550 to 1849 Great
1849 to 2049 Unicum
2050 and Above Super Unicum
This scale is different from the one used in XVM, since their analysis of russian player database gave different results. The scale is currently on schedule to be readjusted to an analysis of the wotlabs player database being performed by Neverwish.
And this is what goes on inside the WN Rating. I hope I could clear some doubts regarding this formula! Feel free to post on this thread if you have any suggestions or questions.
Boom_Box's script which modifies Player profile page and shows a lot of extra information, including WN7.
Excel sheet by Folterknecht for offline WN7 calculations
Wotlabs website for awesome signatures and other stats
Mywotstats website for signatures, player stats, and some neat features like customized server rankings for 30 or 60 day stats
Noobmeter website for noobmeter metric, WN7 stats, a neat history of your wN7, NM and WR stats, etc.
Old information for previous versions of WN:

#525065 Athena's Complete Female Crew Overhaul Mod

Posted Lady_Athena on May 09 2011 - 16:10

Note: Hello Everyone. This is an update as of 2/22/2014. I know it's no surprise to anyone who still uses my mod, that I have not been working on it for quite a long time. This is a formal and complete confirmation that I am no longer working, or planning on working on this mod any longer. Since I do not actually play WoT anymore (except for some very rare cases), and since I have moved onto War Thunder Ground Forces, I have no intentions to continue with the mod. (Unless popular demand says otherwise, which I've heard nothing about.) If anyone wishes too continue my project, I am perfectly alright with that so long as credit is given to me where it is due. Letting me know you're taking on the project and picking up where I left off would also be nice :).


I am sorry.

Hello Everyone!
This is a personal Mod I am working on, on my own free time; to make everything that has to do with your crew Feminine. At the moment thanks to 2 other Mods already out. I have completed the collection and made USA Anime female crew members and combined them all into 1.
I've recently updated and uploaded it to TesNexus: http://worldoftanks....ds.com/mods/401 Feel free to comment here as well of what you think about the mod :smiles:

What I've Done

As the name implies, I have made the crews for all 3 nations into anime females. Pictures, names, and voices. There were 2 other small mods which replaced just the pictures for German and USSR separately. I've combined these into my mod as well. (More info in the Thanks To section)
Updates to Come:
Part 1 Anime Pictures for all 3 Nations: Done!
Part 2 Gothic Female Names: Done!
Part 3: French Crew: Done!
Part 4: "Military" style/look/feel Anime Female Pics: These pictures will show Anime girls in either military clothing, or a military style pictureGerman Crew Done!
Part 5: Chinese Crew PicsDone!
Part 6: UK Crews Done!
Part 7: Anime Tank skinsDue to Time Constraints I may not be doing this anytime soon
Part 8: More Options for each Nation: Same as Part 7
Ongoing Updates:
(ongoing updates are updates which are done, but will constantly be expanded and added too as time goes by)
*Splash Screens: Multiple different Anime Splash Screens to choose from Done!
*Female Voices: Done! but with more to come!
*New Music: New Music for the battles, most likely something along the lines of Nightcore/Trance/Techno, which merges well with Anime/WoT at the same time.
Please be patient as I work on the final product for this complete overhaul mod. I am doing this on my own free time as a personal Mod since I love the game so much <3.
If you have any questions/concerns, want to give thanks, suggestions, or anything else, please feel free to PM me, or write it on here ^.^.
Please +1 the post if you like the mod! <3~

Installation Instructions:


Please use the .txt in each of the folders contained in the mod.

1) Unpack the .rar
2) Open the folder
3) Follow the instructions found inside each of these folders: Female Crew Pics, Female Name Mod, Female Voices, Login Screen.
Note: I split the mod up on purpose, so you could choose what you want, for example, if you dont want the female voices, simply skip that folder.
Discussion and videos with each voices can be found here: http://forum.worldof...-in-client-071/


Name Fix:
http://www.mediafire...mes for 8.7.rar
(Install this last to fix the names since patch 8.7)

How YOU Can Help:

Ever Wanted to be a voice actor girls? Now you can! Just give me a PM! I need a few girls who are willing to record their voice for Part 3 of my mod!

Oh Noes! New Patch now your mod doesnt work! Help!

Do not worry, simply re-install the mod like you did the first time, and everything will work like new :smile:, your tankers pictures and original names will switch back to how they were. :smile:
Known Problems:
*Some Duplicate names for First/Last, Sometimes you may get a name such as Cute Cute, though this is rare.
German Crew #2


USSR Crew Option 2

USA Crew

USA Crew Option 2

French Crew

Japanese Crew

Name Examples:
(Click the spoiler tab to see a partial list of the names, full list of names is in the .rar)
*Names with -First at the end, means they are First Names
*Names with -Last at the end, means they are Last Names
*Names with -First/Last at the end, means they are both

Thanks To:

Even though I started creating this mod, There were 2 mods at the time already out. One for Female anime pictures for USSR and one for Female Anime pictures for German. Thanks to these two people for allowing me to combine them with my full re-make mod :smile:, Thanks for keeping my mod unique and different, and most of all Alive :teethhappy:
Marseille: USSR Anime Female crew Pictures
Khyron: German Anime Female Crew
RelicShadow: A little random help here and there
TopCombat2: Help with the voices

Additions After:

I'm pleased to see people wanting to add their own little variations to my mod ^.^ So here will be the list of mods I've added in as options after my original mod was done ^.^ <3
Marseille: USSR crew pictures option #2
EinstZecksclaw: USA crew pictures option #2
USA Gothic Style Names Teaser


#746023 For people that would like to learn frontal tank weakspots

Posted Sadukar09 on Jul 24 2011 - 00:27

This guide will stop at tier 7, unless by popular demand tier 6 and lower are requested.
Before we begin, I shall define some terms.
I will use my Tiger II to explain these terms. Stabsfeldwebel Egger transferred for failure to the Maus Leutnant Knispel is honoured his new tank can be used for this demonstration.
Upper Glacis: The upper frontal hull armour plate of a tank.
Lower Glacis: Lower frontal hull armour on a tank, usually weaker.
Mantlet: The armour section surrounding the gun. Usually strongest part of a tank. (IS-7's mantlet armour reaches approx. 350mm!)
MG Mount: Location where a machine gun is mounted on a tank for local defence against infantry. Usually have weaker armour.
Cupola: Dome shaped structure used by commander/crew to enter/exit tank. Some cupolas have observation slits for the commander. Usually have no armour.
Viewport: Device used by crew members to see the outside world, may/may not result in hull damage depending on the tank.
Upper Superstructure: Some German tank destroyers have two different armour values, one for the hull and one for the upper part.
Above are explained in the screenshots.
Stabsfeldwebel Oberleutnant Otto Carius demonstrates superstructure!

