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Which country is best to start with and should I stay with just that country

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Capwill73 #1 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:13


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Heya guys

I think I might have messed up I was told by a friend that the best country to start with was Russia but I seem to get killed real quick even with my medium tank going against a light tank. I don't have the money right now to buy gold, so I started to to use the American tanks and seem to be doing a little better. I was wondering should I get rid of all my Russian tanks and just go with all American instead of the mixture of both Russian and American. :Smile_mellow:

I have only been playing this game for about 6 days and feel like no matter what I do I seem to be getting my butt handed to me :arta:  I will admit I am a noob with this game, but I really want to be able to start one living longer and two get more kills can anyone help me with any GOOD advice as to which country to go with and also if I should stay with the light tanks till I really get some good experience under my belt before I try to take on the medium tanks. :Smile_glasses:

Valmorgan #2 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:18


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Russia if you work well with others, because thier design being generally light and fast is more in tune with cavalry tactics. Weaker armor in comparison, and less accurate guns but generally more mobile. See BT-2 for an early Russian design philosophy example. Genghis Kahn would have creamed over it.

Germany if you prize accuracy and city fighting. Mercedes Benz with turrets. Kinda slow though. Panzers. nuff said.

US if you like hillfighting, mobile cavalry, and generally all around well rounded designs. Pretty damn accurate guns but not German accurate. Enginuity is the hallmark of US designs, such as the awesome gun depression angle on a Sherman, If you play US though learn how to angle your armor so more incoming shots bounce. many examples sacrifice armor for mobility.

French if you think youre a turtle, but want to grow up into a rabbit, and used to play dwarves in dungeons and dragons. Oh and as good if not better artillery than others. Fun out there almost whimsical at times designs, stressing armor (read: heavy and slow but take a beating) early designs, but as is historically consistant, they learned the the hard way that the  maginot line philosophy was in error as it is inconsistant with a rapidly moving battlefield and they begin to develop awesome wicked fast AMX type designs with very fast reload guns.

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Qwertythedog #3 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:19


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I have stayed with the Americans ever since I started here, and it's been going great. Pick the Americans

TheRonmasteh #4 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:22


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TBH, Russian heavy tanks (Specifically, IS) are somewhat forgiving and a good line to start with.

But again, take in mind ALL and EVERY tanks are better and worse than others on every way possible (One can do X, but the other does Y better).

IMO, American mediums suit better for me. They are overall better for me, at the expense of some armor, and high top speed.

SpudNuts #5 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:26


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Plus you may just suck at lower tanks and excell when you get to heavies.

And maybe try some TD's

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eggraider #6 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:31


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Although I too am still a bit inexperienced, I have played most all of the tanks up to tier 4.  I have found the American tanks to be very well rounded.  Not bad at anything, but not particularly shining at anything either except in situations where you can use terrain in order to exploit the generally robust turret armor and the excellent hull down capability they bring to the field.  Outside of that line the only tanks I play are AMX 13 75, Churchill and T-50.  I believe everybody that plays this game should own a T-50 though...IMO it is the most fun tank to just drive around in, in the game!

Whoops almost forgot the Pz III is my all time favorite tier 4 in the game....

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IndygoEEI #7 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 00:39


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OP, you'll probably find yourself changing countries a lot.  I started Pure US
but went down the French line Light/Med line.  When I got to AMX 40, I
became hooked and it eventually grew worse with each new French Tank.
Eventually, I will stay French.  However, I'm still for US Firepower and will
continue to collect tanks that interest me in that line.  I only went Russian
because of the bonuses in the 7.3 patch.  I have dumped a couple tanks
in that Nation since.

Capwill73 #8 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 01:40


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I started using German tanks a lot of fun and very good hit ratio for the guns, I wish they let you trade experience for gold so I can buy some even better ammo and tanks. Do the German tanks get better as you go higher in terms of going from light to heavy?

Jerry2539 #9 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 02:30


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Pick the country you like most or you'll ended up feeling "I should've play that country since the beginning".

and as for the perfomance wise Valmorgan pretty much hit it, although I wouldn't agree with him saying german are great at "city fighting". They are indeed have overall most accurate cannon out of all nation. make them extremely great at sniping/long range supporting.

