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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Prototypical Prototypes

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A writing piece I've been working on.


I ran and ran, over fenceposts, sheds, I jumped over a barrel of oil, I just ran straight, going through everything in my path.

It was just ahead.

I jumped over some iron bars, explosions rang out.

An aircraft swooped directly above me.

Here it came, it was rolling out of the factory line!

It was covered with dried war paint.

It was lumbering out slowly...

I was only 2 feet away from this behemoth.

I grabbed an iron pole attached in a horizontal angle above me to the factory.

I swung, and swung, and then let go...

The words painted on the side got larger and larger...


And then I fell inside the hatch and quickly slid it shut.

Chapter I: Rolling Out

That, is how you enter a Maus.
In Germany, Maus is translated to English as Mouse.
Well it sure didn't live up to it's name.
This thing was the largest tank ever built, at the time.
I was the commander of it.
Pure steel, armor, and firepower.
I shouted at my crew, "Roll out!"

We rolled over open nighttime fields.
The moon shone high in the sky.
Explosions rang out in the distance.
All of a sudden, we heard the drone of an airplane.
There were 14 other Mauses in this platoon, and word got around quickly.
"B-17! B-17," I yelled.
Soon all the tanks were trying to maneuver away.
That isn't easy when your tank only goes 15 miles per hour.
The B-17 Flying Fortress flew over our formation.
We thought we were doomed.
I heard the whistle of the bombs...
Explosions sounded like thunder directly above us.
Amazingly, the tank wasn't damaged.
Then, I peeked out of the hatch again.
Not again, I thought...
I heard the whistle again: EEEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!
Then the explosion: BOOOM!
And then we all heard a terrifying roar, as a tank in front of us burned, and buildings were collapsing everywhere.
The fields were turning orange.

Now, the crew is situated in the turret of a Maus.
The hull holds all fuel and armor and ammunition.

The roar got louder and louder!
The napalm scorched our treads.
My sight turned a fiery orange.
The roaring sound became unbearable...
And the turret blew clean off the tank!

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+1 even though I did not get it

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In our last chapter...

Chapter II: Garage

I fell and hit the ground hard.
Half of the entire platoon of tanks was burning.
I felt around in my pockets, and I touched something.
It was a metal device, with a digital screen and black buttons.

I studied the overlay of the buttons:


I pressed the GARAGE button and suddenly I was transported to an old, worn out, tank garage.
I pressed another button and the garage was quickly turned into a fresh, modern, new tank factory.
My Maus was on a small roundhouse-type wheel, so it could rotate to view all sides.
Well, what was left of my Maus.
Oh, and apparently, I almost died in battle, but I am now perfectly uninjured.
Turns out, every time I enter battle I earn these silver coins, called credits.
And I also earn these stars called Experience or EXP.
They were all stashed in a bullet-proof glass container inside the tank factory.
I touched the REPAIR button under the OTHER section on my device.
In the blink of an eye the tank was brand new.
But, my credits disappeared like mist.

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View PostViper_09, on Jun 19 2012 - 15:41, said:

+1 even though I did not get it
lol agreed...he spent time on it lol

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How can you not get World of Tanks?

EDIT: Read Chapter II and you'll get what I'm talking about.

I got permission from AlphaAndOmega a while back to make a story kinda like his.

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In our last chapter...


