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Let me be the first to welcome you to World Of Tanks. This is a start up guide to help you get acclimated to life as a World Of Tanks member. Everything mentioned within this guide is current and is continually updated so check back for new information when there's a change to game mechanics. If I miss something, tell me.


This guide includes images with details about each image, located at the end are tips I've learned that will help you along with tactical advice and the address for my video stream.


The images are matched up with descriptions near them.  If you're looking for something specific you can easily see the section titles if you scroll through or use CTRL+F to find specific words.


If you have other questions, need clarification, or want to see me put some of my tactics into practice come watch me at http://www.twitch.tv/rscolddawg.


Let's get started.  You've now logged in to World Of Tanks (WoT). So what's next? Well the first place you'll see in WoT is your Garage.

This is where you do everything directly associated with your tanks.
Repairing, rearming, and changing and upgrading your tanks.
(This garage has a Tank Carousel-2 level tank selection mod.)


MISSIONS-Extra Rewards:

There are different types of "missions" when you first join. "Missions" in the upper left will bring up the window pictured below.  "Campaign" will reward tanks upon meeting certain mission conditions.  "Missions and Specials" are one-time only or repeatable missions for rewards given after battles.

If you're brand new to the game there's a tutorial mission included in the garage.  This will show up when you login for the first time. You'll be put into a tank and be allowed to run the mission to learn the very basics of the game including movement, shooting, and the basics of spotting. There is a reward for completing this tutorial, but only for the first successful completion.

-This list lists all tanks owned by you, which have yet to earn double experience on them, primary tanks, Elite Tanks, and premium tanks-determined by an orange tank name.
-2x/3x/5x on a tank image means you get double/triple/quintuple experience on the tank for the first win of the day (unless stated otherwise during a WarGaming event where you may earn 2x experience on a loss).

-There's two types of currency in WoT: Credits and Gold.
-Credits are earned in battle
-Gold/Premium Currency



Gold can be bought with money, won in contests, or paid out through your clan via Clan Wars.  You can use it to purchase premium vehicles, premium account time, and used as a conversion method to change gold to credits or extra elite tank experience (EXP) to Free Experience.

-Experience is earned in battle by spotting, damaging, destroying, capturing, defending, and getting battle hero awards.
-Free Experience- 5% of experience earned in each battle is automatically turned into free experience. Also earned by converting experience on an Elite Tank where "Accelerated Crew Training" is turned off.

Premium accounts reward 50% more credits and experience after a battle than a standard account.


Okay this is going to start off with the logistics side of things, but it's important. If you go into battle without ammo after installing a new gun it's your own fault.

-Classes: Light, Medium, Heavy, Tank Destroyer (TD), Artillery (SPG)
-Made up of different components and crew which can all be damaged or destroyed. Crew can be injured in battle, but they will never be killed off or lost.

-Modules are parts of your tank. They must be researched using EXP and bought using credits.
-Equipment are additional parts that help your tank perform better.
-Consumables are single use items that repair modules, heal crew, fight fires, and boost your crew's or tank's ability.

-Service Button- Equip ammo along with other items as shown in the image below.
-Ammo Types- AP/Premium/HE *This is the order of the penetration stats listed in gun penetration amounts.
-Guns and Ammo- Not all guns can use AP rounds so it may only be able to use HE and HEAT (Premium round).  Tier 10 medium tank guns (and variants of those guns) will use APCR as standard ammo with HEAT as the premium ammo.


-Researching uses experience points and Free Experience.

-To research the next tank in the line you have to research all the modules leading up to it before you can research a new tank.

-You have to use experience from that tank to research modules on that tank and new tanks in the same tank line.

-Free experience can be used to research any vehicle or module that is next in line for research.
-Making a tank Elite requires researching ALL items in a tank's research window. In the picture below notice how all items are researched, but not all are purchased.


-The Store is where you purchase your tanks.
-You can buy anything in the store as long as it's researched and you can afford it.
-You don't need to use this screen to buy anything but tanks. Everything else can be done from in the garage or research screen.
-If you click on a free garage spot in your garage it will automatically open the store on the Tank tab.


