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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704

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MiniMaus #21 Posted Jun 03 2012 - 03:23

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You have great writing talent.

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View PostMiniMaus, on Jun 03 2012 - 03:23, said:


You have great writing talent.

Tank you. I learned from the best. Also, tank you pretty much every English teacher I've had so far and for Josh and Larry for inspiring me to be as creative as I could throughout life.

AlphaAndOmega #23 Posted Jun 03 2012 - 22:12

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Wait...if their SU-85B has a 76mm gun, then shouldn't it be an SU-76B?

HA HA, just kidding! :Smile_veryhappy:

Anyways, keep up the good work! Best of luck to the crew!

cheesellama #24 Posted Jun 03 2012 - 22:55


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I have just made a fanclub for all the WoT Chronicles in the off-topic section. So without any other delays, let's show you the next chapter!

World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 7 ©

When we arrived at the mines, we could see a German flag waving in the distance.

“Halt!” yelled Mad Man. “Get ready for battle here.”

It was at this time I heard somebody shout something in German. I wasn’t quite sure what he said, but it sounded like “Panzergrenadier!” I’m pretty sure those were the German anti-tank guys, but I wasn’t sure as I’ve only met ordinary German infantry so far. But it was at this time the heavens opened up and all hell broke loose.

Machine guns killed anybody who didn’t duck before they took cover in or behind their vehicle. I heard a rocket go, and it hit one of our SU-85s. I heard cries everywhere.

Alexander abruptly shifted the vehicle in the direction of the rocket fire, and Matlev fired off an HE round. We saw some red splatter the bushes, and knew that we took out the rocket.

2 men jumped out of cover behind a rock. One threw a grenade at us. It landed by our track, knocking us out. The other guy who jumped out was more lucky and knocked out the SU-85B behind us. Only the driver of that tank survived.

Before they could throw another grenade at our tank, I pulled my now-reloaded Tokarev and fired off 2 rounds.

Though one of the rounds missed, another hit one of the guys just as he pulled the pin off the grenade and was about to chuck it. He fell and the grenade exploded, killing the other man before he could throw a grenade at us. What luck!

It was at this time the battle subsided. While most men were interrogating captured Germans, I ran to the driver that survived the grenade that hit his SU-85B.

“Hello comrade!” I shouted. “Are you injured or harmed in any way?”

“No, but thanks for asking.”

“What will you do now?”

“I’m thinking of creating a tank rider platoon. You know, the guys that ride on the back of tanks then jump off and shoot Germans.”

“Yeah, I heard of them.”

“Yeah, pretty much my plan.”

“Look, if you’re not gonna be a one-man army in this SU-85B, can we demount the gun on this one and mount it on ours? You have an 85mm and we have a 76mm, after all.”

“Sure, but it will cost ya.”

“No problem. How much?”

“59,000 kopeks.”

“That much?!!”

“It’s a good gun.”

“Okay, I have 39,000 kopeks, let me go ask my crew if they have any more.”

I quickly ran to my crew. “Quick, Alexander, Matlev, Igor, I need 20,000 more kopeks in order to get an 85mm gun!”

“We also need new suspension, ours is completely unrepairable from the grenade.” said Alexander.

“UGGGGHH!” I shouted. I turned to the driver and yelled “How much for the suspension too? But only if it’s not damaged!”

“The grenade landed in the crew cabin, so the tracks are undamaged. That’ll be an extra 4,510 kopeks!”

I turned to my crew. “So we need 24,510 kopeks.”

“What’s a kopek?” asked Igor.

“I’ve got 20,000 kopeks with me, but I have more in a savings account.” shouted Alexander.

“And I’ll pay for the remaining 4,510.” Said Matlev.

“Hand it to me quickly! We don’t have much time before battle! A couple hours at best!”

They handed me the money, and I rushed over to the driver.

“Here you are.”

“It’s all yours. Thanks for the cash! It should be enough to start a platoon of tank riders.”

“No problem.”

We quickly demounted the gun and carried it over to our own SU-85B.

“Why are we doing this again?” asked Igor.

“Don’t ask.” murmered Matlev.

“I probably will have to. I forgot to tell you that I have short-term memory loss.”


“Sorry, but I keep forgetting. After all, I have short-term memory loss.”

Matlev began to twitch as he tried not to reach for his Tokarev.

