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World of Tanks Chronicles: The Prototypical Prototypes

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My story:

Chapter XI: You Sank My Battleship!

The next day, I decided to travel to the Steppes.
Almost immediately, an IS-4 ran into me.
Okay, next tank coming up, King Tiggy.
Tiger II locked, fire!
Tank down!
Now for this T29...
Arrgh, bounced off the heavily armored turret.
I suddenly heard a scraping noise on the hull of my tank.
Hmm... must be shrapnel, I thought.
Our rear was hit!
Fire again!
T29 down!

Then I noticed the AT Mine on my hull.
I rotated my turret to see Goliath aiming at me.
Bail out!
My tank exploded behind me.
The mighty Maus, all gone.
Thanks to him.
I started crawling, coughing and brushing off the ash.
Goliath was driving away, when I saw him look in my direction.
I had been spotted.
He aimed his cannon at me...
"Wait, don't shoot!"
"Oh yeah, why shouldn't I," he replied.
"Please, I wish to talk to you!"



Actually, now that I think about it, I ran into a familiar face when I was leaving home with Goliath the next day.

I apologize for the mistake.

See, even my memory is prone to errors sometimes, but then again, I’m only human.

Now, as I said, I was going out with Goliath, this time, to the Steppes.

When I got there, I ran into a familiar face:

It was that German tank.

I don’t know what it was, but on second thought, it could be a prototype for some new “land battleship”.

But then that also led me to think:

How far can we really go with these things?

After all, the Red Army had already been stretching themselves with the KV-series tanks, and I heard that those had mechanical problems.

Goliath was lucky, for the most part, but the engine did throw a cylinder once on a journey to Prokhorovka, among other annoyances.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand:

I saw the German tank engaging some tough customers, including the IS-4, T29, Tiger II and others.


While Goliath’s cannon wasn’t able to destroy this thing in one shot, I had a plan:

I temporarily left Goliath and took an anti-tank mine with me.

Sneaking up on the tank, I armed the mine and placed it on a flat surface while the turret was turned.

Only one problem:

The TM-44 had a typical pressure-activated fuse, so the mine couldn’t detonate unless the tank actually ran over it.

Didn’t matter to me because I had something else in mind.

Getting back to Goliath, I aimed the cannon at it, and…


The blast from the shell detonated the mine, turning the massive tank into a massive pile of scrap metal!

I felt pretty proud of myself for defeating this unknown mammoth!

Having finished it off, I moved to engage the other tanks.

On my way, though, I spotted some German crewmen, probably the same from this behemoth, crawling on the ground.

I could just flatten them right now, but instead, I pointed Goliath’s turret at them in order to scare them.

One of them got to his feet and shouted, “Wait, don’t shoot!”

I responded, “Oh yeah, and why not!?”

He told me, “I wish to talk to you about something!”


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Be prepared for...
Chapter XII: Have Mercy

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Meanwhile in The Steel Soldier...

Chapter XII: Have Mercy

"I saw what you did out there," I began, "And I've been thinking: if we teamed up, we could be unstoppable!"

He looked stunned, the way he took it all in at once.

"Well uh..." he said...

He kept thinking slowly...

Then he said, "OK, I accept..."

"Great!" I said, "Let's go!"

Well maybe I shouldn't have had my hopes up all at once.

I mean, he was a Soviet tanker!

But still, I was impressed with his skill in just a Medium Heavy tank like the KV-2.

"Only one problem."

"What?" I replied.

"Where is your crew?"

I thought for a bit, then replied.

"I...I don't know!"

"Can you walk?" he asked.

"Yes...I think so..."

"OK, let's go," he said, "But try to be careful!"

The cannon fire was dying down now, but I still saw him put the camouflage net over Goliath.

We walked for a while, and we found four of them all grouped together.

I asked, "Are you all right?"

They replied with a positive "Yes", except for one.

"Yes, but why's the Soviet here? And what's with the weird outfit he's got?"

"It's okay, he's on our side!" I replied.

"Are you sure?" piped up another, "You know how these guys are. I don't trust them at all!"

"Hey, at least we’re not the ones who broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact!” The Steel Soldier snapped.

"Okay, okay!” I exclaimed, “I understand that Germany and the Soviet Union were at war, but things are different now! You saw what that Panzer III tried to do to us back in Ruinberg, after all. Trust me, I’ve seen what this man can do! He could be a valuable ally, so whether or not we liked him before, we’ll have to work with him! Understood?”

