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Company Battle

need some information :)

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oRandolpHo #1 Posted May 04 2012 - 06:06


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I've never been in a company battle before and I'd like to know what it is.

What the benefits of playing company battle over random battle, as I don't have any friend to play with ?
I've read a topic mentioning something like you have to use a voice chat in a company battle, is it true ?

Could you guys please tell me ?

And some advice please :Smile_honoring:

Thank you very much :)))

PTwr #2 Posted May 04 2012 - 06:08


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Company battle:

- takes longer to prepare.
- you have to wait in a queue.
- you can prepare good team or bad team.
- you "steal" 50% of enemy income in case of victory, but if you are defeated, enemy steals 50% from you.

Voice Comms are available in Platoon, Training Rooms, Company Battles and Clan Wars.

Pros: coordination etc.

Cons: squeaking 10 year old kids who believe it is funny to scream into your ears.

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SHISHKABOB #3 Posted May 04 2012 - 06:13


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the point of company battles is to feel the thrill of coordinated competition, and the joy of victory. It's quite different from random battles, whose purpose is just to grind XP. The XP and credit rewards for company battles are really not the reason you do them.

You need to find a good company commander, too. Because at this level, the strategy actually becomes important. It turns the game from mindless pew pew pew into actual goodness.

If you are good at the game, and join the company of someone who is a good commander, then people will recognize you after a while. The company commander (caller) will add you to his friend's list, and you can get in on some great games.

but if you suck, then don't expect to find much welcome in company games

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