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WoT Chronicles: The Missunderstood Mismatch

(title subject to change) Story

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k9catforce #1 Posted Jun 28 2012 - 17:42


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So here is my attempt to make a story similar to AlphaAndOmega's great story post:


Cheesellama also made a post here:


So thanks for the inspiration guys. Hope you enjoy it, and it probably won't be as good as AlphaAndOmega's....

so here goes nothing:


It's not everyday you see an african american tank commander,

But then again, My whole tank crew is not normal.

The loader and driver are also African American.

The gunner is chinese, and the radio operator is white.

We all had a different story to how we got here.

I started off in a berry farm in the south, where my parents tought me everything from how to fix a tractor to how to identify wild plants. I was also taught how to read and write, as my parents were one of the few who were literate. (strangely enough, whenever my parents had to kill a chicken, I was usually protesting outside. Why kill something you took so much time and effort to raise?)

When the war started, my brother was caught up in the propaganda and was one of the first to go and volunteer to the military. He was only used for hard labor, and quickly died in a german bombing run.

I was soon picked up by the government, and shipped to Europe, where we were trained in tank combat, and hazed heavily, but had no tanks. (the tanks we had were outdated, called a T1 Cunningham. it was the tractor back at home but with a turret and a gun.) I met  most of my crew there.

The economy fell, and the government went with it. it turned into a brawl, every man for himself. Then, the germans came.

I went with some of my classmates, (now my current crew, with the exception of the radio operator.) and hopped into the most advanced tank-like-object we could find.

This one didn't have a turret.

Heck, this one didn't even have a roof.

But the one thing it had was was a 105mm gun.

We later learned that this was called a a T40 Tank Destroyer.

That explained how it didn't have a turret. we grabbed as much fuel, food, and water as possible, as well as a repair kit.

The driver drove us into the forest, far away from the relative safety of the base.......  

So that's all I have for now, as I don't want to go too deep into the story if you guys don't like it, or you don't want me to continue.

Thanks for taking the time to read chapter 1!

cheesellama #2 Posted Jun 28 2012 - 19:04


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View Postk9catforce, on Jun 28 2012 - 17:42, said:

So here is my attempt to make a story similar to AlphaAndOmega's great story post:


Cheesellama also made a post here:


I'm glad you consider mine and Alpha's the best, lol. :D

BTW good job. +1

k9catforce #3 Posted Jun 28 2012 - 22:55


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Chapter 2

The story of the radio operator is a different one.

We picked him up from a partially destroyed tank, and fixed him up.

Turns out he is fluent in german, russian, and french.

At first he was uneasy at the prospect of an African American tank commander, but seeing as we fixed him up, he seems to be fine with it.

Anyways, Driving the T40 into the forest was uneventful. As the forest thinned out, we came upon an abandoned airfield.

We took residence in an empty hangar.

Inside the T40 was a tiny little spiral bound book full of tank identification charts.

The next tank after the T40, The M10 tank destroyer.

This was odd, as it had a turret. My thoughts were interrupted as a damaged panzer 3/4 rumbled by.

The hanger was dark, so I didn't think he saw me. he stopped. Perfect target practice....


with everyone in the tank, and the still oblivious panzer ahead, I shouted,





The shot kicked up dust that blocked the view of the panzer.

as the dust cleared, it was clear that we missed.

The panzer turned it's turret around like a stabbed mouse, quickly accelerated toward the hanger that we were in, and fired.

The first shot missed, but hit so close, I could have sworn the ground shook a bit. There was a gaping hole about 2 feet from my tank.

The driver just gunned it. out of the hangar we went..... big mistake.

Soon the panzer was circling us, and my gunner was having a hard time turning to meet him. I now knew the use of a turret.


A part of the back of the T40 was gone. Hot metal tore through my skin, but the adrenaline kept me going.

The Driver suddenly stopped.



The panzer, already going fast, had a hard time stopping. when it did stop, it stopped right in front of our 105mm howitzer.


A giant flaming metal hulk replaced the panzer. after the shock and awe of the skirmish wore off, I had just realized I had killed at least 3 people.


