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Panzer IV Crew Skills

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CommissarYarrick #1 Posted Jul 16 2012 - 19:34


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I'm almost done getting my Panzer IV crew all up to 100% in their major qualifications; which secondary skills should I get for my crew members once they've reached 100%?

Effreem #2 Posted Jul 16 2012 - 19:34

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slenderfungus #3 Posted Jul 16 2012 - 19:44


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I have repair as my first secondary skill on all, camo as the second on all, and then a mixed bag for the third and forth secondary skills/perks.

The two that seem to help the tank a lot are Situational Awareness for the radio operator and Recon for the commander to let you reach out and snipe someone without being seen.

juhaas #4 Posted Jul 16 2012 - 21:24


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I went with camo for all first and that was a good move. Second one was repair, and IMHO it is a waste of a skill slot even when they all reached 100%. On this tank view is key. So I dropped the repairs and radioman got Sit Awareness, Commander: Eagle Eye, Driver: off-road driving, Loader: Safe Stowage. Gunner: Designated Target. Then I dropped the camo from commander and replaced it with Sixth Sense. Commander is now working back the camo @ 45%

To me Camo is the key skill to reach because PzIV (according to WoTdb) has a quite high camo rating to begin with. I've often stayed hidden - things do seem to have changed a bit since 7.4, I get detected rather often whereas I would think I'd have been safe.

Eagle Eye: That is a very good perk. Helps you identify crippled tanks and sometimes allows you to make decisions based on that. Damaged gun? You stand a good chance in open fight, Radio? you could maybe relocate w/o rest of their team knowing, etc. I love this perk.

Sixth Sense. This is a goddamned live saver, especially for a sniper. You know exactly when to move away or stay hidden or whether or not you can safaly advance to the next spot.

Off Road driving: This is a good skill, really maikes noticeable difference in driving on all but city maps with paved roads (IOW majority of maps).

Designated target: That's pretty good too. For a hidden sniper those 2 seconds often mean you can get a shot off into a target as opposed to blind shot into last known position.

Johnny_Mars #5 Posted Jul 16 2012 - 21:29


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To me, it depends entirely on whether you plan to keep this crew in the Pz IV or move them on to subsequent tanks. I have my Pz IV crew trained in camo, but that would be dumb for a VK36 or VK3002, or any of the heavy tanks.

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