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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Road to the Object 704

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cheesellama #41 Posted Jun 06 2012 - 15:58


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World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 12 ©

Around that time the next day, Matlev suddenly awoke.

“What the heck happened?” he asked.

“You fainted.” said Igor.

“And you remembered?!!!” yelled Matlev. He ran over to Igor and gave him a bearhug.

Tears of joy sprang from his eyes. “I’m so proud of you! I never thought I’d see the day!”

“Who are you?” asked Igor.

Matlev was so proud he didn’t even have the slightest urge to strangle Igor from that comment, but he was hugging him so hard that Matlev might as well have been attempting to cut off Igor’s air that way.

“Need… air…” said a breathless Igor.

“Oh sorry.” said Matlev.

“Good to see you back, Matlev.” I said.

“You know…” said Matlev “I could’ve sworn I saw W.G. in my sleep just before I woke up, and he said something to me. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it sounded like ‘Won they pan rover.’ What do you think he meant?”

“Maybe he said ‘One day ban over.’ ” I suggested.

“What’s a ban?” Matlev inquired. “Is it like a banhammer? I could’ve sworn I saw W.G. swing that thing at me just before I fainted. I know it was a banhammer because it said banhammer on it. It must’ve been a mirage.”

“Yup, a mirage, I didn’t see W.G. swing anything at you.” I said, trying to keep my crew calm.

“Anyway, let’s get in our vehicle and head out to the frontlines.” I continued.

“Sir yes sir!” shouted my crew.

So we hopped into our SU-85.

We quickly caught up with our group south of the mines in which we had a terrible defeat about a week ago.

There we met up with random people we’ve never met before all in armored vehicles, 13 in all.

And then there was this guy from my clan I barely know.

His name is Dmitry just as mine was, except his nickname wasn’t ‘Crusher’.

His nickname was ‘Derpy’.

The name of his tank was ‘DerpTank20’.

I have no idea what ‘Derp’ meant, but I did know that he’s a 20-year-old tanker, hence the last 6 characters in his tank’s name.

He always talked about his awesome KV-2 and its ‘Derp gun’, the 152mm M-10 howitzer.

But let’s not get into all that detail.

We quickly went to a village in the northeast, followed by Derpy in his KV-2, plus 2 T-34s, one with the F-34 gun the other with the 57mm. Both had the upgraded turret.

There the first tank we saw was a Pz III scouting the village. Matlev fired.

“Looks like that one went right through!”

The enemy had its track broken off, and Derpy quickly finished it off with a single shot from his derp gun.

“See just how good the 152mm is, Crusher? You should’ve gone for the Soviet heavy tanks! Yessirree, epic pwnage!”

Derpy finished his sentence just as a tiger showed up. The tiger quickly made work of the T-34 with the F-34 gun due to a lucky ammo rack hit.

But Matlev’s sniping behind a bush Alexander drove us behind and the annoyingly fast fire of the other T-34’s 57mm took the tiger’s health down quite a bit. Derpy fired just then.

The tiger’s turret was blown right off! I couldn’t believe it!

A few seconds later, a grille shot hit us, dealing a massive bit of punishment. Not only that, but a leopard returning from scouting our base miraculously survived our team’s salvos that just couldn’t hit it accidentally rammed us as we backed away from our bush.

The loader and gunner must’ve been knocked out, for that leopard was barely doing a thing to us, even with a clear shot up our rear!

The T-34 with the 57mm came to our aid and was just about to finish it when…


Derpy shot the leopard.

But we were also at a low health, and the HE damage that hit the leopard destroyed us as well!

We all emerged unharmed as the leopard was behind us and the engine took most of the HE damage and not ourselves.

I ran over to Derpy’s tank, opened the hatch, and yelled at the top of my lungs “DERPY YOU DUMB PIECE OF DOG ****, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! THE **** T-34 WAS GONNA KILL THE LEOPARD BUT NO YOU HAD TO SHOW OFF YOUR **** THICK GUN BARREL TO US ALL AND KNOCKED THE **** OUT OF OUR TANK! WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU *******?!!!”

“Umadbro?” he asked.

What? No apologies? Just a response that trolls always say?

This enraged me so much.


“Chill pill?” he asked, handing me a pill that looked a lot like cocaine.

I calmed myself down.