"Yes, I understand," replied the crewman who didn't trust The Steel Soldier.

"Now where's Hallemaier?" I asked.

"We don't know sir!"

"We didn't see him get out of the tank, sir!"

"I have no idea, sir!"

"Then let's go check out our tank! There's a chance that he may still be alive!" I exclaimed.

We went to the immobile Maus hull.

Three crewmen checked inside, while me, The Steel Soldier, and another crewman checked around the tank.

"We didn't find his body, sir!" said one crewmember.

"Over here!" The Soviet shouted.

We came to find Hallemaier lying near a rock groaning in pain.

"Hallemaier! Are you okay?"

“Ugh…I feel like I was hit by a car!” replied Hallemaier. “I got out of the tank before it blew up, but I was a bit too close to an artillery shell. Thank goodness no one else got to me! I think I’ll be fine, though. Just help me out!”

I turned to The Steel Soldier, "Do you have a medic kit?"

"Yes," he replied, "I think I have one in my tank! I'll be right back!"

And he took off towards his KV-2.

He brought it back as quickly as he could, too, and then we did our best to patch up Hallemaier.

After we patched up Hallemaier, he told the group, “Now, there’s no time to waste! Come on, I’ll get you guys another tank!”

“OK then,” I said, "Let’s go, everyone!”

Suddenly the Soviet asked me, “Hey, what’s that?”

I looked down until I met his gaze.

The teleporting device!

It was broken on the ground!

“Uh…nothing!” I said as I quickly picked up the device and its components and stuffed it into my pocket.

When we reached Goliath, and The Steel Soldier removed the camo net, I heardsome surprised reactions from some crewmen even though they probably already saw a KV-2 before.

“Wow, that tank is huge!”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before!”

I whispered to them, "Excuse me but this is no big tank, you know that. Don't you get dramatic on me, our Maus is five times this size!"

Then, one of them asked: “How are we all going to fit in there? You must already have a crew!”

Then, the Soviet replied: “Good question. There won’t be enough space for you and my crew, but I think I can just fit one more in there. I think it would be best if Hallemaier went in there. The rest of you will have to ride on the outside of the tank. Is this okay?”

Everyone seemed to be in agreement with this idea.

Thus, we helped Hallemaier into the turret while everyone else found seating positions on the outside of Goliath.

Before we got on our way, The Steel Soldier handed his PPSh to me along with extra ammunition, some anti-tank grenades & some anti-tank mines.

“Do you know how to use these?” he asked me.

“Yes.” I said.

I gave a share of ammo and grenades and mines to my crewmen.

“OK then. Let’s move out!” the Soviet said.

We started heading west.

We had to hide or jump behind something when tanks drove by.

Nobody saw us, so we kept moving.

On the way to Kursk, we say a tank battle going on.

The Steel Soldier jumped out.

I figured he was going to get one of those tanks for us, but how?

He would probably give us a German tank, but how could he get it without having to destroy it?

He shouted to me and the crewmen on the outside, “GET BACK, THIS IS GOING TO BE LOUD!!!”

We dismounted and ducked behind a large boulder.

He took aim at a Tiger II.

A Tiger Royal, King Tiger!

Seriously, like a KV-2 could damage that!

Amazingly, he put a hole right through the hull, and busted its tracks.

He must have some kind of special ammunition loaded into his gun.

The Steel Soldier backed off temporarily and took aim at a Panther, blowing it to pieces.

Boy, I was glad this guy wasn't my enemy when I was running from that volcano in my Panther.

Man, I have an eventful life.

A KV-13 rotated its turret to face Goliath, but the Tiger II was quicker on the draw.

The King Tiger's round went right through the KV-13, nearly destroying it.

I noticed an IS-3 driving up the hill near Kursk.

It fired at the KV-13 and blew it up.

The Steel Soldier fired a round at the IS-3, damaging its turret.


The Tiger II finished it.

As the Tiger II turned its attention to Goliath, the Soviet jumped out of the tank, and climbed onto the Tiger II.

I saw him wrestling with the crewmen, until he slaughtered them all.

I couldn't bear to look.

Then he ran back to Goliath and fired a round at the last tank; an M36 Slugger.

We checked out Hallemaier again.

He was doing better than before, but he still wasn’t completely healed.

Then, The Steel Soldier took a bunch of scrap metal from the other destroyed tanks and fitted it into place with the Tiger II, and took some spare wood and more metal, and repaired the track back to almost new.

I was amazed.

