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crew disappear when depot a tank

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YukiPhoenix #1 Posted Sep 01 2012 - 15:52


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sorry for posting this problem here cuz I couldn't using supoport system

I've purchased 3 day premium to boost my training on obj.212
when I just finished that
I depot it with checking both "send tankers to barracks and demount equipment" and "demount complex quipment"
I am quite sure I've check it cuz I don't want to train new crews
but I cant find my obj.212 crew when I am going to put the crew on my whole new obj.261
my barracks still has 9 free space for sure
what can I do now?

and each time i tried to send a ticket on support system
It shows that "one of the required field(s) is empty" even i fill up all field
change the browser or clean the cache doesn't work
hope an official staff can help me

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