“Listen, if you’re not gonna apologize for your mistook, then I’ll kick you out of the clan.”

“I refuse, you got in the way!”

This enraged me even more. I tried my best not to reach for my Tokarev, only to find it’s not there.

Alexander was holding it.

“Sir, I’m sorry, but let’s just talk this over with Red, he might understand.”

“Okay, after the battle finishes.” I responded. “Just hand me my Tokarev, will ya?”

After the battle, we went to Red to discuss things.

“Listen…” said Red “I’ll warn Derpy to be more careful, but if he ever TKs again and it could’ve easily been prevented, I’ll make sure to kick him out next time. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” I said, slightly satisfied.

I knew this wouldn’t be my last time seeing Derpy in some random battle.

And probably not the last time he kills his teammates.

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As bad as this sounds, i thought this was AlphaAndOmega's new story.  Damn, now i got two to keep up with :(

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View Postultra1437, on Jun 06 2012 - 17:56, said:

As bad as this sounds, i thought this was AlphaAndOmega's new story.  Damn, now i got two to keep up with :(

Actually, you only have to start on chapter 11 if you wish. Every ten chapters or so I'm planning on making a summary of the characters.

AlphaAndOmega #44 Posted Jun 06 2012 - 19:29

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View Postcheesellama, on Jun 06 2012 - 18:40, said:

Actually, you only have to start on chapter 11 if you wish. Every ten chapters or so I'm planning on making a summary of the characters.

Hmmm...great idea!  :Smile_Default: Maybe I should do that for my story! Problem is, I wouldn't want to accidentally give away any crucial plot points to somebody who skipped ahead by accident.

That aside, this was another enjoyable entry! It looks like Derpy could use some instruction on using his tank, though. I know just the guy he could talk to...

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 06 2012 - 19:29, said:

Hmmm...great idea!  :Smile_Default: Maybe I should do that for my story! Problem is, I wouldn't want to accidentally give away any crucial plot points to somebody who skipped ahead by accident.

That aside, this was another enjoyable entry! It looks like Derpy could use some instruction on using his tank, though. I know just the guy he could talk to...


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Call me crazy, but I think there might be some sort of jealous troll trying to take out his anger on me here by -1ing things he didn't even read. Just go through this and you find many -1s.

What the heck? Why are you doing this? This only makes you angrier! If you wanted to do Soviet TDs and I took your idea or something, then don't just sit there, make another Soviet TD story! Go ahead, it doesn't matter so long as you don't copy my story!

So sorry for posting this guys it won't help but it made me feel a lot better.

+1s don't mean anything. As long as people appreciate your work, who cares about them? Great job about the W.G guy, anyway.

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View PostMiniMaus, on Jun 07 2012 - 02:58, said:

+1s don't mean anything. As long as people appreciate your work, who cares about them? Great job about the W.G guy, anyway.

I know, but it upsets me a little bit that a jealous troll negs me for nothing. :Smile_smile:

Also, I've got writers block. I've got a general outline, but I want to add something new and crucial to the plot. I'm sure it'll clear up by tonight.

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My writer's block finally cleared up, so sorry I couldn't post this until now. I guess that's why I sometimes do it multiple times a day, in case if I get stuck like I did recently. Without any further ado, here's chapter 13.

World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 13 ©

After all that, we went to a mechanic in our clan.

“You need a 107mm mounted on your SU-85? I’m not sure if that’s possible…”

“Just see what you can do, okay!”

“Hmmmm… I guess I could do it for extra cash and by upgrading suspension…”

“*Sigh* Okay, here you go…” I said, handing him the rest of this month’s pay.

“Thank you, I’ll get it to you tomorrow.”

After a day of waiting, he came up driving our SU-85 with a 107mm.

“Hope you like it! It may not look too different, but it’s actually a lot better and definitely worth the price.”

“We’ll see about that in battle. Thank you so much, sir! This is great!”

“No problem, you know where to find me…”

We suddenly got orders from Red.

“Attention all tankers, attention!” he yelled from on top of a rock. “We have now realized that a small group of Germans are encircled in a town on the Southern Coasts of Russia! We need a platoon to go their! Do we have any volunteers?”

I volunteeres.

“Excellent, we need at least one other tanker to volunteer!”

Derpy volunteered. I frowned at this.

