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Best Tank of WW2 - The Case for the Panzer III

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balmung60 #301 Posted Feb 17 2013 - 05:55


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It occurs to me, since camouflage is one of the most important things for a tank killer and the Jagdpanzer 38(t) is smaller (and thus, logically, harder to spot) than a StuG III, how do their tank kill totals stack up if adjusted for numbers of each? I mean, it would seem logical, that, as a smaller vehicle with at least as much functional frontal armour and the same gun, the Hetzer would be, at least as an antitank vehicle, at least as good as the StuG III.

Zinegata #302 Posted Feb 17 2013 - 12:12


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I don't have exact figures on either the Hetzer's kill figures, but I'd say that it would probably have done fairly well. The big issue in tracking them down is that there were only a 3000 built as opposed to the much higher number of Stugs. Also, the Hetzer has a suprisingly short service time; as prior to its deployment the Wermacht was mainly using Marders and other ad-hoc assault guns (which generally worked well until artillery started killing their crews due to the open compartment).

That being said, the Hetzer had various ergonomic issues that may have affected its TD ability.

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