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You Ask, We Reply # 13 - April 6, 2012

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baltic1284 #41 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 18:50

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yes but there is certain things they wont talk about for secrecy issues

FaustianQ #42 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 19:03


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View PostValkeiper, on Apr 06 2012 - 17:39, said:

After seeing what they've done (and continue to do) with France, I wouldn't put anything past WG. Plus, the ONLY nation they've limited to WW2 vehicles is Germany (for obvious reasons).

There is one nation which turned out to be a 'true neutral' in the cold war and turned out enough vehicle types to field a complete tech tree. I doubt WG means to include them because they were just as fiercely 'anti-soviet' as they were 'anti-west' (WG's pro-soviet bias again gets in the way).

I'm talking about Sweden, of course.
Oh, well damn, I actually forgot about poor Sweden  :huh:. Post War, yes they had tanks aplenty, but since the vast chunk of tanks come from WW2...eh...you're going to have to create fantasy tanks ala T28/T28P.

Really, it's times like this where I want a time machine to give Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, et al some tank designs or at least give them a bunch of sketch paper and tell them to go wild.

Kermut #43 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 19:14


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View Postupnorth, on Apr 06 2012 - 15:15, said:

so the is7 gets nerfed from going 60 to 50 (still fast) but amx 50B goes 65(as fast as bat chat) and the is7 can only reach 50 going down hill.

Are you trolling or being serious, because I'm not sure.

Shultz #44 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 19:14


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View PostFaustianQ, on Apr 06 2012 - 16:07, said:

Germany, Russia, USA, France, Commonwealth, Japan...and? What other country was a major producer of tanks? Not Finland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Brazil, China, India, et al, and even then you can't make a "Everyone else tree" since only Hungary and Italy came up with decent mid-late war tanks that hover around T7-8 level.

No interest in Italian tanks. I dont want tanks that only drive in reverse...

Kermut #45 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 19:14


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Has anyone heard any information about command tanks and how they will work?

DerJager #46 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 19:52


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Are there any plans to re-work the German heavy tanks? As it stands, the Maus is good, but only because of its insane HP reserves. If it were scaled down to that of normal tanks (e.g, 2200 or so), it would be rather underpowered.

Every other nation's tier 10 has one main strong point, and at the VERY LEAST, one other secondary strong point, or a blend of two other good characteristics.

USA has: Firepower, and what is probably the best combination of mobility and armor.

France has: Insane firepower, and mobility

USSR has: The best mobility of any tier 10, being faster than all but 2 US medium tanks, and it has a good blend of armor and firepower

Germany has: Armor and....... not much else.

German heavies are too slow and unmanuverable to flank effectivly, and their firepower is too weak to let them reliably penetrate other tank's frontal armor armor without remaining exposed so long to aim that they take several hits for each one hit they deal out. Accuracy is not enough to allow the 128mm to target weak spots with any high degree of precision, misses are not uncommon. The lower hull is a well known, large, and easy to hit weak spot that largely negates the German's strong armor.

The E-100 is particularly afflicted by this problem. On every other tank where you have a choice between accuracy and penetration on the one hand, and high alpha damage on the other hand, theres always a good sized group of players that use each gun. Not so with the E-100; almost every player I ask has the 150mm gun mounted, or wishes he did.

That very few people feel the extra penetration with the 128mm is enough to offset the alpha damage you get with the 150mm is very telling. It shows quite clearly that, while useable, the 128mm is underpowered compared to the other tier 10 guns. We can know this because of several points:

1) 236mm of penetration will not reliably penetrate the frontal armor of most tier 10 heavies.

2) the loss of 11mm of penetration does not cause any extra problems for the E-100 drivers

3) the higher alpha damage is clearly worth the drop in penetration

When we look at points 1) and 2), we can assume with reasonable confidence that the 128mm is also not enough to reliably penetrate the frontal armor of most tier 10 heavies.

When we look at points 1) and 3), we can assume that they are not fighting most tier 10 heavies head on, as is the job of the tier 10 heavy. This being true, we can assume that they are instead focusing on tier 9 mediums, lower tier heavies, and TD's.

In other words, they are playing the E-100 as a support tank, and not as a tier 10 heavy.

When we look at points 2) and 3), we can assume that the higher alpha damage of the 150mm is valued higher than the small penetration bonus you get with the 128mm, because neither gun penetrates the frontal armor of tier 10 tanks reliably. This means that you have fewer penetrating hits, and that in order to keep up, you need to do more damage with each penetration.

IndygoEEI #47 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 20:11


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View PostSkygunner, on Apr 06 2012 - 13:15, said:

Bad news bears for italy.....shame, I was hopping they would get their own full tree...but in the back of my head I knew it probably wasn't going to happen.    That being said, the wording of their answer is only in terms of Full tech trees.  China is not included, so perhaps we will still see Italian tanks, just not as many of them.  Which I would be fine with as long as it included ....

Semovente 47/32 L3 and the Fiat 2000. (1934 version of course)

Yeah, I kinda of suspected that, but if there's seven trees and EU is the
sixth, what's the the 7th?  (Don't answer that question devs, surprise

However, I do want to know what the the devs think of Tankettes.  There
was a thread in the suggestion forum about including them in game and
few people think they would be fun to play with, either in it's own
mode with tankettes only or as T1s.  Also, if you guys decided to put
them, how would you do if they were able to be researched and not premiums?

