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"random" lag spikes

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Patton_Slap #41 Posted Jul 19 2012 - 18:00


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View PostGlazdon, on Jul 11 2012 - 09:14, said:

No freakin kidding. I just played a game using my T50. Was doing just find dodging some shells on the way to their arties. Then my graphics freeze, my ping explodes to 999, and 5 seconds later my tank has run into the side of a building, I have an M5 on my tail blocking me in, and 3 other tanks blasting the hell out of me from 3 different sides. This is also a common occurrence with my other tanks, usually going off once at the start of the match and then doing it again about halfway through usually leading to my death because the game drives my tanks into walls or out of cover....
I can second this wholeheartedly. Exactly the same issues. Tanks, especially fast tanks, lock up for 1-2 seconds or more. Keyboard input has no effect on tank movement. I'll be doing donuts or merrily cruising at full speed into the enemy. When the system "unlocks" I'm dead. Forget playing "pekaboo" around corners with other tanks. I get hit by them before I can pull back, and my shot misses because they pull back during my lockup. Really renders the game unplayable.
I had heard WoT had REDUCED the Bandwidth on the American servers. Can anyone verify?

I'm also polling my Clanmates to see if these issues are widespread, which I think is the case. Seems the only way to get action is to threaten monetary loss. Mechwarrior Online is just around the corner.....

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jdtherocker #42 Posted Jul 19 2012 - 20:29


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i have great pingrate usually but lately i have been laggy. i'll get random spikes its only been happening for a few days now

Stukinit #43 Posted Jul 24 2012 - 05:19


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Honestly I think that there is truth in what most of you are saying, any one component of what you have all listed interacts with all the others in order to render the game, so while poor system performance will cause stutter, it can (thanks to WoT's woefully unoptimized single thread) cause processing lag, which would cause your ping to jump when new calculations need to be executed. Being nearer to a tank also increases the server polling rate, so it isn't too far fetched to assume that getting close to an enemy or spotting them nearby would cause ping to jump, especially if one or both targets is moving at high speed. This gets even worse during prime-time I have noticed, because there is already a lot of server-side load.

However the following is just complete speculation:

I read somewhere that WoT compensates for higher ping by dropping the framerate?
This would seem to be supported by the fact that, when playing the game I get 40-50 FPS but when watching a replay (which is rendered real-time) it maintains a steady 115 FPS (with the usual FPS in the parenthesis).

aksp_ftw #44 Posted Jul 24 2012 - 23:01


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I have a cpu usage of over 60 percent when all I'm doing is sitting there watching task manager. :Smile_sceptic:  Its  wierd, I dont know if its my computer or what. Please help me, it makes the game unplayable. :Smile_confused: I just downloaded it today.

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StranaMechty #45 Posted Jul 25 2012 - 01:57


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Link.telia.net is the culprit, has been for some time and will continue to be unless they get their act together or Wargaming routes their traffic through another provider. Given the lack of response I hold little hope for such an occurrence.

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