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narrite #21 Posted Sep 13 2012 - 13:57


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"The amount of credits you receive after each battle depends on certain conditions, including:

1)The battle outcome (victory brings more credits than defeat)

2)The tier of your battle vehicle (higher-tier vehicles receive more credits)

3)The amount of damage caused to enemy

4)The number of targets detected (SPGs receive more than regular tanks)

This is from the in-game guide. The key part here is number 3. If a player has a mod that shows crit spots on all tanks they have an advantage over others to cause higher damage to targets by targeting modules or weak spots. On one match verse someone with the hitbox mod they were able to shoot me once and kill off majority of my crew in my t32. Also you are causing more damage to an enemy tank than you usually would if you didnt have the mod unless you know your tanks. Hence more damage more money and the person you killed has a higher repair bill afterwards since your most likely doing more damage than you usually would.. I can understand it helps people but it does give an advantage over how much credits someone gets which I consider cheating. There is already an in game perk that can be trained to show spots on a tank and just downloading a mod that shows you everything already should not be used or at least give an option to not play with players with this type of mod." A previous quote I wrote on another thread but the concept is the same to the topic given.

TheRepoMan #22 Posted Sep 14 2012 - 06:16

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Skins shouldn't be anything new to people, we even have them in real life!


DrexMaverick #23 Posted Sep 30 2012 - 23:58


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Its not cheating because the actual tankers would know the vulnerable areas of other tanks ... its just providing the knowledge you should have

Laugh_at_U #24 Posted Dec 28 2012 - 16:43


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Wow, I see alot of ..."in real life they did this, or they did that".  You guys are really into the realism thing.  

You want to know where to shoot for maximum effect? Hey, the "actual tank crews" knew this info.  
When did they paint enemy tanks with color coding so you know where to shoot for maximum affect?  NEVER  How's that for realism?
You want to learn tank weak spots?  You claim realism?  Go to the training rooms.  Shoot tanks.  Better yet, WoT should have the skins available in the training rooms.  That would be a great idea.  But don't use it in actual battles.  Or a module could be added to WoT, you press the right control key and a small window opens up showing a tank's weakspots. Then you close it to continue your battle.

When did the M4 sherman battle a IS-7?  NEVER.  Realism?

Learning that the star insignia, on the side of an M4 turret, was where the driver was located.  Military intelligence learned by the enemy.  REAL, did happen.
Saying that using mods is like "collecting intelligence"?   :Smile_veryhappy:   OMG I can't breathe
Going into a training room and shooting an IS-7 with an M4 is collecting intelligence.  

The M4's armor was considered weak.  They built the E2
WoT buff's or nerf's tanks instead.  Where's the realism?

Next someone's gonna say that the military paid extra for GOLD ROUNDS and were only used by a few actual tank crews in WWII.  

Seriously though, got more "intelligence" for you guys though.  If you're really into mods, Install the mod that removes game effects.
Instead of only seeing an outline of a tank hiding in the trees, it removes all of the leaves from bushes/trees.  You'll be able to see all the details (gun port, view port, or the cuppola) to shoot at.
You know the ARTY providing cover while a tank sneaks up on you?  Use the mod.  It eliminates the flying dirt that you can't see through.
How about removing the enemies camo.  The camo that cost 100,000 exchange gold, that you grinded for hours to get.  You can negate that in 30 seconds by downloading the mod.
Most people don't know about it (they're sooooo stupid) so it will improve your win %.

Give a reasonable arguments.  Like the guy who showed why skin mods shouldn't be allowed.  Hard facts.
Don't dis the "noble" aspect of an even playing ground just because you've convinced yourself that anyone could gain access to a mod, that they're just too stupid if they don't get one.  When the day comes that I see people coming into battles and letting everyone know about the mods they are using and what advantage they provide, is the day I agree that mods should be used.

:Smile_veryhappy:  :Smile_veryhappy:  :Smile_veryhappy:  :Smile_veryhappy:  :Smile_veryhappy:

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DFM #25 Posted Jan 02 2013 - 00:30

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View PostMedicOnDuty, on Aug 30 2012 - 03:21, said:

Cheating is defined as "acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination". Thus, I define hitskins as cheating because it gives you an advantage over another tank by showing you his weak points when he does not have that same advantage. I don't know what the game EULA says, but I look down on anyone that uses hitskins or custom "hit zone" tank skins.

Except your definition is garbage. There is nothing preventing the other guy from using it. Now, If the same two players were playing and one was actually restricted from using them, i would agree.

Just because you bring a gun to a knife fight doesn't mean im not going to shoot you because you were under prepared.

