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New game Mode: World of Artillery

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shin_getter01 #1 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 21:23

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*disclaimer: not an arty player*

Here is how to fix arty:

If arty_count > 8 then map = Himmelsdorf;  :Smile_trollface-3::Smile_trollface-3::Smile_trollface-3:

While thinking alone that line, I realize that current maps and game modes are NOT designed to handle large numbers of arty and there has been no attempt at doing so.  Artillery don't have to suck this much, and having an "mass arty suitable map and mode" would make times where there is an overflow of arty sane.

Here is my design:

Game Mode:  
Bunker destruction:  There is a bunker on each side of the map.  Destroying the enemy's bunker wins the game, and the side with highest bunker HP at the end of the timer countdown also wins.  The bunker has its hp scaled according to the tier and number of arty on the map, and also gives out credits and exp.  This an additional victory condition to destroying all vehicles.

Map design:  The bunker will be placed with arty cover around it, and there will be following pieces of terrain:

*The main design is that there are high mountains/vertical structures cutting off areas to each other, so arty can only cover a small piece of the map on any location, and would have to relocate a lot to cover other angles.

1. Bunker killing spots: you can shoot the bunker here from arty.  It is predictable and easy to counter battery.
2. Counter battery area:  A larger area where you can kill enemy shooting the bunker.  Note you would not be able to shoot the enemy bunker from this place.
3. Unsafe zones: These areas can be spotted by the enemy at range, and shot at by arty (but only those placed to shot at this area)
4. Crossing control area: These area can hit unsafe zones #3 enemy have to cross, but can not hit bunker or counterbattery opposing players shooting bunker.
5. Superior arty area:  A "superior" arty location that can shoot most/critical areas of the map while having good cover against counterbattery outside angles of what you are aiming at, if you use terrain properly.  This is however require a high risk movement across #3 type of ground.
6. Arty safe push lanes:  Tanks on the map can push through this area and not get harassed by arty, except arty in #5 areas perhaps.  Note that after tanks cross this area, they might once be exposed to arty.
7. Spotting spots:  These are spots that can spot an arty camp.  Note that due to heavy arty cover on the map, your arty must get into position to take advantage of this.  Some pieces of this ground would be spotting directly into #3, while others require crossing unsafe ground and can spot areas that is usually more vulnerable.

To win a map like this will take good strategy and balanced tactics.  If entire team goes to shoot the enemy bunker, you could get counterbattery-ed and die.  If your team all take a defensive posture covering crossings, your opponent may simply pound the bunker and win.  If your team is dedicated to winning the arty war at all cost by stacking counterbattery against enemy bunker shooters, the enemy might move to another arc to shoot at your tanks and your team lose when your team's tanks get destroyed, then your opponent relocate to shoot at your camp while his tanks act as spotter.

Wazer_Wifle #2 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 21:27

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Wow this seems like a excellent idea! With some tweakings by WOT this could make it!

b_s_m #3 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 21:47


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Great idea!  Give arty their own map(s) and let them have fun doing their thing.  I wouldn't mind getting into this type of battle with lots of arty (of course, I say that now, not knowing what I am getting into ...)

cptcrunchy #4 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 21:54


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I would up vote you but I'm fresh out...

Love this idea...

Sturm_Teufel #5 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 22:02


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cool, I'd play it. definitely some tweaking needed. I might scout in my Hummel lol.

Pyrodunces #6 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 22:03

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Out of +1's for the day...........

DrKrieg #7 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 22:23


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id love to at least, try this game mode

packet_loss #8 Posted Sep 07 2012 - 22:45


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View Postswpigwang, on Sep 07 2012 - 21:23, said:

Here is how to fix arty:
If arty_count > 0 then map = Himmelsdorf;  :Smile_trollface-3::Smile_trollface-3::Smile_trollface-3:
A thousand times this.  Besides, TD mode is fun. :Smile_trollface-3:

Your post got me thinking...

WG should make a map/mode where all tanks are underground on a platform and cannot move, think aircraft carrier elevator.  While underground no one can see your tank and you cannot be damaged.
When you want to shoot, you are brought above ground, but cannot move from your position.  After you have fired, you are immediately moved back underground.
All tanks are visible on the minimap when they are brought above ground.
Of course, arty would be the main attraction here because all tanks would be at least 400m apart making it difficult for anything other than arty to do damage.
This would be the ultimate form of World of Whack-a-mole. :Smile_trollface-3:

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