"He don't look too good..."

before my eyes, the tank commander of the panzer managed to get out of his tank, rolled on the floor to kill off what flames he had on his body, got up, tried to pull out his luger pistol, but collapsed halfway through.

"did he just die?"

"I dunno, let's check."

The gunner and the radioman both hopped out of the tank, and proceeded to approach the fallen german tank commander.

"I feel a pulse!"

The loader, with hatred in his eyes, yelled, "LEAVE HIM THERE! LET HIM DIE!"

The gunner, respond with "Now that's just cruel. maybe we can recruit him to help..."


"he's probably just as scared of us as we are scared of him."


I quickly broke up the quarrel by shouting,

"ENOUGH!" "we'll take him in, and ask him to help us. if he doesn't, we'll throw him in the forest"

The radioman out of the blue observed, "I think he's regaining consciousnesses."

It was soon clear that the tank commander was crying. "NIEN!....NIEN!..."

I ordered the gunner and radioman to pick him up and lay him down on a cot in the hangar. We took his luger away and moved the cot away in a separate, empty room and locked the door....

Thenoob1234 #4 Posted Jun 29 2012 - 01:31

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Not bad. Your writing skills are exlemplary. A good beggining is always the right way to start. Currently, so far that i've read, I'd rate it a 9/10. Keep up the great work!

AlphaAndOmega #5 Posted Jun 29 2012 - 03:41

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Thanks for the praise, and I enjoy this one so far! I can't wait to see which TD tree they pick!

k9catforce #6 Posted Jun 29 2012 - 04:47


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thanks for the positive feedback! if you have a suggestion, feel free to post tit here.

oh, and Alpha, feel free to write about my characters. :Smile_great:

same goes to cheesellama

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k9catforce #7 Posted Jun 29 2012 - 17:48


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Chapter 3

The next day we woke up to the sound of tapping.

Our german "guest" was knocking on the door, presumably to get out.

As everyone got up, the loader didn't even take a glance, and started on making breakfast.

The gunner went to find the key.

The loader and the driver both kept staring at the door, as if waiting for something.

I went to the tank identification book to learn a little more about this M10 Wolverine.

Turns out it can't load the same 105mm as the T40.... dang it....

it also doesn't go as fast, has the same if not WORSE armor, and the turret would be hard to maintain.

Why would something inferior be "superior"?

Meanwhile, the gunner had found the key and was opening the lock.


chunk! Creeeeeeeek!

The door opened.

upon seeing the gunner, who was chinese, the german started saying whatever japanese he could. The radioman quickly corrected him.

*note that any conversations with other nationality's tankers will be written in english for ease of reading, but know that the conversation is actually happening in the other tanker's nationality's language, unless noted.*

"You do know that guy is chinese...."

"ooops.... sorry.."

"please don't kill me... I have a wife and kids..."

"oh really? where are you from?"

"some little town called Ruinberg."

"do you know if there are supplies there?"

"probably, but I haven't been there since... it might be destroyed."

"Do all of you speak german?"

"no, only me.."

"And your not going to kill me?"

"No, we will treat your wounds and feed you."

"Wow.. the fuehrer insisted that the Americans you promptly kill any POWs."

"That's the soviets... anyway, there is one catch."

"knew it! there is always a catch!"

"listen, you must help fix the tank and keep it up to shape."

"and if I don't?"

"then we wish you farewell, and hope your survival skills are up to par."

"so your throwing me into the forest?"

"to put it quite blatantly, yes."

After some "alone time" the german finally spoke:

"I'll do it, but you must promise not to kill me, or endanger my life."

"thanks for your wise decision."

"Hey! Commander! This german guy will help!"

The loader looked very displeased.

"Give him some milk and bread! that's all the rations we have."

"Did you ask him about any sort of supply dump?"

"He stated some city called Ruinberg."

"All right guys, let's eat and let's go!"

"Next Stop, Ruinberg!"

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AlphaAndOmega #8 Posted Jun 29 2012 - 22:46

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You know, I think it's interesting that you have multinational crewmen. I kinda wish they'd let us do it in World of Tanks, but I'm not sure how that'd work out.

