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How a tier IV T40 can make a difference against high tiers

A few tips and a replay

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RolloGreb #21 Posted Jun 25 2012 - 12:47


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Thats great Entellex. I'm glad to here that.

I think its important to enjoy the game first and foremost. I went through the grind when I started WoT, thinking that I had to get a bigger, faster, stronger, more lethal tank to be able to get the most out of the game. I did the Heavy, Medium, TD and even arty lines to find the Holy Grail, going through and past the T40 but I realised that it wasn't getting easier to win or kill because you just battle against better tanks the higher you go. (Thats obvious now but I was noobish and naive then). It was a bit too much of a slog and I wasn't getting much enjoyment with higher tier tanks - and I say that with all due respect to tankers who enjoy driving the higher tier tanks.

So I kept going back to the T40 and at some point decided I wanted to max the skills of the crew to make it the best T40 I could. Then it all fell into place and now I'm more dedicated and hooked than ever and having some fantastic battles, contributing to our teams wins (getting praise) and having a lot of fun. Sure, it would work with any tank at any tier but I'm more than happy at Tier IV slaughtering M3 Lees in easier battles or T29s at a higher level. Our dear MM makes sure its never too much of a doddle at any tier.

It'll be interesting to see what you settle for.  

Good luck


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