When we finally got the tracks and gun mounted, we realized we needed ammo.

We looked into the destroyed SU-85B in hope of finding ammo. We found it, and quickly put it in our own SU-85B. I’m sure the driver never would’ve noticed.

We waited about half an hour, but it seemed more like 30 seconds before the battle started.

We were told to roll out, but I didn’t know exactly where to go.

“Just head for that hill in the center.” I told Alexander.

“Roger that sir!” he responded.

This proved to be a mistake. Many German tanks thought the same, while only a few Soviets did. I soon found myself pinned down next to the hill. A leopard charged over to get artillery, but was heavily damaged already.

“Fire!” I shouted.

Matlev was way ahead of me, and so was the aim on the leopard. This hit it and killed it, something our 76mm wouldn’t do given the leopard’s current health.

“Enemy vehicle destroyed!”


That’s when I noticed a hetzer was flanking us. These tanks were infamous. “Hetzers gonna hetz!” was their motto. And hetz they did, whatever hetz meant…

What was surprising was that tanks could go into the water around the hill to the west. I never knew. Maybe the water was shallow enough to cross. If a hetzer could cross, an SU-85B certainly could.

This one had a 105mm howitzer mounted. Alexander turned left, but the hetzer was quicker. It fired.

Thankfully, it missed. Figures. I didn’t even know why I worried. Howitzers are inaccurate.

The hetzer turned and started to back up. Before it could retreat to the water, Matlev fired.

“Critical hit!”

The track was knocked off, and its gun was pointed away. What a great opportunity!

We fired again, and this time actual damage was dealt.

Then we shot again. So long as this wasn’t a critical hit, the enemy would be destroyed.

We all crossed our fingers as Matlev fired.

We saw a terrific explosion.

“Enemy vehicle knocked out!”

I gave a huge sigh of relief. I was expecting a critical hit, as Murphy’s Law would suggest.

That’s when we noticed we were the last soviet tank on the hill.

The German tanks on the hill didn’t notice I was the last one alive yet, so I rushed down to the water. We drove south, and our lower halves of our bodies were soaked from the water! How did the low-profile hetzer ever not drown its crew?!!

But we made it through the enemy fire and away from the action of the sure-to-be defeat as the Germans started to capture our base. We eventually turned inland, and the terrain turned into steppes. We made it back to the original base camp to see the survivors, including a very disappointed Mad Man from the defeat. But so long as we were alive, that’s all that I’m gonna be happy about.    

I hope you liked it! :)

AlphaAndOmega #25 Posted Jun 04 2012 - 05:03

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Kopeks? Wow, that gun & suspension must be remarkably cheap!

In any case, it's nice to see such an innovative way of upgrading the vehicle!

P.S., Which 85 did they get?

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 04 2012 - 05:03, said:

Kopeks? Wow, that gun & suspension must be remarkably cheap!

In any case, it's nice to see such an innovative way of upgrading the vehicle!

P.S., Which 85 did they get?

The first. I thought it was clear because the first 85mm came next in the upgrade path.

Also, yes kopeks. Since the army pays for all the equipment, I figured to make the modules quite cheep.

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World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 8 ©

A depressed Mad Man came up to our SU-85B early one morning.

“Dmitry, I’ll need you to lead some of our guys into battle west of here on the southern coasts of our motherland. I appoint you to field commander. I can’t lead you guys into battle after that humiliating defeat.”

“You do realize that life isn’t all about winning, right? The point is that you tried your best.”

“No, I didn’t. If only I sent more guys to the hill, we could’ve won. But we lost lives, and it’s all my fault!”

“No it isn’t.”

“*sob* yes it is!”

“Fine, I’ll lead them into battle for you…” I said reluctantly, not wanting to see a grown man break into tears.

So I made a platoon with 2 other guys that I made sure were added to my friends list. The first was another SU-85B called Tank_Destroyer_101. The other was a T-28 called Mysterious_Mist. We went west of the Russian steppes just as ordered by Mad Man.

“We’re gonna try to recruit some players for the clan when we get there to battle.” said one of the radiomen from Mysterious_Mist.  “Mad Man recently promoted us to recruiters, after all.”

“Cool story bro, tell it again.” said the annoying jerk of a radioman on Tank_Destroyer_101.

“Just ignore the troll.” said Igor. “He’s just trying to get a reaction out of you.”

“Cool story bro, tell it again.”

