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WoT Chronicles: The Missunderstood Mismatch

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AlphaAndOmega #21 Posted Jul 10 2012 - 03:25

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This Polish German guy is interesting. Is he an undercover agent? Or is he part of one of the Ostlegionen?

k9catforce #22 Posted Jul 10 2012 - 03:40


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Jul 10 2012 - 03:25, said:

This Polish German guy is interesting. Is he an undercover agent? Or is he part of one of the Ostlegionen?

Well I got the Idea from a book about D-Day I was reading. It mentioned that some of the Germans defending the normany beaches were from "Ost battalions" - Battalions made up from captured soldiers.

AlphaAndOmega #23 Posted Jul 10 2012 - 06:05

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Mystery solved!

k9catforce #24 Posted Jul 11 2012 - 05:31


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expect a new chapter very soon

k9catforce #25 Posted Jul 12 2012 - 20:50


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Back from the factory, We sat down and ate dinner.

I bought some cans of spam, water, and an M1 Garand.

If my Colt .45 couldn't go through the metal man, surely the Garand could.....

"I still don't get why you used 100$ to by a Garand."

"I have my reasons...."

"Well, with USD pretty much useless, And with the threat of everyone trying to kill us, I think it was a pretty good idea."

"OK commander, I just thought you could have spent that money on a little extra food or something."

"Well, we've been surviving off scavenging for a while now."



"Hey, would you guys want to watch a movie with us?"

It was the Polish tank commander, who I was still surprised could speak English.

"Where'd you find the projector?"

"We were scavenging, and we came across it. Came with two films too!"

"Anything else you found?"

"Other than a few cans of beans, no."

"Well, there is nothing to do...."

The one of the films was a charlie chaplin film called "The Great Dictator."

The end speech was very notable and inspiring.

The second, really wasn't much of a film at all.

It was a commercial for the M10 tank destroyer.

Funny how things end up the way they do. I'm interested in turreted TD's and this commercial pops up.

I was slightly disappointed that the turret was hand-cranked, But a turret's a turret, and I was starting to miss one.

"Hey commander, why don't we find one of these "Tank exterminators?""

"I don't see why not..."

We hopped in the T95 and set off.

The Poles, with nothing to do, decided to join us.

We could use a wingman to help cover our flanks.



Yelling over two engines is hard, but doable.

"Tank spotted! T-34!"


"that was pretty easy..."



"Hey, I got something over the radio!"

"turn the volume up louder!"

"This is two, I've lost contact with five and six."

"This is one, send some scouts over."

Next thing we knew, some fast light tank zips over.

This thing was tiny, and went as fast as a racecar.

My hours of examining the tank identification charts paid off.

It was called a T-50-2

It turned it's turret toward us.

"CONTACT! IT'S.... IT'S.... I Don't know what it is."

"No turret, two pairs of tracks, I'm firing!"



"I can't pen his armor!"


The turret of the T-50 flew right off.

"Seven, what's your status?"


"Seven do you read?"

"Seven's DOWN!"

"Send in the big guns!"

"Alpha Squad, Neutralize the target!"

"This is Alpha two, roger that, Closing in on target!"

These tanks were Su-85's, Russian tank destroyers.

They couldn't pen our front armor either.


"Alpha one is down!"


"Alpha two is down!"

"Who the hell is this guy?"


"This is Alpha four, I have no choice but to retreat!"

The Poles were gone....


"Artillery is gone sir!"


"Some panther II got them!"

The Polish tank commander had taken out the artillery.

"I'll have to do this myself then. One, out."

A Shining IS-3 came over the hill.

"This must be one...."


The IS-3 was taken out.. just like that.

"Well that was anti-climactic!"

"Well I guess we ought to go ahead and continue the search."

"I dunno, It's getting dark."

"Something doesn't feel right...."


"Turn the damn thing!"

We were staring right in the face of a IS-7.

So THIS is one......


He can't pen our front...




He could pen our sides just fine....


I quickly bandaged him and and took control of the gun.

I'm not as good of a shot as him, but we were pretty close to each other.

The Loader did his stopping trick like he did when the Polish commander was in the Panzer 3/4.