In any case, I believe that when writing WoT fafiction, it's good to include a thing or two (or three) that would be impossible to do in-game!

k9catforce #9 Posted Jul 01 2012 - 20:56


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jun 29 2012 - 22:46, said:

You know, I think it's interesting that you have multinational crewmen. I kinda wish they'd let us do it in World of Tanks, but I'm not sure how that'd work out.

In any case, I believe that when writing WoT fafiction, it's good to include a thing or two (or three) that would be impossible to do in-game!

well, they aren't really multi-national... only the gunner is chinese (from a different country), and even so, he spent the majority of his life in the states. (more on that in the next chapter)  

the US is a very multi-national country, so I might add some more crew.... it depends how many crew are in the T30 and T95.

Expect a new chapter soon!

WolfofBattle #10 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 03:14


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I may just want to do one of my own now.

BTW, +1.

k9catforce #11 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 03:29


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Sorry for not posting for a while, so I'll try and make this one longer.


The ride to ruinberg was uneventful.

The German commander came along to give directions. He's apparently a very good mechanic.

He fixed the T40 in about an hour. Let's just hope he doesn't sabotage our tank.

When we did get there, things became, should I say, weird......

"Sir, I've picked up something on the radio..... it sounds like quacking....."

"Is this some kind of joke?"

"no sir! listen for yourself!"

I turned the radio's volume higher


"Is that a french accent?"


The gunner then piped up:

"Sir, some tanks spotted."

And a quick look with binoculars confirmed this... and to be honest, I swear those tanks looked like ducks.

With a rounded turret and body, They looked almost.... cute.

The turret also two tiny lumps on the sides for eyes..... it was as if the tank designers specifically modeled it after a duck.


"Fire back!"


One down, 5 more to go.





I was like target practice. The duck tanks were too slow to react.



"I'm turning it.. I'm turning it!"


"Damn, that thing almost hit us!"



"Last tank destroyed!"

And out of the blue, on the radio:

"I saw what you did there! pretty impressive."


" I'll give you and offer..."

A King Tiger appeared from a bush. The German commander ducked in fear.

"What is it?" "AND WHO ARE YOU!?"

"You follow me and help me, and I won't shoot you." (his English was pretty good for a german.)

"That gun does look menacing..."

the crew debated for a while. we decided to follow him, as we didn't want to get shot.

That gun could end our lives in a split second.

We followed him for a while. Town after town after town. Then suddently,


The king tiger exploded.


We kept going around and around in swirls, but that was the only artillery shell that we saw.

It soon became clear.... mines.

we immediately stopped.

The loader was crawling out of the tank.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to search this king tiger."


"Well, we didn't find any supplies in ruinberg, but we might be able to loot the king tiger."

"You sure you want to go out there?"

"Look, we're all hungry and the hangar is a few days away."

I couldn't argue with that.

"OK then, bring the 1911 for protection, and watch for mines. be careful." I was still a bit uneasy.

After a while he came back, one hand with canned meat and powdered milk, the other, a map.

"There's a star here... might be a stronghold!"

This was getting peculiar, but hunger drove us to follow the map, albeit at a slower pace.

When we did get there, we found not only food and drink, but whole garage of tanks.

This was in some sort of military testing ground.

This guy had everything from a tiger to a T110e5. I think this guy is a collector.

The tank I was most interested in, was a rusted hulk. It was HUGE! The mystery tank was flat, had two pairs of tracks, and had the biggest gun I had seen.

After  a look inside, a found a manual. The Title:


So this behemoth of a tank was called a T95.

"Hey guys, you think we can fix this?"

"Woah, look at the size of that thing!"

"Look! a star.. this thing's american!"

The german commander, once noticing the star, had a strange look on his face.

"Are all american tanks like this?"

I took another look at this behemouth, and then decided, if we could get this thing running again, we would be pretty much unstoppable.

"Guys, Tomorrow, we start work on this thing."

there was no opposition to my remark. guess they had the same Idea as I had.

The next day, we started work. Guess the tractor fixing skills I was taught on the farm in my childhood really did have a use.

Loader: "Hey, can someone hand me a hammer?"

Gunner: "A screw would be more efficient."