I took hold of the radio. “Listen Tank_Destroyer_101, get your radioman to behave or we’ll kick you out of the platoon.”

“Cool story bro, tell it again.”

“Sorry about that.” said the commander of Tank_Destroyer_101, throwing the radioman off his precious radio. “He’s a bloody trolling *** sometimes.”

I handed the radio back to Igor. “I’m sorry, I have short-term memory loss.” he said when he got the radio back. “I forget why the army recruited people like your radioman.”

“Because the army recruitment center he went to said ‘Army Recruitment Center: Suicidal teens welcome.” Came the response.

Everybody laughed, even their radioman!

When we got there, we saw 4 SU-5s, 2 SU-26s, 3 T-34s, 2 KV-1s, and a T-50.

“Oh no guys, watch out!” said one of the radiomen of the T-28. “It’s an arty party!”

Everybody laughed at this statement as well, including the 12 players not in our platoon.

“I’ve got a plan.” said one of our new teammates. “KV-1s and T-50, take the town! All you mediums, make a flanking maneuver out by the coast! SU-85Bs, go to the little village northeast of here! I need one of the SU-5s on the lookout for enemy artillery to shoot it! We need 2 SU-5s to watch north of the village in the northeast! The rest of the artillery better watch the group in the town and the flanking maneuver. Sound like a plan?”




“Let’s do this!”

“Roger that…”

“Anybody need a clan? Then join [OFD]!” said our T-28 platoon mate.”

“No tank you.”



“Already in one.”

But one guy did say he needed a clan.

“Then follow us back to the steppes after this battle, deal?”

“Got that.”

It was around this time we arrived at the village. A Luchs came up over the hill. Matlev fired.




“Bang! Enemy ammo rack blown up!”

Then a flanking Pz III came up. And face-hugged our platoon mate. Alexander quickly turned us around.

“Enemy damaged!” shouted Matlev as the Pz III got damaged.

We reloaded and fired again.

“Enemy destroyed!”

But we had no time to celebrate. A Pz IV with the L/43 came into the village. Before we could react, an artillery shell knocked us out. We all bailed out and ran to a nearby house.

“Ooh! My arm! My arm!” yelled Igor as we got in.

I looked at his arm. Some shell shards had went in and gave his upper arm a few small but deep cuts.

I quickly tied my neckerchief around his upper arm and held his arm up to stop the bleeding. There was a very good reason I wore a neckerchief.

Just then, an artillery shell blew up the other side of the house. We could see the Pz IV but it couldn’t see us. We hid an prayed that the Pz IV would go away.

It did. We were so frightened! We thought it was about to notice us!

When the Pz IV continued on after destroying our fellow SU-85B and machine gunning the crew that bailed out, we made a run east to tell Mad Man the terrible news of our defeat.

But we weren’t going to make it there before the Germans did on foot.

We needed a tank.

After a mile of running, we saw a man next to a giant depot with many, many tanks of different nations.

“I know what you need! You need a tank!” he said to us.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Well, I’ve got good news for you! We’ve got a discount on Soviet vehicles this weekend! The following vehicles are half off: T-50, T-34, KV-1, SU-5, and SU-85!”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Warren Gaming! Call me by my initials though, W.G. Don’t tell anybody this, but I started this war with an issue with Hitler back in 1930. We came to blows over a cheeseburger, and he swore he’ll get his revenge on me one day! I’m sure that’s why he’s really over here! It’s also why a lot of guys think that I’m biased towards Soviet vehicles I design and put into this little ‘game’. Our little secret, okay?”

“Ummmm… okay..” I said, thinking he was a tad bit insane. I really doubt anybody would come to blows over a cheeseburger with Hitler.

“Good! Now what do you need?”

“I’d like an SU-85 please.”

“Ahh, yes, that’ll be 207,000 kopeks. And that’s only half off!”

“That much?!!!!!”

“Afraid so, soldier. Good tank though.”

I turned to my crew. “Where on earth are we gonna get all that?!!”

“Actually…” Matlev said slowly. He took a lot of money, some of wich was stained with blood, out of his pockets and tossed it towards the ground. “I got 300,000 kopeks off of our dead comrades from the village where our tank was destroyed.”

“Excellent!” yelled W.G. before I could tell Matlev how disrespectful it is to take money off the dead.

