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Xlucine #101 Posted Sep 25 2013 - 22:06


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The extremely poor shock properties are traceable to the non-martensitic microstructure resulting from hardenability inadequate to permit full hardening upon quenching. The steel has been heat treated to a tempered. bainitic microstructure containing banded segregates rich in ferrite.
It's true the germans used something other than steel, no serious engineer would consider using that garbage anywhere a specification called for steel. :trollface:  Dunno about it being stronger than steel though.

Guardianleopard #102 Posted Sep 26 2013 - 00:34


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Come on devs rebalance the panther (de tier it once)
rebalance tiger (under par in every freaking way all it's opponents are better why can't they get fixed) see page five for details
rebalance tiger 2 (over matched and under speeded and gunned)
omg devs look the 12.8 cm has better pen
the 122 has 162 mm pen
versus 282 mm pen of the 12.8 cm
from 0's
now devs fix the pen value
also the RPM of the thing was 7.5 or something (12.8 cm gun)
RPM of the 122mm was 12.5 or something but had a lower performance overall
rebalance tiger 1 and 2 (ones pretty much a super upgrade of the previous but with some massive changes there fore the speed and armor improvements apply to both (along with guns)
Penetrations comparisons (8.8 kwk) (under power of tiger1 and 2)
Real to ingame
(All at ranges of 500m)
accuracy here shows how sniper the gun should be
and how sniper you made it
-real L/56 0.05 m accuracy 156mm pen vs ingame 0.34 accuracy 115 mm pen 41mm pen difference 29cm difference in spread
-real L/71 0.07 m accuracy 210 mm pen vs ingame 0.35 accuracy 140mm pen 50mm pen difference 28cm difference spread
So yea soo real now the damage figures are wrong
The 1944 version had L/56 however it was very capable of one shotting a Sherman from 1 km to 2 km
Or 2 shotting it however ingame it takes 3-5 shots
A major historical difference
Ingame: Oh lol look the German tigers coming lets kill it.
Reality: holey * * * * it's a tiger call the TDs or air support!
Reason: the penetration, damage, speed, armor scares the tankers
It shocked allied tank crews (38 kph on road)
Fixing result adds 20 mm to armor value on all sides
Road speed to 38 kph and 30-15 kph off road,
One shot switch to 600 damage
What the hell is with RPM compensation it doesn't matter if you can't pen
Fix penetration it's very under par
Result is: medium tank speed,heavy tank gun, heavy tank size, medium tank armor
RPM to 10
Omg the rounds cost less ingame than in reality
Lol now it's balanced
Look at your version
Heavy tank speed and size, medium tank guns and armor.
Yea it's fair thanks to the RPM rating, hell it ain't fair if you can't pen at all and aren't fast enough to flank. You say tiger is a good sniper, in your dreams they can't pen at that range ingame nor do they have enough damage
Oh the armor
The Germans did NOT use steel they used a stronger than steel alloy is the equivalent of adding 20mm value to all sides and shapes
Tiger 1
There fore the hull value becomes 120/100/100
Instead of 100/80/80
Turret then is 100/100/100
Instead of 80/80/80
oh look at a flat plate eh from 100 meters ok then here! (Averages)(standard German APCR)
12.8 cm kwk44 l/55 has 282 mm pen
8.8cm kwk 36 l/56 has 171mm pen
8.8cm kwk 43 l/71 has 238mm pen
yeah no need for comparison here
note tiger 2 also used stronger than steel alloy there fore equivalent of
hull 170/100/100
Turret 1 120/100/100
turret 2 205/100/100
also do the same to E-75 (add 20 mm value to all sides)

Zinegata #103 Posted Sep 27 2013 - 07:14


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View PostFritzz_lang, on Jun 05 2012 - 02:35, said:

funny how best tank of WW2 is treated with little respect by W.O.T. MM i\with the tiger is a joke so many thing that they got wrong with my fev tank of ww2 its not even funny FIX the Tiger and the MM for it please thank you..
The Tiger I was not even in the best tank of the German army, much less of any army, once you look past the myth-making of Nazi propaganda.
Also, I need to point out that Tigers very rarely made kills at over 1km. The manual even suggests that the engagement range should be lower than this to ensure lots of hits. Heck, the only verified Tiger action wherein a sole Tiger destroyed multiple tanks was one fought at point-blank range, and people forget the Tiger actually took only a few hits in return before being knocked out.

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Chopa #104 Posted Oct 05 2013 - 17:31

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Found this elsewhere on the forums:

   #1   Posted Yesterday, 01:57 PM By Maxmike

"Tigers In Combat: Volume 1" Kindle eBook for free


An excellent free download if you have a kindle or Ipad, hell, even an Iphone, with the kindle emulator app.

Zinegata #105 Posted Oct 14 2013 - 08:25


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View PostChopa, on Oct 05 2013 - 17:31, said:

Found this elsewhere on the forums:

   #1   Posted Yesterday, 01:57 PM By Maxmike

"Tigers In Combat: Volume 1" Kindle eBook for free


An excellent free download if you have a kindle or Ipad, hell, even an Iphone, with the kindle emulator app.

It is worth noting however, that Schneider copy-pasted the War Diary records of the Tiger battalions in verbatim, which makes some very high kill claims. In his later books, he shows that many of the Tiger battalion's kill claims were utter fantasy - Wittman's actions in Villers-Bocage for instance had a kill claim three times higher than the actual number of British tanks destroyed.

In some cases - such as the Tiger battalion in Tunisia - it's utterly clear that there was no way they could have racked up the record they claim to have achieved. You can't destroy 150 tanks in the desert when that consistutes 10% of Allied tank losses in North Africa over a three year period and the said battalion had precisely one major battle to its name that didn't even involve that many Allied tanks.

flounder2760 #106 Posted Sep 27 2014 - 18:33


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you said 88/71 in the article but i was under the impression that the 88l71 was put on the tiger 2 not the tiger1 and that the 88 used on the tiger 1 was the 88l56.


disregard my statement as it has already been answered.

on a side note random reference time.


"what the hell is a simoflange?"  i would be surprised if any of you knew where this line came from.

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firekitty #107 Posted Jun 10 2016 - 16:15

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   Very interesting article. Learning the history of the vehicles we use in game is awesome. But seeing as my name and this all refer to kitty, I cant help but have some fun with a couple memes

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