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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704

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cheesellama #1 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:10


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I got permission from AlphaAndOmega to make something similar to his stories series called World of Tank Chronicle: The Steel Soldier. Before starting, I wanna give thanks to him for inspiration.

So, the series will be about a guy grinding up the Soviet TD line instead of the Soviet heavy line, as indicated by the title. Without further ado, let's begin.

World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704: Chapter 1 ©

I emerged from my training mission in Malinovka with my MS-1. Serzhant (Sergeant) Provlov was awaiting me.

"Well rookie, looks like you and your driver are ready to get put into real life action. Your skills have been evalutated. You've got just barely enough damage and kills to pass. Your good teamwork has left you with a fairly high win ratio. Accuracy was a bit too low to pass, but since it was so so very close and since I'm in a good mood today, I'll let you pass. Got that?"

"Sir yes sir!"

"Alright, go to Serzhant (Sergeant) Kopat and he'll asign you to your tier 2 vehicle and put you in action."

"Oh, and sir?"


"Tank you."

Provlov laughed as he walked away from us.

We walked over to the assignment office. There we found Kopat, a short, skinny man.

"More recruits, eh? Where are your papers?"

"Right here sir." We handed him the papers.

"Excellent." he said. He looked over our papers for a while and turned to my driver.

"Son, you're gonna be assigned to the clan [USSRK] USSR Kiev Defenders, under C company platoon D. You're gonna drive tank 19, in a BT-2. If you do well enough, you'll soon get a BT-7, got that?"

"Yes sir!" Said my driver.

"The truck towards Kiev leaves tomorrow morning at 7:30. Make sure to get up bright and early. Got that?"

"Yes sir!"

"You are dismissed."

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!"

When my driver left, Kopat turned to me.

"Hmmmm... okay. You are going to be assigned to the clan [USSRS] USSR Smolensk defenders, better known as USSR Ensk Defenders, though I'm not sure how it ended up that way... You're under B company platoon B, commanding tank 7. The Truck towards Smolensk leaves tomorrow at 11:30. Understood?"

"Yes sir! Except for one thing..."

"Yes, son?"

"You didn't tell me what tank I'm in."

"Oh yes, my mistake. You're in an AT-1. Good luck, and don't forget to upgrade."

"Thank you sir!"

"You are dismissed."

"Sir yes sir!" And I left the room.

It was a long wait until tomorrow, and I just couldn't wait.

After saying good bye to my good friend and driver at 7:30, I had to wait in boredom for 4 hours, studying AT-1 stats.

Finally, it came to be my time to get in the truck.

I hopped in the truck with about a dozen other guys. In the middle were boxes and a tall, brave looking serzhant. (Sergeant)

"Hello everybody." He said. "I am Serzhant (Sergeant) Surikov. Here are boxes with backpacks filled with enough food for 3 days, belts with ammo strapped and and places for your grenades  Tokarevs, and a Tokerav pistol for those places, of course. Additional supplies may be picked off of enemies or handed out on the battlefield. I wish you luck. We'll arrive at Ensk around 3:00 if we don't get bogged down on river crossings, which would only happen if it has rained recently. Since there isn't a cloud in the sky, I'd presume that we'll all be all right. And as I said, good luck have fun. GL HF for short. Hope I see you all on the battlefield! Understood, recruits?"


We arrived at Ensk around 2:30, which was actually a bit early. We went to a building being used as temporary HQ in the Northeast quadrant. On my way I saw plenty of tanks I thought I'd never see. This included SU-8, 2 KV-2s, an SU-85, an SU-100, S-51, A T-50-2, 3 T-34s, a couple of T-34-85s, 2 KV-3s, and the beast of them all, an IS-3. It was so amazing to see so many amazing tanks in one area.

All of us walked in and there was Mayor (Major) Bossonov with a few other high ranking officers.

"Ah yes, the new recruits..." He said. "A company is in the Northeast sector, though a majority of you seem to be going to the Northwest sector with B company. Nice to meet all of you. GL HF!"

"GL HF to you too sir!" We all said at once.

