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Crew members rank

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BuzzardBait #1 Posted Aug 14 2012 - 18:21


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Anyone have a thought on giving a crew member a rank bonus?

One would think that a Major would have more experience than a Private.  I think it could work hand in hand with the present perks or secondary skills. If your commander is a Major then your perks/secondary skills could gain a little faster than what a Captain or Private would gain.

azntrigboi #2 Posted Aug 14 2012 - 18:23


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So what you're saying is that crew members should have an accelerating EXP curve?  I don't think that's such a good idea.  Besides, the rank is dependent on number of skills at 100% so in a way the rank of the crew member already reflects increased ability.

Edit: Apparently Wiki says you gain a rank for every 50%.  Oh well.  You get the idea.

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UnknownChemistry #3 Posted Aug 14 2012 - 18:26


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In case you were wondering, there is such thing as crew members getting promotions as detailed here:

Unfortunately, the higher the rank, the more EXP you will need.

Dukebarry #4 Posted Aug 14 2012 - 18:42


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My IS7 crew is maxed. Back in the day yo could only carry 3 skills and after that xp boosted there rank. There were some who believed that a Major would preform better than a lt but it was never proven.

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