Also, in the EU Tree, how do you plan to format the tree?  Will a line be
by country or will it be traditional with each new tank representing a
significant advance in technology?

Plus can you tell us how close (in %) the tentatively titled Mexico is
to finished?  I totally love the idea of that map.

Fedaykin_ #48 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 20:55


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How about being able to exchange free xp to accelerate training on skills and perks ?

Fraaqman #49 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 21:27


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Any update on new game modes being added (such as "escort" missions and the like?)

Cavemanmax #50 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 21:30


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And yet we see more Russian tanks... WG you want to explain why more than half are from the cold war? and why you insist gimping German tanks even more than they already are, do you actually play your game?

Every German tank currently in WOT was built or developed before 1945. Their is no way for WW2 German tanks to compete with cold war era tanks that have half a decade of improvement or more in guns and armor and this shows in the game. Granted most German guns do hit hard, but do to the severe slope of most Russian T6+ tanks they skip and American tanks just soak damage up like a sponge and keep going. Are you truly bias towards anything not Russian or do you really not realize the problem with this?

maybe do you want to lay off the Russian crap for a while and give the Germans a little love before you do anything else, because you are really aggravation a lot of the German players with the non damage critical and lack of pen on most of the 10.5cm guns and larger.

"Long ago you said you want to move Soviet T-50-2 and substitute it with something else. If it’s not a joke, what are the specs of a new vehicle, if compared to T-50-2? Will it have same maneuverability, speed and gun or will they differ?"

That wasn’t a joke. At the moment parameters of a future tank are unknown, but its speed and maneuverability will more or less match those of Т-50-2.

what the hell is this... :angry:IF you are going to replace the T-50-2 with another tanks capable of the same ability's what is the point in even removing it in the first place!?

Kegbane #51 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 21:38


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View PostRolandVH, on Apr 06 2012 - 18:28, said:

There will be a premium version of Jagdtiger with the 88mm gun at tier 8 available soon.

As far as I'm concerned, a Jagdtiger without a 128mm gun is not a Jagdtiger. I'm sure they can come up with a better idea for a premium.

S2LTC #52 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 21:43


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When do you plan to fix the color of the German camo that was changed with 7.2?  If you don't plan to change it back, will you refund all the gold we spent on it and take it back?

Panzer109 #53 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 21:58


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It’s common knowledge that in the future developers are going to add Japanese tanks. In this regard, I want to know if you are going to add Italian tanks. Italy also took part in WWII and had a lot of fighting vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are not enough vehicles for a full Italian tech tree with tanks up to tier 10.
Nooooo! My hopes have been crushed. :(


Paladin1 #54 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 22:28


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View PostEmorex, on Apr 06 2012 - 12:50, said:

A new portion of developers' replies is available in the new You Ask We Reply bulletin.

Full news text

From the  Q&A: Have system requirements changed with the 7.2 release? With the 7.2 release, I face some game slowing down and even system notifications about “low memory” which results in automatic graphics quality reduction.
System requirements haven’t changed due to the 7.2 release.

I believe something has changed. I had a couple of problems prior to 7.2, namely very pad lag/ packet loss at times, my wireless router would disconnect me from the internet and reset itself while trying to log into WOT (this started after 7.1 and it would allow me to log on after resetting), and game crashes while loaing into the match while on the team roster page. I have posted about these issues in the forums, and most everyone has said it was my router, my computer, etc. Funny thing is this is a fairly new computer and a new router and nothing like this has ever happened or happens with any other program besides WOT.

  Now since 7.2 has come out, all of the previous problems have disappeared totally (including the router resetting), it has now been replaced with my computer heating up every so often and shutting down completely all of a sudden. My graphics are set at the lowest setting. And the gameplay is better than before other than this new problem which leads me to believe soemthing HAS changed with WOT

Boyfriendstorm #55 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 22:41


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Have you ever considered adding the Marder III or the StuG IV?

canucksfan101 #56 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 23:36


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I have a question. You know the machine gun on the tank, in 7.4 will we be able to use it??? Thx I'm just wondering about it ;) . You guys rock  :Smile_great: .

Death187 #57 Posted Apr 06 2012 - 23:42


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View PostPGT_Gator, on Apr 06 2012 - 13:04, said:

If the JagTiger is being tested as a T8, what is going to replace it at T9? Should those of us with the Jagtiger receive that new T9TD?

I am pretty sure they are talking about the T8 premium JT which will have an 88 for it's main gun.After reading on a few others already replied to yoru questions :Smile_honoring:

tlun315 #58 Posted Apr 07 2012 - 00:06

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When will the new German TD line comes? Will it comes with the new USSR heavy tree?

TheBlasterOfExtreme #59 Posted Apr 07 2012 - 00:16


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Ok, if you can make a place in Asia then why don't you work on Chinese? Have that come to your mind lately?

SULOMON #60 Posted Apr 07 2012 - 00:45


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I wanted Italian tanks to be in the game.  As for tier 10 Japanese tank, they had a super heavy tank.  It sucks that they won't be implementing tank auctions, a KV-220 would sell for a lot.

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