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Loader Skill

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GavinCapacitor #1 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 00:07


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For the most part, the loader specefic perks are basically worthless. I have a suggestion for a perk / skill that I would like to see. Simply:

A skill or perk that would increase ammo capacity by a small amount. Say 10%.

I feel this would be something I would want, rather than trying to decide which is least awful: getting one crew member with repair or firefighting or adrenaline rush/safe stoage.

tallstar5 #2 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 00:15


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Perk would be better for that idea. "Perk: Improved Storage: Your loader learns how to best organize shells to maximize ammo storage space. 10% increase to ammo capacity." I don't think 10% would be overly much, but on something like the SU-5, that extra shell or two could be very, very useful.

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ehetzel #3 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 00:21


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I currently don't think any of the loader's perks are worthwhile.My T-54's loader is at 100% with Brothers In Arms(100%),Repair(100%), and Camo(71%). I think I'm just gonna get either Situational Awareness or Firefighting.

I don't think that perk would really be necessary, other than the SU-5.

littleblufish #4 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 00:24

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i would think something like that or maybe even making getting ammo racked less detrimental to your load time.

ToothDecay #5 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 00:29


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View Postlittleblufish, on Jul 03 2012 - 00:24, said:

i would think something like that or maybe even making getting ammo racked less detrimental to your load time.

Improved storage thing, STILL get ammo racked.

Going back to basics on most of my crews.

Most of the new skills / perks  do not seem to be helping out, but still, maybe a 3-5 % boost in something is not worth a 100% repair skill, or firefighting.

Speedycake582 #6 Posted Jul 03 2012 - 17:54

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one other thing it could do is stack for multiple loaders that way if multiple loaders have the perk on the same heavy tank say an E-100 or maus for instance you would end up with 20% more ammo which could be usefull for endurance matches where the enemy has more tanks but you have more ammo. Hell with the 15cm it would help a shiteload although for this to work balances need to be implemented like say you needing to purchase said percentage of ammo and have the extra weight capacity for it

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