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ozbod #1 Posted Mar 23 2012 - 12:39


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Whilst I have searched through the forums, I can't seem to find any thread that may suggest a list of Modding tools that are freely available to either (a) create you own mods but moreso (B) slightly modify an existing Mod to suit your preferences.

I ask this because whilst I am currently using a Mod that I am fundamentally happy with, there is an aspect that causes me grief. It is one where the sniper scope is fine until the vehicle hits (I expect 50% damage) and then a strobing yellow circle comes into play. With my eyes this an extreme annoyance and all I am looking to do is remove/disable that aspect of it. The sight itself is fine and enjoy it when the vehicle is "happy".

Anyway, just trying to track down tools to make modifications like this.

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