-Found on the navigation bar in the Garage Screen.
-Use the DEPOT button in the garage to go to sell your current items.
-Sell old tanks and keep their crews if you wish to use them on other tanks. There's an option for this in the selling box and will be discussed in the next section.
-Keep up on old equipment and ammo you can't use anymore.
(Instant kit=Consumable)



-Only tankers without a tank (black background) will take up bunk slots.
-Green background indicates the crew for your currently selected tank.
-Red background are tankers that are on a tank, but not your currently selected tank.


-You can retrain crew to new tanks, but they "forget" how to drive their old tank and won't operate it at maximum ability.
-Keeping crew from tier 1 to 10 is a great way of getting multiple secondary skills, but it will cost you.
-Secondary skills won't continue advancing in percentage until the primary competency is at 100%.

-Moving a crew to a new tank and leaving them untrained to that tank will be very detrimental to their crew experience gain.  Retrain the crew if you want to keep it.
-Changing a crew's tank type (IE Light to Medium) will cause them to start at a lower competency. (See Detailed Note)

-You can put a crew of a similar nation and tank type onto the same tank type of a premium tank without penalty. (US Heavy Tank crew onto a US Premium Heavy Tank will have no penalty if you do not retrain them.)
When you retrain a crew to a new tank their efficiency will decrease. If you go from a tank in one class to another tank in the same class (ie-Medium to a Medium, Heavy to a Heavy, SPG to another SPG) you will lose only 10% on all retrained crew members competency. You can still retrain for gold to 100% competency just like buying a new crew. However if you do a free or a credit retrain when you're trying to train your crew to another tank class (IE Medium to Heavy) the crew will lose 20% competency.
For instance your crew will go from a T-34 to a T-34-85. If you retrain an 90% crew from the T-34 to the next tank with a credit retrain their skill will go to 80% on the T-34-85. Again, if you train a crew from a M3 Lee to a T1 HT a 74% crew will drop to 54% with a credit retrain because they changed tank classification.

-Once a crewman is at his maximum primary competency you can start training secondary skills.
-Secondary skills include SKILLS and PERKS. Skills activate immediately and the effect increases as their skill increases. Perks only work at 100%
-You can choose to remove secondary skills to put in different ones, for a price. This will remove all of the secondary skills on a crewman.
-The experience needed to reach the next percentage point (+1%) of any skill on any crewman always increases exponentially.



Once you make a tank ELITE you can turn on Accelerated Crew Training.  What this does is it will send all experience gained on a tank in a battle and give it to ONE crew member as additional crew experience.  The crew member who receives this extra experience is noted in the garage with a little box with an arrowhead over it (refer to the DRIVER in the first image of this guide).  You will gain no vehicle experience.

NOTE ABOUT YOUR COMMANDER: Your Commander will add an extra 1% of competency per 10% of his own competency to each crew member on the tank. As far as we're told this is for the base skill only. What does that mean? That means that if you have a 100% Commander and, for example, an 80% Gunner the Gunner's true ability is 91% "But Colddawg. That's 11% off his base." Yes, your commander gives 1% more boost to the crew if he's at 100% himself.  This is shown in your garage which is why you'll see crew members over 100%.


"Okay I think I'm ready for battle!" Are you really? Did you load ammo? Is your tank fully functional? Do you even have a full crew?
First you must make sure your tank is repaired and you have ammo, which thankfully the designers have made it quite clear whether you are repaired or not, since you won't be allowed to take a damaged tank into battle, and the ammo bar will show you how much ammo you have loaded.
Once you click the big red BATTLE! button at the top of your screen you'll be taken to a waiting room before the game decides who to put into what battle. After that screen you'll be taken into the map loading screen where you can see your team, the other team, and the outline of every tank in your battle.
-There's an image of this further down.