I do not use them, but I did when learning the higher tier tanks when starting.  I wish there was a site that you could just bring up pics of them without installing em to learn new tanks exact spots though.

Laugh_at_U #26 Posted Jan 15 2013 - 14:15


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DFM, I agree with you on the point about the pics.

Okay, "Cheating" is maybe a bit too strong a word to use.  I suppose it's just my philosophical difference between the "spirit" of the rules and the "letter" of the rules in the "spirit of fairplay" for ALL players (just my opinion).  Not everyone knows the hitbox skins exist.  Everyone knows the difference between a knife and a gun.  ;-)  

I did talk to someone I used to know, that was using the tank skins. He said:
a) Allowed him to do more average damage, hence increased his earnings/experience points.
b) He didn't know if win/loss was affected since he didn't know who else was using it on either team.  But he kills more tanks now than he did before.
c) Tanks looked like rolling billboards LOL

Maybe it's time to give it a shot.

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SilentShadowBR #27 Posted Jan 15 2013 - 17:10


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I don't think it's cheating. Many players (me included) just don't have the time to research and become experts on the different tank designs.

It is known that many of the actual WW2 tankers received briefs on the enemy tank's weak spots. I don't see why knowing the weak-spots, by research or with a mod's help, would be cheating in any way; The game mechanics already compensate this by not damaging the module under any hit, but instead based on a randomized chance system.

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Aldershot_II #28 Posted Jan 15 2013 - 22:52


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No more cheating than some using Premium rounds or spending $1500 on an up to date PC to get 60 FPS.

Boxhawk #29 Posted Jan 16 2013 - 13:16


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View PostScherzo, on Sep 01 2012 - 09:02, said:

Another debate on this? Personally I don't use hitskins because they make the tanks look like clown mobiles, but I do spend quite a bit of time studying websites that have screenshots with said hit skins, or just information on where they are because knowing is half the battle. The point is: Hitzone skins are a learning device, a crutch. With bullet accuracy and visual obstacles, it's certainly not any real advantage unless a tank is in plain view and close enough that you can reliably hit a zone over and over. It's a visual aid, similar to how some real life tankers had cards in their tanks with designated hitzones on them for expected enemy vehicles.

So back on the topic. Yes, it's not a mod in the program sense, it's a skin. I believe the main article for the skin is on the first page of the Skin Zone... Too lazy to look myself. Do know that you won't see the highlighted modules in the silhouette form, simply when you're looking at the actual tank itself in open form.

Hit skins are a pretty useful tool for learning about WoT.  When I started I had no idea that there was even such a thing.  As you progress you can pretty much figure out from repetition that most engines are in the back, you can set Lowe's on fire from the front, all hatches and ports are weakspots and ammo racks are usually rear of turret or side of hull.  Memorization is key, and after a while the clown skins take away from the visual of the game.

The are nothing to look down on, thats for sure.

TimothyBurton #30 Posted Jan 19 2013 - 10:43


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I'm still pretty new, but I can't figure out how I was on one side of the hill with the hill to 90 degrees to my right and and my I could "see" the enemy tank on the other side of the hill.  Next thing I know he fires and I end up dead.  I was in a P38 and he was in a Tier VI.  

Then two or three battles later, I was in an alley facing the street, between two buildings.  I took a hit to my tracks and I can't figure out where it came from.  The alley T-ed behind me.  Someone on there was ranting about a cheater.  It was disappointing.  I'm not a great player, but my kills have dropped off.  I don't know why.  I also know that I only won 3 games tonight after 6 hours playing.

I had a couple of other shots tonight that I just thought, "How did they do that?"  It was enough, I decided to hold off paying for any gold.

Is cheating an issue, I mean mods are pretty bad to the fairness of the game.

Gnarly #31 Posted Jan 19 2013 - 19:14

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In the "real world" tankers don't have to worry about fighting 100+ different tanks.
They typically fought a few.  Learning their weak spots is part of training & battle prep covered in briefings.

big_boo_baddy #32 Posted Jan 19 2013 - 20:02

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View PostMedicOnDuty, on Aug 30 2012 - 03:21, said:

Cheating is defined as "acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination". Thus, I define hitskins as cheating because it gives you an advantage over another tank by showing you his weak points when he does not have that same advantage. I don't know what the game EULA says, but I look down on anyone that uses hitskins or custom "hit zone" tank skins.

So if I know where the weak spots are on a particular tank without using this mod (which I don't) then am I cheating?

Tank skin mod's are all legit and have been since beta, only modifies your own view and has the annoying side effect of making all the tanks look the same.

partiynuy #33 Posted Apr 15 2013 - 23:02


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http://worldof-tanks...tanks-hitzones/ hit zones

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