Over in B company, I found more lower tier tanks. The highest tier over there was a tier 6, which was a guy in his T-34-85. There were numbers on the side of each tank. I arrived at tank 7, an AT-1 just as Kopat said. There I found 2 guys, my crewmen.

"Hello, are you our commander?" Said one guy. "I'm the driver, Alexander Teplekov. This is the gunner, Matlev Brilev."

"Yes I am your commander presuming this is tank 7 by the number on the side. Nice to meet both of you."

So as I adjusted to my crew, I awaited the next dawn for some action. I couldn't wait. Despite the fact that war is hell, it feels worse to not help your country in a time of war.

All the clans were fake, but I was inspired by a couple of clan names.

B0X #2 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:17

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This looks great! +1

Bigbxmach23 #3 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:17


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this is more of a "Road to the SU-76" imo :]

cheesellama #4 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:19


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View PostBigbxmach23, on May 30 2012 - 23:17, said:

this is more of a "Road to the SU-76" imo :]
It'll eventually get to the Object 704.

_Jeremiah_Gottwald #5 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:20

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cheesellama #6 Posted May 30 2012 - 23:31


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View Postandypandy1996, on May 30 2012 - 23:20, said:

I promise I'll post another tomorrow. I should be able to post it around noon. Hope you enjoyed it!

AlphaAndOmega #7 Posted May 31 2012 - 00:03

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Looking good so far! I can't wait to see the rest! :Smile_Default:

P.S., I'm surprised to see the big boys this early in the game!

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cheesellama #8 Posted May 31 2012 - 00:24


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on May 31 2012 - 00:03, said:

Looking good so far! I can't wait to see the rest! :Smile_Default:

P.S., I'm surprised to see the big boys this early in the game!

Well, it's a clan, and that was supposed to be representing the higher tiered guys in a clan. Usually when one joins a clan, he (or she) finds himself (or herself) surrounded by guys with much better tanks.

EDIT: I just want to mention that I have planned 2 more chapters for the AT-1, 2 for the SU-76, 3 for the SU-85B, 11 for the SU-85, 11 for the SU-100, 19 for the SU-152, 30 for the ISU-152, and 30 for the Object 704. There will also be a chapter for the conclusion, so that's 110 chapters in all. I'll try to post daily, but some days I may not be able to.

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cheesellama #9 Posted May 31 2012 - 16:48


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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704: Chapter 2 ©

I was guarding a long alley to the west. That's all platoon B ever does. Guard guard guard guard guard!

Platoon B is tank 7, tank 8, and tank 10. We, as you know, are tank 7. Tank 8 is an SU-18, and tank 10 is an SU-76.

Ussually tank 10 takes the position on top of some rubble ruins and I hide behind a "window" of a destroyed building. Tank 8  was located behind us, ready to let rip a barrage of powerful HE rounds upon the enemy.

On our first day, we just waited. And waited. And waited. Pretty much nothing was going on.

"Hey." Said the commander of tank 10. "You. Yeah, you, in the AT-1."

"Who me?" I replied.

"Yeah, you. What's your tank's name?"

"Tank name"

"Yeah, everybody gives their tank a name. What's yours?"

"I haven't thought about that..." I murmered.

"Just give the tank a name! It's not that hard!"

"Okay okay... How about..."

I paused, partially for effect but more because I needed more time to think.


"Not bad. Not bad at all. In fact very nice. Strikes fear into the enemy."

"Tank you."


"You don't get it?"

"Oh I do, but that's an old one."

"Oh... I understand..."

So we waited some more. Guarding, guarding, boring...

Suddenly, one day, there was artillery fire all around us, and back at camp as well. The SU-18 was burning and laying on its side. The SU-76 had minor damage from some close shells, but The_Crusher was undamaged.

After it subsided, the commander of tank 10 yelled "HERE THEY COME!"

"Get ready aim down the street always hit your target this is the first time in combat GL HF."

"Could you repeat that, except much slower voice?" Said Matlev.


"Okay, okay, though it's not easy with a 45mm. These things suck. I'm shooting I'm shooting..."

He fired right at he finished his sentence.

"Pz II hit, sir!"

"Enemy hit!"


"Critical hit!"

"Enemy on fire!"