Now that we got the useless stuff out of the way...
Weaknesses will be hull then turret.
Left side assumes your left, and the opposing tank's right side, and vice versa.
Tanks lower than tier 10 will have turret weaknesses for upgraded and stock turrets.
With the new armour group updates, OBJECT 704/OBJECT 268/IS-3/IS-6/IS-8/IS-7/GW Typ E/E-100/Maus gained new spaced armour. This means some areas on the front and rear are falseboards, if you penetrate there, it will do no damage unless the second set of armour is penetrated. The falseboards actually outlines the real tank armour layout. IS-3/704/IS-7 have parts of their side armour at 60 degrees. What this means is that their side armour are exceptionally tough. IS-3 and 704's side armour above the tracks are nearly 180mm, IS-7's side armour there is greater than a Type 59's frontal hull. If a shell hits there, it will penetrate some spaced armour first, then hit the sloped side armour, making penetration incredibly tough. Instead, hit the armour behind the tracks, those are only 90mm/100mm at 90 degrees from horizontal. IS-8 also has spaced armour, but it is significantly smaller than the IS-3s.
GW Typ E and E-100 had spaced armour from when they were introduced. Penetrating spaced armour from the front or rear does no damage. Spaced armour on the side hull significantly increases protection.
Tier X
Heavy Tanks
Hull: Lower glacis, there is a small rectangular block that can be hit and penetrated easily by tier 10 guns as long as the Maus driver does not angle his hull. Ammo rack is located under the turret.
Turret: Shoot the round side beside the mantlet. Armour here is 220mm rounded. As long as the Maus driver does not turn his turret away and you have a good non angled shot, it will go through with tier 10 guns. It is possible to try to shoot the lower rounded part of the turret to attempt to ricochet it into the upper engine deck. However this is unreliable. Ammo rack is located in the rear half the turret.
Hull: Lower glacis, guns with ~200mm penetration can hit through if it is unangled. Do not shoot the lower glacis if you are within 50m of the E-100, as it will be too angled (50 degrees) for you to penetrate. Instead, use the turret weakness. Ammo rack is in the rear portion of the turret, similar to Maus.
Turret: There is an extremely flat part of the frontal turret where the turret mates with the chassis. Armour there is unknown, presumably 240mm, but has no vertical angle. Frontal turret of the E-100 is very tough, try not to hit it.
Hull: Lower glacis plate at medium/long range, where the spare track  links are located. Ammo rack is located behind the headlights (hmm...).  Shooting it at close range results in bounce/non penetration due to  angle. Lower hull can be penetrated by a Tiger I. Driver's plate is being buffed, but the driver's slit itself has no armour. Only good at point blank ranges.
Turret: Commander's cupola on the right side. BL-10, T7, and Pak44/2  can penetrate frontal turret if you shoot the rounded area beside the  mantlet. But avoid it in any case, as the mantlet was buffed, even APCR no longer penetrates the mantlet. Ammo rack is located in the rear right of the turret. (If  turret rear is facing you.)
Hull: Lower glacis plate at medium range, do not shoot it at close range, you will be shooting down at it and it will be highly angled. Lower hull now needs around 235mm average penetration to do damage. Avoid shooting the seam of the V, where it is extremely hard to penetrate. Good luck getting through upper hull.
Turret: Nigh impossible. Cupolas can be penetrated, but is very unreliable.
Hull: Lower glacis, driver's viewports.
Turret: Commander's cupola, area beside mantlet. Avoid mantlet if possible. Turret ring is rather vulnerable.
T57 Heavy Tank
Hull: Lower glacis, driver's viewports.
Turret: The turret ring is very vulnerable. Try not to hit the gun or the area around it if possible.
Hull: Lower glacis, upper hull can be penetrated at point blank range if you have good gun depression.
Turret: Cupolas.
AMX 50 B
Hull: Do no shoot it at the front hull ever. Most of it is auto bounce.
Turret: Same as T57 Heavy.
Hull: Lower glacis, if slightly angled, shoot the exhaust pipes (it will hit a piece of side armour rated at 102mm)
Turret: Cupola, turret ring.
Medium Tanks
E-50 Ausf. M
Hull: Same as E-50, but upper hull is slightly stronger due to slope.
Turret: Same as E-50.
Hull: Frontal hull is weaker than a T-54, should not be a problem. Aim for the headlights for ammo rack.
Turret: Commander's cupola, top turret. (Only if you have height advantage.)
Hull: Lower glacis, driver's viewports.
Turret: Commander's cupola. Avoid mantlet. Turret ring.
Hull: Lower glacis, hull is pretty weak.
Turret: Pretty much autopen, there's no mantlet.
BatChat 25t.
Hull: Derp. Don't shoot the spaced armour square immediately above the tracks.
Turret: Derp.
Hull: Lower glacis, frontal hull is not that strong at tier 10 anyway.
Turret: Commander's cupola. Avoid mantlet.
Tank Destroyers
Jagdpanzer E-100
Hull: Lower glacis is extremely vulnerable. Armour beside mantlet can be penetrated by most tier 10 tanks. However, the armour plate with bolts on is very strong. Rear MG turret if possible, cupolas.
Object 268
Hull: The hull is extremely weak, as it comes from the IS-8. Try to avoid hitting weld seams. Lower hull can be easily penetrated. Commander's cupola.
Object 263
Hull: Lower hull, the square mantlet. Engine deck can be penetrated at close range. (Must have height advantage)
Hull: Lower glacis (152mm @ 55), commander's MG turret (229 @ 60). Essentially you are pretty screwed if you don't have HEAT.
Hull: Lower glacis.
Turret: Commander's MG turret, area beside mantlet.
AMX 50 Foch (155)
Hull: Same as the tier 9 AMX 50 Foch.
FV215B (183)
Hull: Lower hull. Upper glacis isn't very strong.
Turret: Flat 254mm spot underneath the gun, or the random stuff on the turret top.
Tier IX
Heavy Tanks
VK 4502 Ausf. B
Hull: Lower glacis plate, it is still 170mm like upper glacis, but it is less angled. Tier 9 guns like 10,5cm Kwk 46 L68 can penetrate 50% of the time unangled. If angled, it is hard to hit through it, even with tier 10 guns like 120mm/12,8cm Kwk 44 L55. Ammo rack is located in the rear of the hull, where the spare track links are located.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola, try not to hit the rangefinder in front of it. High powered guns like 155mm T7 and 152mm BL-10 can penetrate turret frontally if fired head on without angle. Ammo rack is on the rear half the turret.
Stock Turret: Same armour as the Maus turret, hit the rounded front turret armour beside the mantlet. Cupola is still weak. Ammo rack is in the rear half of the turret.
Hull: Lower glacis (130mm). Avoid shooting the upper glacis if possible, as that can bounce 12,8cm Kwk 44 shots unangled, angled it can bounce 152mm BL-10s.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola. Ammo rack is in the rear half of the turret.
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola. Guns with greater than 225mm penetration can hit through frontal turret reliably, as long as you do not hit the mantlet. Ammo rack is in the rear half of the turret.
Hull: Lower glacis plate. Do not hit the driver's viewport, that spot is 200mm.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola.
Stock Turret: Range finder on the left side of the turret, commander's cupola, loader's cupola. Frontal turret isn't very strong at all.
Hull: Lower glacis, driver's viewport. Frontal hull is not exceptionally strong. If driver angles hull, shoot whichever side is facing you.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola.
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola.
Hull: Lower glacis, driver's viewport can be consistently penetrated at close range.
Turrets: Area beside the mantlet, commander's cupola. Turret ring.
Hull: Lower glacis, upper hull is very weak for the tier.
Upgraded turret: Cupola, if facehugging, any turret cheek that's facing you.
Stock Turret: Anywhere but the mantlet.
AMX 50 120
Hull: Anywhere really. Don't hit the lower hull.
Turret: Turret ring or any flat face. Don't hit the gun.
WZ-111 Models 1-4
Hull: Lower hull is weak. Upper hull is weak for the tier too.
Upgraded Turret: Cupolas
Stock Turret: Same IS-3 upgraded turret.