The IS-7 was damaged, but still up.


That's a funny thing for a ex-German Commander to say.....

The Panther II was barreling right for the IS-7.

The IS-7 turned his attention to the Panther... a fatal mistake.


The IS-7 was knocked out.

The celebration was short lived though.

Our T95 was damaged, and the Gunner passed out.

We headed home, re-thinking our decision to search for a new tank that offers less protection than our current T95.

AlphaAndOmega #26 Posted Jul 14 2012 - 01:17

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Good stuff! Keep it up!

k9catforce #27 Posted Jul 17 2012 - 17:38


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Chapter 9

"Welcome to WG's first ever weekly radio broadcast!"

This WG company really knows how to keep a tanker happy...

First there was some commercials for half off food and "consumables" but then they got to the good stuff.

"There has been reports of a American tank destroyer and a panter 2 destroying a tank company single-handed"

Then you could hear whispers, and then surprise in the recording studio.

"Wait, what... REALLY!?"


"A report from Live Oaks Training base!"

"A tank which is believed to be Soviet has smashed through our defenses. The New tankers there didn't even have a chance. Most tankers Either fled or were destroyed."

"The nearby town has been evacuated, and the air corps is in the air now."

And then, a sound coming from our makeshift medical station.

"I think the gunner is up!"

"Yea, Let's go check on him"

We opened the door, and The gunner was sitting up on the cot.

"You wouldn't believe the dream I had. Some big boxy soviet tank went across the bering strait and attacked the states."

"Nobody would ever care to do that...."

"Umm, well, your dream just came true."


"A soviet tank just attacked Live Oaks training base."


"Come on, I couldn't make this up. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction."

"How'd he pass the fighter cover?"

Then, a knock on the door.

The loader then piped up,

"Hey commander, this guy wants to see you!"

I walked up to the door.

"Hi, I'm a representative from the company W.G. and we would like to give you an offer."

"What, me? why me?"

"You guys are the guys who took out that tank company earlier right?"

"The one with the IS-7? yea, that was us."

"Well our company is all about balance. We want to give all tankers an equal opportunity."

"We at W.G. Would like to hire you to hunt down this soviet tank that attacked the training facility."

"How in the world are we going to get our T95 across the Atlantic? and then we have to get to the west coast..."

"We've made arrangements with the navy. You are to report to The docks just north of here at dusk."

"You aren't giving me a choice are you?"

"Well, to be frank, if you don't you will be utterly destroyed."

"But our gunner is in no condition to fight."

"We can fix that."

He whistled for a bit, and then these medical trucks arrived, then the medical personnel marched in, took the gunner, and placed him in the truck.

When the gunner came out, he looked as good as new.

"Wow, I feel great.. thanks."

"No problem"

The W.G. Representative then turned to me.

"We shall see you at dusk."

He then promptly left before I could say a word.

I closed the door.

"What just happened?"

When dusk arrived, we appeared at the docks.

The same representative arrived too.

"Great to see you guys here!"

"Have fun in america!"

"Your not coming with us?"

"Got things to do with the company, so no."

"And the Panther 2?"

"He's being airlifted right now."

We were then loaded onto a cargo ship, and were whisked away.

Nothing really happened on the way there, but we kept bumping the sides on the panama canal, which sounded horrible.

When we did get To San Francisco, It was as if the war had never happened. Everything seemed so peaceful.

We were approached by some locals with a strange look on their face.

Expecting to face a flurry of racial slurs, I mentally braced myself.

"Is that turtle thing behind you your tank?"

Oh, I forgot, this part is a less racist part of america.

"yea, that's mine."

An Officer came.


The locals then scattered away.

The latest headlines read:


My whole crew was happy to finally get some recognition.

The next day, we boarded a ferry to the Live oaks training base.

We were given a camo net and rations.

We said goodbye to the friendly people from San Francisco, and off we went.

k9catforce #28 Posted Jul 20 2012 - 18:49


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"W.G. to turtle, the unknown soviet tank has escaped. The fighters we sent were shot down."

"T95 to W.G." "Why'd you call us turtle?"

"It's a publicity thing. We've noticed the locals in San Francisco loved calling you "turtle." We loved the name."