Chapter III: FFA

Then, I pressed the BATTLE! button, and I randomly got transported to a city near the heart of Germany.
A sign near the front of the city read 'Welcome to Ruinberg'
The prefix had been worn off, so somebody scribbled the word 'Ruin' onto the empty spot.
I wasn't sure if that was really the name, but as I started my tank up and got within the city limits it sure looked in ruins.
I was wondering where the Axis tanks were when a Panzer III tank appeared just ahead of me.
Surprisingly, it started firing its cannon at me.
Of course, the rounds glanced off, my armor was far too superior, but I didn't understand why he was shooting his ally.
I grabbed the radio, and switched to his channel, and I said, "Cease fire, I'm friendly!".
"Haven't you heard," he asked, "It's one man for himself! All the factions and countries no longer exist. It's just shoot, shoot, kill!"
"In that case," I said, rotating my turret to face him.
Then he just started up his engine and sped off down the road, too fast for me.
One man for himself, eh?
Free for all?
I could already tell this was going to be a very long day.
I was rolling down the streets of Ruinberg when I saw a tank in front of me.
A Soviet T-34.
It was driving accross the street from me.
I whispered to my crew, "Load armor-piercing, fire at will."
And that's just what they did.
The T-34 exploded in a ball of flames.
I moved onward.
Three more T-34 tanks were stationed at the end of this road.
They opened fire, but the shots glanced off.
I fired my cannon, and one of them exploded.
While my cannon was reloading, I went full throttle and literally crushed another one under my treads.
As for the other one, I finished it off with my secondary cannon.
I turned the corner, and there was five tanks ahead of me.
The first was called a VK3601H, the second, a VK3001P, the third and fourth were PzKpfw VI Tigers, and the fifth was a VK4502 Ausf. A
I angled my turret around, facing the VK4502 A
That was the biggest threat. The VK4502 A had the same cannon as me, but less armor.
The smaller tanks glanced shots off me, while my crew loaded an AP round.
The front hull of the VK4502 A had a large hole in it, and pieces of metal and shrapnel were flying.
The VK4502 A fired, but it only bounced off my turret.
The heavy VK tried to flank me, but my tank's sheer size was like a road block.
I turned the hull of my tank horizontal with the street so he couldn't pass through.
The VK4502 A's tracks were broken.
Meanwhile, my gunner was firing the secondary cannon at the smaller tanks.
A VK3601H started driving towards my Maus at ramming speed.
I cranked the turret around and fired my secondary gun, and the 3601 exploded, and slid down a steep incline towards the VK4502 A.
I rotated my hull facing the VK4502 A, and I rolled down the incline too.
Suddenly, the VK3601 wreck collided with the VK4502 A, and ignited its ammo rack!
The VK4502 A burned for a solid minute, and then exploded in a flaming ball as the turret blew off the tank.
At this point the smaller tanks had already took off running down the hill, so I was forced to follow them.
The VK3001P was a smoking heap of scrap metal.
The only thing now standing in my way were two Tiger tanks.
The PzKpfw VI Tigers stood their ground, but were no match for a Maus.
Fire main 1!
The tank exploded.
Fire main 2!
The other Tiger was out of action.

I continued down the hill.
Suddenly, a tank came out of nowhere driving at 60 miles per hour!
It whizzed past me, up the hill.
Then it came down the hill again.
It went back up once more and came back down once more.
I figured the driver was teasing me, so I plotted a spot where my turret would line up with his tank.
The next time he came down the hill, I aimed and...
The tank exploded and flew into the air, and it flipped over and landed with a loud crash, knocking off its tracks, before spinning and rolling down the hill.
And by rolling I mean end over end.
I looked ahead at where it was headed, and as soon as I glanced down the hill, it smashed into a large fuel dump.
This couldn't be good.

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Tell me if you want moar.

You want moar, you got moar.

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In our last chapter...