I asked, “Wow, that is remarkable! Where did you learn all of this!?”

“I taught myself” he replied.

“Even more impressive!” I exclaimed.

“Well, in this World of Tanks, it certainly helps to know this kind of thing!” he said again.

Me and my crew took control of the repaired Tiger II.

Speaking of my crew, it's about time I introduce them.

Hallemaier is the loader.

My name is Jordan Warscheler.

The gunner is named Otto.

The driver is Joseph.

The radioman is Karlheinz.

And the second loader is Max.

Hallemaier rode along in Goliath still because there appeared to be no more room in the Tiger II for him.

The Steel Soldier said, “Hey, I’d like my machine gun back now, but you can keep the grenades and mines in case you need this sort of thing!”

“Sure!” I replied, as I handed back the PPSh-41 & magazines.

We established a radio frequency.

“Goliath to King, do you read me? Over.”

“Yes, I can hear you well, over!” I replied.

“OK then, let’s go out there and battle together, comrade! Out!”

“Understood! Out!”

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Correction: He used scrap metal from some other tanks for the KT.

Other than that, everything checks out! Now, the real fun will begin!

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Be prepared for...
Chapter XIII: Battles and Curiosity

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 29 2012 - 17:38, said:

Correction: He used scrap metal from some other tanks for the KT.

Other than that, everything checks out! Now, the real fun will begin!


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Next chapter coming today or tomorrow, along with Alpha's.

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Hey, when's your next chapter coming? I've had my previous one finished a couple days ago.

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Alright guys sorry I'm taking a break from this story for a while. Sorry I've had a busy week.

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CHAPTER XIII: Battles and Curiosity

So, with that, we headed west, somewhere towards Germany.

We were heading down a small field over a hill when I heard the Soviet call to me over the radio...

“Excuse me, but I’ve been curious about that little gadget you’ve been carrying around, and I want to know what it is. Is it a camera? Is it a communicator device? Is it a…”

“That’s enough!” I shouted, “It’s a secret, so I’m not telling you!”

He replied: “Hey, I’m really curious about that thing, and I’m going to keep asking until you tell me! So what is it!? A control box for a secret weapon? Or is it a weapon all to itself? Or maybe it’s…”

“Okay, okay, OKAY!!!!” I yelled, “I’ll tell you, but you must promise that you will never, NEVER tell anyone else what it is, you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

I held the gadget firmly in my hand and muttered...

“On second thought, neither you nor anyone else might believe it.”

“Well, go on and tell me anyways! I’ve already seen some weird crap ever since the beginning of this chaos, so I’m willing to believe whatever you tell me!”

I looked over to Goliath, through a small peephole.

The Steel Soldier had his head out of the Commander's Cupola, and he had a firm expression on his face.

He was carrying his pistol.

“Well, all right. It’s missing some of the required components, but it’s supposed to allow you to teleport to different places.” I finished.

I saw him stare, and he was thinking, I saw him stare in awe, he turned his head and muttered something.

Then he mouthed the word, "Fuel."

I was pretty sure he was thinking something along the lines of "How the hell did the Germans get this technology, without using fuel to get places."

Now I think back and chuckle.

He actually looked pretty stupid to tell you, the way he was totally stunned.

I think of the day... the day that... well that's another story.

Anyways, I continued, “I would’ve used it to escape my tank before it was destroyed, but I lost it somehow. Good thing you found it, though! If only it still worked!”

He said, “I know the feeling.”

In a split second, I met his gaze to the a sign way off in the distance.

I looked through my binoculars.

Welcome to Ruinberg.

Well, maybe he was familiar with Ruinberg?

I really don't know.

I said...

“My name is Jordan Warscheler. What’s your name?”

“Actually, I don’t have a name,” he replied.

“Well, everybody has a name, don’t they? Personally, I think it’s Goliath because that’s what is painted on your tank, not to mention your radio call sign.”

“You’re not the first one. A few other people made that guess and they too were incorrect. As for the radio thing, I just used that because it was the first call sign that came to mind.” he said.

“Hmmm…why don’t I call you ‘The Steel Soldier’, or maybe just ‘Steel’? You are wearing a suit of armor, after all.”

“Call me whatever you want. As long as it’s not offensive, I don’t mind.”

“OK then!” I replied.

We made our way over to Ruinberg, and I still remember my first encounter with friendly tanks.

We entered the narrow street.

I saw a flicker of movement.

We started driving up the hill.

I saw the piles of debris.