“Please not Derpy, please please please please please!” I prayed.

“Derpy, why don’t you go with Crusher?”

“So much for joining the Clergy…” murmered Matlev, who was also praying that Derpy wouldn’t join.”

We got there to find a lot of other tankers. One was nicknamed “T-34/76_Tank”, which was oddly coincidental since he was in a T-34. There was also a rare female tanker by the nickname of “Mercenary_1922” which was ironic as she wasn’t a Mercenary at all.. She was in an SU-85 just like us. They both seemed very friendly so I added them to my friends list.

Just then the battle started.

Derpy immediately turned on me.

“Tattletale snitch, that was an accident last battle! This won’t though you *******, you had this coming for reporting me!”

He fired at us.

It missed. How it did I’ll never know.

However, it didn’t miss another guy on our team, a T-150.

All of a sudden, before anything else could happen, I heard that familiar snap of W.G.’s fingers.

I saw Derpy turn blue, and I wasn’t the only one.

“Whoa, TKer!” shouted the radioman of a badly damaged T-150.

“Sorry, I was aiming for my platoon mate!” Shouted Derpy.

“Doesn’t matter, he’s a TKer! Fire at will!” I shouted over the radio.

The heavens opened up and all hell broke loose on Derpy.

Alexander turned to face Derpy.

“Fire everything!” I shouted.

Matlev fired everything, which was just one 107mm AP shell.

This finished off Derpy with ease, as he was already damaged by our own allies.

“Good riddance to that *******, let’s get on with the battle.” I said.

I turned to Matlev.

“Did you get his ammo rack? That was some pretty good damage dealt!”

“No sir! This gun packs a wallop, doesn’t it?”

“Indeed it does, let’s get on with the battle.”

We continued to the village we were at last time we were at the South Coast, bent on destroying the enemy. T-34/76 and Mercenary came with us.

“Wanna platoon after this battle?” I asked.


“Why wouldn’t we?”

Just then, a Pz III interrupted our conversation.

Mercenary’s tank had a 107mm gun just like ours, and she beat us to shooting at the Pz III.

The Pz III immediately blew up.

Just then, two Pz IVs and a StuG showed up.

Matlev aimed for the StuG.

“Gotcha!” he shouted with glee.

He turned to me. “This gun is great, I just 1-shot a StuG with it!

“Good for you, now shoot the remaining Pz IV.”

He turned and aimed for a the last remaining Pz IV, badly wounded from T-34/76’s shots.

He fired.

“Enemy vehicle knocked out!”

“You’re pretty good!” said Mercenary over the radio.


She giggled.

“No really, there’s a tank I’ve never seen before right ahead of you!”

“That’s a Tiger, I’ve only seen one so far!” shouted T-34/76. “Watch out, they’re very deadly!”

“Oh no!” shouted Mercenary. “It’s aiming right at us! We’re toast!”

I immediately took aim at the Tiger.

“Enemy vehicle destroyed!”

“Wow, he’s nearly at full health! This gun is great! We didn’t even ammo rack him!”

“Actually sir, we ammo racked him for real.”


“Victory! All enemy vehicles destroyed!” shouted somebody over the radio.

We emerged from our tanks. I’ve never before seen any of the faces of the other tankers, just their voices over the radio.

I looked at T-34/76. There, a familiar man came out.

“Victor! Victor Kovalev! Is that you?!” I yelled.


“So good to see you again! I haven’t seen you since my family had to move from Dankov to Kirsanov when my father switched jobs! Good to see you again!”

We rushed towards each other and gave each other a big hug.

“It’s been so long!”

“Yes, it has!”

Suddenly, Mercenary’s crew emerged.

“Hello, I’m Anna and this is my crew.”

I turned around to see a beautiful woman emerge.

Not that I had a crush on her or anything, I just met her! But she was pretty, to say the least.

“Well…” I said. “Let’s form a platoon! But first I have to go back to my clan leader and tell him about Derpy.”

“You mean the TKer? No problem!”

So my new friends travelled with me back to my clan’s HQ.

“Okay, let’s see… you deliberately killed Derpy?!!” Shouted Red at me. “Do you realize how stupid you are?!!!”

“It was self defense, he was out of control and…”

“Well I don’t care, you killed a clan mate! You are demoted to recruit for doing such a thing!”