Chapter IV: Explosive

The same roar that had destroyed my tank before, now pulverized the wreck of a tank called T-50-2.
Well, guess I gotta go back...
All of a sudden, a large building collapsed behind me at the top of the hill.
Huge chunks of debris slid down.
More fuel exploded!
I realized I had to move forward, it was now or never.
"Full throttle," I shouted to my crew!
15 miles per hour, we headed slowly but surely down the hill.
Luckily, the collapsed building wasn't moving much faster.
A fuel canister ignited ahead of me.
Buildings were now collapsing all along this road.
The street pavement was cracking under the weight of the collapsing builidings, and my Maus.
Tons of debris piled up then slid down even more.
I turned the last street corner and smashed through the iron gate and just as the debris hit the fuel dump...
The debris burned until the street was black, and everything turned into a layer of ash.
I turned the next corner and my tank knocked over a sign.
It read, 'Welcome to Himmelsdorf'.
Good, the tank factory is in Himmelsdorf!
Then, I looked near the tank factory.
There was a huge battle going on at the streets.
I figured I'd better end it.
I stopped my Maus and shut off the engine.
I heard another fuel canister explode in the distance.
From what I could see, there were large tanks against small tanks.
I figured I should probably help the smaller tanks.
I aimed at the nearest target, a Tiger.
The tank didn't explode but it was disabled.
Next, I aimed at a T-34/85.
The tank was scrap metal!
The next tank that ran into my sights shocked me.
An IS-7.
This tank was equivelant to me in size. It could go 50 mph, so it outdid me in speed, and it outdid the Maus in firepower too.
The only strength against this beast is armor.
And that's what the Maus had.
"Target spotted: IS-7, load High Explosive Anti Tank round."
"Roger that, HEAT loaded."
"That one bounced!"
My shell bounced off.
I fired with my secondary and my machinegun but could not penetrate.
"Round loaded, sir!"
Direct hit to the turret!
The IS-7 angled his turret towards me...
I was hit on my turret and smoking.
IS-7's track broken!
Fire secondary!
Pow, pow, pow, pow!
The IS-7 repaired it's track, and backed up, destroying a Pzkpfw 38t in the process.
Round loaded!
The IS-7 had a solid lock...
"Critical hit! Gun out of action!"
Then, a T-34 came from behind me and knocked out my track.
I couldn't ram or shoot the main gun.
While my crew ran down to the hull to fix the tracks, I rotated the turret to face the T-34.
He fired a round at my secondary gun, putting it out of action also.
Only one weapon left: Machine Gun.
MG Rounds in chamber...
I set the enemy's engine on fire!
The T-34 went up in flames!
I quickly set to work on repairing the main gun.
Turns out it was only dislodged, and it only took a minute to put it back in place.
Direct hit from the IS-7 on the rear of the turret!
The rear turret MG fired.
I grabbed the turret controls and yanked the turret to face the IS-7.
The IS-7 exploded in a fireball.
Just then 5 more enemy heavy tanks drove in front of me.
I started backing away when...
The rest of the fuel dump ignited, and the debris were let free again.
Suddenly a giant plume of ash raced down the hill!
I grabbed my teleporting device and quickly pressed GARAGE!
Instantly I was back in the tank factory.
I heard a noise outside.
I opened the door, only to see a giant plume of ash engulfing the City of Himmelsdorf, along with the tanks.
More fuel reserves exploded!
I slammed the door behind me with my back to it.
Then I opened it one more time only to see a giant castle on the hill fall down on top of the five enemy tanks.

AlphaAndOmega #10 Posted Jun 19 2012 - 19:11

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Wow, it's only the first few chapters and the hero already has a Maus!!! This is by far the most explosive Chronicle I have read so far!

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 19 2012 - 19:11, said:

Wow, it's only the first few chapters and the hero already has a Maus!!! This is by far the most explosive Chronicle I have read so far!

Lol it's called Prototype, he is only driving tanks that never made it to service.

P.S. he's gonna meet up with Goliath in 5 more chapters :P

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Chapter V: Ratte

In our last chapter...

It was only when I looked inside the garage that I realized IT HAD GROWN!
And my Maus was inside a storage container.
The vehicle on display now was a...a... no, It couldn't be!
I grabbed the manual for the tank on display.
P.100 Ratte. [RAT] German superheavy tank.


This thing was one of the biggest tanks ever built!
It was almost twenty times the size of a Maus and with thirty times the firepower!
Anti-air guns the size of school buses, machine guns the size of cars, cannons the size of a Maus tank, treads the size of a subway line, hull the size of a museum, and turret the size of a biplane!
This would be a blast!
The next day I took it out for a spin.
Himmelsdorf still had a thin layer of ash, but once again tanks were fighting in the streets.
I found it impossible to drive on the roads.
I had to crush buildings to get where I wanted to go.
There was not much use for the cannons, I could just run over everything in my path.
One day I was rolling down a wide street in Ruinberg when I saw a Maus ahead of me.
I was about to fire my secondary gun when I heard him shout to me, "NAPALM! NAPALM!"
Now I'd had quite a brush with death with napalm, but could it really damage a Ratte.
Then I realized that the Maus was on my side.
I couldn't let him die!
The drone of the bomber sounded above.
"Get out! Get out of the tank," I yelled to him.
I signaled for him to run underneath my Ratte.
He dove underneath.
I told him to find the hatch and climb in and shut it.
He did so, and then I told him to climb up the crew stairs to the main turret.
He got there, and I told him to just wait.
We both peeked out the peephole at the Maus.

