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Retraining Question


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pkingking131 #1 Posted Aug 22 2012 - 05:11


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So I'm fairly new to the game and I have a question about retraining.

Here's the situation:

The M10 was the first vehicle that I really enjoy so I want to save the crew to play with later.  But I also want to keep training the crew.  So my question is: if I retrain the M10 crew to the M36, will i be able to put them back on the M10 without retraining them?

Coke_a_Cola #2 Posted Aug 22 2012 - 05:15


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Yes.. They can "fall back" to a tank without a hit, just cant "Fall forward"..

UnknownChemistry #3 Posted Aug 22 2012 - 05:19


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You can put them back, just realize that there will be a penalty as they are now trained for the M36. They also have memory loss so if you trained them for the M36 and tried to switch them back to the M10 and retrain them for the M10, they won't remember anything about the M10.

slenderfungus #4 Posted Aug 22 2012 - 05:26


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The crew needs to be trained specifically for the tank they are operating in order to work at 100%.  So if you move your crew from the M10 to the M36 you will need to retrain them.  You can retrain them for free to 75% on the primary skill, 90% with 20000 silver per crew member, or 100% with 200 gold per crew member.  Any secondary skill they have will continue to function at its current level until the primary skill level reaches 100% again, at which time the secondary skill will start to increase again.  The exception is with premium tanks, but that doesn't apply to your M10 and M36 example.  If you put them back on the M10, they will need to be retrained again or you lose 25% of their primary skill and 50% of the experience gained per game.

Windoge8 #5 Posted Aug 22 2012 - 05:57


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View PostCoke_a_Cola, on Aug 22 2012 - 05:15, said:

Yes.. They can "fall back" to a tank without a hit, just cant "Fall forward"..

This is incorrect.

You need to retrain your crew whenever you move them to a new tank (other than putting them in a premium tank of the same nationality and class), even if you are putting them back into a tank that they have been in previously and been trained up in 100%.

The purpose of this is to prevent longtime players from fielding an uber crew with six skills that they can move from tank to tank as they play.

In general, it's not worth transferring crews to the next tank in the tech tree until you hit tier V.  In your case I would just buy a new crew for the M36.

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