You can now jump your tank if you go fast enough and if you're light enough. There's several tanks that will leave the ground quite easily.
Falling and Damage
When you fall after jumping or run off of a cliff you will take damage and sometimes a lot of it! Depending on how you land after jumping you're liable to rip off tracks (also done by sliding sideways), lose HP, and damage components of your tank-everything from the turret ring to the ammo and the radio! Crew members are not immune to fall damage either. Finally if you fall far enough you will kill yourself so be careful and remember to test physics in TRAINING ROOMS not actual battles.
If you have enough mass and speed you will do massive amounts of damage to enemy tanks.  This does include the ability to kill an enemy tank by ramming.  Ramming is a double edged sword though, should you not have a good weight advantage on your opponent you will take more damage than the enemy tank will.
Pushing Other Tanks
If your tank is powerful enough you will push other tanks. The main deciding factors of your tank's ability to push other tanks is its horse power and its weight.
Maus and E-100 are all but unable to be pushed. You'll need another Maus or E-100 in order to push those tanks and even then it's in a very limited manner. However if you have a high horse power-to-weight ratio tank like an E-50 you can pretty much push anything around from 50 tons or lighter.
Note: Think of ways to use pushing to assist in taking objectives, rounding corners, and killing enemies by pushing them over or off of cliffs.  Be careful though, if you are not spotted but you start pushing a dead tank anyone is able to see that tank move if they're close enough or if an artillery piece is watching it.  This could cause you a lot of trouble.

Tank Explosions

When a tank take a critical hit in the ammo rack and it detonates you're usually going to see the turret fly off.  Be careful of this.  Flying turrets hurt and can kill you or some other tank it happens to land on.  When a turret is blown off a tank from ammo detonation it will be a physical object on the battlefield that can be used for cover and pushed around.

There's several different types of battles. Make sure to read your loading screen, or press and hold tab, to read about what kind of battle it is.
Some maps will only contain standard battle types.

Limiting Which Types Of Battles You Launch Into
You can go into your settings and in the GAME tab you can turn off Encounter and/or Assault battle modes if you wish. This will keep you from getting into those types of battles.
Regular battle. Two teams, two bases.  You have 15 minutes to kill the enemy team or capture their base.
-Base capping-1 person gains 1 point about every 1 seconds. Every person in cap compounds that number. So 2 people capping gives about 2 points per second, and it caps out at 3 for 3 points per second.


Available at tier 6 or higher.

Two teams, 1 base held by the defenders, the other team has to capture the defender's base, and you only have 10 minutes to do it. BE CAREFUL!  TDs are built for defense and if the enemy team has a lot of them then there's a good chance the victory for the attackers will be tough.
-If you've played standard battles on any maps you need to keep in mind that the spawns and capture locations will be different from standard battle locations.
--The cap rate for this mode is about 1pt/3 secs. 3 people on the cap in Assault/Encounter Battle is equal to 1 person on cap in a Standard Battle.

Available at tier 4 or higher.

Two teams, 1 neutral base, 15 minutes. This battle type has 1 neutral base that both teams must try to capture to win...or just kill everyone on the other team.
--Same capping rules as Assault battle type.


With the introduction of the Stronghold mode/meta in 9.2 there is a new classification of clan based battles.  In order to participate in skirmish battles your clan's COMMANDER must first make a stronghold for your clan.  This is done by clicking on the "STRONGHOLD" button in the navigation bar and then selecting the "Create Stronghold" option which is seated on the right side of the screen near the lower middle section of the interface.  Once a stronghold is created you can garrison different buildings that are built by your clan's leadership.  There must be at least 20 members of your clan before you can create a stronghold.



Match Type Selection
To the right of the BATTLE button you'll see a drop down menu. There are several options in this pull down menu. "Standard Battle" is the default when you log into WoT.

This is your typical battle type.
Pub matches of 15 v 15 on a random map.
Any battle type can be picked as long as you have them selected in your settings and you have the required tier vehicle for them. You won't see any type of battle other than a standard match below tier 4.


Create or join a platoon. *Joining a platoon requires in invite which shows up in the bottom right of your Garage-White section of the Garage Screen.
Up to 3 players can play together.

Team battles are setup in the standard for the E-Sports rules. This type of battle has a point limit of 42 points (typically 5 tier 8 tanks and 2 tier 1 tanks) and will face you up against other teams of similar skill level. The team leader can select what kinds of tanks he/she wants in the team or the team can be left open for the members to decide which tanks they want to run. Other than the 42 point, tier 8 maximum setup these battles are similar to Tank Companies.