Seems this W.G. is always finding more ways to make money.

We had just finished a patrol around the area and found nothing.

The leader of the main defense force there, "Able lead", stated that the tank was a KV-2 with prominent lettering on the sides.

Prominent lettering... hmmm... that couldn't be GOLIATH, could it?

Next thing we know, we are being shipped off to Siberia, in chase of this rouge KV-2.

"You don't think that tank is that goliath we saw earlier do you?"

"If it was, there would have been the Maus."

"Good point."

"Hey, the Able lead guy gave me a book!"

"The Patriot's Manifesto."

I did a quick read. Something about conquering Europe in order to bring peace to the world.

One thing I didn't like was the confederate flag on the cover. Who were these W.G. people working with anyway?

We finally hit Siberia.

Once we exited the LCT (Landing craft tank), we noticed we were right in the middle of a snowstorm.

"W.G. to turtle, you have orders to NOT fire at anyone but the KV-2."

"Roger that W.G."

"OK guys, remember to I.D. your targets."

"Will do!"

It was hard to see in the snowstorm, and it was cold.

Only the heat from the engine provided us with some warmth.

"CONTACT! Left side!"

"Radioman, get on the radio."

"Unkown contact, please Identify yourself!"

A short pause.

"I say again, please Identify yourself!"

"This is a panther 2 with direct orders to take out any sort of american invaders. Please identify YOURself!"

"Hey! Polish comander! Long time no see!"

"My American friends! how you doing!?"

"Not bad. Would be better if we could exit this damn snowstorm!"

When the snowstorm cleared, we could see we had gone a bit too far.

We were soon staring at the border of china....

We might as well enter, as this mystery soviet tank might have gone the same way.

We came upon a little town in the middle of some very scenic mountains.

The sign: Dragon Ridge

When we entered, the people at first seemed frightened, but then once we parked and got off, they seemed a bit easier.

After a while, after it became apparent that we won't be attacking them, some curious onlookers started tapping the sides of our T95 and remarking on how great the meal was.

Soon some children started climbing onto it.

We had no problem with it until one of the children managed to figure out the lock and open the top hatch.

"HEY! get out of there!"

The child didn't respond.

I realized that I was speaking in english, but that "HEY!" should've at least perk'd his interest.

He climbed out with the M1 garand I had bought earlier.

All of the children started backing away.

"Is that thing loaded?" the gunner asked.

"I hate to break it  to you, but yes."

The child then started pointing it at people.

The gunner then burst into action.

He climbed up on top of the T95 in record time and managed to wrestle the gun from the child.

Once the gun was out of the child's hands, the gunner then scolded the child.

Heck, the whole town seemed to be scolding this one child.

The child still didn't seem to get it.

As a lat resort, the gunner soon aimed at a monkey snatching some food from a nearby fruit shack.

He took off the safety.


The monkey promptly dropped dead.

The child finally got the message, and hopped down.

(The gunner later told me that he felt sorry about the monkey, but felt a bit better once the owner of the fruit shack told him that the monkey had been stealing fruit from the shack for a few weeks now, and was known to attack.)

We were then treated to lunch by  what appears to be the child's mother.

The rest of the crew wasn't used to pork buns, tea, and leek soup, but the gunner felt right at home.

It wasn't the hotdogs and hamburgers of home, but it was a nice change from the spam and canned bean diet we've been eating for a while now.

Then, A rumbling sound. A lookout reported some tanks were approaching.

by then we were finished eating and were hopping in our T95.

The tanks were a mix of soviet and german, but with the iron crosses and red stars replaced with...

W.G.'s Logo!?

Radioman, get on the radio.

"Turtle to W.G, what are your forces doing in Dragon Ridge?"

"Do not fire at the W.G tanks!"

"What are you doing here?"

"We are just making another battleground for tankers to fight on. Do not try to stop us."

Then, some of the towns militia came in with their own tanks.

The M3 stuarts and the T-46's were no match for the might of W.G's Lowe's and IS-6's.

"Fire at the W.G tanks!"


One lowe was destroyed.

On the radio: "You are under direct orders from W.G. to stop firing."