Medium Tanks
Hull: Lower glacis. Ammo rack is underneath the turret, and above the tracks.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola, rangefinders.
Stock Turret: Anywhere but mantlet.
Hull: Hull can be penetrated anywhere by any guns above 200mm penetration, as long as the driver does not angle his T-54. If so, you can shoot the flimsy side armour. Ammo rack is located behind the headlights (Gee wizz.) to the left of the tank. Try to hit the T-54's frontal hull above the splashboard. Driver's viewport is another weakspot.
Upgraded Turret: Commander and loader's cupolas are easy penetration at close range. You can actually penetrate the frontal turret with 225mm penetration guns with 50% probability if you aim directly at the gun. Ammo rack is located in the back of the turret as well.
Stock Turret: Same as above.
M46 Patton
Hull: lol. Ammo rack is underneath the turret.
Upgraded Turret: Try to hit the hull, otherwise, hit the cupola or the area beside the mantlet.
Stock Turret: Anywhere but the mantlet (square part)
Lorraine 40t
Centurion Mk. 7/1
Hull: Anywhere really. Frontal lower hull has ammo rack behind the stowage.
Turrets: Everywhere but mantlet.
Hull: Virtually everywhere at this tier. Ammo rack/fuel tank behind headlights.
Upgraded Turret: Cupolas
Stock Turret: Cupolas. See T-54 upgraded turret.
Tank Destroyers
Hull: Same weaknesses as Tiger II, lower glacis is 120mm. MG ball mount has only 80mm of armour. Ammo rack is located on the side of the superstructure, where the Balkenkruz is.
Superstructure: None. BL-10, T7, Pak44/2 can penetrate upper superstructure if it's medium/close range and the Jagdtiger is not angled. But usually you can shoot the lower/upper glacis plate. Mantlet is impenetrable, do not hit it.
Object 704
Hull: Lower glacis. Frontal superstructure is flimsy for tier 9. However, do not hit the mantlet, It's more than 300mm there. There are also two highly angled plates that count as side armour. From the front, it is too angled for most guns to penetrate. You CAN penetrate if the 704 happens to not face you.
Hull: Lower glacis, cupolas. Anywhere but the mantlet and highly sloped frontal side superstructure.
Hull: Lower glacis is very situational, it's extremely hard to hit barring point blank ranges, not to mention it's still ~200mm, then you'd be right in front of his gun. The two cupolas are easy weakspots to hit. I have taken damage on my T95 when someone shot my track off from the front. Mudguards may be another weakness. The two triangle areas on either side of the main hull are now spaced armour, penetrations from the front there DO NOT DO DAMAGE.
Hull: lol. Ammo rack is under the turret.
Turret: The  left and right area beside the mantlet can be penetrated by guns above  225mm penetration unangled, if the T30 turns away even a bit, any gun  above 200mm will penetrate. The frontal side turret is only 179mm thick.  152mm BL-10 CAN penetrate the mantlet, but it's not recommended.  Commander's cupola is another choice if being facehugged. The small  triangular area above the mantlet is also a good spot if being  facehugged. Ammo rack is located in the back of the turret.
AMX 50 Foch
Hull: Lower glacis (may be difficult due to slope), commander's MG turret. Frontal armour is quite powerful. Guns with 269mm penetration will not get through it often. The rangefinder bar is spaced armour. Shooting the bar does no damage.
Hull: Cupola, any flat surface. Do not ever shoot the mantlet, cuz 406mm says nope.avi.
Heavy Tanks
Tiger II
Hull: Lower glacis is rated at 120mm. MG mount is not a weakspot, and is equivalent in protection to the rest of the hull. Ammo rack is above the tracks.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola. Ammo rack is located in the rear half of the turret. Frontal turret armour is rather flimsy with the exception of the mantlet.
Stock Turret: lol. This turret is a joke. Anywhere but the mantlet you can penetrate with guns above 135mm penetration. Try to hit the rounded part beside the mantlet however. Ammo rack is same as above.
VK4502 Ausf. A
Hull: Lower glacis. Avoid the flat plate that's in the front and side of the hull, those plates are impenetrable spaced armour. MG mount is weak.
Upgraded Turret: Same as Tiger II.
Stock Turret: Same as Tiger II.
Hull: Same as IS-7, lower glacis is weaker than the rest. Avoid shooting the pike head on. If facehugging, the driver's viewing prism/port is a weakness. Ammo rack is under the turret. When shooting side hull, avoid shooting the side sponsons. Armour there is ~200mm due to 30mm side skirt+90mm@60 degrees.. Shoot near the tracks for 90mm@0 degrees hull armour.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola, the flat square on the top of the turret behind the gun. That spot is only 20mm, any gun above 60mm calibre will autopenetrate due to overmatch.
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola. Turret overmatch no longer works due to stronger top armour. However, frontal turret is pathetic.
Hull: Driver's viewport, MG port, lower glacis.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's gun turret.
Stock Turret: Commander's MG turret.
Hull: This thing is rather good despite what people say. Lower glacis is very hard to hit. The MG port and driver/radioman's hatches are weakspots. Ammo rack is under the turret.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola at very close range (very high chance of ricochet), HE shells, gold rounds or high powered guns (245mm+) can penetrate the gun hole.
Stock Turret: Do not hit the mantlet.
AMX 50 100
Hull: Anywhere really. Will penetrate barring weird angles.
Turret: Armour what's that?
Hull: Lower glacis. Upper glacis provides protection to 225mm pen guns approx. 50% of the time unangled.
Upgraded Turret: Anywhere but the mantlet.
Stock Turret: Cupola. Avoid shooting turret as it's stronger than the upgraded one.
Hull: Lower glacis, the "shoulder" plates immediately above the tracks (100mm vs. 120mm on the rest of the frontal hull)
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola. (The one without the machine gun)
Stock Turret: Anywhere that's not the mantlet. Commander's Cupola.

Medium Tanks
Panther II
Hull: Lower glacis, MG port (Leopard at full speed managed to knock my radioman out). Ammo rack is above the...take a guess.
Upgraded Turret: Anywhere except mantlet.
Stock Turret: lol
Indien Panzer
Hull: Frontal hull is rather strong. Shoot turret instead.
Turret: Mantlet. MG port, cupola.
Hull: Same weaknesses at T-54. Ammo rack located in the exact same spot everywhere.
Upgraded Turret: Everywhere but mantlet.
Stock Turret: Everywhere but mantlet.
Hull: Lower glacis, MG port. The raised square portion right in the middle of two crew hatches. Ammo rack underneath the turret.
Turrets: Anywhere but mantlet.
Hull: Lower glacis. Upper hull is quite well protected, similar to the Type 59.
Turret: Turret ring, cupola. Don't hit the gun.
Centurion Mk. I
Hull: Anywhere really. Ammo rack to the right of the driver.
Upgraded Turret: Anywhere but mantlet.
Stock Turret: Anywhere but mantlet.
Hull: Lower glacis. Ammo rack/fuel tank behind head lights.
Turrets: Guns with 215mm+ average penetration can go through the frontal turret. Cupolas.