"Enemy destroyed!"

By this time, the SU-76 already got 2 kills, a Pz 38t and a panzerjager I. Matlev took aim at another panzerjager I and fired.

"Enemy hit!"


Then the SU-76 took our kill.

"****!" Yelled Matlev, so frustrated.

We looked for more targets. We immediately saw a marder II.

"Critical hit!"

"Engine damaged, sir!"

"Back out of here ASAP!"

Then, an explosion ripped through the tank.


We're done for, get out!"

"Way ahead of you!"

"I'll say!"

We all jumped out, only to find out that the SU-76 had taken out the marder II immediately after we died. How frustrating! But it wasn't as frustrating for me as it was for Matlev.


Alexander and I grabbed him before he could charge the SU-76.

"We're all on the same side, remember!" Alexander told him. "Don't let it turn out like "The Training Incident"

"What's the training incident?" I inquired.

"It's something unthinkable that I won't tell to anybody! I promised to keep "The Training Incident" as private as possible."

Matlev fell to the ground crying. "I'm so *sob* sorry, I didn't *sob* mean to, he *sob* just got in the way of *sob* the... *sob* the... *sob* It was an... *sob* an accident! *sob* I didn't *sob* mean to! He *sob* ran into the *sob* target... *sob* *sob* *sob* "

"Listen..." Said Alexander, "Nobody was killed, just wounded, let's never speak of this again, okay?"

" *sob* Okay. *sob* "

Just then the SU-76 commander leaped out. "Victory! All enemy vehicles destroyed! I killed 5! New record! Neat, huh? I think that we did just enough to get the SU-85B now, eh?"

"Oh heck yes!" exclaimed the gunner.

"Of course!" said the driver.

"I wouldn't believe it if we didn't!" stated the loader.

It was at this time renforcements arrived.

"Well done commander!" Said one of the officers. "A new record for you. We have an SU-85B for you to drive back at base. Get back there immediately."

"Roger that." Came the response. They quickly walked away.

Then he turned to me and my crew. "Your first battle if I'm not mistaking? Not bad, not bad at all. You have a bright future ahead of you, son."

"Sir yes sir!"

"Go to the railroad yard, we have another AT-1 waiting for you on track 2. I do believe it has some upgrades you'd approve upon..."

"Sir yes sir!"

"You are dismissed."

So we quickly walked away, wondering what upgrades it would have.

"I hope we get the 76mm!" said Alexander excitedly. "I believe that's the best gun!"

"Are you kidding?!!!" said Matlev. "The 57mm is better!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Guys, don't fight." I chimed in. "Here, let's make a deal. Whichever gun is mounted we'll claim is the better gun until we can finally agree which is better. Deal?"



We arrived and found that it had the 57mm.

"Shoot." muddered Alexander.

"Yes!" Matlev shouted.

"You wanna test out the gun?" I said.

"Sure. Let's see how good it is against the target building."

The target building has walls a solid foot thick, so we could shoot at it often and it would barely take damage.

We fired some shots at it.

"Me likey..." Said Matlev with a tone of contentment.

"Meh, it's okay..." murmured Alexander.

"Yeah, I agree, this gun is great!" I excitedly said. "Now that we're done, should we go back to our tent and hang out until nighttime?"


"It's fine with me."

And that's exactly what we did.

AlphaAndOmega #10 Posted May 31 2012 - 17:38

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View Postcheesellama, on May 31 2012 - 16:48, said:

"Hey." Said the commander of tank 7. "You. Yeah, you, in the AT-1."

Wait, isn't our hero the commander of tank 7? Did you perhaps mean to say "tank 8" or something?

That aside, good work! Keep it up! :Smile_Default:

cheesellama #11 Posted May 31 2012 - 19:41


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on May 31 2012 - 17:38, said:

Wait, isn't our hero the commander of tank 7? Did you perhaps mean to say "tank 8" or something?