“Oh yeah? Well if my clan leader is incompetent, then I’ll leave this clan!”


“For once I’m glad to take orders from you!” I retaliated, then stormed out of the camp.”

“Cummon, I left my clan. We’ll form our own once we figure out how to. Then we’ll show him who’s boss! We’ll show [OFD] who’s a better clan! Right guys!”

“Right!” shouted my platoon mates as we drove away in our vehicles.

And so we were on our own again.

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Took you long enough :Smile_smile:  Anyways, he should've at least told Red that Derpy shot first. Oh well. All is well as ends well. Not for Derpy though. :Smile_harp:  Great story, as always!

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View Postskyf24, on Jun 09 2012 - 21:28, said:

Took you long enough :Smile_smile:  Anyways, he should've at least told Red that Derpy shot first. Oh well. All is well as ends well. Not for Derpy though. :Smile_harp:  Great story, as always!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :Smile_Default:

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I'm lovin all these. Can not wait for the next one!

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Me neither. I'll try to post it this afternoon.

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A most interesting chapter! I can't wait to see what clan they start!

cheesellama #54 Posted Jun 11 2012 - 02:32


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Spoiler for the next chapter:


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World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 14 ©

We went Northwest until we came to Murovanka.

“Hey guys, remember this place?” I asked my crew.

“Oh yeah, our SU-76 got blown up here!” said Alexander.

We were southwest of the village with our platoon and another 12 players. Up came a boy, probably in his early teens.

“There’s 15 enemy tanks up ahead! They’re going for some sort of ‘prize’ between the 2 hills out west. I have no idea what it is, but it seems important!”

“What else have you gathered?” Asked one of the other commanders.

“The enemy has 2 Tigers, probably gonna come through the forest up north as well as maybe a couple of their mediums. BTW, they have 3 Pz IVs, 2 Pz III/IVs, a Wespe, a Grille, a VK 3001 H, 2 VK 3001 P, and a leopard. Most will probably capture the area between the hills, but we need guys to guard for the other enemies.”

“Good work. Now let’s see, we have a T-43, an SU-152, a T-34-85, a KV-2, a T-150, an SU-26, an SU-5, an A-20,  2 SU-85s, and 3 T-34s. The artillery, heavies, and the SU-152 should stay at base. Everybody else go for the capture zone. Understood?”


“Great plan!”

“Not bad…”

“Sure! Why not?”

“I’m Trifon Gudz and I approve this message!”

“Who’s Trifon Gudz?” I asked.

“I am! You know, the commander of the T-34!”

“No, I mean, are you important or anything?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Ummmm… Nevermind. You’re funny. Wanna join our clan once we figure out how to make one?”

“I’m clanless, so sure I guess. BTW, my nickname, nicknamed after my tank’s nickname since most people’s nicknames are their tank’s nicknames is Destructive_Tanker_1919, and my nickname’s nickname is just Destructive. ”

“You said some form of nickname 7 times in that run-on sentence of yours there lol.”


I added him to the friends list so that I could always look this guy up if needed.

So we continued until we were at the top of the southern hill with Anna’s crew next to us while Victor’s T-34 tried to cut off the enemy leopard going through the town from reaching our artillery.

We started engaging targets.

“I fire, you wait 3 seconds then fire, and we’ll engage targets that way unless if the time is appropriate. This way nobody will be able to come out of cover long enough to get a good shot at us. Sound like a plan, right?” Anna said over the radio.

“Yup.” I responded.

And so we went to work.

“I’ll bet you I kill this VK 3001 H and you won’t!” she said as a VK 3001 H popped over the hill.”

“You’re on!”

She fired and hit.

Matlev waited a few seconds, then fired.

And so it continued for the next few minutes with a ton of enemy mediums. Victor showed up and began shooting.

Then, a Tiger appeared.

“Let all hell lose on that one, boys!” I yelled. “And you too Anna, plus your crew.”


“No problem.”

We all fired at one. Victor’s bounced off, we tracked him, and Anna brewed him up good!

He was badly damaged but still alive. Victor fired again and tracked the Tiger just as its track was repaired.

“LOL!” Anna and I said at once.

“Trollololol!” said Victor on the enemy’s frequency.

“STFU noob!” the enemy Tiger’s radioman shouted back.

