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KV1 drivers, who do you fear?

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Octanitrocubane #181 Posted Jun 11 2013 - 06:53


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I don't think the KV-1 is overpowered, but I will say it is the easiest tier 5 heavy tank to use.  In most situations it has the right amount of armor and firepower to carry it through the majority of situations and face to face confrontations.  The other tier 5 heavies seem to be far more situational or shine most in support roles. The KV-1 has very few true flaws as it has good all around armor, a good choice of weapons, relatively good speed for it's tier (feels slower after leaving the zippy T-28 though), and middle of the road view range.  For these reasons I usually recommend players who are new to WoT and showing an interest in the Heavy tanks start with the KV-1.

HAHAHA01 #182 Posted Jun 22 2013 - 04:01


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tier 5: m4 with derp
tier 6: kv-1s, su-100, at8, KV-2
tier 7: IS, KV-3, T29, SU-152,

Bandit_Bill #183 Posted Jun 22 2013 - 22:45


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The gun on the SC 35 should scare kv-1 drivers. A competent churchill 3 can beat a kv-1 as well, that machine gun port is not that hard to hit. Until heat shells get nerfed the M4 and the pz4 are both scary. The StuG 3 can kill one from range as well. most of the lower tier arty will only poke a KV-1 to death.Thats about all that comes to mind atm for t5 and lower...

elipaynter1 #184 Posted Jun 28 2013 - 17:09


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a leopard with 3cm in my rear

Wiremunky #185 Posted Jul 15 2013 - 21:23


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View PostCirran, on Aug 31 2012 - 04:00, said:

Hmmm ok, is there any hope for french or american tanks at that tier?Cirran

I find that the M4 medium ( Sherman) is an excellent tank for cracking KV1 skulls. I battled a full health KV1 around a house. I ran around behind him, clipped his track and pumped rounds into him from behind. The kv1 has a forward hull and an exposed back end.

5tgb #186 Posted Jul 17 2013 - 06:41

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Assuming an upgraded KV-1...

M4 on the move is the worst to face.

Pz IV and Pz III/IV are next.

Any TD that is hidden and patient (must get me from the rear) - taking advantage of poor view range on the KV-1

Lastly, but certainly not to be forgotten, are the tier V artillery... KV-1 is kinda slow, giving good artillery lots of chances to wear down the KV-1 (some of the Tier-V arties can two or three shot the KV-1...)

talon04 #187 Posted Jul 17 2013 - 22:07


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Nothing 85mm means armor like butter had an AT-2 driver call me a gold spammer when I kept penning him from the front.

Admiral_Basik #188 Posted Jul 18 2013 - 05:14

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Personally in the KV-1 the tanks I fear in my own tier range (5) would probably be an enemy KV-1 with a 122mm or 85mm. A Churchill III, and the Tier 5 french TD.

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