That aside, good work! Keep it up! :Smile_Default:

*Plays innocent* What??? I have no idea what you're talking about! *edits text*

skyf24 #12 Posted Jun 01 2012 - 04:44


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Loving this so far. Lookin forward to the next update!

cheesellama #13 Posted Jun 01 2012 - 11:36


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World of Tank Chronicals: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 3 ©

Tank 7's crew was put into an SU-85B designated tank 13 and we joined up as a platoon again. We had new platoon mates in a Valentine designated tank 14. The Valentine was a British tank imported to our country for a lend lease program. It seems slightly different to Soviet tanks, but I still think it's a pretty cool tank.

So, we went to an industrial district just east of the railyard and waited for German tanks. Sure enough, a Pz III came along. Thanks to training, Alexander hid us behind a bush as we fired on him. All the while, Matlev was saying:

"Enemy damaged!"


"I've lost the target, tank 14 got the kill."

Just then, I realized something bad.

A Pz II Luchs had flanked us from the field to the east and were coming right towards us.

"Looks like that one went right through!" Shouted Matlev.

"Right track damaged but not knocked out!" Yelled Alexander.

"Enemy damaged!" Matlev Yelled!

"He's about to ram us, I'm backing up!" Screamed Alexander.

The Luchs was probably about half health when it was about to ram us and we were about the same. We knew our tank would be knocked out if he rammed us.

Just before the Luchs hit, the SU-85B fired a shot at it, creating major damage. If the Luchs rammed us, it would be suicidal for both of us, and it was too late for him to stop him!


Tankfully, our track was broken, but the Luchs wasn't so lucky.

The shouts crackled over the radio.

"Looks like The_Crusher just got Kamikaze award!"

"I'll say! Nice going new guy!"

I was full of pride, though I could quite remember what a Kamikaze award was...

Before I could remember, Alexander grabbed me and said "Cummon, let's fix the track!"

"Matlev, stay in the tank and guard us if anybody comes in view!" I ordered.


Before we knew it, the track was up and we were catching up on the rest of the platoon.

Though we missed a potential marder kill the Valentine got and a potential Bison kill the SU-85B got while we were catching up, I was still proud of my crew.

The Valentine went ahead to capture enemy territory while the SU-85B decided to look for more German arties.

Suddenly, a shot rang out and hit near the SU-85B and broke its track. The SU-85B wasn't killed, but it was tracked and its gun wasn't pointing at a now, detected Wespe. A machine gun opened up, and its crew couldn't get out to fix the track or they'd be slaughtered!

I knew what we had to do. We turned at the wespe and Matlev took aim...

"That shell missed sir!"

"We hit them hard!"

"Enemy damaged!"

"Critical hit!"

I knew this one shell had to hit, or we couldn't reload in time before the wespe reloaded and fired upon our platoon mate.

It seemed like it lasted forever...


"Enemy vehicle knocked out!"

A huge sigh of relief, but we weren't done yet. We aimed at the machine gun...

"Enemy position knocked out sir!"

"Good Job, Matlev." I said. "You saved them!"

"Yeah, I guess..." he said modestly.

So the SU-85B crew and my crew rushed to the enemy base to help the Valentine, but apparently he didn't need the help as it was nearly fully captured when we arrived.

We returned to base for the night, but not before being handed out medals.

Turns out Kamikaze is ramming a better vehicle to death. We were all deaming with pride.

The Valentine also got invader, when you almost fully capture an enemy’s base, to make a long story short.
The SU-85B also did some work like the rest of us, and was one of the unsung heroes of the battle.

We all turned in for the night, awaiting combat at the next dawn.

EDIT: I'm copywriting all of these so people don't copy my work and claim it as their own. Can they do something similar? Sure! They just can't copy and paste and say it was theirs.

AlphaAndOmega #14 Posted Jun 01 2012 - 19:57

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As always, good work! Shouldn't be long before the SU-76 now!

cheesellama #15 Posted Jun 01 2012 - 20:23


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It'll come next chapter, actually. Thank you! :)

EDIT: BTW, the next chapter should be out late this evening.

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cheesellama #16 Posted Jun 02 2012 - 00:21


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I posted this a bit early for you guys. Hope you like!

World of Tanks Chronicals: The Road to the Object 704: Chapter 4 ©

Unfortunately, the Germans launched a massive counter assault. Luckily, we were at the base while the mechanic was making the kind of repairs that couldn't be made on a battlefield.