"Well too bad, cuz I just quit from W.G"


and IS-6 was destroyed.


Another Lowe was taken out.

When the battle finally ended, W.G. sent a final message.

"You will pay for what you have done."

Maybe I should meet with that mystery soviet tank, he might be against W.G. too.

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AlphaAndOmega #29 Posted Jul 20 2012 - 19:36

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A Confederate flag? Hmmm...Patriot Company's generally not into that sort of thing, but some of its members might be. Now, the Blitzkrieg Boys, on the other hand...

I must say, if your guys get together, then that'll make the final battle a bit easier!

k9catforce #30 Posted Jul 29 2012 - 00:20


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new chapter soon!

back from camp.

k9catforce #31 Posted Jul 31 2012 - 19:56


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Date: god I don't know.....

......I finally learned the polish commander's name....

It's Hans.

When the Germans started running out of troops, they decided to recruit people from captured countries and POW camps.

Hans and his crew were from the polish resistance. He was captured and eventually placed within the Wehrmacht.

Talk about irony......

Well, I just realized, I haven't written down the names of my crew....

meh, names aren't really important.

In other news, when I passed Malinovka, We took out a long line of germans.

No one dared cross the long field.

Crossing over the hill, I noticed two soviet Tank destroyers with crew on them.

One of the crew was blocking the other crew's hatch.

The hatch blocker fell off the hatch laughing.

Then, a woman burst out the hatch.

She and the rest of her all woman crew chased around the hatch blocker and his crew.

Everyone ended up laughing....

It was a wonder how none of the crew saw me... guess they were having a bit too much fun.

Come to think of it, I haven't had much pure joy in a while.

It's as if I forgot what joy felt like........

"Commander! would you stop writing in your goddamn diary! We've got company!"

"Hey! it's not a diary!"

"I don't care, just get to the turtle!"

Everyone is calling our T95 "turtle."

We even painted nose-art of a turtle.

Anyways, we hopped into turtle to find a M18 hellcat being chased by 2 T-50-2's.


We took out one T-50-2.

Then, the M18 was tracked.

The T-50-2 then fired.


The M18 was a smoking wreck.

We finally reloaded.


The remaining T-50-2 was taken out.

One of the M18 crew survived.

He later died after crawling out of the tank.

The T-50-2's were from a clan who believed that Leon Trotsky should have taken control of the soviet union.

Not being into the history of the USSR, I didn't know who he was.

The M18 didn't have anything on it, probably a lone wolf like us.

We decided to keep the M18 wreck in case we wanted to fix it up and use it ourselves.

It was tiny! I couldn't believe that it wasn't considered a light tank.

Well, looks like we finally had our bridge into the turreted tank destroyers.

OnesFormerSelf #32 Posted Aug 02 2012 - 06:23


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Very interesting!

Given the chapters I've read it's been a great read. Hope you continue!

- One

OnesFormerSelf #33 Posted Aug 02 2012 - 06:23


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I wonder why no one has made anything with german vehicles.... if someone has please do direct me to the forum post :).

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factsrule2 #34 Posted Aug 03 2012 - 09:48


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View PostOnesFormerSelf, on Aug 02 2012 - 06:23, said:

I wonder why no one has made anything with german vehicles.... if someone has please do direct me to the forum post :).
Here you go. http://forum.worldof...anks chronicles

k9catforce #35 Posted Aug 06 2012 - 19:09


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kinda having writer's block right now.. anyone think of some ideas?

k9catforce #36 Posted Aug 11 2012 - 20:25


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Chapter 12

I woke up to the sound of an engine starting up.

"What the hell could that be?"

I got out of bed and went to the garage.

The rest of the crew were soon following me.

We came upon an empty garage, and much to our surprise, our beloved T95 was GONE!

Hans' Panther 2 was missing as well.

"Where the hell is our T95?"

"I dunno, I never touched it!"



Good thing we fixed up the hellcat we obtained a few days ago.

"We have to start looking for our stuff...."


"Just get in the hellcat..."

"But it isn't combat ready, and the gun is yet to be tested!"

"Do we have any choice?"


"Well, that thing is slow, so it shouldn't have gone very far."