W.G handed back 90,000 kopeks. “I hope you don’t mind, but it’ll cost you an extra 3,000 to resupply ammo in the SU-85. Want to go inside of it?”

“Sure. Let’s get to it.”

After looking around inside out new SU-85, I turned around to thank W.G.

“Uhhh… guys?” I asked.

“Yes sir?”

“Where’s W.G.?”

“Check outside.” said Alexander. “He’s sure to be there.”

I opened the hatch and looked around. W.G. was nowhere to be seen.

Even creepier, the whole depot was gone. Nothing remained except for a field.

I returned inside the tank. I was so pale that it looked like I just saw a ghost, which might be true.

Could W.G. be a ghost?

“What’s wrong commander?” asked Igor, seeing the shocked expression on his face.

“Oh, um, errr, nothing! Nothing at all! Let’s get out of here as quickly as we can, we can’t lose a second to get back to our base! Right, let’s get to it then, heh heh…”

My crew looked at me as if I was a tad insane, then turned and got right to it.

I let out a huge sigh as we got away from there.

“Hey commander, look at this!” yelled Igor. There was a manual inside the tank. Igor opened it up.

After a few seconds of reading, he looked at me. “Sir…” he said “It says here that the commander is the radio operator in this tank and the loader, well, only loads!”

“How about that?” I said, reaching for the radio.

But this didn’t mean anything to me. There was only 2 things I was thinking about: W.G., and the race with the Germans to get back to camp.

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Ah, I never thought I'd see anyone else make a "W.G." reference! Is Warren Gaming in any way related to Warren Peace, by the way?

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 04 2012 - 18:42, said:

Ah, I never thought I'd see anyone else make a "W.G." reference! Is Warren Gaming in any way related to Warren Peace, by the way?


Well, as a matter of fact, they are 267th cousins. He's also his 394th cousin's aunt's brother-in-law.

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Sweet, they got an SU-85. What gun does it have? 76? 85? 107?

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View Postskyf24, on Jun 04 2012 - 19:31, said:

Sweet, they got an SU-85. What gun does it have? 76? 85? 107?

You'll see it in here, about halfway through.

World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 9 ©

We beat the Germans back to base. I immediately rushed into Mad Man’s tent.

“Mad Man, the Germans beat us back and they’re-“


An explosion interrupted my sentence.

“It’s artillery, everybody take cover!” yelled a man I didn’t know. He jumped into ditch just as another artillery shell landed there. Poor man didn’t stand a chance.

My crew and I took cover inside a recently made shell crater. We knew it was rare for artillery to strike the same place twice in a row.

The artillery soon subsided. We climbed out of the rubble.

Mad Man also got up from another shell crater. “Alright everybody, let’s get to it! Chop chop! Get up, common! Get in your tanks! If yours was destroyed, find a tank whose crew was killed! Get right to it! On the double! Let’s go!”

Our SU-85 was unharmed. We quickly got in.

“Alright…” said Mad Man over the radio of a KV-2, since his KV-1 was destroyed. “Our deputy commander is dead. RedTanker1921, you’re the deputy commander. If I get killed, you become the commander.”

“Roger that sir!” said RedTanker1921, a previous recruiter in a KV-1S.

“The_Crusher, you are now a recruiter. If I’m captured or killed, you are the deputy commander. Got that?”

“Affirmative!” I said.

“Now let’s get busy!”

A leopard came over the ridge followed by a Pz 38 nA. Considering the leopard to be a larger threat to our artillery, Matlev aimed and fired.

“Critical hit!”

The track was knocked out. RedTanker1921 abruptly finished him off with his U-11 122mm howitzer.

There was still the Pz 38 nA. It probably had a noob crew, as it just pulled up alongside of us and stopped. It started to fire. Before Alexander could rotate us, I finally got a chance to test out how well my grenades would work and tossed it onto the engine.

It immediately caught fire. That was just the moment when Alexander finally rotated our tank to face it. Matlev fired, and I ducked as pieces of Pz 38 nA flew over my head.

“Enemy vehicle destroyed!”

“Sheer overkill…” muttered Alexander with satisfaction.

“Good!” I said. “Now let’s go to that dried riverbed northeast of here. We’re sure to get some kills there!” I said over the radio.

“Way ahead of ya.” the commander of RedTanker1921 said. “I’m already there with a T-150 and a T-34. Come on over!”