But unfortunately, there was a massive artillery bombardment on the base, and Mayor (Major) Bossonov was killed. The clan dispersed, and we had noplace to go.

Even worse, our AT-1 was destroyed when a Bison shell hit it. It was obliterated.

"What will we dooooo!!!" yelled Alexander.

"I'll tell you what we aren't gonna do! We aren't gonna stand around and cry like babies! We've gotta get out of here!" I yelled back.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Shouted Matlev. "Let's get the **** out of here!"

We ran through the barrage until we heard somebody yell "Hey! Over here!"

We turned in the direction of the voice.

"Help, I need to get out of here but I have no idea how to drive this thing!"

"I can help!" Shouted Alexander.

Through the smoke we saw an SU-76 with the same gun that was on our destroyed AT-1.

"My crew died from the barrage when we rushed to get to the SU-76! I'm only the loader/radio operator!"

We hopped right in.

"Get us out of here, Alexander!"

"I'm on it sir!"


"Alexander, hurry up!"

"I'm sorry, the artillery might hit us if we didn't zig-zag out of here!"

"The artillery might hit us anyway so just ignore training and go full steam ahead!"

"Yes, sir!"


"Hurry up..."

"I'm giving it all she's got!"

Suddenly, it subsided.

"Phew!" I said. "That was close."

"I'll say." said the 'new crew member.' "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Dmitry, this is Matlev, and this is Alexander." I responded. "Now who are you?"

"I'm Igor. Igor Vitrenko. Who are you?"

"Ummmm... I already told you who we are..."

"Oh, you might have. I suffer from minor short-term memory loss sometimes. Or at least I think I do. I can't remember..."

That made us all laugh, and I turned to him and said "We're all a crew now on this SU-76, that's all that matters, along with the fact that we ought to kill some more Nazi scum."

"I agree." Igor said. "Let's get right to it!"

And so we did. We decided to go back to our base at Malinovka.

When we arrived there, we were shocked at what we found.

Germans overrun the base.

Some buildings were destroyed, and nobody was in sight.

"Oh no..."

"This is terrible!"

"Our sweet sweet base, now gone!"

"I think this was my base too." Said Igor. Then the truth dawned on him and he spoke it aloud. "How will we get back home???"

"Oh shoot, you're right!" I exclaimed. "If the Germans destroyed this base, we must be behind enemy lines!"

"Whatever will we do!" Yelled Matlev.

I pulled out a map. "Look at this map. If I'm correct, this is where we are." Pointing at Malinovka on the map. "The Germans are east and Northeast, so we'll go southeast!"

"But sir!" Said Alexander. "The Germans might be southeast as well!"

"Well then, if they are, hopefully we'll spot a convoy of infantry and no armored vehicles and blow it sky high! If they are going south, they'll be heading towards the oil fields in the Russian Steppes or be heading towards Stalingrad. We need oil soon, so better get heading to the Steppes. Understood?"

"Sir yes sir!"

"Great, now let's get cracking!"

As it turns out, we did run into a German Convoy in a little village called Murovanka situated between a forest and some hills. We were on the hills facing east and quickly hid behind a bush. The convoy was led by 2 panzerjager Is with at least a dozen infantry trucks behind.

They didn't see us. We had the upper hand for we were a higher tier tank and had the surprise advantage.

But then, we couldn't see the end of the convoy. There might be Pz IIIs or Pz IVs, or maybe some artillery.

We fired anyway.

"Enemy destroyed!"

"We torched them!"

"Enemy vehicle knocked out!"

"Enemy armor is destroyed!"


It was after that miss an artillery shell hit our engine and destroyed our new tank.

My worst fears came true. There was artillery in the back.

Amazing how they got us the first time, too, isn't it?

We hopped out, but German infantry could see us.

Luckily, most were armed with inaccurate MP 40s and didn't hit us.

We ran as fast as we could but they couldn't catch us!

We ran south then circled east before continuing our original southeast route.

We eventually ran out of forests and villages as the landscape turned into the Russian Steppes, a semi-desert region.