There's 4 company types. Light, Medium, Champion, Ultimate.
They each have their own rules which can been found when you join the company.
The rules include a set limit of points and a set limit of tiers for each tank type.
Ultimate Companies have unlimited points and a max of tier 10 for every tank type.
Tournaments and Clan Wars battles only.
This will show up as a Channel at the bottom of your garage at a set time before the battle is to take place.


Pick the map you want, who you want on each team, any tank can be picked by the host to join it.
The leader can adjust the time limit and map to play on.
No repair costs, but you have to pay for ammo.



Includes your team-always listed on the left, the other team-on the right, battle type, and the map you're on.



-F1 for help menu
-Try not to rush out, you're in a very lightly armored tank that will die in about 3 shots or less.
-Hard cover protects from shells and from being spotted outside of a 50 meter radius.
-Bushes protect from being spotted only. You can still get shot through them.
-Grass is not camouflage.



Your HUD And Why It Is Important!
-The HUD is user friendly.
-Interactive ability with the mouse. Hold CTRL button to bring up your mouse.
-Check your mini map often.
-V will turn your HUD off and back on as well.

The Mini Map
-M turns the mini map on/off. (Leave it on, it's important!)  There is a transparency option in the settings if you want to see the map but also be able to see through it.
-You can PING the minimap by holding CTRL and clicking on a grid with your mouse.
- +/- changes the size of the minimap.
-Enemies show up in red and friendlies show up in green.
-For the Colorblind setup-blue is enemy, green is friendly.

Your Targeting Reticle And You!
-Shows reload status and penetration marker.
-When you're hit a yellow or a red arrow indicator will show up around your reticle. This depends on where you were hit (Up for front, down for back, left for left and right for right), also if you were damaged (red) or the shell bounced (yellow).

-The damage indicator will always point at where the shell was fired from, even if you can't see the enemy or, for example, an HE round lands on the opposite side of your vehicle from where the enemy is.  It will always point at where the round came from.  (I've tested this extensively.)

What do the different colors of my reticle mean?

If you have the reticle to show penetration marker it will change colors as you look at enemy tanks:

-Green means your shell has a really good chance to penetrate your target.
-Orange means there's a moderate chance of penetrating your enemy's armor.
-Red means you're probably going to bounce.
NOTE: Spaced armor, when hit, will absorb a hit with no/minimal damage to the tank or the tank's hit points. Your crewmen will say that the shot penetrated, but no damage will be done.


-Movement, getting hit, and turret traverse affect accuracy.
-Turning off "vehicle shake" or "dynamic camera" are visual only. Your tank will still shake when hit.
-The dotted/dashed green circle around your crosshair is your accuracy circle.
-In the garage, the smaller the "accuracy number" of a gun the better the accuracy. .32 is a decently accurate gun.
-Accuracy is determined by a "dice roll" (just like damage and penetration values), and it is quite random where your shot will go within your accuracy circle.

Hitting Your Target
-Don't rush your shot.
-When you hit an enemy tank your crew will tell you if it went through or not.
-A white flash of the enemy's icon means you did some kind of damage.
-A black flash means no damage was done at all and the shell bounced off.
-Ricochets can bounce back into the tank and damage it or another nearby tank.

Damaging Tanks
-Learn the weak spots on tanks.
-There's spaced armor on certain tanks which will soak up the damage dealt by your shell.
-All tracks act as spaced armor.
-Sloped armor will bounce more shells than it will allow shells to penetrate the tank.

-Hitting critical areas (engine, fuel, ammo) will generate higher chances of killing a tank faster due to extra damage like fire and ammo rack explosions.


Talking To Other Players

-Press ENTER to activate the chat box. Press TAB to cycle through who the recipients are: Team, All, Platoon (Green, White, Orange). Type your chat and press ENTER to send.

-Shift+enter will bring up the platoon chat selection immediately.

Activating the Communication Bloom.
-Hold Z in order to bring up the "flower pedal" communication system. It's recommended to use the "quick call system" if you're in a firefight because it's quicker to operate than the "flower pedal system."
The "quick call system" is broken down as follows, but can be modified to fit your preference:
Key  No Target         Aiming at ally            Aiming at enemy
T      Attack!             (name) follow me      Attacking (SPGs)/ Requesting fire at (for non-SPGs)
F4    Back to base!   Fall back                   Back to base!
F5    Affirmative!       Affirmative!               Affirmative!
F6    Negative!         Negative!                  Negative!
F7    Help!               (name) help me!        Help!
F8    Reloading!      (name) halt!               Reloading! (best used with SPG and autoloader tanks)



Your results window will automatically come up after the battle is over.
The results windows will show very detailed items that pertained to each player in the battle you were just in. It won't show up until after the conclusion of the battle, so if you left early you won't see the results window yet.