We all fired at once.

Anna’s bounced, we got a crit, and Victor destroyed the other track.

“Noobs stop spamming HE at me! You got out gun!”

“Actually, we’re using AP” I retorted.


Victor fired again. This did a little bit of damage (somehow) and the Tiger’s radioman stopped talking. He must’ve been hurt by the shell.

“The platoonmate to kill the Tiger gets 10k kopats!” I shouted for some odd reason. Everybody bet 5k kopats!

“Agreed!” said Victor.

“Affirmative!” Anna said.

But before we could fire, the SU-26 killed the Tiger.

“Ho hum. Could be worse I guess.” I muttered into the radio.

“Everybody keep the 5k.” said Victor.

“Kill stealer…” said Anna to the SU-26.

We heard attempted suppressed giggles from the SU-26 radioman.

“I heard that!” shouted Anna.

That’s when I noticed that a shell hole from the Tiger’s 88 had went through the tank.

Alexander was unconscious, but still breathing. There wasn’t blood, but the force of the blast near him might’ve hurt him.

“You guys ‘n’ gals press on.” I said. “we have a wounded crew member here and we need to take a look at him. All of you press on and push back the enemy, we’ll secure the capture zone and take care of our wounded man.”

“We also have a wounded crew member, we’ll capture with you.” stated a T-34-85.

As our men were being treated, the T-34-85 commander came up to me.

“I’d also like to join your clan.” he said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Danila Bobrov, but my nickname is DeathToTrolls1920. I’d like to join your clan once it is made.”

“I’ll add you to my friend’s list to make sure you’re added.”

“No problem. How’s your guy?”

“Who? Alexander? He’s alright. Oh look! He’s waking up as we speak! How’s yours?”

“Critical condition, but we could take him to a field hospital.”

“…Or maybe we could use our first aid kit. Hint hint?”


“We have a first aid kit, you could use it on your guy!”

“Why didn’t you use it on yours?”

“He’s not wounded badly, just a minor concussion from…”


I turned around to see Alexander shouting at the top of his lungs.

“He’s deaf, and if he keeps shouting like that, I’ll go deaf as well!” Matlev yelled over to me.

Meanwhile, Igor tried to calm Alexander down.

“He’ll be fine, he just needs a few hours and he’ll have his at least most of his hearing back.” said Matlev.

I rushed to get the first aid kit. I handed it over to Danila.


“No problem.”

Danila rushed back to his wounded crewmember, which looked to be a radioman.

I turned to my crew.

“A few more hours of kicking and screaming, eh?”


“Well this stinks.” I said with dismay.

Suddenly, I heard Danila shouting.

“Hey! Over here! I found something!”

I quickly rushed over.

There was a crushed box with gold coins spilling out.

On it I saw a note.

“Gold set aside for making a clan.”


“Isn’t it great!” shouted Danila. “You can make that clan!”

“Nah, you keep the gold. Besides, I don’t know how to make one.”

“Don’t worry, there’s more gold in these other couple boxes! You can have this one!”

“Gee, thanks! I’ll invite you soon as I find out how!”

“No problem.”

I quickly rushed to my platoonmates to tell them what happened.

I couldn't resist confusing ya'll with the encounter mode coming out in 7.4. :Smile-hiding: :Smile_harp:

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Once again, keep up the good work! :Smile_honoring:

Man, if only I could get free gold...

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 12 2012 - 06:49, said:

Once again, keep up the good work! :Smile_honoring:

Man, if only I could get free gold...

Contests and kill the mod (Something I've accomplished but forgot to take a printscreen of. I feel so stupid...) come to mind.

Also, this time is different from the rest, because I've got something nobody else has thought of...


World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 15 ©

So now we were in more of a normal way to play battle where we try to capture the enemy base or destroy all their vehicles.

We were, as usual, in platoon with Anna’s SU-85 and Victor’s T-34.

We also were given PPSh-41s, what a wonderful surprise! Neat gift, much better than Tokarevs, but I kept mine anyway.

An enemy leopard charged us, what a surprise…

Our AP round went through one of the weakest parts of its armor; the lower frontal plate.

This abruptly destroyed him.

“Wow! I didn’t now we could damage that much!” I exclaimed.

“Me neither.” said Matlev. “Life is full of surprises.”