"We've just finished the last of our water." said Alexander in despair. "Whatever will we do!"

"I know what we're going to do!" shouted Matlev. "Look!"

We saw a stopped train up ahead from the top of our hill.

"So?" I said.

"So! Steam locomotives run on steam and to create steam you need..." He pointed at me implying that I should finish the sentence.

"Fire an water?" I asked hopefully.


"We're saved!" yelled Igor.

We all rushed to the steam locomotive.

Matlev climbed on top of the tender, or at least that's what I think the thing behind the locomotive is called. I was more interested in tanks then trains at this time.

"Pass me the water bottles and I'll fill them up!" yelled Matlev.

And so we did.

"The water's a little murky, but it won't matter." stated Mastlev as he climbed down. We all gulped the water down in the shade of the train.

We went on top of the train again to see if there's any civilization around.

"I can see a Soviet flag to the south!" said Alexander excitedly!

"And there's some Germans to the north!" yelled Igor.

"Then let's get off of this train and make a break for the Soviet lines.

It took about 5 minutes before we got there.

Soviet Soldiers greeted us, and it was good to be back home.

We were abruptly taken to the commander of the "Junior" tank company.

"Hello, who are you?"

"I am Dmitry Kovrov, former SU-76 commander before it was knocked out sir! But sir, there are enemy tanks from the north! We must get ready! And, if you have a SU-76 could we use it?"

"Say no more, my friend. We have just enough room for a tier 3 vehicle like the SU-76, hope you enjoy our stay in our junior company!"

And so we prepared for the battle that would follow.

AlphaAndOmega #17 Posted Jun 02 2012 - 02:23

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Whew, that was an intense battle! You know, those guys are lucky to get out of the destroyed vehicle!

cheesellama #18 Posted Jun 02 2012 - 02:29


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They are. The point is that they always get out because of pure luck. Almost as if they were destined to survive to kill more "Nazi scum" as our main character puts it.

I was thinking of maybe giving Alexander an arm wound, but I decided not to.

cheesellama #19 Posted Jun 02 2012 - 21:59


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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704: Chapter 5 ©

This time we were given an SU-76 with a 76mm gun. In our "Junior" tank company, Our commander drove a T-28 medium with an 85mm with the best of everything else mounted. His tank's name was "Madman_1920". I made sure he was added to our friend's list.

We also had 4 more T-28s, most with the 85mm but one had a 57mm mounted.

On top of that there were 2 BT-7s with 37mm ZiS-19s, 2 SU-26s with the 122mm, An SU-26 with the 76mm, a BT-2 with the ZiS-19 23mm VJa, and my own SU-76 with a 76mm.

Not knowing the area well, I stayed at base to guard our artillery along with a BT-7 and the T-28 with the 57mm. 2 Pz IIIs charged our positions.

The T-28 engaged one while the BT-7 and I took the other.

"Enemy hit!" Yelled Matlev.

"This is The_Crusher, engaging a Pz III, over!" Igor shouted into the radio.

"Enemy damaged."

"I repeat, this is The_Crusher! We're engaging an enemy Pz III, over!"

"Another on like like that should finish them off!"


Our fellow BT-7 was destroyed by the Pz III which we were engaging.

"Penetration!" yelled Matlev.

"The Pz III's looking at us now!" shouted Alexander.


"Our ammo rack is damaged. We're lucky it didn't blow!" Igor yelled as he slowly put an AP round in the gun.

"We're also lucky that it was just a critical hit sir!" said Alexander. "No damage except to the ammo stowage!"

"Enemy vehicle knocked out!" shouted Matlev.

The T-28 also just finished its business with the other Pz III in a ditch of some sort leading towards the enemies' base.

"Enemy assault repelled." Igor said talking to the radio. "What should we do now Madman_1920? ... Good! ... Uh-huh ... I see. Got it sir!"

Then Igor turned to me. "The left and right flanks have pushed back the enemy to their base. We are ordered to attack now."

"I see. You heard Igor, let's move it Alexander! To the enemy base!"

"Who's Alexander?" asked Igor.

"He's the driver, remember?" replied Matlev in a sharp tone.

"Easy, Matlev." I said. "Remember, Igor has short-term memory loss."