Light tank
Medium tank
Heavy Tank
Arty = *Vomit
Tank Destroyer

View PostCapwill73, on Jun 22 2012 - 01:40, said:

I wish they let you trade experience for gold so I can buy some even better ammo and tanks.
yes you can, when you have all module researched you will "elite" the tank you've fully research, which you can use the leftover experience to accelerate crew training or use gold to change it into "free experience" (which can be use on anything).

View PostCapwill73, on Jun 22 2012 - 01:40, said:

Do the German tanks get better as you go higher in terms of going from light to heavy?
indeed it get better as you're going toward heavy.
now since it seem like you're going toward using heavy tank, I'd strongly suggest that you research the E-100 and Maus since you'll have to pick one (or both). both maus and E100 have their good and bad side, so pick one that fit you more.

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ItsGonRain #10 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 02:56

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Hard to say as each country has a little bit of everything.

Germany: Mostly snipers
Russia: Mostly brawlers with inaccurate guns but they usually do the most damage in their tier
US: Balanced overall and usually have better gun depression than other nations
French: Low tier: High armour,slow and mediocre gun.  High tier: Flimsy glass cannons that can unload all their damage up front.

daVinci761st #11 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 03:00


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To be honest, it is up to you. Each country has good tanks. It really depends on how you like to play, what style. Do you like to run and gun or sit back in a bush and snipe?

I have both German heavies and have worked up to the IS-3 in the Russian heavy line. I like both heavies. The Russian heavies are more for brawling up close from what I have experienced; while the German heavies are better at fighting from distance. The German tanks have more accurate guns at distance from my experience thus far.

For mediums, I have worked up to both tier 6 VK3401H and T-34-85. Both German and Russian medium tanks are good. The German are more of a sniper type medium, while I use my Russian mediums to flank and get up and brawl up close.

Don't have as much experience on the American line, and I've only worked up to the AMX 1390 on the French line; however, the AMX 1375 and 1390 are both fun tanks.

You can stick with one country if you want, but you don't have to. Just have fun.

Samalander #12 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 05:33


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Here's some useful advice to the OP. You've only been playing for 6 days and you get killed alot. After you die.... DON'T go back to the garage. You can, after you die, right click and 'ride along' with the other players on your team. Do that and watch how the other players play their tanks (especially the players that rack up 5 or more kills per game). You will, IMHO, learn alot on how to play the tanks from all of the nations and see some things done by those other tankers that you might not have thought was possible. I do it all the time and when I try something that I saw someone else do and it actually works for me, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside lol.

M47Dragon #13 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 06:00


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My suggestion is to take a good long look at each country's tank tech map screen in your garrage and chart the way each country's tree branches out down the tiers.

Pick the tank line that has the most branches available to it.

Germany's Tech Tree:

Pz 35(t) start. From there, you can just go all the way down the line to the Maus or you can skip across to the Tank Destroyer line at the Pz 38(na) to Hezter
Pz 4 of the same line skips across to the Vk3601(H) who's line goes to the E100 heavy.
VK3601(H) can skip across to the VK3002(DB) which skips across to the Pz5 Panther which can take you to the E-50 medium.

This cuts a diagonal all the way across the German tree except for arty. It would be a lot of grinding to go all the way across but if you find a tank you like along the way, you win, and if you don't you've got the foundation work to skip a lot of the low end stuff.

I'm not saying that the whole diagonal should be researched but I do suggest researching the branches as they show up in a particular tank's upgrade page so that if you later decide you'd like to move over to the line opened up in such a manner, that you can do so with less muss and fuss than if you had to start your new desired tank's tree from the dirt level.

Because, at least for most folk, it's a sure bet that what you think you want now wont be what you wish you had when you get where you thought you wanted to go. These games are funny like that.

TPenner1995 #14 Posted Jun 22 2012 - 06:01


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Most of the tanks I have American. They seem to get the ob done as long as you have the best of the best. They are a real thriller and are cool in there own way. It really doesn't matter what "brand' of tank you have, it just matters what you prefer the best. :)

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