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Which tank... the M18 hellcat or the M36 Slugger

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trentsheath #1 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:39


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I am loving the M10 Wolverine and do not know which tank to grind for. I usually play a half, half TD medium tank style. This should help.


Whee #2 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:46


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I heard great remarks from the M18. Slugger is like the M10 but just beefer.

Personally, I think you should try the M18. It's fast, has a good camo, and good fun but really lacks armor.

Friendorpho #3 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:47


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Both are good tier 6 TDs, though I really prefer the Hellcat. The combination of speed, stealth, and firepower make up for the lack of armor if you really commit to the play style. The M36 however is more forgiving, since it has armor.

slenderfungus #4 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:47


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First of all, don't grind, it will only lead to frustration.  But besides that, the Slugger plays more like the M10, the Hellcat is fast and plays more like a fast medium/TD without the turret traverse to back it up.  I was playing my Wolverine as a daily player and traded it in for the T49 because I like the speed.  So really, it is up to you, but you might want to research both the Slugger and Hellcat with the Wolverine and find which one suits you best, you can always switch to the other branch later if you don't like one or the other.  Personally, I played/am playing both branches now to learn how they work and their strengths and weakness, but I'm not grinding them.

ShiningArmor101 #5 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:48


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I like the M36 Slugger and M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers.

The M18 Hellcat is faster, but both mount the same 90 mm AT Gun M3 for their "top" Gun/Cannon. However, when both have the Upgraded Turrets, the M18 Hellcat remains open top while the M36 Slugger gets a "closed" Turret.

And yes, I already went through both Tank Destroyers. I'm on the T95 on one Tank Destroyer line and on the T25/2 on the other Tank Destroyer line.

Ostertallninny #6 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 04:53


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I like my hellcat, but 100mms of armor would be REALLY NICE on it.

DEADP00L_ #7 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 05:24


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i'd say get both

but if you have to pick just one I'd go with the Hellcat, very fast and same gun as the M36
but then again, that same awesome speed can be your undoing

Teddy_Bear #8 Posted Sep 09 2012 - 07:17


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I've driven both, and I have to say the armor on the slugger just isn't going to stop many guns of equal or higher tier often. It's fine enough against lower tiers when you're top tank, and can be very effective in those matches, but the Hellcat's speed is never negated against higher tiers like armor is. It's a bit like choosing the Easy 8 or the Jumbo, armor vs speed. If you like to redeploy to where you're needed most, go with the Hellcat. But if you like staying power, the Jackson might be more your style.

brdhntr #9 Posted Sep 11 2012 - 14:00


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Haven't played the M36, but the M18 is absolutely a blast to play.  As was mentioned, you need some restraint from using the speed to be the first one knocked out, but used properly, it is a beast.

RRR3 #10 Posted Sep 11 2012 - 14:15


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I say M36 has more Armour :), but the M18 has great speed

Will_McKnight #11 Posted Sep 11 2012 - 17:20


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M36 is great.
Haven't found anything with the M18 that makes it "better".
Try them both, and see which you like.

Salinity #12 Posted Sep 11 2012 - 21:38

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I've played both to 100% crew and like the other comments say, they're both good.  It is tough not to run off and get killed in the M18 sometimes so the M36 is more forgiving (easier) to grind early on.  If I had to pick one as being better than the other, I'd have to say it's the M18...but not becuase of the whole speed vs armour thing.  The gun depression on the M36 is goddamn horrible.  You flat out can't aim downwards, at least not without putting your tank on a slope.*   >:( And you can with the M18.

As for speed vs armour, that armour does save you when you don't expect it sometimes (I've bounced IS shots before, though thats rare).  Playing tactically, the M18 lets you reposition really, really fast.  Don't expect the M18 to be a good medium tank though, the lack of armour/HP and the the slow-ass turret traverse means you won't be taking too many pot-shots on the move, or be too great when surrounded.  If anything the M36 can do the medium thing better because it has the armour, though still only in a support role.

Hope this helps.

*At least not with the upgraded turret, I don't know if using the other one makes a difference and I haven't played with that for ages.

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Abbysynth #13 Posted Sep 11 2012 - 23:46


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If you like sniping, take the M18. It's one of the few medium-tier tanks that can reliably hit just about anyone, and remain quite safe doing it. Just remember to peek at your minimap and beat a tactical retreat if you find yourself on the front lines. If you're ever getting shot at in the M18 you are probably playing it wrong (with a few exceptions.. M18s can be amazing corner duelers if you're quick to dart in and out and don't have to worry about flanking). The M36 is just too slow for my tastes, and the difference between, say 10 and 70 amor is very small when everyone has a 120+ pen gun.

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