Looks like they were propping the castle back up.

"Can we go on to Himmelsdorf, Steel? I've got buisness there."

"Yes, that's fine with me, Jordan," he replied.

We moved onward.

On the far end of the hill, where two paths connected to the hill, I urged Steel to stop.

“Wait! About the teleporter…”

The sudden halt of our tanks made Goliath skid its rear into a car, sending it flying at the old fuel dump.

“Yes?” he replied.

The car smashed against the fuel with a bang.

“I remember a guy in a KV who has a similar device! If we can find him, then maybe we can teleport back!”

The oil cans shifted, and rolled down off of the hill, down the steep drop where the castle was being rebuilt.

“Interesting, but where are we going to find him?”

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The oil cans exploded, knocking a mining truck out of action.

“I don’t know, but I’ve got an idea: He’s probably out of Germany by now, so let’s go back east!”

SMASH! The mining truck tipped over and fell with a crash, the driver bailed out.

“Sounds good to me! Besides, Himmelsdorf gives me the chills.”


"Ooh, talk about a chain reaction," I said as I gazed at the mining truck, “So, you said this place gives you the chills. Why is that?”

“I don’t know exactly why, but I think it may have something to do with these dreams I’ve been having lately. For the past few months, I’ve been having a dream about a shadowy figure, and there’s been some ominous chanting going on during these dreams. Recently, this shadowy figure and some unknown beings have been demanding a key from me, but I have no what this key is or even where to find it!”

I paused for a moment, then replied. “Wow, that is strange! If this figure really does exist, then we really should head back east!”

I recalled something I had seen regarding W.G., and it had to do with the strange figure in some way.

But I don't recognize W.G.'s affiliation with anything of that sort.

As we were heading back, though, a German company started coming our way.

They were equipped with standard Blitzkrieg equipment: Panzer IVs, Panthers, Tigers, Porsche Tigers and a Tiger II.

Unlike normal German tanks, these were painted in a dull yellow color rather than the typical “German Gray”.

I heard some music, and I recognized it right away. "Ride of the Valkries" by Richard Wagner.

Steel targeted the enemy King Tiger.

I fired a shot at the Tiger II. BOOM!

I broke its tracks.

My gunner yanked the turret controls around, and I fired at the Panzer IV that was sneaking up behind me.

I saw Goliath finish off a Tiger P, or maybe Tiger I...I wasn't sure...the turret was blown clean off the tank.

He then crushed a Panzerkampfwagen IV between his treads, destroying the cannon, and pulverizing the driver's area of operations.

He backed up, and fired his co-axle machine gun at the rest of the evacuated crew.

I fired a shot from my secondary cannon and finished them off.

I aimed at the enemy Tiger II.

"Load Armor Piercing SABOT!"




We both hit it at the same time and blew it up!

Lit that on fire!

We finished the battle without a problem, although I noticed Goliath was a little damaged.

He destroyed a Tiger, and the music stopped.

That must’ve been the tank that was playing it, or as we call, the announcer tank.

We quickly disposed of the remaining tanks, leaving a heap of scrap metal.

Steel got out of Goliath and found out what combat group it was.

I yelled, "It's Walküre!"

But he figured it out soon enough.

In English, Walküre means Valkyrie.

The SS Panzer Division “Walküre”

“Now, let’s get going!”

“Hold on,” he replied as he went to pry some scrap metal from one of the wrecks.

“We won’t need that!” I told him.

“Why not?”

“You’ll see!” I replied.

We kept heading back east until we spotted a KV-1 with a white stripe on the turret.

“It’s him!” I said, “Let me try to talk to him!”

The radio fell silent briefly, and then the KV-1 stopped.

Jordan signaled for me to come over, and I did.

We introduced each other, after which I  told the story of how we met at the Steppes, how his teleporter got lost in the commotion, and all that, how we came here looking for him, and about the mysterious chills of Himmelsdorf.

“…and that’s how I found it!” I finished by saying: “Could you please loan me yours for now?”

At first, the KV-1 driver thought it over, then replied: “Yes, here you go. However, you must return it intact!”

“I promise I’ll return it when I fix mine or get a new one! Thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome!” said the KV-1 driver.

I took the device, and pressed a button on it, and we were back in my garage.

Steel was amazed.

I climbed out of the Commander's Cupola and told him, “Wait just a minute, I’ll be back!”

I went to the storage closet and grabbed a teleporter device. I found they were called TankPortal.

I gave one to him.