Tank Destroyers
Hull: Lower glacis, area where the...headlights are.
Superstructure: None, but any gun with 225mm penetration or above will penetrate if the Ferdinand is not angled and if the shot does not hit the mantlet. Ammo rack is located in the side armour section behind the Balkenkruz.
Hull: This tank destroyer is not burdened by silly things like armour...except the mantlet is now buffed and will bounce everything.
Hull: Avoid the upper superstructure. Shoot the upper or lower hull. Tumor on the frontal right side is another weakspot.
Hull: Same as T95, hit the cupolas or flank. Lower glacis is much weaker than the upper superstructure.
T28 Prototype
Hull: MG port. Lower glacis. T28 prototype has rather consistent armour from the front here.
Turret: Turret is open top, therefore vulnerable to HE from top shots. Otherwise, area beside the mantlet.
AMX AC Mle. 1948
Hull: Lower hull, commander's MG turret. Rear turret (if your vehicle can see it.). The rangefinder bar is spaced armour. Shooting the bar does no damage.
Hull: Cupola. Go as far away from the gun as you can and flank around
Premium Tanks
Hull: Lower glacis. The tiny driver's hatch is 100mm.
Turret: Commander's cupola, anywhere that's not the mantlet. The area below the mantlet is especially good, as you may jam his turret traverse.
8,8cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
Hull: Same as Jagdtiger. MG port is now stronger at 120mm.
Hull: Radioman's MG turret, aka R2D2, lower glacis.
Turret: Commander's/loader's cupolas.
Hull: Lower glacis (120mm, avoid if possible), driver's hatch. Shoulders are penetrable if they are angling toward you.
Turret: Commander's cupola. Area that's not the mantlet.
Hull: This tank has almost no weakspots frontally, the only area that is weak is the area where the driver's viewport is. The only reason it is weak is because it isn't sloped. Guns with 200mm+ penetration can hit through here, but less likely if the driver angles his armour.
Turret: Area above the mantlet. All in all, it's easier to fire HE or flank it. Even guns like the 12,8cm Pak 44 sometimes has difficulties penetrating this tank frontally. Turret ring is vulnerable to close range hits.
Hull: See T30.
Turret: See T30, but rear  turret armour is now not a good place to hit due to additional armour  plating. Rear turret still houses the ammo rack.
T26E4 Super Pershing
Hull: MG port, driver/radioman's hatches.
Turret: Commander's cupola (behind the stabilizer springs), area above the frontal turret add-on armour, frontal side turret below the add-on armour.
FCM 50t
Hull: The little tiny MG port. Or you can just shoot virtually anywhere.
Turret: There's no armour whatsoever for its tier. Even the mantlet is only 120mm with nothing behind it.

Type 59
Hull: Same as T-54/44. Ammo rack location is the same spot.
Turret: Exactly the same as T-54's upgraded turret, except the side turret is much weaker.

Tier VII
Heavy Tanks
Tiger I
Hull: lol, avoid the highly sloped upper superstructure.
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola. Avoid the mantlet.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola. Avoid the mantlet.
Tiger P
Hull: Try to shoot the turret instead. But if you absolutely have to shoot it for some reason, it has exactly the same frontal weakness as a Ferdinand, with the addition of a driver's viewport.
Turrets: Should be able to penetrate easily, zero angle 100/120mm isn't much.  However there are some areas where mantlet stacks with frontal turret armour. Commander's cupola.
Hull: Lower glacis, where the track links are. Avoid shooting the sloped section on the front, even though it's only 60mm, it is angled at 70 (!) degrees from vertical, making it 174mm effective, or 120mm with normalization. Even then it is more likely to ricochet your shot.
Turrets: Commander's cupola. Mantlet on the IS is pathetically weak.
Hull: Driver's viewport, MG port, lower hull.
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola
Stock Turret: Commander's MG turret.
Hull: At this tier, it's rather good. Shoot lower glacis or the MG mount. Crew hatches are another good spot. Ammo rack underneath the turret.
Upgraded Turret: Same as T30. Rear half houses the ammo rack. Rangefinders are no longer weakspots.
Stock Turret: Same as T30
AMX M4 1945
Hull: Lower hull, MG port, driver's viewport.
Upgraded Turret: Anywhere really. Mantlet is not very strong.
Weak Turret: Anywhere but the mantlet.
Black Prince
Hull: Lower glacis. MG port. Radioman's hatch.
Turret: Cupola.
Hull: Lower glacis.
Turrets: Mantlet. Cupola.

Medium Tanks
VK 3002 DB
Hull: Lower glacis. Driver's hatch, MG port.
Upgraded Turret: Everywhere but mantlet.
Stock Turret: Anywhere.
Hull: The big square hatch for the driver. Lower glacis
Upgraded Turret: Anywhere.
Stock Turret: Anywhere.
Hull/Turrets: This medium tank is also not encumbered by ridiculous things like steel plating.
Tank Destroyers
Hull: Lower glacis, MG mount. Try not to hit the mantlet.
Hull: Avoid the mantlet.
Hull: Avoid the mantlet.
Hull: See ISU-152
T25 AT
Hull: Anywhere but the mantlet. Cupola.
Hull: Virtually anywhere.
Turrets: Anywhere but the mantlet.
AMX AC Mle. 1946
Hull: Lower hull, commander's MG turret. Rangefinder turret, the rangefinder bar itself is spaced armour. Shooting the bar does no damage. Driver's viewport.
Hull: Various cupolas. MG port on the right side.
Hull: Cupolas. Go around.
Hull: Cupola.
Hull: Cupolas, MG port on the left side.

VK 3601
Hull: MG mount, driver's viewport
Upgraded Turret: Commander's cupola
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola
Hull: MG mount
"Upgraded" Turret: Area beside the mantlet
Stock Turret: No exceptional weaknesses. Try hull instead.
Hull: MG mount, driver's viewport, lower glacis. This tank is quite well armoured all round, but similar tiered guns can penetrate well barring bad angles.
Upgraded Turret: Shoot the flat parts that are not part of the mantlet. The turret is quite high off the hull, you can hit the traverse mechanism quite easily as well. Ammo rack is located in the rear, below the huge square crew hatch.
Stock Turret: Shoot hull instead, frontal stock turret has few non sloped parts, and rounded mantlet bounces quite a few shots.
T1 Heavy
Hull: Area where the hull MG mount is, driver's viewport. This area is not exactly weak, but it is not sloped so you can easily penetrate with guns above 120mm penetration.
Upgraded Turret: Easier to just shoot hull.
Stock Turret: Commander's cupola.
38H735 (f) [aka Hotchkiss]
Hull: Driver's hatch, lower glacis (knocks out engine if penetrated)
Turret: Commander's hatch. Gun.

#5330645 Clan Wars Power Ranking: Top50 + MORE! (Updated Oct 22)

Posted B33PB33P on Aug 27 2013 - 19:25

Primary Goal: Create a Clan Power Ranking that encompasses:
-CLAN WARS RESULTS (land holdings, gold revenue)
Secondary Goal: Measure and find the effects of DIPLO, CHIP MOVEMENT, and other META-GAME factors that lead to CLAN SUCCESS.

