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E75 vs IS8

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Eaglesnuke #61 Posted May 17 2012 - 18:29

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i have not faced is8s 1 vs 1 on my e75 but have coma across a few on my vk4502b
just last night i got owned by one in himmelsdorf , he got 3 solid shots on me all pen 2 of them sent thru my tracks and in to the hull full pen full damage and i was angled
my point his
sure the is8 armour is bad overal
but frontally with those slopes and give in account that the 128 from the vk abd the e75 fire from a higher angle it sure was enough, i could not penn him

and dont forget the is8 has better gun with better rof, penn and dpm, with better mobility

Gyarados #62 Posted May 17 2012 - 20:47


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The E-75's turret rotation is a weak point of the tank, so circling one doesn't seem like it'd be anything too difficult to do.

redhairdave #63 Posted May 17 2012 - 20:48


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if its tracked. otherwise it can rotate the body fast. but again that is one on one. in a team game, just driving quickly behind it can be great. it turns to fight you shooting at your exposed side, and you shoot at its rear. he wont bounce from the front, so from the side makes no difference. for you on the other hand, shooting the back makes your life easier. and while he is worrying about you, your back up shoots him in the back of the turret.

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TlGERACE #64 Posted May 26 2012 - 15:54


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View PostGyarados, on May 17 2012 - 20:47, said:

The E-75's turret rotation is a weak point of the tank, so circling one doesn't seem like it'd be anything too difficult to do.

Its correct but when mounted with a vertical stabilizer it will perform as its rival and even better

Mow_Mow #65 Posted May 26 2012 - 17:31


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E-75's turret sides are still 160 at a slight dual angle, so if you get sloppy or lazy, combined with the height difference,  it can still bounce shots. Not to mention an E-75 can also do the same trick Mice do to avoid being circled.  Once tracked, an IS-8 is dead meat for an E-75. Of course, it goes mostly the same in the other way as well.

Head on, the advantage goes to the E-75, I think. If my memory is correct, a ram + hug means IS-8 can only shoot the upper glacis, where IS-8 has a very low chance to penetrate. At this point, E-75 can just shoot the hatches on the IS-8 turret. Obstacles, will benefit the E-75 as well I think.

I think if IS-8 gets the jump on the E-75, the E-75 will be heavily disadvantaged.

MaxL_1023 #66 Posted May 26 2012 - 22:07


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The HP difference alone is significant - it takes 5 shots on average from an IS-8 to kill an E-75 while the E-75 only needs 4. If the E-75 can find cover, or even bounces a single round the IS-8 is done for. The IS-8 is NOT fast enough to circle an E-75 without tracking it, and the track often means that the E-75 has an extra shot without taking damage. E-75 also has better depression (somehow) and has the rediculous upper front.

170071able #67 Posted Oct 20 2012 - 02:43


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I love my e75 to bits rod sucks but I find it superior to e100

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