Ha, the gunner and the loader. they are like two brothers who keep fighting.

The gunner is the more slower paced theoretical one. he's the thinker.

The loader on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He's a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy, and usually relies on brute force.

Sometimes I think I'm the lone parent caring for these "kids."

Anyway, When we were finished, We started up the engine.



"Everything looks good commander!"

"Great! Let's go!"

We started off, and slowly accelerated toward a flat plain.


"No sir, 13km/h and I'm pushing it."

"The controls are a little funky, so it might be able to go faster once I get the hang of it."

"OK, just checking."

"Hey gunner, try firing the gun at that little empty shack over there!"


Shack? what shack? The shack was gone, and in it's place, a crater.

I like this new tank.

"I think I see a road! let's follow it."


One tank was in size similar to the T95, and was in german grey. the other, well, it's turret looked like a box, and the only defining feature was the big letters on it. It read:


"we're gonna have to deal with them sooner or later!"

"I don't think they see us"

"Radioman, tell the german commander to see if he can identify the tanks."

The german took a look.


"what is it?"

"The weapon!"

"what weapon?"


"And it's working with... HIM!?"

The german then promptly cowered in fear.

"Who is this Him?"

"well, it's a KV-2, but he wiped out our whole company before... be VERY VERY careful."

"Sir, he says the german tank is called a maus, and that to be careful around that other tank, which is called a KV-2. It wiped out his whole company before."

I decided to take the shots. Let's see how this tank does in combat.

"Gunner, get ready!"

"Target is gone sir!"


"Take a look!"

where the maus and "Goliath" were, there was nothing. no smoke, no poof, there was just nothing.

"How is that possible?"

"I dunno, they just disappeared."

"I'm getting a bit creeped out here!"

First quacking duck tanks and now disappearing heavy tanks? What is this madness?

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k9catforce #12 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 03:33


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Don't worry, The crew will have to grind out the Turreted line. I'm just not willing to write about grinding both lines at the same time.

Oh,  Alpha and general, if you want me to edit out the part featuring Goliath and the maus, just say so!

AlphaAndOmega #13 Posted Jul 04 2012 - 16:31

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Wow...they go from the T40 to the Terrible 95 in such a short time!? Are they using gold to convert free EXP from some unidentified source?

Also, I do admit that a KV-2 is hopeless against a Terrible 95 in direct confrontations, but with a little ingenuity...heh heh heh... :Smile-playing:

k9catforce #14 Posted Jul 04 2012 - 18:13


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jul 04 2012 - 16:31, said:

Wow...they go from the T40 to the Terrible 95 in such a short time!? Are they using gold to convert free EXP from some unidentified source?

Also, I do admit that a KV-2 is hopeless against a Terrible 95 in direct confrontations, but with a little ingenuity...heh heh heh... :Smile-playing:

"gold" will be explaned in a later chapter. and they will have to grind out the turreted line.

**hint** dat KV-2 probably goes faster than the T95, so I do think you could probably flank it easy. or, this:


k9catforce #15 Posted Jul 05 2012 - 07:08


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WARNING! This chapter does contain racial slurs that are censored by the "*" thingys, so read with caution, and I'll try to make this chapter as irrelevant to the rest of the plot as possible so those who choose not to read it won't have to.

Chapter 5:

Back at the king tiger's tank collection, we reloaded and refueled the T95 and decided to look around some more.

The german commander was especially interested in a panther 2.

He hasn't really been against us, so I thought it would be ok to leave him alone.

He probably wouldn't survive long out there alone anyway.

Searching through the King Tiger's desk, I found an ad for what looked like a tank factory.



a tank factory? money is pretty much worthless, so why would someone be able to sell something?

There were more tank identification books, and we learned that the duck tanks were called AMX 40's, and that "Goliath" could carry a 152mm gun. scary.

Granted, the T95 we had mounted a 155mm, but a 152mm on a tier 6 tank? (the book also explained how tanks are rated in "tiers", with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.)

What was the crew doing?

"Hey, Commander! check this out!"

"It's a TD, but with a TURRET!"

"What's it called?"

"An M10 Wolverine."