Just then, a Grille shell ripped through one of our weakest parts; the top.

Our tank was knocked out.

Luckily, it hit way back in the tank and we emerged unhurt.

“Like that surprise…” I muttered as we got out.

Igor came up to me. “Hey, you wanna see what I’m making?”


“A scrapbook! Now I won’t forget my good memories with you guys, provided I remember where I put it.”

“Alright, let’s take a look at it.” I said.

Destroyed Pz IV.

Our SU-76.

Another picture of us and our SU-76.

Posted Image
Our SU-85B.

Knocked out Wespe.

Our crew as we go through the liberated town in the south coast.

Our crew on the way to Murovanka.

Victor’s T-34, followed by another T-34.

A destroyed KV-1.

Anna (front) and her gunner (foreground) pose with the new PPSh-41s.

“Very good Igor!” I said. “Let’s copy these pictures so we can all keep these!”

“Good idea!” said Igor.

Just then, we heard odd battle music that we never heard before.

It was very fast paced and played with a trumpet by that teenager who came up to us yesterday.

“It’s a draw!” he shouted. “A rare draw! This rarely happens!”

“Hmmmm… a lot more time went by than I thought…” I muttered.

Luckily for Anna ,Victor, and a third guy in a KV-1, their tanks were the only ones still alive as the enemy pushed us back to the southwest. Why it ended in a draw, I could only guess. The Germans probably had to go somewhere or ran out of fuel. If it lasted only a couple minutes longer, we would’ve been defeated.

You feel so lucky when you are so close to defeat but never actually were defeated.

So sorry for the unedited version, the pics didn't get transferred from Word documents to here. :Smile_mellow::Smile_sceptic:

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I think it's interesting that you used some pictures in your story! I probably won't use any actual pictures due to some of the odd things that go on in my story.

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Good! I have something original and not copied, unlike female tankers.


lol jk do whatever you want.

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World of Tanks Chronicles: Road to the Object 704: Chapter 16 ©

So this was to make or break it.

We had to win this one.

Our platoon went north into the hills. The first thing we saw was a Pz III. The crew must’ve been real stupid, because they stopped to fire at us instead of trying to go on scouting or outmaneuvering us.

He fired, but missed.

Matlev, on the other hand, didn’t.


Then, we saw platoon of 2 StuGs and a Pz IV.

Perfect match for us.

Except we had more skill.

Matlev briefly finished off one of the StuGs with just one shot.

“Enemy destroyed!” shouted Matlev. “Did I mention how much I love this gun?”

“Nooooo….” I said sarcastically. “You neeever told us just how good that gun is. Noooo, neeever…”

Matlev just stared at me before returning to the gun.

Anna wasn’t so fortunate and she only tracked the enemy StuG.

The StuG had a 105mm howitzer that abruptly blew Anna’s tank up.

Anna and her gunner emerged miraculously unharmed.

The rest of her crew wasn’t so lucky.

Matlev aimed for the StuG and blew it up.

“Enemy vehicle destroyed!”

I emerged from the hatch. “Anna, get in here ASAP! You too, Anna’s gunner! I forget your name.”

“It’s Sofia!” she shouted at me.

“Just come in okay!”

Just then, a machine gun started firing.

Sofia was shot and killed by it.

Anna jumped into the tank and landed on top of me.

I layed there with Anna on top of me, slightly dazed and very embarrassed as I didn’t have a crush on her.

I in fact had a girlfriend back at home in my hometown of Dankov by the name of Emma Trutchenko.

She was a real beauty with a thin body, thick black hair, a perfect face, beautiful brown eyes, and moderately tan skin. She was also one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. She was also somewhat athletic and wasn’t one to sit around all day, though I was slightly more athletic. She was smart, and even though I was a bit smarter, she was a straight A student. She was absolutely perfect.

How she liked me, I might never know.

I mean, I wasn’t terrible looking, but I wasn’t even close to the handsome boys girls would ask out on any occasion.

If you weren’t handsome, you were gonna have a little trouble finding one who loves you back in my town. Beauty over bronze and brains, they’d say in our town. She was the only girlfriend I ever had.

I was going to ask her if she would marry me, but the war started and I was abruptly taken away before I even had a chance to ask her.

“Anna, get off of me…”

She didn’t budge.