The service record will show you everything about yourself in your gaming career. There are several tabs to it and each will detail different stats from your profile. On the SUMMARY tab the "Personal Rating" is how you are performing overall. A rating of 3000 is average. If you are below this don't fret because the number of battles you have drastically affects this rating. All other stats should be self explanatory.
The AWARDS tab will show you your progress to achieving certain awards and it will light up with any awards or medals you have already earned. Hovering over each item will express it in more details and give some back story if any applies.
The STATISTICS tab focuses on your battles and battle performance. Everything is broken down into a "type" graph at the bottom of this window. Your battles will show up in bar graph form separated in a "per nation" and a "per tank type" graph.
The VEHICLES tab will break down what you have done in each vehicle, only keeping track of medals/awards, "most" stats, and basic battle stats for each vehicle.


PART III "Bonus Features"
-MENU button in the upper left of the garage screen.
-Can modify many aspects of your game in the SETTINGS options.

-Pressing ESC key will bring up the menu.
VOIP allows you to talk with other platoon mates and tank company companions.
You can set this up in the Volume tab of the Settings menu. Please be careful of how high you set your mic sensitivity because you will overload the software if you set this setting high enough and it will hurt other players' ears as well as have your voice messages blocked.


Colddawg's Helpful Hints
Things I have learned in battle:

-You will use AP rounds 98% of the time playing WoT. The other 2% is for when you can't find a pen location on a tank or you are using guns that don't have AP rounds available.
-HE rounds still need thin armor to do significant damage. They'll bounce more than AP rounds on thick armor.

-Carry a limited amount of premium rounds on your tank at all times for when you come across the higher tier/better armored tanks.  Remember, you don't need gold to buy these shells.

Do's And Don'ts:
-Don't start your career in a tier 8 premium tank.
-Do clear the lookout post from your cap circle.  This can be shot through with an AP/APCR round, but it's still annoying so run it over.
-Don't run around in the open.  Move cover to cover.
-Do play as a team.  Communicate and cooperate with your team.  No one can read your mind and individual tankers working as a team is 1000% more effective than a team of tankers working as individuals.

-Don't be greedy with kills. A win with 0 kills but a lot of damage done is better than a loss with 4 kills that were stolen.
-Do concentrate fire. This is done by the "Requesting Fire On..." macro (hit T while the enemy tank is highlighted) or shooting a target someone else requests fire on.
-Don't make a push alone.
-Do pay attention to the mini map.  It's your friend and it likes being social.

-Don't spam the mini map.

-Do type a message along with your mini map ping as to why that grid is important.
-Don't think you're invincible, but also don't sit in the back if you have the most armor and hit points on your team.

-Do scout.  Scouts win games. Knowing where the enemy team is is how you win the game. The scout is a very important tank on your team.

-Don't platoon with tanks outside of a one tier difference.  This hinders your team greatly and it's a good way to get team killed.
-Do keep aware of your surroundings.  Where's the closest cover, who's near you, what enemy is in front of you?

-Do NOT buy the T29 without first having the 90mm gun researched from the M6!  Do not buy the T29 without having the 90mm unlocked first.  Do not.....