He said he didn't have any crew alive inside.
We hunkered down and waited...
The tremendous roar nearly shattered my ears!
The Maus burned to a nothingness.

I decided that was it for now, so I punched the GARAGE button.
Turns out me and the Maus tanker ended up back in the garage.
I pulled my Maus out of storage, and decided I liked it better than the behemoth of a tank, the Ratte.
I had about 5 Mauses in storage, so I lent one to the tanker.
I gave him a copy of the teleport device.
Hopefully he would learn how to use it.

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Who says Himmelsdorf castle falling on top of the tanks is epic?

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Chapter VI: Exploration

In our last chapter...

I decided I would need to explore this world sometime, what better time to do so than when you're in a tank?

I drove my Maus out of the factory.
Out of Himmelsdorf.
Past Ruinberg.
Over fields and hills and snowy mountains.
Sandy deserts, lakes, swamps, streams, rivers, and jungles.
I came to a place called Malinovka.
There was two military fortifications and bombed buildings on both sides, a field in the center, a lake on the east side, and a hill that looked perfect for flanking maneuvers.
I rolled onto the field.
I looked on both sides.
Two of what people call "tank companies", were fighting on either side.
I wanted a challenge, so I decided to take on both.
Hmm...what was this tank...
It looked like a sort of American medium tank...
Well, no use to me.
Direct hit...
Weird, it didn't die in one shot.
Direct hit again...
What was this tank!?
Then, it fired a round which did direct penetration to my side armor and I recognized it immediately.
M46 Patton.
Well, done with that.
More enemy tanks were advancing on me.
T-34 down!
Panzer II down!
IS-1 down!
IS-2 down!
A KV-1 suddenly snuck up on me.
I simply rammed it.
It looks like it's tough at Malinovka.
I found my device and found you could teleport to other places through it.
That day I explored many locations, places with rather obvious, and sometimes odd names:
South Coast, Dragon Ridge, Swamp, Komarin, Ensk, Erlenberg, Steppes, Prokhorovka, and many other places.
I was ambushed many times by a group people call a "clan", in the Ural Mountains, in a place named another obvious name, Mountain Pass.
I decided I was done for the day.
On my way past the Mines area, I found one of the mineshafts to be closed up. I thought I saw a tank near the entrance. It was covered in a crude camouflage net.
I headed back to the Garage to avoid wasting a shell.

I do remember the name painted on the tank, though.

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Chapter VII: Goliath

In our last chapter...

I decided to pay a visit to Goliath, but it was no where to be found when I came back to the mine.
I searched all around the Mines area, but every other mineshaft was working and even had people working in the mine.
I decided to visit an area called Murovanka.
There was a beautiful sunset when I arrived.
I decided not to kill any tanks and just enjoy the sight.
Then, I visited the South Coast again.
There was some tanks there that seemed to be stealing drugs or something.
A lone KV-2 with the 152mm came up to them and started firing at them.
I recognized the tank, for it was Goliath.
I was amazed at his skill.
After finding him, I decided to go back to the Garage.
I would meet him later.

AlphaAndOmega #16 Posted Jun 20 2012 - 01:01

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Wow, I'm impressed that this guy can see a KV-2 turret through that net! If he has some sort of X-ray vison, he could shoot other tanks through buildings with the Maus!

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 20 2012 - 01:01, said:

Wow, I'm impressed that this guy can see a KV-2 turret through that net! If he has some sort of X-ray vison, he could shoot other tanks through buildings with the Maus!

