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IS3, IS4, IS7 How different can they be?

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Lupusceleri #41 Posted Oct 12 2010 - 23:14

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View PostEliminateur, on Oct 12 2010 - 17:20, said:

bl-9 sucks on the is4, and you probbaly already know that from the IS3 days :D (it's weird, in the IS3 it felt good, but on the IS4, it feels... turd-y, like mounted on the is4 bounces far more and does far less damage than on the IS3, maybe it's because you usually shoot bigger and badder tanks than what you usually shot on the IS3... i mean... good luck trying to kill a VK4502 with the BL-9 toy-gun).

once you get the upg turret let us know how you feel  :Smile_great:
Funny enough, the moment I got the upgraded turret life got a lot better for me... Also yeah, the BL-9 feels a bit gimpy but it'll do for now. :)

EDIT: Oh, jeez, I swear I'm cursed. :P First battle after I made this post I got one shotted by a SU-14.. 1790 hp with Spall Liner gone in a split second, gg lol. Twas an Ammo Rack hit though.

EDIT2: Second battle, same SU-14, 1555 hp gone in one shot with Spall Liner: no module damage whatsoever though.

Eliminateur #42 Posted Oct 13 2010 - 00:33


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in that 2nd case spall liner saved your arse and your modules

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