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Forum Warning Points / Sanction System

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Utah #61 Posted Aug 24 2013 - 17:26


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well I'm seriously thinking about dropping the game anyhow.  That would just help me make up my mind sooner.  I find myself playing War Thunder more and more anyway.

NutrientibusMeaGallus #62 Posted Aug 24 2013 - 17:41


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So the forums are programmed to warn/ban people etc so there will be less supervision of the forums to save money... Meanwhile people will spend all of 5 minutes figuring how to get around all the programming and the forums will continue to be a disaster, if not worse, then they were before. Sounds great!

Suggestion_1 #63 Posted Aug 30 2013 - 08:34


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What is the point of a warning if you "Mods" are just going to give me a 1day RO anyway?

Yesterday, 02:01 PM  1d - Promoting/provoking EULA violations - 1st offense 1 More Details
Aug 26 2013  warn - Naming/Shaming - 1st offense 0 More Details

Pete_Puma #64 Posted Sep 16 2013 - 22:57


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well...what we experienced over at the Gold Joyless Schtick awards battle was; content removed with the warnings posted, post removed infact so many posts removed it added up to pages, warnings and bans and flat out censorship as well as threads being ultimately locked.

I agree with basic rules of conduct as to profanity and personal attacks and though I understand raging on the topics, its probably best to let cooler heads prevail and simply sit back and laugh at comments made by "some", not all, of WGing staff, ie Serb telling us he doesn't care, etc, etc.

Only reason I am posting here is they locked us out of the threads and banned us from starting any new ones. The problem in the forums multifacitied with players, mods and upper management at odds over significant issues concerning in game dissaticfaction and heavy handed mods in the forums.

Sir_Bowmore #65 Posted Sep 16 2013 - 23:12

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View PostTanitha, on Aug 19 2012 - 17:34, said:

Forum Warning Points / Sanction System

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Hello Players.

The next topic which could use a little clarification is the new "Forum Warning Points" system.

A bit over a week ago the forum updated and part of that update was a new forum warning system.
It was very difficult to explain to you the players exactly what everything meant, and what the changes meant, because the system was programmable and currently not programmed.

So first of all we had to program things in, develop the procedures, and then come to this stage where we are now ready to explain what the "Forum Warning Points" mean.

The Old System.

Based on the forum rules, every warning or sanction generated 1 warning level
Warning levels ranged from 0 -> 10 and were represented by a red bar to the moderation team under the players name.
This simply was used as a visual representation of the players previous warn/sanction history, and was not used for anything else.
When a players warning level was at 10, warnings and sanctions continued as normal without the level exceeding 10.

The New System.

Now the new warning/sanction system has a feature where players can see their previous warning history & number of warnings, this is on by default, but may be switched off.
Warnings and Sanctions can now be programmed in, for a moderator to select from the preprogrammed reasons and corresponding sanction times based on the severity of the offense.

All old warnings issued before the system was introduced show as the reason "Other"
Warnings and sanctions issued "currently" are also under the reason "Other".
Soon the warnings will be titled correctly based on the main offense that occurred.
Warning levels have no range and vary from 0 -> no limit.
Warning levels will soon increase by 0-> 3 for a rule violation, depending on the severity of the offense.

Escalating sanctions.

A players warning level is not directly related to sanctions placed.
Default (and now programmed) sanction durations exist.
Default forum sanctions usually range from a warning, 6 hours of "Read Only", 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, Permanent.
If a player repeats an offense within 7 days of the previous sanction expiring, the appropriate sanction is doubled.
Rule violations considered major will receive sanctions without any warnings previously being issued, Warnings with no sanctions are limited to minor offenses.
Repetitive and excessive rule violations are referred to management where after an investigation the decision may be made to start escalating sanctions instead of the default.
Sanctions for forum offenses may result in game bans being issued, or cross platform (multi game) sanctions, however such situations are rare and not desirable.

System Integration.

The new system will be rolled out in stages, starting with WOWP -> WOWS -> WOT
The first two to be mid/late this week, with WOT to follow asap after that, but currently no fixed ETA.

Player Difference.

Players shouldn't notice a great deal of difference between the systems except.
Now players can see their previous warnings and warning level (which may or may not be switched off shortly)
Moderators will be able to increase their work flow substantially which will reflect in less of a turn around time in handling forum reports, etc.

*Please note, that this post is only designed to cover "forum warning points" and does not fully cover forum moderation or in game moderation. These announcements will follow separately and shortly.


is that introduced as a reasult of feedback you received in Leara's thread?

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