Clan Rating Formula V.3 (Oct 2, 2013)
OLD Rating Formulas
Formula Breakdown - Conceptual (August 30, 2013)
Oct 22, 2013
Top 5: -G- (99), OTTER (91), RELIC (90), PBKAC (90), SPICY (86)
6-10: HAVOK (84), -_- (83), RUS (80), FORGE (80), VOLT (77)
11-15: REL_3 (71), SIMP (71), CHAI (70), BT (70), RDDT (70)
16-20: VILIN (69), CRABS (68), NTR (67), RS (66), REL-2 (64)
21-25: ACES (62), NOVAC (59), _W_W_ (58), SU (57), ANVIL (55)
26-30: -J- (54), DFA (54), SG (50), -M-A- (48), TYR (48)
Data Table
Posted Image
Data Chart
Posted Image
Posted Image
Oct 2, 2013
AUGUST, 2013
Your Feedback Please
Under Development + Clan Ranking Limitations (aka factors we should include in the future, wherever possible)
+1 for more updates!

#6694963 Don't destroy destructible buildings, you will lose mad pointz!

Posted _Anfield_ on Mar 01 2014 - 03:00

I joined a random Pubbie 'Team Battle' team, and well, I can't really explain it, you just have to experience it.



Much logic.



#7501081 EXPOSED! [RELIC] Senior Command Super Secret Meeting Video Uncovered!

Posted B33PB33P on Jul 19 2014 - 01:21

Our spies have recently uncovered a cache of RELIC's internal documents, including a super secret video of a recent RELIC senior command meeting.


#3626057 Former GoonChan Recruitment Thread

Posted KingAlphyn on Jan 30 2013 - 16:30

Petco has been replaced by GoonChan, time to retire this thread.

#5371074 How to Control your Win Rate

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on Sep 01 2013 - 10:34

"In order to win often, you need to play overpowered tanks."

"I always get bad teams."

"Winrate is completly random."

"Matchmaker is broken."

"You need to platoon to increase your winrate."

"I did my part, it's my team that failed."

"There was nothing I could do."

It's an unfortunate misconception that individual players have no control over their win rate. Attribute this how you will -- much of this originate from people's own experiences and there's no discounting the truth of that. That said, I have spent the last couple of months seeing if a soft-skilled player like me could take control of how often I won. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that with a few changes to my gameplay style, I was able to enact not only a significant improvement to my individual performance but have a lot of fun doing it too.
Here's the basic premise:
  • Don't count on help from anyone on your team. This is a solo effort.
  • Accept that you can (and must) improve.
  • Take ownership when you make a mistake -- this includes improperly relying on your team.
  • Celebrate when you do something really well. You earned it.
  • Use every advantage you can.
  • Take breaks often.
Each subheading in this thread is a discussion waiting to happen in of itself. There are undoubtedly several articles and threads touching base on these and I fully encourage people to link, talk and debate these subjects. I cannot do them the proper service in this thread and I speak of them only in the broadest of terms.
The Importance of Vehicle Choice
I'm a firm believer in practice making perfect (or at least better). Focusing on a single vehicle provides several advantages when you're trying to improve your performance.
  • You become very accustomed to ins and outs of your chosen tank.
  • You become very used to the enemy tanks you regularly face.
  • The crew of this vehicle will improve, reinvesting time spent into improved stats.
  • You get very familiar on the best deployment positions on various missions and maps.
  • While you're distracted with this project, you'll bank a lot of free experience!
The downside, of course, is that you may got a little stir crazy playing the same vehicle over and over. Taking breaks is well and fine but the longer you can stick with it, the better. To this end, choose a tank that you enjoy a lot. It does not have to be a powerhouse vehicle but don't feel ashamed of selecting one that has advantages. This is about personal empowerment. For my own experiment, I selected the Tier 5, Premium British Medium Tank, the Matilda Black Prince. http://wiki.worldoft...da_Black_Prince
Posted Image
From July 2013 to September 2013. My stats for this tank have reached a plateau around 62.5% to 63.5%.
Climbing the Steep Learning Curve
Now that you've selected your tank, it's time to get better with it. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to have a good understanding of the mechanics of World of Tanks when you're trying to improve yourself. Lert, a fantastic community contributor and resident grumpy-cat, has put together a wonderful series of comprehensive guides (found here: http://forum.worldof...tion-of-guides/ ) to assist players looking for homework. I must emphasize the following key skills that are essential for bettering your performance in World of Tanks:
  • Gunnery. Few other skills will improve your performance more than being able to make your gun inflicts damage every time you shoot it. Included in this are: Armour penetration mechanics, ammunition types, weak point targeting and knowing the different play styles required of high-alpha guns vs high DPM guns.
  • Spotting. If you can't see the enemy, you'll have a hard time shooting them. If they can't see you, you'll live longer. Putting this into practice can go a long way to nudging up your win rate.
  • Armour Angling. If you've done your homework with shooting, you'll have learned that angled armour is more difficult to penetrate, Knowing how to take appropriate defensive positions in your tank will help keep you alive when you are (invariably) spotted. Though the broad theories apply to all tanks, the specifics on how to position your selected vehicle will differ greatly from one tank to the next and even one map to the next. If your tank thrives in hull-down positions, where are the best spots on the map?
  • Map Awareness. Knowing the best defensive positions on the map is one thing. It's another to understand what sections of the map provide you cover from what angles and from what form of attacks. Artillery can ruin your day in a hurry, particularly in the hands of a skilled player. Learn the quickest routes on the maps. Learn how different tank types typically deploy and interact on a given playing field. Become proficient at predicting where and which tanks on the enemy team you will encounter.
The goal here is to make yourself comfortable with being able to beat (or at least be a major nuisance to) any single tank you might face, regardless of tier. If you've selected a tier 5, M4 Sherman and you find yourself facing a heavy Russian tier 6 KV-1S, how must you use your tank to take them out? What should you do if that's not an option? Have a plan. Have a backup plan. Practice these until you find something that works consistently for you and your vehicle. Every tank you face will have a weakness and it can be exploited. Don't feel bad if you have to play for every advantage. Understand that if you do choose to limit yourself, you may be affecting your performance. Take ownership.
Posted Image
A lot of enemy tanks lose their scare potential when you know not only where to hit them so it hurts, but how to make it difficult for them to hurt you back. I used to be afraid of facing KV-1 tanks in my Matilda Black Prince.
Keep your Gun in the Game
There's a direct correlation between winrate and damage (and kills) made. The longer you can keep your gun shooting, the more damage you are likely doing to the enemy team, the more of their tanks you are crippling and destroying and the less likely they are to kill your team. Seems elementary enough, right?
Putting it into practice is more difficult. The truly excellent players in the community (not me) excel at getting their tanks where they need to be to put the hurt on the enemy team while simultaneously keeping themselves alive. I faced two major hurdles in trying to catch on to this: the urge to camp and the urge to be aggressive. Neither of these are bad in of themselves and they do have their place in the grand strategy of World of Tanks pub gameplay. However, finding the proper balance between the two is key.
Camping does you the disservice of forcing you to wait on the enemy's initiative before you can do damage. This said, setting up a proper ambush or baiting your enemy into the guns of your allies (here's hoping they shoot properly) are certainly viable tactics. But keep in mind the longer you're not inflicting damage on the enemy, the longer the enemy could be potentially dishing out damage to your team.
Equally as dangerous is being too aggressive. Charging first into the enemy is a great way to get yourself killed. Once you're destroyed, short of the possibility of your wreck providing a fortunate bit of improvised cover for your team mates or a roadblock for the enemy, you're not doing much good to affect the outcome of the game. However, knowing when to move up is very important. Keeping momentum going can make the difference between a brutal fight and a landslide win. Look for opportunities to flank enemy positions, but make sure it's a calculated and not reckless risk if it will expose you to enemy fire.
Posted Image
Dodged!  Never make a kill easy on your opponent.  Do whatever you can to make them earn every scrap of damage they claim from you.  Even a slow pig like a Matilda can upset a shot by moving at an opportune moment.
Flag Defense
Did you know there's a reliable way to force the enemy to abandon all cover and stand in the open, often with their flanks or rear exposed to your guns? It's true. Watch what tanks do when they begin capping a flag...
Defending a flag has been, in my experience, far more conducive to winning a game than pushing a flank. The moment you recognize that your base is potentially under threat, it's time to stop what you're doing, disengage and fall back. Even landslide wins can be lost if you're improperly positioned and don't get back in time to reset a flag. Remember what I said about being self reliant: Don't count on your team mates to reset the flag for you. Handle it yourself. If they do reset it and destroy the capper before you get there, great. But don't count on it. You'll lose if you count on it.
Imagine if you could remove from your records every game that you lost because the enemy snuck a base capture out from under your potential win. How many games is that? One? A dozen? A hundred? It adds up.
When I play I am always watching the minimap. I do so for several reasons, but one of the most important ones is to protect our base. With playing the single tank that you are, you'll be very familiar with the response time of your vehicle. You'll know how long it will take you to get back into a position where you can affect the outcome of a friendly base capture. For my Matilda Black Prince, with it's terrible, slow speed, this limited me to being very careful on any push and often forced me to redeploy at the first sign of a breakthrough of the enemy, even at the cost of abandoning a sure kill.
Posted Image
Things look bleak. Surrounded and outnumbered. We still won this game. Never, ever give up and never doubt your ability to affect the outcome.
Increasing your Carry Potential
By now you should be confident of the following:
  • That short of you being pinned or dead, the enemy will not capture the flag.
  • That you can confidently best almost any lone tank you might have to face.
  • That no matter what mission and what map you end up on, you know where you have to go and what you need to do to get the best result.
Now it's time to look one step further: Handling multiple enemies at once. Invariably, you will find yourself in a position where the odds are stacked against you. This happens often -- and is the source of many player complaints about the unfairness of Matchmaker. Understand: Landslide matches will still happen and they will happen regularly. And sometimes you will be on the receiving end. However, even landslide matches can be turned around. We have all seen examples where certain victory turned into an embarrassing defeat. You're going to be that player that upsets the enemy's early celebration. It won't happen every time. It won't even happen often. But do it even once and you'll feel like a super hero. Do it even once and you are affecting your own winrate.
And here's how it's done:
Now that you can best any single tank you might face one on one, figure out how to do it while taking as little damage as possible -- preferably none. If you know you can beat any one tank on it's own, if you can set yourself up to be in peak fighting condition at each engagement, you're going to go a long way towards increasing your potential to carry a win against steep odds.
All too often in landslide matches, the victors spread out trying to hunt down the last survivors. Very often, they drip feed themselves in ones and twos against these tanks. If they come all at once, you're dead. But if they make this mistake (which pubs so often do), you may be able to greatly increase the affect you have on the outcome of the game.
Posted Image
Just a flesh wound.  Don't despair deaths and losses -- learn from them and figure out what you could have done differently.
So how can you know if any of this is working?  Short of seeing an improvement in the winrate for the vehicle of your choice, ask yourself this:  Do you recognize or see opportunities where you could have done better in a particular game?  The first step will invariably be this recognition -- this illumination of the light bulb signaling the comprehension that if you can manage X then Y will occur.  From there it's a matter of figuring out how to enact X within the guidelines of the game.
There is little as liberating as freeing yourself from the menace of a being a victim of RNG.  Sure, there will be some games you did everything right and you still lost.  It happens.  But always ask yourself:  Did you make the best of a losing situation?  Was there ever a chance for you and you alone to have carried the day?  If the answer is 'yes', then it's a step in the right direction towards taking ownership and control of your own win ratio.
And that's a win in of itself.
[[ Edited for spelling and horrible grammar mistakes. ]]

