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Equipment for the T25/2

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Monklor #1 Posted Aug 10 2012 - 20:14


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Hi All, I just got a T25/2 (played 17 games) and I just wanted to get some advice about the equipment.  Currently, I am using the rammer, GLD, and cammo net.  My crew is 100% cammo & just starting on their second skills.  I was thinking about replacing the GLD with the binocs.  What do you think?

Malus_Trux #2 Posted Aug 10 2012 - 21:04


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Don't bother with the GLD. Like the T25 AT, you have one of the fastest aim times at 1.7 secs. Binocs, rammer & camo is my standard loadout on my TDs but I tend to have a fairly static play style in TD's. If you like moving around a bit after you shoot then I suggest optics instead. Always active even if you move & still gives you nearly 420m of view range, more if you've got the CO & radio op trained in view skills.

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