I shoved her off.

She was unconscious!

I immediately began to worry.

That’s when I realized that there was a bullet wound through her shoulder.

I quickly got out the first aid kit and began working on the shoulder.

I began to cry a little as I worked thinking that I might not be able to save her.

“Uuuggh…” she moaned.

I smiled so hard and hugged her, thankful that I didn’t lose my platoonmate. Tears of joy came out, and I must’ve hugged her for half a minute.

“Okay lovebirds, get back to work now.” said Matlev.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I saw what happened there! Anna went on top of you back there and now you’re hugging…” he said with a smile that most trolls have.

If there were anybody to make a ‘troll face’ after, it’d have to be him.

When he’s smiling, that is. A very rare thing indeed, so you have to hang around him a lot to be able to take a picture of it.

“WHAT?!!” asked Anna.

“She was unconscious when she landed on top of me! I hugged her because I thought she was dying! Can’t you understand that?!!”

I have no idea why I didn’t mention Emma, maybe it’s because I have trouble talking about relationships around girls. Even if a girl wasn’t listening, I’d feel uncomfortable talking about stuff like that. I have no idea why I’m that way. It’s just who I am.

“Mmm hmmm…” said a very annoying gunner who didn’t like to listen to me. Either that, or a very annoying gunner that was too busy engaging targets wasn’t listening to me.

Turns out she wasn’t badly hurt. She probably fainted from the shock right before she landed on top of me.

The bullet was easily removed, and I quickly tied some loose bandages.

Meanwhile, Alexander drove us on towards the enemy base along with Victor’s T-34. We quickly captured it, and 4 German tanks and their crew surrendered.

Turns out, one of them was a clan leader.

I went up to him and interrogated him.

“You’re a clan leader, right?”

“Of course.”

“Listen, I promise I won’t ask you any more questions if you tell me how to create a clan.”

“I’m not 100% sure if this is how, but…”

“Wait, what do you mean you aren’t sure?”

“Actually, I didn’t start the clan. I was the deputy commander. And then…”

“Your leader died?” I asked.


“Just tell me how you think you do it.”

“Go to Karelia and you will see
a little hill shaped like a ‘C’.
Up that hill you will find
a little man that is so kind.
Go to him and ask for a clan.
He will start one for every polite man.”

“And just what is that rhyme supposed to mean?!” inquired Matlev.

“Don’t answer that! Matlev, I told him we wouldn’t ask him any more questions.”

“Actually, you said that you wouldn’t ask him any more questions, so it doesn’t include all of us.”

“I don’t care, I’m ordering you not to.”

Matlev sighed in disappointment and stormed off.

“So we’ll solve that riddle and get that guy to get us a clan, then. Right crew?”


“Oh, before you go, I must tell you about Operation Citadel.”


“Since you don’t know my name, it’s safe to tell you about it and never have my identity revealed. Near Kursk, many German tanks are going to be unleashed in a massive counter-offensive. They plan to have a Northern pincer and a Southern pincer come down on the industrial city of Kursk and crush the Soviets stuck behind German lines. It’ll be a crushing blow that may even turn all your forces in retreat! But now that I’ve spilled the beans, I suppose you aren’t gonna get in the way of them and try to stop them. It’s a real threat, so I’d suggest going there prior to Karelia.”

“What’s Karelia?” asked Igor.

“It’s very far north in Russian. We’ll probably have to fight to the finish with the Finnish up there as well as some Germans.”

“Don’t mind him.” I said to the German POW. “He has short term memory loss. He’s not the driver so it won’t matter anyway.”

“Wait, I’m not?! You mean I’m the gunner!!” shouted Igor.

“See what I mean?”

“I do indeed. Try to go straight towards the town of Prokhorovka along the Southern pincer. It’ll be in the thick of it, so go there immediately. Go back to your platoon now and hurry along!”

Sticking to my promise of not asking any more questions, like how he could speak our language perfectly and how he knew I was in a platoon.

Anna came up to me. “Hey guess what? A nice guy by the name of Warren came along. He fixed our tanks and gave me new crewmates, and for a rather cheap price too! I hope you don’t mind.”

She must’ve meant W.G., but I didn’t really care at the time.

“Cummon, let’s go.” I said. “We’re going to Prokhorovka.”

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