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Constructive Use of the Forum

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knaT_sdrawkcaB #1 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:20

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This forum constantly has people complaining about the Matchmaker failing, Artillery ruining games, Gold rounds being unfair, maps people hate, newb teams causing losses, etc…

There is a right and wrong way to discuss things constructively on the forums.   With the topics above you are not likely to get a ton of positive responses no matter what you say, but your opinion can spark a good conversation and, in some cases (such as the matchmaker), can convince the devs to make a change to the game.

There different ways to say things… one way will get you ignored and bashed.  The other may get your opinion considered.  One of the problems we have is 80% of the responses are ignorant, nasty, or useless… so the 20% of useful/constructive responses get lost in the rest of the it.  I wish people would think before posting.  This would make the forum so much more functional for the people who are here to really learn and express their concerns.

Wrong Way: Himmelsdorf sucks!  El Halluf needs to be changed!  Komarin makes people camp!
Right Way: I would like to be able to somehow limit the maps I play on.  My idea is to allow people to choose a small number of maps they would prefer not to play on.  What does everyone else think?

Wrong Way: My team lost because the Arty stunk!  These people need to learn how to play before joining a game.
Right Way: Here are my suggestions on how to effectively play Arty…

Wrong Way: Your idea stinks!  You have a 45% win percentage.  You need to learn to drive a tank before you give your opinion!
Right Way: There is no right way.  Go play the game and don’t post anything.  Your response is not helpful in any way.

I really appreciate the core group of players on here dedicated to making these forums fun, helpful, and interesting.  Thanks to all of you in here every day helping new players, giving thoughtful opinions, and contributing to conversations.  Your posts are the reason I stick around and sort through the rest of the garbage to find something I can use to get better at the game.

Thanks for reading,

Whee #2 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:29


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Well said.  :Smile_great:

DerRittmeister #3 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:30


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Well said,I've also noticed that "constructive" topics will dissappear.I'll be able to find them "greyed out" in my content,not "Junkyarded",but gone.Some that have lots of replies and thousands of views.....poof!gone.

commander3 #4 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:39

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vary well said  :Smile_great:

Icecold7181 #5 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:49

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one more thing.....people complaining about which tanks are OP just because they cant damage them or kill ithttp://cdn-frm-us.wa...Smile-angry.gif

other than that well saidhttp://cdn-frm-us.wa...Smile_great.gif

papasunbr #6 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 14:57


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Thanks for the post. Good stuff.

Oceanlord1 #7 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 15:25

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very nicely said

stickjock #8 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 15:44


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Knat... you forgot one of my favorite "wrong" ways: "If you don't fix XXX and XXX, then I'ma stop buying gold and quit playing... (or at least tell my mom)"....

Other than that, spot on!!

+1 to ya  :Smile_honoring:

SumiXam #9 Posted Apr 13 2012 - 16:07


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Nice post Knat. Hopefully I'm more helpful than not. I try to be in the Newcomer's area...in General though it can be different story. +1 when I have more.

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