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Schozzbot #1 Posted Jun 23 2012 - 16:45

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I have seen lots of T49s do well in games, so I finally got one.

My first match was marvelous - got a few kills and we won! Yayhoo!

Since then it has been sheer agony. A 38% win ratio with the latest lost coming in a 15-2 butt whipping.

It seems I am nearly always a bottom two or three tank and the teams appear to be infiltrated with lemmings. Before I get to fire a shot, a third of the team is gone sometimes.

Now let me say, I have 27 tanks in my garage and I have never had this miserable a time with any of them. I have enjoyed most all I have played.

Tell me, will it get better or should I bite the bullet and use almost all my free experrience to garner a Hellcat? ( I *really* don't want to do that as I'm saving it for something super special)

All good advice welcome.


SunFlash #2 Posted Jun 23 2012 - 16:46


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Try to play it like a scout, spot, dont get shot, etc.

TheFlyingPig #3 Posted Jun 23 2012 - 17:00


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T49 is a very offensive tank you need to know how to drive like a T-50-2 to really get the hang of this tank. Hellcat has thee puniest armor but the big gun is incedible you should only play it defensive becuase of the lack of armor and turret traverse.To tell the truth I loved my T49 but it was my favorite stalker tank I used it sorta like a E8 except with a bigger gun for its tier but more fragile.As for the hellcat its lack of armor really stinks so ur basicly forced to play those all mobility, 0 armor, russian TD's (which I my self hated but thats probably because I used to charge with em cause id get bored fast) but from my experience they are both very good tanks if used right. Now you see ppl rushing in with their hellcat trying to scout but they always DIE because of thier speed, track traverse, and turret traverse, anything behind you will destory you before you can even face them.I suggest you keep your T49 and free exp and just see if you like it :Smile_honoring: .

Edit: from what ive seen most t-50-2's do a kinda scouting that i call ghost scouting (see the enemy, zig zag back, come back in 30secs)

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wafflechampion #4 Posted Jun 23 2012 - 17:05


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The hellcat is amazing its that god awful t25/2 after that you need to think about if its worth the headache...

Schozzbot #5 Posted Jun 23 2012 - 17:44

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I took the free experience needed to get all the modules and it is behaving far better. I'll play this until the crew is back up to 100% and they top out camo, then perhaps get the 'Cat.

I don't play a T-50-2 yet but I do have a T-50 and a Luchs for scouting missions. I must say, I don't like this near as much in the scouting role.

Perhaps my string of bads teams is over for awhile as I think I've won two in a row!


Chojin #6 Posted Jun 25 2012 - 22:03

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I've been enjoying the T49. It's great to be able to maneuver around the battlefield with a gun that people can't ignore. I just always remember the T49 has no armor.   If I ever take a hit, even it is doesn't destroy me, I consider it a failure that I shouldn't have let happen.

Keep moving if you can.   Cower and hide if you can't and wait for the chance to jump on someone ninja-style.  Then run like heck :)

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CombatCommandR #7 Posted Jun 25 2012 - 22:44


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I tend to agree with the prior post. The T-49 has good manuverablity, also good speed that you can use to get to the critical spots on the battlefield. I have over 900 battles in mine and a 54% win rate. Doesn't matter if I am near the bottom or the top of the team, its all about getting to a position to cause damage to the enemy tanks, a position that provides decent proctection. Find a position with cover or hull down. Get the rammer to increase the reload time even more and the 49 is like a semi-auto pistol. I usually crack off 2-3 rounds then get back in cover to avoid hits.  Some hotter firefights I have shocked myself by almost runnning out of ammo. Even 45 shells isn't enough it seems.

I also use its speed (not quite as good as Hellcat, which I also have and love) to reposition and help out heavies in need of help by flanking or getting behind the enemy vehicle and shooting as fast as reloads happen. Even if all I can do is pepper the enemy tank I at least try to provide a distraction, take out a track or gain their attention long enough to provide opportunity for friendly tanks to do finish them off. Fun to go after arty when the opportunity is there.

My goal is always to make heavier enemy tanks regret thinking the T-49 will be an easy kill and not a threat.  Shoot, hide, scoot.

WhiteValkyrie #8 Posted Jun 25 2012 - 23:54

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i got plenty of top guns in this thing...
and let me tell you... YOU ARE NOT A SCOUT!

hide in a bush and shoot anything that comes by in weak points and use your superior speed to relocate if things get mushy...

your m1a1 shoots just as fast as the second come on the M10 and easy 8... so yeah... throw a rammer on there and have fun!

i personally like it more than the m18

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