"The 76mm gun on it won't do much to anything bigger than say, a panzer 4, but that turret looks intresting!"

As I was walking over to investigate, the loader shouted,


"that's my line....."

"sorry, commander... always wanted to say that..."

"You heard the loader! Scramble to the T95!"

We started up the engine, and exited the garage.

"Where are the tanks?"

"they were there a minuet ago!"

"I don't think so..."

Next thing you know, a T-26 (a russian light tank, a tier 2 I believe.) is running full speed away from something.

That something, was The german's commander's new panther 2.

I wonder what the T-26's commander was thinking.

probably something along the lines of "HOLY ****!!!!!"

I laughed.


the T-26 was gone.

"Well, we are already in the tank, and we have yet to test it in battle, so let's go!"


"we'll find out soon enough."

We left, and followed the road.

"Commander, I have received some radio message! it's.... a female voice..."

"HELP!!! ANYONE!!!!"

Looking through the view port, I was a M4 Sherman being swarmed by a full pack of at least 5 MS-1's..

The female tank commander was obviously panicking, as her shots kept missing.

I found this hilarious, as the MS-1's shots couldn't penetrate even the back of the Sherman.

"Tell her we are on the way."

"Gunner, aim at the MS-1's but be careful not to damage the M4!"

"Yes sir!"



a good 4 of the MS-1's were taken out... the remaining one turned his turret, and fired at us...




The last MS-1 was gone.

"Thank you to whoever took out those tanks! Please show yourself!"

We drove out of the bush we were in.

"That's one very impressive tank!"

She opened the hatch of her tank and poked her head and body out.

She waved. She was a blonde, with blue eyes and a short nose.

She gestured me to get out of the tank as well.

I ordered my crew to cover me, and I hopped out as well.

Her face turned from happiness, to disgust.

"I didn't expect to be saved by a n*****!"

She promptly hopped back in her tank, and drove away.

This feeling of guilt came, which was slowly being replaced with anger.

soon, my whole body was flowing with anger.

"Gunner, aim for that M4."


"Just do it!"



the M4 went up in flames.

The woman and her crew jumped out of the flaming wreck and scattered.

Then over the radio,


With the anger almost gone, I finally began to notice what I had just done.


A T29 appeared from over the hill.

"The gun's not loaded yet!"

"Turn the front toward the T29! we have more armor there!"



Thank god that didn't go through.



"That one took off our track!"

"He's trying to flank us!"


"That one hit our engine!"

"I think he's using HE rounds!"


The T29 went up in flames.

"Who got him!?"

It was the german commander and his panther 2.

"Where did he get crew members?"

"I don't know, but I guess we'll find out!"

AlphaAndOmega #16 Posted Jul 05 2012 - 18:49

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Wow. That was cold.

Other than that loss of judgment, it was a pretty good chapter. I'd love to see a lone T95 set up a match with MS-1s!

k9catforce #17 Posted Jul 07 2012 - 20:34


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We were driving in our T95, when Goliath and the Maus appeared.

We took out the Maus quickly, and then came Goliath.


Goliath was knocked out, but then some guy in armor akin to a knight's opened the hatch, and hopped out.

"Fire the Machine guns!"

All of the rounds bounced off his armor.

He slowly walked toward our T95.

In one hand, a sub machine gun with a sawed off stock.

In the other, was some metal box.

Our Machine gun still did nothing.


"I'm out!"

He placed the metal box on our tank, and started running away.

It soon became apparent what the metal box was.

a satchel charge.



Our proud and mighty T95 was reduced to flaming scrap metal.

Once hearing the boom, The metal man changed direction and ran toward us.



The Radioman and gunner dropped dead.

The sub machine gun in his hand was smoking.

I pulled out my 1911.





Is this guy invincible?



The driver and loader dropped, screamed and went limp.

By that time, The metal man was upon me, pulled out his pistol, and fired.

All I could see after that was black. Was I dead?



I burst out of bed.

The gunner and loader were peering over me, arguing over the best way to get me up.

"Your usually up by now... are you sick?"

"I'm fine."

"You seem to be sweating."

"I'm FINE."

"Whatever you say...."

It was all a dream, thankfully.