#4075167 The Latest Legion Staff Meeting

Posted Pave_Low on Mar 29 2013 - 05:44

I believe it went something like this:

#7206962 Operation: CR/D Revivification [OTTER wardecs Evil Gaming]

Posted Allu_o7o7o7 on May 21 2014 - 20:17

The main reasons to despise Evil Gaming requires too many gifs and too many words to go over in an opening paragraph so lets start with some of the trivial crap, like your names. Sitting here thinking about the best way to post about us wardeccing your dumb faces while you've got the monopoly on names relating to evil and being criminals has made this challenging. How is OTTER to turn up with more dudes in suits, cleverer wits, better hats and proper swag to look like the good guys? For a "brotherhood" of bad guys, you've certainly nailed being annoying and working with the Cartels, but you're letting the rest of the 1920s down. 


Rolling in his grave.


Thinking back to the Purple Dawn war, I'm starting to wonder if Alphyn Luci got it all wrong and that Lion wasn't the bad guy. Since splitting from the Burning Legion the lads in Havezer0k have been busy, building it all newerer and betterer. Thugz isn't a great substitute for HAVOK main, but from what I'm seeing VILIN is still playing second fiddle in the show and thus the show must go on. Thugz and SirVex is the main part of how we've reached this point. Between the onslaught of Evil Gaming into CR/D and comments slewn across the battlefield in game I know well that Evil Gaming thinks themselves on par with OTTER; We've reached the point where we're happy to display that you're not.


(for the pubbies/members of evil gaming, what I'm about to talk about is this)



Within the mecca of CR/D, thou shalt not post like a pubbie. I'm not gonna put anyone through the agony of reading any examples from the abundant possibilities, but the posting coming from the pubbies in Evil Gaming surprisingly ends up appearing like a pubbie invasion from GD that gets in the way of any actual CR/D Meta from occurring. At the start of this year Evil Gaming was cool and hip and other positive words, however in the 4 months that followed through devastatingly bad CR/D Meta and some slip ups in Diplo department my personal opinion of Evil Gaming really started to sour. I pleaded with Crusader to start poasting gud while VILIN was fighting HAVOK and instead he poo'd a little then went silent and let THUGZ talk up a storm for them. Despite the grueling numbers advantage and quantity of fecal matter spilling onto the forums HAVOK was clearly winning the fights and CR/D sympathized for the HAVOK citizens having to shovel rotting chip stacks off their driveways each morning. Defecating upon CR/D while chip spamming and bragging over the occasional win goes against the religious beliefs of OTTER and from that point conflict became inevitable. 


Pictured Left: Thugz foreign policy methodology: Noise -> Intimidation -> Failure; Pictured Right: SODOS's wife/daughter looking at his rep since posting in a Thugz thread.


