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skill question

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KurganSPK #1 Posted Mar 07 2012 - 21:09


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Is it always best to train your entire crew on the same skill at the same time -- ie, everyone gets Camo, then repair, then fire... not split it up - say have the commander focus on something else while two do fire and two do repair?

Searched around for this and know the answer is probably right out there somewhere, but pointers appreciated thanks!

(I have started German meds and desperately want Fire and Repair as every hit I take causes something bad to happen  :lol: )

Bobarino #2 Posted Mar 07 2012 - 21:13


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I would recommend doing the same on all at once.    Reason:   Your overall tank skill is that skill averaged between your crew.    

Meaning:  say you have a crew of 4, the Commander has 100% Camo, and the rest have 0% Camo, your effective Camo rating is 25%

smiley119 #3 Posted Mar 07 2012 - 21:14


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I would say get everyone on repair first <You're more likely to loose tracks and get damaged modules than catch fire> ~ then wait for the new skills to come out since fire can be negated with a nice fire extinguisher.

SkepticalHippo #4 Posted Mar 07 2012 - 21:19


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As stated above, I think it's better to train all on the same thing. The priority of my crew training is based on the type of vehicle. For SPG and TD, I always train camo first, then repair, then FF. With tanks, I usually train repair then FF, unless I have a tank that is very easily lit on fire.

Charlie__Zulu #5 Posted Mar 07 2012 - 21:26

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I'd say get repair, since you're going to be able to get better skills for your german meds once 7.2 comes out, and repair is useful on ANY tank.

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