“You’re welcome!” I replied, “Just remember to calibrate the device, OK?”

“OK, I will!”

He got back in his tank.

He radioed to me, “Hey Jordan, I think I’ve got this figured out! Let’s try going back to the Steppes!”

“Very well!”

I typed “STEPPES” using the keypad, and then pressed “BATTLE”.

Nothing happened.

Finally, Steel & I got our remotes synchronized, so we teleported to the Steppes.

I pressed AimRepair, on my remote, and aimed it at the Maus, which brought it back to factory condition.

The Steel Soldier was amazed.

He remarked, “That device is as good as my metallurgy skills!”

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Good job, but you made a huge error: Near the end, there was a part directly copied from my story, you know, the part about getting into Goliath. Remember, Goliath is my hero's tank!

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Yeah I copied some parts then modified them. Fixed that part.

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Chapter XIV: Turtle of Death

That night, we both had a vivid dream. A giant snapping turtle rose out of a lake and killed me and Steel. As it dove back in it seemed to sprout a gun.

I had no connection with that dream until the next day...

I opened the Commander's Cupola of my tank in which I had slept in.

The air was chilly and breezy, as I looked at the sky, in which half was blue and half was full of dark clouds.

I glanced at The Steel Soldier, who was gathering supplies.

Suddenly my jacket was seemingly pulling away from my skin, as a large wind howled.

I realized it wasn't wind, but something IN the wind.

I saw a fiery object in the distance, it seemed to be of a black hue.

I called to Steel, "You see that?!"

He replied, "What in Stalin's name is that?!"

My cap was blown off my head, as my hair blew in the rush of air.

I quickly grabbed it and fir it firmly on my skull.

I looked in the direction of the object, and then I noticed the German symbol on it.

"JET!!!!! JET!!!!!!" I shouted.

We ducked behind my Tiger II, which I now call Tiggy, Tigger, or King Tiggy.

The jet soared overhead and dropped about 8 bombs which made loud explosions behind us.

The jet circled in and was joined by 4 more.

A Spitfire swooped in and shot down one of the jets.

Eeeeooooowwww BOOM!

The other jets flew into the clouds, and the Spitfire quickly spun around and moved towards the mountains, where it landed on a snow-covered runway.

I glanced at Steel.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked him.

"I believe so," he replied.

We ran to the wreck of the jet plane, gathered what supplies we could, and darted back to our tanks.

I slid open the cupola and hopped inside, and slid it shut again.

"Hey Steel, ready your TankPortal! Set it to TurretAim, and aim your KV-2 turret at that airfield. If we miss this, we'll fly for a little while, and pretty soon we'll arc, and start to drop. We could end up in a desert!"

"I know. Let's try."

"Okay," I replied, "The horizon is thin in front of us, aim the crosshairs close. If you want to do it differently you can type in "SNOWY AIRFIELD" and choose the correct one. So what it be? TurretAim or SNOWY AIRFIELD?"

"SNOWY AIRFIELD," he replied.

"Okay," I said after looking up SNOWY AIRFIELD and finding the right location, "Choose MA British Air Portal Station 6."

"3, 2, 1, ENTER!"

We were immediately transported to the snow-covered airport.

The British Spitfire which had landed was now rolling down to the hangar.


Suddenly I heard a huge explosion coming from all directions, and I fell to the ground, as my TankPortal banged the ground too.

A bullet whizzed by me, the collision activated LAKEVILLE on the TankPortal, and then BATTLE activated, and everything went black.


I woke up on a makeshift stretcher next to Goliath.

"Where am I...who am I..."

Suddenly all my thoughts came back to me.

"Steel, what happened?"

Steel turned to me, as he was patching up my arm.

"We were in the center of a German bombing raid," he replied.

"That figures," I replied.

I closed my eyes and slept for the rest of the day.

The next day I woke up on a sunny morning.

Steel was cooking something near Goliath.

The lake shimmered and reflected the sun on the water.

I saw the drone of planes and noticed a squadron of American paradrop aircraft flying overhead, as the paratroopers went down over the town on the far side of the lake.

I also noticed a tank convoy rolling out on the opposite side of the lake too.

Steel told me, "You are all healed. You can get up now."

I realized I was.

I sat up and climbed onto King Tiggy.

I put my commander's cap on, saluted Steel, and ducked inside.

I rotated the turret to the far side of the lake and fired one shot.

I pulled my gloves over my hands and covered my ears.


A building toppled over onto an enemy M4 Sherman.