So began the cold war, where top level players looking for a clan would often talk to both OTTER, VILIN, BADGR and THUGZ. Many stories have floated to and from potential recruits have that upset my fragile ego. In March it was that VILIN was the 2nd best clan on the server; In April it was that OTTER was on it's way out with the loss of Huck; and so far in May that THUGZ could walk all over OTTER like they did to BADGR (when they didn't) and to PBKAC (in WoF or something where they didn't). VILIN has won over some recruits, OTTER has won some over too. Because this method of information goes both ways EG will undoubtedly have heard multiple stories that Allurai thinks they're garbage (terrible is a word reserved for PBKAC). This war will be OTTER starting the investigation to find out which clan's leadership has a better grasp on reality and thus the larger epeen; obviously my money is on us.


What Huck has been doing with his now spare time.


Before WoF started, OTTER's soldiers were informed we should start a war when Sandbox started up again, almost immediately we reached a consensus that Evil Gaming would be best and I didn't even have to sell it. Assuming discussing this openly with the soldiers would result in Evil Gaming hearing about it, we came up with a few scenarios of what to do if war was decced on us first, and we farmed. A few days later having heard nothing on the grapevine, I started telling other clans of our intentions hoping someone would pass the message along, we farmed some more. I wanted THUGZ to start posting about it or Diplos to approach me about it, and a few days later I had still heard nothing (still farming). During the WoF event, things got desperate, I had to tell every diplo and potential recruit I ran into that OTTER was preparing for war and that we really didn't like Evil Gaming; it still wasn't until after the event that I got a bite.


This left me a bit puzzled with a couple of different things to think about: Do I suck at leaking secrets? Has no one told me Evil Gaming knows I'm coming? Is Admiral Ackbar going to feature in the near future? Maybe Huck Commander Best Commander afterall.


Unlikely Scenario (The Server War):

Evil Gaming has known about this for a while and sent VILIN to lose to TYR for quite a while as a ruse trick everyone. Evil Gaming has recruited several other clans willing to fight against OTTER without me hearing a peep about it. Other top 10 clans support their actions, lines are drawn in the sand, I'm blind sided and we start a server war.


Plausible Scenario (The "EG loses quickly" war):

Evil Gaming heard about it a recently/a while ago and have been doing their damndest not to provoke OTTER any further. EG has reached out to a few clans it trusts but has had very limited supportive responses. Evil Gaming leaves the map because OTTER chases them around and plays the CR/D Meta. OTTER gets bored, Huck quits, OTTER wardecs PBKAC, Huck comes back.


Plausible Scenario (The East Coast War):

Evil Gaming heard about it a few days ago and has reached out to a handful of clans that would like better access to the East Coast gold pots. Evil Gaming rallies the Chinese and Latino clans, QC, maybe FORGE/ANVIL and several clans I haven't heard of, and has these clans attack into the East Coast gold and start a PETCO+G vs Evil Gaming + those clans I just mentioned war. TYR will jump in because of QC and Ryan (their CO) wanted me to pass along the message "[edited] QC, [edited] VILIN, [edited]ing [edited]". The East Coast erupts in a pretty one sided war and ends after two weeks because clans were disbanded.


Certain Scenario (CR/D Fallout):

There is much hurt buttery from EG on the forums in general and much hurt buttery from OTTER on the forums about Leaving the Map not actually meaning you win.


All the powder keg needed was a spark...


[20/05/2014 11:07:42 a.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: 2nd thing is I have it on better info that Otter/ petco is waiting for us to land this comes from a good relible person that Gab told, Confirm please?
[20/05/2014 12:06:35 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: OK cool Im just trying to get to the vilility of these claimes

[20/05/2014 12:27:23 p.m.] Allurai: I told the OTTER soldiers about a week ago that after the mini campaign we would wait and see if/where Evil Gaming landing and then would prolly war dec you
[20/05/2014 12:27:56 p.m.] Allurai: the reason i haven't gotten around to that yet is because you dont seem to want to get on the map, and RELIC has since rumored to be pulling off so we're gonna go get in the thick of whatever happens there first
[20/05/2014 12:28:13 p.m.] Allurai: so sure there was validity to that claim days ago, but we got bored in the interim

[20/05/2014 12:30:41 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: Well ATM I have 2 FCs to train and Im away untill I get my headset back, If you want a fight we will fight as soon as I have my players online this early in the day

[20/05/2014 12:31:02 p.m.] Allurai: righto, in the mean time i'll find ways to keep us entertained
[20/05/2014 12:31:08 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: ok
[20/05/2014 12:31:30 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: like I said there is no point fighting unless I have the players to fight with
[20/05/2014 12:39:27 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: Also if you want fight with us you need to be on somthing worth us fighting over
[20/05/2014 12:40:49 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: any pre forum posting or pre war dec could result in no fights FYI

[20/05/2014 12:46:46 p.m.] Allurai: if you wanna look like a [edited], thats no skin off my back

[20/05/2014 12:46:57 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: wow
[20/05/2014 12:48:43 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: Im offering you what you want, what your players want and Im laying down is what I want is all

[20/05/2014 12:52:58 p.m.] Allurai: no seriously, saying "if you post we're gonna deny you fights" is rediculous
[20/05/2014 12:53:06 p.m.] Allurai: im calling that bluff almost immediately

[20/05/2014 12:53:32 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: not a bluff bra
[20/05/2014 12:53:40 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: Im just laying down what I want
[20/05/2014 12:53:50 p.m.] Armorghost[VILIN]: the fight will happen

[20/05/2014 12:53:58 p.m.] Allurai: no kidding


The few people I've shared this with have analysed it similarly to how I did, where VILIN doesn't appear to really want to fight us at all and that laying down conditions upon an antagonist is a one way street directly to conflict. During the whole EG vs HAVOK conflict, I have to commend HAVOK's famous code for their soldiers not coming to CR/D to inform everyone how terrible EG really was; rest assured, OTTER will conduct its self very differently. Armor telling me to get some land worth fighting over is the juiciest part though, If we looked at gold earnt from the map over the last 30, 60 or 100 days I'm pretty sure VILIN will have made a single figure percentage of OTTERs. If EG had land worth defending at any time in the last month we would have already attacked.


Anyone quick off the mark will have realized that Skype conversation was a couple of days ago now, since that conversation VILIN has talked QC into attacking RDDT, and THUGZ has started attacking PBKAC/FOXEY and FORGE/ANVIL have shown up on the landings. Whatever happens next is bound to be interesting.




OTTER will accept surrender from Evil Gaming with the following conditions:

  1. THUGZ agrees to never post in CR/D ever again
  2. Evil Gaming renames to Schoolyard Bullies.
  3. VILIN publishes their top 10 best clans list which cannot include VILIN.
  4. Evil Gaming disbands as many sublcans as is needed to get back down to two (no doubt CLAWS will pick up whoever gets cut).
  5. DogBeast changes his signature to be SirVex's stats.
  6. VILIN has to recruit and accept AutismSpeaks; THUGZ has to recruit and accept Cobra39_MENSA.


Oh wait, isn't this the bad/evil guy? [edited] damnit.


#2628729 Lert's thread of 'Duh', or 'MSPaint schematics explaining gam...

Posted Lert on Sep 11 2012 - 15:40

Once again I saw some noobs doing stuff that made me facepalm. A King Tiger with 38% win rate and 510 efficiency for example, being more of a liability to his own team than the enemy. And what does a Lert do when frustrated by noobs? Why, he makes MSPaint schematics and posts a guide explaining some basic things. I've done that before, I'll probably keep doing it.