"Oh, so that's what my memory condition was called!" said Igor. "Gee, thanks!"

Matlev let out a heavy sigh.

"We're almost at their base, sir!" shouted Alexander. "Just over these little but steep hills!"


When we got over the little but steep hill, we could see a Pz 38t in the base with its crew outside playing cards, oblivious to their surroundings.

Since we had no machine gun, we ended up quail-shooting the crew. It left a horrible mess.

Then we destroyed the enemy tank in base, as it was still a threat if anybody were to get in and start shooting at us.

So our SU-76 went past the base to make sure there wasn't anybody there while the T-28 with the 57mm and a T-28 that had finished off the rest of the German tanks on the right flank started to capture their base.

We spotted a wespe on the other side.

"Enemy damaged!" Yelled Matlev.

"But not killed. RAMMING SPEED!!!" I yelled.

Alexander put the gears in ramming speed, more commonly known as 40 kph or higher in any other SU-76 crew.

I saw the commander of the Wespe look up, then he looked down and yelled something at his crew. The wespe started to turn our way.

I reached for my Tokarev pistol and pointed it at the German commander's head. The commander saw me and ducked as I fired 2 shots off at him.

The commander emerged with an MP40 and blasted the rounds off at me. I ducked right as the salvo went over my head.

It was at this time that we rammed the enemy vehicle.

"Enemy vehicle destroyed!" shouted Alexander. But I wasn't paying attention. I realized the MP40 fire stopped immediately as we hit the wespe, so I jumped right up again. The enemy commander was slowly getting up and out of the destroyed vehicle with his MP40 in hand. He saw me and was about to fire. It all came down to who hit the other first now.


I was quicker on the draw. A round hit him right in the eye socket, another in the gut, and one of them missed.

It was at this time my adrenaline went down and I felt a pain in my left shoulder.

"The commander's hurt, he can't focus!" shouted Igor.

I looked to my shoulder, and sure enough, there was a wound from an MP40 round.

I fell on the floor, and everything blacked out.

EDIT: FYI, I'll post chapter 6 late this evening.

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I'm sorry that this didn't turn out as well as it could've, but I accidentally deleted the original copy and I had to rewrite it. I'm so sorry it didn't turn out as well as the original.

World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 6

I slowly opened my eyes to see I was in a hospital tent. Next to me there was my crew and the Junior Company commander.

“Sir…” said Alexander “good to see you alive and well. We were afraid we could’ve lost you there.”

“Ah, it was nothing.” I said.

“The Junior Company commander wants to make a proposal to you.”

“It’s okay with me as long as it’s not a marriage proposal.”

That made everybody laugh.

“So, what’s your proposal, commander?”

“Oh please…” he said. “Call me by my real name, Gavrila. Gavrila Vitrenko. But friends call me Mad Man, hence the name of my tank plus the year I was born.”

“Okay Mad Man, What’s your proposal then?”

“Most of the tank company was actually a part of my clan [OFD], and I’m the leader. I was hoping you would agree with your crew and join it.”

“Of course!” I said. “What’s the clan’s info?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you guys that, you guys are just recruits.”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

“Recruits can’t know about clan info. Only soldiers can.”

“And what’s that got to do with it?”

“We’ve got to know that we trust you first. We only require you to do one battle before we trust you.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“No problem then. What does [OFD] stand for, anyway?”

“Oh, I’m so stupid to not have mentioned it! [OFD] stands for Oil Field Defenders, since we’re the last line of defense before the Germans get to the oil fields behind us.”

“Oh okay. See ya around then?”


It was a boring couple of days in the hospital tent, but I survived. When I came out, I looked for the spot our SU-76 started battle and was more likely than not parked.

When I got there, I was in for a shock. There was an SU-85B there! I couldn’t believe it!

Then my crew saw me approaching. “Oh hi there, sir!” said Alexander. ”Good to see you back so soon!”

“Good to see you back, radioman!”

YOU’RE THE **** RADIO MAN!!!” Yelled Matlev.

“Wait, so you’re the driver then?”

It took all of Matlev’s power to restrain himself from strangling Igor.