I tried to laugh it off. What kind of guy would make knights armor, and how would it block a .50 caliber round from a machine gun?

Deep inside though, I do have to admit, I was pretty fearful.

I decided to hit the books, and try to get my head off the nightmare.

I looked at our T95, and then at the german tank commander's panther 2.

Something was weird.

The panther 2 had not iron crosses, but red and white squares.


I walked to the desk.

The ad for "WG's marvelous tank factory" still intrigued me.

How would someone make money in a time like this?

Flipping over the tank identification charts, I reached the turreted Tank destroyer section.

M10 Tank Destroyer and M36 TD caught my eye. The M18 TD looked more like a light tank than a Tank Destroyer.

The 76mm guns were technically a downgrade, but they made up for it in rate of fire.

I switched books to the insignia identification.

The red and white squares on the panther 2........

The same red and white squares were in the book.

The squares were identified as Poland.

Our German tank commander was not german, but of Polish decent?

That would explain why he hadn't tried to kill us.....

But why hadn't he told us?

Were the germans so desperate as to enlist other people to fight for them?

Or was german propaganda so strong it convinced some polish people that they were german?

I had to ask....

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AlphaAndOmega #18 Posted Jul 07 2012 - 20:51

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Another interesting chapter! I especially like the dream sequence!

P.S., Shouldn't it be "Chapter 6"?

k9catforce #19 Posted Jul 07 2012 - 20:58


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k9catforce #20 Posted Jul 10 2012 - 00:35


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Chapter 7

I had a similar dream to last night's.

This time, we took out goliath first, but we somehow couldn't penetrate the Maus's armor.

He took out our tracks, then he lit our engine on fire.

We all died a fiery death.

When I did wake up, I decided that it was time to investigate the "WG tank factory."

With the crew ready, and our German/Polish commander covering our flanks, we set off.

"Radioman, ask the german commander if he's polish."

"why? that was kinda uncalled for.. and a bit awkward."

"just do it.."


"Hey, German commander! are you Polish?"


"Tell him that his insignia on his tank is from poland."

"Your insigina tells us your tank is polish."

"Heh, it was only a matter of time before you would figure it out."

Surprisingly, he spoke in english, albeit in a slight accent.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"You never asked!"

Why do all questions like this always end in that same answer?

Anyway, we spotted smoke, then  a smokestack, then, a factory.

A loudspeaker from somewhere then boomed:



how could they enforce this?

Soon, as we went nearer and nearer to the factory, more and more tanks appeared.



Type 59? what was that?

The gunner had the answer.

"it's some chinese copy of the T54 soviet tank. great frontal and turret armor, but a very very weak ammo rack."

Lots of tankers were now parking their tanks, getting out, and rushing towards this one little booth.

Curiosity got the best of me.

"OK, I'm going to check it out, so loader, stay here and guard the tank. I know you despise possible shopping locations."

"YES! I don't have to leave my precious 155mm gun!"

"anyone else, come with me or stay with the tank."

The Ger- or should I say Polish commander also got out.

It felt strange. all these tanks in one area and not even a single one was firing.

It was like a supermarket back home.

There were two parts, the factory part, and the store part.

We entered the store part.

In there, there was everything from food to new uniforms.

I found it kinda funny that all these tankers were shopping for food items. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in my family, the shopping was usually left to my mom.

hmm. Case of cola: 50 gold

wait, gold? what's that?

everything else was in either USD, Francs, Rubbles, and whatever the german currency was.

But there was another unkown currency: credits.

100$ for a first-aid kit, but 3,000 credits? That was a bit too much.

In the factory part, they sold everything from tank parts to gasoline. Most of the items here were paid for in gold.

They sold tanks here too!

Some soviet british tanks were on sale. (Were british british tanks coming too?)

The Lowe, T34 and the KV-5 (all heavy tanks) seemed to be the most popular.

The Type 59 though, was selling like hotcakes.



Why would they take out a perfectly good tank?

It seems to be making money.

If there was a problem they would recall it...

Unless they are effectively controlling the flow of tanks when they were considered "too powerful" making this whole war equal for all sides so that no-one would win.....

They wouldn't do THAT would they???

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