Steel hopped back into Goliath.

Suddenly the water bubbled, and a small piece of a tank hull rose out.

Steel cried, "SUBMARINE?"

I corrected him, "No, for a U-Boat or Submarine it wouldn't fit in a shallow lake like this. This thing is on the ground."

Suddenly, it climbed a sand bar and with a splash rose out of the lake.

At first we rubbed our eyes and remembered our dreams, "THE TURTLE!!!!"

I looked at Steel, and asked, "You had the same dream as me?"

"I think so," he replied.

I realized the tank that rose out of the water was the largest T95 I had ever seen.

It lumbered on to the land.

Then it rotated its turret slowly.

TURRET? ROTATE? This is a tank destroyer! A non-turreted vehicle!

I remembered a tank design I had seen before.

This was a T28 Prototype II, a truly enourmous tank destroyer with a turret that could rotate 280 degrees.

This means it couldn't shoot targets directly at its rear.

The tank was also submersible.


"But its rear is in the water!"

"Then we'll improvise!" I finished.

I grabbed an anti-tank grenade and threw it at the T28's rear.

The blast damaged the T28 slightly.

It lumbered all the way on to land now.

Goliath started distracting it at the front while I pounded away at its rear.

Steel was moving back and forth so the T28 Prototype II kept having to aim in the wrong direction, and when he got frustrated he fired at the cliff in front of him, missing The Steel Soldier's Goliath and knocking down the entire cliff on top of a section of his hull.

Steel escaped just before the cliff hit the T28.

I fired another shot at his rear, which lit his engine on fire.

The crew bailed out, and one crewman shot at me, which I wounded him with my submachinegun.

Steel hopped out and pulled out his Tokarev, but I urged him to cease fire.

The crew tossed their weapons in the water, which was restless for a few seconds as the grenades detonated.

They put their hands up as the mighty American tank destroyer exploded into a flaming wreck of pulverized scrap metal.

We teleported to an American village with them, dropped them off, then teleported back to Himmelsdorf and back to my Garage.

I parked Tiggy inside, as me and Steel heard a rumbling sound outside.

We peeked out only to see an entire tank company of Mauses pointing their cannons at us.

In the next chapter...

Rattes, I can't tell you!

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OK, this is a pretty weird chapter, but still interesting!

P.S., If you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do in the next chapter...well, let's just say there's a reason why that bad dude is called "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Story" in my universe.

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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jul 07 2012 - 07:15, said:

OK, this is a pretty weird chapter, but still interesting!

P.S., If you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do in the next chapter...well, let's just say there's a reason why that bad dude is called "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Story" in my universe.

I know. In your story you just see a giant cannon peek over a ridge and destroy tanks.


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A Maus shot destroyed Steel's tank and unfortunately blew off his armor suit...

He was dying there, and I quickly teleported to the Hilltop with my Ratte and blew up those Mauses.

Suddenly, I saw a huge wave of blue and green liquids coming from the garage, as Steel was teleported away, and his teleporter lay on the ground, reading the words: Emergency Teleport: Hideout.

Chapter XV: On The Road Again

Well, looks like I'm back on my own again.

Steel isn't dead, but he probably needs to process everything to, he ALMOST died.

So, I figured I'd take my Ratte for a spin, since it's already out.

I drove down to Prokhorovka, gazing at the sunny fields.

Suddenly a large artillery piece pointed its cannon at me.

I thought it was just an S-51.

Then I realized: This was the largets tank/howitzer/SPG ever to see planet earth.

I got out of my tank, and I locked the hatch.

I slowly approached this beast.

On the left side of the vehicle, I spied the Wehrmacht logo, and a row of horrifying letters, forming one word: Landkreuzer.

I stared at my Ratte: My Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte.

Okay, so what could this monster be?


It fired its cannon and destroyed a Maus in the distance.

Then, I realized, what this monster was.

This monster, was a Monster.

A P.1500 Monster.

Jeez, talk about heavy firepower.


Another tank went up in flames.

I decided to hightail it out of there.

I quickly unlocked my hatch, stepped inside and drove off.

I drove off down a highway...

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ehhh, Rattes and Monsters now?

your gonna need a freaking land-aircraft carrier to take it down!

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A P.1500 Monster? I'm amazed these things can navigate the battlefield without turning into insanely expensive bunkers!

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Problem. The Landkreuzer Ratte requires a crew of over 20 to move, with 41 to load and shoot. It can't be piloted by a single person.

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