Then Mad Man came out of the tent.

“I’m glad to see you so well, Dmitry!” he said. “Here’s that pleasant surprise of yours. An SU-85B!”

I stood there in awe. I couldn’t stop staring. It was hard to believe that I had gotten it already.

“I know, I know…” said Mad Man. “It has a 76mm. We got it from a depot northwest of here, and inside one of the six garages we found this. We also found a KV-1, which I’m now using, a T-34, a T-50, a Valentine, and an SU-5.”

“Pretty nice.”

“Also, you have a first chance of combat in our clan. Our lines pushed north and west. There is a small pocket of resistance left, and a platoon of leopards are coming this way as we speak. We need you to help defend against them. After that, you’ll be accepted as a soldier. Do I make myself clear?”


“Good. Now get up on those hills and start guarding with the others.”

“You heard the man, Alexander, get the engine firing!”

And so we all lept in the SU-85B and Alexander drove us up on top of a small hill.

Only a few minutes later, the leopards came into view.

“Here they come, start firing!” I ordered.


“’Nother miss!”

“Miss again!”

“Why do you keep on missing?”

“They’re going in zig-zags plus they’re very fast.”

“Only shoot when they are coming directly towards us when they zig zag then!”


“Enemy on fire!”

A smoking man emerged from the leopard. I quickly fired off the last rounds of my Tokarev in it from the other day. That put him out of his misery.

Then, the fire hit the enemy’s ammo rack.


“Enemy vehicle knocked out!”

“Excellent.” I said.

That’s when I realized that another leopard was coming right towards us from our right.

“Alexander, leopard coming at us, 2 O’clock!”

“Got it!” yelled Alexander, shifting our gears into reverse while turning right.

It was gonna be close.

We got our guns on it before it could flank us, and Matlev fired.

“Critical hit!”

The leopard spun to the left before stopping, its track knocked out. Its gun turned our way. It looked like it would hit us.


Mad Man’s KV-1 hit the leopard with deadly results. A man emerged from the burning wreck with a Luger pistol in his hand.

My Tokarev was out of ammo and I was out of rounds in it. I don’t know what gave me the crazy idea, but I threw my pistol at the man’s head. He was knocked out cold.

I lept for joy, for that was the craziest thing I did that ever worked, except for that one prank I did on my younger brother Bogdan when I was 11 and he was 8…

“Great job!” said Mad Man, emerging from the KV-1.That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen that actually worked! Except for that prank on my older brother Fedor when I was 10 and he was 14…

I laughed at this comment, since it was so similar to what I was just thinking. “Cummon.” I said. “Let’s interrogate this POW now.”

We tied the man up to a chair in the interrogation tent. I turned on the lamp and turned it to his face. The light woke him from his unconsciousness.

“Ughh, vut do you vunt?” he said.

“First question, who are you and where are you from?” I asked.

“I am Leo Kaufmann of Horsevart Deutschland.” he said.

We fell to the ground laughing.

“Vut’s so funny?” he asked.

“Next question, was *tee hee*  that a  *ha ha ho* serious response? *tee hee hoo hoo hoooo…*”

“Ya, but I’m being serious! There is a town named Horsevart! That’s vhere I’m from! I know it has a funny name but I’m serious! Stop laughing!”

We finally stopped laughing. “Sorry.” I said. “This is definitely something I’ll remember to tell to my children and grandchildren.”

“What do you know about the war? What are your officers planning?” asked Mad Man.

“To defend the mines near the sea out vest! Don’t tell them I said that or I might be killed upon being freed!”

“No problem.” Mad man said. He then walked outside and told the guards “Put the POW with the others. We’ve got all the info we need.”

Madman then turned to me. “Because of excellent performance today I will tell you what our clan status is very good. We have pushed North and West of here and the Germans are fleeing. We have a clan battle at the mines tomorrow, so you better get your crew up there ASAP. Here’s a list of everybody in the clan and all their statuses. These are your privleges now. Get driving to the mines the next convoy that leaves. I’ll be in it. Got that?”

“Sir yes sir!”

“Good then. See you in the convoy.”

I quickly ran to my crew to tell them the news.

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