Alexander quickly drove over. There was a lot of combat over there.

We arrived to see the remains of the T-34 bail out of a burning tank.

“Get on the back of the T-150!” I shouted at them as I arrived. They did it as soon as I shouted it.

Our SU-85 was unfortunately underpowered with the 76mm equipped to it. I spotted a Pz IV ahead of us.


Matlev fired. “Penetration!”

Matlev then smacked himself for saying something that sounded so wrong.

Matlev fired again. “Enemy damaged.”

“Enemy vehicle knocked out!” he said after firing for a third time.

Just then, a StuG III appeared to our left.

This one had the 105mm howitzer.

It fired at us, so technically it was a StuH 42.

An explosion ripped through the rear of our SU-85. Our engine was reduced to scraps and our tank was knocked out.

But because the explosion was in the back, we survived unharmed, except I now had some trouble hearing out of my left ear from the explosion.

We jumped out to see that RedTanker1921 had destroyed the StuG III right after it finished us off.

We jumped onto the back of RedTanker1921. “Let’s get out of here!” I yelled.

“You’re right, let’s get moving.

Just then, an artillery shell ripped through the T-150. A wounded man popped out. “Wait for us! Let us get on your tank!”

“Us too!” yelled the surviving men of the T-34 crew on the back of the T-150. “We need to get out of here as well!”

We waited a few moments for them to leap on before going to the southwest corner. On the way we went over a small ridge near the base in order to see what’s going on there. We saw a very angry adrenaline-pumped Mad Man emerge from his destroyed KV-2 with his Tokarev in hand. There were German bullets flying past him as he ran for cover. It looked like it was the end of him. We couldn’t sit around and watch though, and he was too far away to rescue. We continued southeast before we could see what happened.

We eventually arrived in the Caucasus Mountains. We made our way to a luscious green corner guarding the southern exit of the pass. We knew we had to make our stand here.

“Dmitry, you must go south through that pass. You must recruit more men and find more armored vehicles. Come back within the next 48 hours, we need more men and tanks ASAP!”

“Roger that!”

So we went south. I was able to find enough men but no tanks. I told them to go north along the pass to RedTanker1921.

I thought we had no chance without tanks.

Suddenly, W.G. appeared. “Hello my friend! Here’s the depot and myself again! You need tanks, I presume?”

“How’d you guess?” I asked.

“We’ve got tons of tanks here! For your new recruits too!”

“Will I have to pay for these too?”

“Nope, it’s none of your concern. Your recruits will, however.”

He snapped his fingers, and some of the tanks just disappeared!

“Where did they go?” I inquired.

“To the pass that leads south of your camp, of course! Just outside of camp, too! I hope you like it! Oh yeah, and one more thing… *snap* 85mm mounted on your new SU-85 now! You want to go to your new SU-85? Here! *snap*”

Next thing I know, I’m in an SU-85. Up ahead I could see my camp. I got out of my SU-85 to find that it had an 85mm mounted.

I quickly rushed to camp to tell them about the new armor.

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sweet! Hopefully Mad Man survived :/

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Wow, these guys sure have it tough with all the Germans coming for their new base! I'm glad they always get a new tank, though!

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 05 2012 - 01:15, said:

Wow, these guys sure have it tough with all the Germans coming for their new base! I'm glad they always get a new tank, though!

We'll see what happens next chapter then. :Smile_blinky:

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World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 10 ©

“How’d you get all these? Where? I don’t understand! Well I don’t care, so long as you got them!” Said Red, the nickname of RedTanker1921’s commander.

Everybody hopped in their brand new vehicles and drove into battle. I drove over to a bridge alongside a KV-1. We saw a VK 3001 H across the bridge. Matlev fired into the lower plate.

“Enemy damaged.”

The VK 3001 H fired at us, but thankfully missed.

“Critical hit!” yelled Matlev as he broke off the VK 3001 H’s track.

The VK 3001 H fired again, but missed.

I thought the Germans were supposed to be accurate!

Maybe we or our fellow KV-1 took out their gunner.

Anyway, we fired again, and this one finished them off.

“Kill stealing ****, you took our- AAAAAAAAUUGGGG!!!”

The KV-1 blew up due to a shot from a Pz III/IV that went through a valley southwest of the bridge. This shot, along with a previous shot from German artillery, finished the KV-1.

In the meantime, another Pz III/IV started crossing the bridge.