If you want to see all of these points in action you can check out my Twitch.TV stream and ask me questions there.  http://www.twitch.tv/rscolddawg


This also goes along the lines of the Helpful Hints that I've listed above. It's broken down into basic things you should be looking for in each battle. This kind of stuff takes time to get it right. Trial and error went into many of these tactics and they've been proven time and again.
Where to go on a map:This has more to do with the specifications of your tank and the rest of your team than anything. It may not seem like it, but this is the toughest tactic to learn to do efficiently. Typically: Heavy tanks are your primary brawlers and should be where the most fighting will take place; Medium tanks flank the sides of the map; Tank Destroyers take up sniping positions to assist the heavies, flankers, or protect arty; Arty should be near the edges of the map. If your artillery pieces doesn't have the range to cover the whole map then slowly advance behind the strongest push of your team. Keep in mind that your arty piece might be flanked from the sides so always watch that mini map.
-No tank or TD should be sitting behind or near the artillery! You can not protect arty once they are spotted so you need to be aware of how far in front of your tank or TD is from your team's artillery.
-If there is no artillery all tanks and TDs should advance as a team with the TDs taking up sniping positions behind your heavy/medium push.
When to advance: This is also a tough tactic to learn. You may see other teammates rushing forward alone or one at a time. This is bad. Advance only when you have the advantage in your area and you have a set destination in mind or a set goal you are pretty sure you can achieve.
How to play arty effectively: Artillery is tougher than many people will tell you. Its slow reload time means you have to take your time to ensure your shots hit. Also you're a tank that needs to be able to see which targets your team may have issues destroying. Those tanks should be your primary targets.
-Primary targets-pretty much in decending order of importance. Tanks threatening you. Anyone with thick armor. TDs. Tanks holding back several of your team's tanks. Other artillery. Heavy tanks.
Advance or retreat: When to advance or retreat from a situation. Retreating is a good idea if you're overwhelmed so you can join up with more of your team's tanks. HOWEVER, if you have ally tanks in the same position sit there and stick it out with them because if you run away you will lose, 99% of the time this is true because your team will be destroyed because you left. If you stay there's still a high chance of your tank being destroyed but it's a lot lower chance that your team will lose.
Advancing-never do it alone. Never rush alone, never go out alone. Always call for your team to follow or attack. Make sure tanks are moving before you push ahead.
Help the base or capture theirs: If you're less than half the way across the map and you see tanks getting close to your base from a different part of the map then go back and deal with them. If you're further than half way to the enemy cap then go get it, just don't break any of the other tactics mentioned.  When you are 3 grids or less from the enemy base and you know you can win if you and your team gets on the cap DO NOT go back to your own base to try to stop the cap.  You will not make it in time 80% of the time.  This is one of the major reasons teams lose in close games.
Flanking and flanks: These are two different yet similar tactics. A flank is an area of the map not directly in the middle. There are ALWAYS two side flanks and one rear flank. Make sure all your flanks are covered by your team. The rear flank is usually occupied by artillery so if they get destroyed you have a good chance that you will be killed too because nothing is filling the rear flank area. If your whole team occupies one side flank and leaves the other open make sure you make noise about it so your team notices and then you need to go fill that flank and hope people join you.
-Flanking. This is usually done by tanks that have a high speed and good maneuverability-like medium tanks. Wait for your team's heavier tanks to engage the enemy then look for an opening to advance into the flanks of the enemy group. This is meant to split the enemy team's fire so that your team's heavier armor in the middle can break through the enemy group and assist you with whoever turned to engage you.


Do not be the tanker who wanted a kill, but didn't want his tank damaged, battle scars show effort and determination E. Foxx


I hope this helped get you on your feet. Feel free to comment and ask questions. This is a constantly changing guide and I am happy to help in anyway I can.


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You should mention that you skinned your tank in the first picture, it could be a little confusing to see the camo tank in your garage.

Maybe name it WoT Beginners Guide (Illustrated)

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very nice guide.

Colddawg #16 Posted Sep 27 2010 - 15:22


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updated 9/27
included accuracy section, marked in red

SkepticalHippo #17 Posted Sep 28 2010 - 16:51


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I haven't even finished downloading and have learned a LOT by reading this. Thanks for putting in the effort!

Avgwarhawk #18 Posted Sep 29 2010 - 18:47


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Fantastic!  I started working with the game last night.  Many thing to learn but most seem self explanatory.  The two hours I played the game I had a blast (no pun intended).  I did figure out how to research and upgrade my tanks provided.  Much more to learn.  Thanks for posting this reference.

Colddawg #19 Posted Oct 01 2010 - 16:03


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Updated with a new screenshot in the FAQ section to help you watch for what to look for.

Palindari #20 Posted Oct 01 2010 - 18:14


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Another thread I missed a month ago - still learned a thing or two

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