We hopped in our new M18 and thundered away.

We were practically hanging on to our seats, as this thing was FAST!

like, 72km/h fast!

the turret turned slowly, but it was better than nothing!

"Tank tracks, and there's 4 of them! it must be turtle's!"

"Thanks again captain obvious..."

"Your welcome lieutenant sarcasm!"

We found both tanks hidden behind some tall bushes not far from our base.

A few kids hopped out.

seriously, these guys couldn't be older than 12....

We cut the engine, and hopped out.

"crew, get your guns ready!"

The crew pulled out their 1911's. I brought up my Garand.

"Heh, check out this tank I just jack'd!"

It was the kids.

"So, I got this one!"

"Mine is bigger!"

"Mine is faster!"

I waited on a count of three, and burst through the bushes.


their expression was priceless.

"I do belive you have our tanks."

"Well your not getting them back!"

The rest of the kids were cheering on his aggressiveness.

Just then, the panther 2 had roared to life.

Hans and his crew had flanked, and took control of their Panther while the kids were distracted by us.

(This was not a part of my plan, but it worked better than what I had in mind.)

The kids looked the other way, and the driver and gunner made a dash for it, hopped onto the T95, and started the engine.

With the threat of  2 tanks and 3 men with guns, They ran.

We let them go, and we hopped in our T95.

"How can kids drive tanks?"

"I dunno, but they must have had some sort of motive to steal our tanks."

our thoughts were interrupted.



hmmm, these were WG tanks.

The driver had promptly turned our hull to the enemy.


The lowe was close to being knocked out, but not out yet. still, the same kids had hopped out and ran.

More experienced crew probably would have stayed.

BOOM! The KV-5's mini-turret was blown clean off, and the main turret was still penetrated.

our gun had a wee bit TOO much penetration.

actually, scratch that, you can't have too much pen.

k9catforce #37 Posted Aug 16 2012 - 03:41


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school started, so I can't seem to find the time to write... sorry....

I'll make a new chapter ASAP

AlphaAndOmega #38 Posted Aug 17 2012 - 05:26

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Hey, it's good to see you've written some more chapters!

P.S., Did I just spot a reference to Les Internationalistes in Chapter 11?

k9catforce #39 Posted Aug 18 2012 - 02:09


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View PostAlphaAndOmega, on Aug 17 2012 - 05:26, said:

Hey, it's good to see you've written some more chapters!

P.S., Did I just spot a reference to Les Internationalistes in Chapter 11?

If that's the name of cheesellama's crew, then yes. (sorry cheese, but I haven't really caught up yet.)

k9catforce #40 Posted Aug 24 2012 - 04:46


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Chapter 13 (unlucky :Smile_ohmy: )

"Alright guys! Patrol!" I said.

The crew looked at me with disappointed faces.

"we never see anyone on patrol, so why bother?" piped the loader.

"Look, what if someone was out there?"

"highly improbable." this time it was the gunner speaking.

"We don't want anything happening like that night a few days ago with the kid tankers."


"Here, we'll take the hellcat. we need to test it out anyway."

The crew was right though. patrol was becoming quite the chore.

The sound of the engine starting cut through the morning silence.



"yup, yelling will totally make it start faster."

"did you forget to fuel it again!?"

"nope, even made sure to use the correct fuel."

"well then what's wrong with the tank?"

we put a stick through the fuel cap.

"The fuel's frozen solid!"

We ended up just heating the bottom of the tank itself. crude, but it works.


it finally started.

"Normal route guys. this should only take us an hour or two since the hellcat is faster."

"And the poles?"

"They're off doing their own thing."

Off we went. We went over hills, through towns, with no sign of anyone.


a crater formed about a yard to the left of us.



A tiger burst out of a barn.


"since when did you start swearing?"








All I could see was black.

I felt a hit to the head, and then time stopped.

When I came to, my head and chest hurt like hell.

I tried to get up.

"AGH... URRGG..."

Then I heard some gibberish in german.

"Er wacht auf! Gib mir Morphin!"

Morphin? Morphine?

I felt a needle, and then time stopped again.

I came to again, and this time I was tied to a chair.


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