Lol no X-Ray vision but...

Do you know what a camouflage net looks like?
It's made of a lot of mesh covering.
So it's easy to see inside.

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Well, back to the story. It's time for things to...

Chapter VIII: Heat Up

In our last chapter...

One day, as usual, I was driving down a sunny field destroying tanks.
The earth seemed to tremor and shake a little.
"Must be a mild tremor," I thought.
Then I looked up at the mountain above me.
The entire mountain and cliffside shook.
Then I realized what it was.
I heard another tank crew member ahead of me in an enemy tank shout something...
I rotated the Maus hull as fast as possible.
The earth moved under its treads.
A small glint of orange ran down the side of the great mountain.
Smoke started billowing out of a tiny hole.
A small fragment of magma burned a hole through my Iron Cross logo.
Then there was that great burning roar I had heard so many times before, and the mountainside exploded in a fiery inferno.
Fireballs fell down everywhere.
Ash rained from above.
All the tanks were running and trying to evade the great wrath of the earth.
I fired at a T-34 moving alongside me.
It looked like a spearhead formation, the way we ran from the volcano.
I fired at the spearhead in front of me and one tank had a deep hole in the rear.
Shrapnel was flying out, as explosions continued behind us.
My Maus was slowing down.
It couldn't go much faster...
Suddenly I was in a different tank!
I was in a Panther tank!
I must've pressed something on my device!
Now I could drive much faster but still had a fairly good cannon and armor!
One tank in front of me blew up.
The volcano was still exploding.
We had reached a sandy desert area...
The volcano continued to explode behind us but we were mostly out of it.
My tank was getting covered with sand.
I aimed to my left...
T-50 destroyed!
I aimed to my right...
M4 Sherman destroyed!
T-34 down!
I was charging towards a small village when suddenly 3 tanks cresting on a hill targeted me.
They missed and...
A behind me blew up.
A village house was torn in half!
I was charging through the village so fast now...
I finally reached a field on the end of the desert.
I looked to my right and there was row after row of tank barriers, called Dragon's Teeth.
I saw the sign ahead of me before ran it a ground: Siegfried Line
I looked at the bunkers line up with huge cannons... Big mistake.
Artillery from the bunkers hit the ground next to me!
My tank rolled at top speed up a hill and leaped over a row of Dragon's Teeth!
Into the city!
I zoomed past the sign which read "Welcome to Ruinberg".
I made it within city limits...
I charged down the debris-filled hill.
I was now in Himmelsdorf city limits!
Then as I got to the bottom of the hill, my heart sank.
I was on the wrong side of Himmelsdorf.
I smashed into a railroad car.
As I was thinking of plotting my way along the railroad back to the tank factory...wait, why didn't I just press GARAGE?
I had tried, but it only works when you're out of Himmelsdorf.
So, I'll go back to Ruinberg...
Too late.
A giant T95 Tank Destroyer rolled up towards me, along the train tracks.
I quickly drove my tank behind a boxcar.
Brace yourself... 3, 2, 1...
The T95 fired at the boxcar!

The boxcar exploded, flipped up in the air, and landed behind me with a crash.
Now the T95 pointed at me.
I darted to the back of the T95, I fired my cannon at his tracks, before zooming down the railroad until I reached the tank factory.
What a day.

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From the view of the tank that got a hole ripped in its rear, the view of the spearhead formation...


And the epic desert chase, up to Siegfried Line, and Himmelsdorf T95, all caught on camera!


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AlphaAndOmega #20 Posted Jun 20 2012 - 18:24

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I gotta say, this has been a strange chapter! Then again, I'm sure that strange things can happen when you start off with a Maus...wait...that gives me an excellent idea for a new World of Tanks game!

Here's the idea: You start the game with a T110E5, a Maus, an E-100, an AMX-50B, an IS-4 and an IS-7. For every battle, you lose some credits and experience. When you lose enough with a tank, then you can lock that tank and get the tank below it. Eventually, you end up with a T1 Cunningham, a LolTraktor, a Renault FT-17 and an MS-1/T-18.

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