These things should be 'duh' to most experienced players out there, and this thread isn't meant for them, it's meant for beginners who are still trying to understand basic gameplay mechanics.

Ok, let's get started:

Item the first: "What is that part of the tank called, and should I shoot it?"

First a front view of a generic MSPaint tank with bright colors to annoy the goths and emos:

- The blue bits are the tracks. Shooting here will probably knock the track off, but very likely not do hitpoint damage.
- The red bit is the upper glacis. This is usually the second strongest part of the tank. Only shoot here when you're sure you can pen.
- The green bit is the lower glacis. This is much weaker armored than the upper glacis. It's a good idea to shoot here. You're much more likely to pen and do hitpoint damage than any other bit.
- The purple bit is the gun mount. Shooting here is very unlikely to do hitpoint damage. But a good hit with HE has a chance of knocking his gun out.
- The pink bit is the gun mantlet. This is the thickest armor on the tank. Don't shoot here.
- The dark red bit is the turret itself. This is usually fairly strong armor. Shoot here only if you don't have a shot at the lower glacis.

Side view:

- The yellow bit is the hull. Shooting here has a very good chance of doing hitpoint damage. Shoot here.
- The green bits are the drive sprocket and idler wheel. Shooting these will probably knock the track off but not always reliably do hitpoint damage.
- The blue bit is the tracks. Shooting here has a small chance of knocking the tracks off, as well as a chance of not doing hitpoint damage because it acts as spaced armor, which I will explain below. Don't shoot here, unless you don't have a better shot.
- The red bit is the turret. Shooting here has a very good chance of doing hitpoint damage as well as knocking crew and / or ammo racks out. This is a very good place to shoot.
- The purple bit is the first few feet of the gun. It's a tricky shot, but shooting here has a chance of knocking the gun out, but without doing hitpoint damage. Only shoot here if no better shot is available.
- The gray bit is the barrel. This doesn't have a damage hitbox. Don't bother shooting it, it can't get hurt anyways.

Item the second: "How to not be a [edited]"

Imagine the following situation:

Teammate 1 is playing peek-a-boo with the big, bad enemy tank.

- Teammate 2 has parked right behind teammate 1, blocking 1's retreat. Teammate 2 is a [edited]. Don't be teammate 2.
- Teammate 3 has parked on the far side of teammate 1. Unlike teammate 2, teammate 3 is not a [edited]. However, the moment teammate 1 backs up (and he will, if he's smart) teammate 3 is out in the open for the whole enemy team to kill. So, while not a [edited], teammate 3 is in fact not very smart.
- Teammate 4 is neither a [edited]nor dumb: he is in fact very smart. Why? He's going around the building to attack the enemy in the side. This is called 'flanking'. Flanking is good. We like people who flank. Flankers win.

Item the third: "How do I camo?"

For the purpose of this demonstration, the enemy is off to the left of this picture. The three little tanklets have all found themselves a bush ("This is my bush, there are many like it but this one is mine") with intent to get the camoflage bonus that bushes give. However:

- Tank 1 has his corners sticking out of the bush, and is therefore not camoflaged.
- Tank 2 is only partially behind the bush, part of him is visible alongside the bush. He is therefore not camoflaged.
- Tank 3 is completely hidden behind the bush, therefore he does get the camoflage bonus.

Bushes only work if you're completely obscured by them.

Item the fourth: "I liek spacy armor"

Yes. Yes you do. We all do. As long as we're the ones who have it. Not when we're the ones shooting at it. Observe:

Many tanks have spaced armor. Spaced armor is a fancy way of saying "Two layers of stuff with some air between them". A shot that hits the outer layer of armor and penetrates still has to punch through the inner layer of armor as well before getting to the juicy, splatty, gooey bits inside the tin can. However, since it's lost some of its penetration on the outer layer, the shell will have some difficulty punching through the inner layer, as in my example.

When this happens, you'll see a penetration decal on your target, but hear 'that one bounced', and not do hitpoint damage. No, it's not a bug, it's spaced armor.

Many tanks have spaced armor, in many different locations. Learning these will go a long way in making you a more effective player.
Finally, remember when in item the first I said that tracks act as spaced armor? That's why with side-shots you're less likely to do actual hitpoint damage when shooting the tracks, instead of the hull directly. You have to punch through the tracks and then also through the hull, to do damage. Therefor, only go for track shots if you don't have a better shot available.

Item the fifth: "Lol sloped armor"

We all know (well, most of us) that sloped armor is more effective than unsloped armor. But why? Here's why:

Two armor plates of identical thickness. One at 90 degrees, one at 45 degrees. As you can see, the effective thickness (IE, the amount of armor the shell has to punch through) is significantly more with the angled plate. This is how a 100mm plate can stop a 200mm pen shell, if it's angled enough.

How to make effective use of slopes? Well, first you need to know what your tank looks like. This might sound silly, but it means being aware of your own tank's angles. Then during combat you present your toughest angles to the enemy tank with the biggest gun. It's as simple as that. With some tanks (Like Tiger for example) this means angling your hull ~30 degrees towards incoming fire. With other tanks (Like IS-3 for example) this means pointing your nose straight at the enemy. It's as simple as that.

How to defeat slopes? Shoot at the least sloped bit. Always be aware of the relative angle of the enemy tank, and know what his tank looks like. Be aware of his angles. Then shoot at the bit that's the flattest relative to your position. Ofcourse there are exceptions, but this seems to be a good rule-of-thumb for beginning and intermediate players.

Item the sixth: "Apply explosion to tank = win?"

Most of the time you'll be shooting AP shells. Atleast, unless you're an artillery driver. The 'other' type of shell is the HE shell, or High Explosive shell. It works rather differently from an AP shell.

HE shells usually have very low pen, but very high damage. The low pen means that it's usually not likely for your HE shell to punch through the enemy armor, just like in my example.

When a HE shell explodes on the enemy's armor, it loses half its damage to thin air. The remaining half is applied to the tank. However: said damage still needs to bleed through the enemy's armor (RE: dotted yellow line in my example) before it's applied to the hitpoints or modules / crew inside the tin can. For every mm of armor that it has to bleed through, it loses damage. This means that your shiny 950 dam HE shell can do a pathetic 25 damage to thick-skinned enemy tanks: 450 damage is lost into the ether, and of the remaining 450 damage, 425 is lost while trying to bleed through the armor.

Why use HE at all, then? Some guns (so-called howitzers, or 'derp' guns) have a relatively low shell velocity, and thus armor penetration with AP. You can recognise these because they have a very short barrel, and relatively low penetration values for the AP shell, compared to the HE shell. For example, on the KV-2, the 152mm has an AP pen of 110mm and a HE pen of 83mm. This is a typical example of a derp gun. In fact, the KV-2's 152 is the ur-derp. The 107 on the same tank has an AP pen of 167mm and a HE pen of 54mm. This is a typical high-velocity anti-tank gun. The 152 works best when shooting primarily HE, the 107 works best when shooting primarily AP shells. Look at the relative pen levels on your tank to see what shell you should be using.

That's it for now. I'll add more if I think of more, or if someone asks me to do more and I can be arsed to.