Matlev fired at the one crossing the bridge.

“Enemy vehicle wounded.”

Matlev fired again.

“Enemy ammo rack destroyed!”

What luck! Just when we needed it most!

Then the other Pz III/IV came around the corner from behind.

It looked like this would be the end!

But no, our triumphant hero opens the hatch and throws a grenade at the Pz III/IV and saves the day!

You seriously thought it was that simple, didn’t you?

Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t.

I started to open the hatch to do so, but bullets whizzed by from the Pz III/IV’s machine gun.

It looked like there was no way out! The Pz III/IV kept shooting at us from the rear! It looked like we weren’t making it out of this one!

Just then, a German artillery piece blew up the Pz III/IV! It damaged us, of course, but the shell actually hit the Pz III/IV, and because of HE splash damage, just about any vehicle on the battlefield could finish us off now with just one shot.

We continued across the bridge after our lucky break. We saw a Grille up on top of a steep hill. Matlev fired off an HE round.

“BOOM! Right in the weakest part! Enemy destroyed!”

We continued on into their base in which we saw a StPz II and a Pz IV. Matlev fired an HE round at the StPz II first, as it was not away from killgrounds, better known as AFK. The StPz II shell whizzed by at the same time. Luckily, his missed and ours didn’t.

“Enemy vehicle knocked out!”

“Another one bites the dust…” I started to hum.

But then we had to pay attention to our AFK Pz IV. I saw the Pz IV crew starting to wake up as they heard the action. I quickly took out my Tokarev and fired a few rounds off.

It killed all except a couple who took cover. One took out his pistol and started to shoot at me. Matlev quickly fired off an HE round at him. He and his cover were blown to smithereens.

The other, however, gave up without a fight. I quickly tied him up as we started to capture the enemy base. I put him in the middle of the base next to the remains of the AFK Pz IV, which was destroyed by friendly artillery.

It was about then when 2 T-34s arrived in the enemy base to capture it with us. Not too long after, a VK 3001 H came around the corner. We all fired at once at the new intruder of the base.

Suddenly, their crew came out with their hands up. “You’ve has capturress teh bess, ve survenda!” said the commander with an extremely thick accent that I couldn’t quite determine. Maybe German, but it wasn’t an exact fit. Possibly Hungarian? I don’t know…

The crew came out and we captured them as POWs. The remaining men of a destroyed T-50 not to far from base escorted the VK 3001 H crew and the remaining Pz IV crewman back to our base for interrogation.

“Good job guys.” I said over the radio. “Now let’s get moving. Our work isn’t finished yet. We must push the Germans out of the Russian Steppes and regain the oil fields! We aren’t called the Oil Field Defenders [OFD] for nothing!”

“Roger that.”


“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Roll out.”

“Let’s get to it on the double!”

So we chased back the retreating Germans to the Steppes and regained the oil fields. We went over to where our base used to be, but it was now ruined.

“Prepare for battle tomorrow!” said Red. “We must not let the Germans win! We must show them who’s in charge! Cummon, battle stations! Make sure we get to them! On the double! Don’t goof off, we can do that while waiting for battle!”

“Sir yes sir!”

And so we did.

We did it just in time. A large group of assorted German tanks appeared in a rare massive assault on our base.

“Select a target and aim!” I yelled at Matlev.

“I got a StuG III in my sights sir!”


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I made a special version for those of you who have just joined and have no idea what is going on. It introduces the characters again.

World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 11 ©

It was Spring of 1942.

Things were changing.

This was going down in history.

Spring 1942 was when the Axis had the largest amount of territory before things turned against them.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

The Germans had it hard in the defeat at Stalingrad, and the forces outside were retreating.

Except for in our area.

There were 15 tanks that mounted a counteroffensive against us.

We found ourselves in the middle of the battle.

“Enemy damaged!” shouted Matlev, our gunner.

The enemy tank we were engaging, a StuG III, fired back.

This one had the L/48 mounted.

“The tracks are damaged, but nobody got hurt!” yelled Alexander, the driver.

“What are tracks?” asked Igor, our loader.

Igor had short term-memory loss.

Luckily Matlev was so busy loading that he didn’t have time to strangle Igor.

“Enemy tank damaged!”

Just then, a shell ripped through the tank.

“Minor damage, but nobody’s hurt!” yelled Igor.

