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WoT Battle League (absolute) - regulations

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Guest_Schperling_* #-19 Posted Oct 28 2010 - 15:18

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World of Tanks development team announces new team confrontation – “World of Tanks Battle League”,  which is held in 3 divisions: Absolute, Champions and Junior. Simultaneous launch of “World of Tanks Battle League” comprising all 3 divisions is scheduled for November 15. The number of participating teams is not limited.

General rules for Battle League:

1. Each division is round robin conducted, with the ongoing updatinge of team stadings.
2. Points system is as follows:
   Victory - 3
   Draw - 1
   Loss – 0
3. Teams may consist from tanks of various nations.
4. Premium tanks are not allowed.

Division rules:

1. Max vehicle Tier – 10
2. The basic team lineup is to have 14 players.
3. Number of reserve players per each team – up to 6 players.
4. Capitan can use any player from his/her team in battle.
5. If the team joined the battle in incomplete lineup (less than 14 players) and none of the reserve players could occupy the position of the absent basic team player, the team starts the battle in incomplete lineup.
6. The sum of tanks tier is NOT LIMITED

Registration for championship starts  at 00:00 on October 30. The number of participating teams is not limited. To register the Captain of the team should send us the list of the team-members (+reserve players) with their in game nicknames. Tournament grid  will be formed after the registration is over. Contestants will be divided into groups randomly. After all the participating teams are divided into groups the Judges will announce the schedule of the battles and determine the map for each round.

1. The judges determine the date of each battle.
2. Teams have 3 days to fight the battle from the date the Judges have determined.
3. When the battle is over the Capitan of the winning team is to send the screenshot to the Judges and the Capitan of the defeated team is to confirm it.
4. In case the Captains have failed to come to an agreement and hold a battle withing the determined period (3 days), the Judges appoint the time of the battle and create the battle room where the teams will be invited. The battle starts at the time appointed (by the Judges) even if the lineup of teams is incomplete. If a team fails to appear - technical defeat follows.
5. In case of refusal to participate or continuous violations of the schedule the team is disqualified and all of its opponents are awarded technical victory.
6. Debatable moments are left to the discretion of the judges.

The winners and the teams who take the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded with big prizes:

1st place - 15 000 gold for each team member
2nd place - 10 000 gold for each team member
3rd place - 7 500 gold for each team member

In order to register for World of Tanks Battle League: Absolute Division, mail your application at:


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