Another shell from a Pz III attempting to flank our SU-85 nicknamed “The_Crusher” went through.

“More damage sir, if we don’t kill that StuG we’re toast for sure!”

“Shoot shoot shoot!”

Matlev fired.

“Enemy vehicle knocked out!”

The StuG blew up in a bright flame, shrapnel going everywhere.

Then, the Pz III rammed us from the side.

“Sir, we can’t take much more of this!”

I popped out of the hatch and threw a grenade at the Pz III.

It wasn’t killed.

I looked at our last one for half a moment. I knew I had to make this one count.

“Aaaaugh! Fire!” yelled Igor.

Matlev quickly took a fire extinguisher and doused the flames.

I threw the last grenade at the Pz III.

It didn’t kill it.

But, it irritated the commander enough to get out with a luger in his hand ready to shoot me.

I quickly made an amazing leap over to the Pz III’s turret and grabbed onto him.

I shoved him down into the hatch and grabbed his pistol.

The Pz III fired.

I looked over thinking I’d see my destroyed SU-85.

Instead, I saw a shell whiz into the sky.

I realized that when I shoved the commander down, he must’ve accidentally bumped into the gunner, throwing off his aim.

Just then, I saw a Soviet artillery slowly come our way.

It hit the Pz III.

I was thrown into the air by the blast that destroyed the Pz III..

I was unconscious before I even hit the ground.

I suddenly opened my eyes, to see myself lying on the ground, probably dead.

Wait… If that were me, then why am I over here?

I saw my crew emerge.

“He’s not breathing, and he has no pulse!”

“Get the first aid kit!”

“On it!”

I suddenly saw a mysterious figure next to me.

It was Warren Gaming, better known as W.G.!

I met him a couple of times before, and he turned out to be a real help in the past.

He looked at me, winked, then snapped his fingers.

I suddenly awoke in my normal body totally okay!

“Guys, look! He’s alright! The first aid kit worked!”

I looked over to where W.G. and I were standing. Nothing was there!

W.G. must be a ghost! There was pretty much no other explaination!

“Uggg…” I moaned. “What the heck just happened?”

“Yeah, what did happen?” asked Igor.

“You leaped onto the Pz III and…” started Alexander.

“That was a rhetorical question! Did you guys see W.G. at all?”

“W.G.? You mean the guy with a huge tank depot west of here?” asked Alexander.

“Yes, he means that insane guy! Did you believe he actually started this war? What a looney fool!” said Matlev.

Matlev suddenly fell backwards to the ground. We rushed over to pick him up.

I saw a note next to him. I picked it up and read it.

“Insult towards W.G. 1 day ban.” I read the note aloud in a quiet tone.

“What?!” asked Igor and Alexander simultaneously.

“Oh nothing!” I said, crumpling the note as I put it into my pocket.

“Let’s get him to the hospital, see what they can do! The battle just ended, all enemy vehicles are destroyed.”

“Let’s get him to the hospital tent, see what they can do! The battle just ended, all enemy vehicles are destroyed.”

“What happened to him?” asked Red, the commander of our clan [OFD] Oil Field Defenders. I was the proud deputy commander of our clan.

“Heatstroke, probably.” I said, even though I was sure it was supernatural.

We took him to the hospital tent. We waited outside for him to come out.

“So, why did you ask us if we saw W.G. anyway?” inquired Igor. “I can’t remember.”

“That’s because he never told us.” Said Alexander.

“Oh, I thought it was because I forgot!” he said laughing. “I forgot to tell you guys, I have…”

“…Short-term memory loss.” finished Alexander. “You told us that, remember?”


After facepalming himself, Alexander turned to me. “So what was it that made you ask us about W.G.?”

“Oh, I thought I saw him, it must’ve been a mirage.” I said, after making it up while Alexander and Igor were talking.

And so I awaited the next day, hoping Matlev would be alright.

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Wow, this is intense!

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Lovin it!

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Call me crazy, but I think there might be some sort of jealous troll trying to take out his anger on me here by -1ing things he didn't even read. Just go through this and you find many -1s.

What the heck? Why are you doing this? This only makes you angrier! If you wanted to do Soviet TDs and I took your idea or something, then don't just sit there, make another Soviet TD story! Go ahead, it doesn't matter so long as you don't copy my story!

So sorry for posting this guys it won't help but it made me feel a lot better.

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