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AMX 50B vs BatChat

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LordHaHa #1 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:12


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AMX 50B     BatChat
speed limit     65     65
traverse speed     36     42
hull armor    170/30/30 60/40/30
turret armor     100/50/30     50/30/15
standard shell dam 300-500     180-300
standard shell pen     200-334     128-213
top gun dam     267/351/65     259/360/53
top gun pen     400/400/515     390/390/480
rate of fire   6/min     9.64/min
hit points     2100    1800
I've noticed everyone raves about the BatChat in the forums and they equally pretty much detest the AMX50B. Not sure why. Yes, the BatCHat has a larger ammo drum and a faster rate of fire. And can turn a bit faster. But both have the same top speeds and with the best gun for each tank, the big tank has a bit higher pen and damage. And higher hit points.
Is it because people compare the AMX50B with other tier 10 heavies? And the BatChat with other mediums? In Clan Wars, though, is that really the right question? If one or the other is definitely being brought into the fight, shouldn't they be compared to each other when deciding which to use in Clan Wars? If so, why not use the AMX50B? Thanks!

Zamolxet #2 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:19


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I have to say that the AMX 50 B bounces ocasonaly ,like half of the time on 250 pen guns

Sparater #3 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:22


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It's harder to hit Bats than 50bs :o

bat21zing #4 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:24


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The Batchat is better in almost every way. While the top speeds are the same the Batchat is far more maneuverable. It has more shots in it's drum. It can basically do everything the AMX-50B can do and things it can't!

Adaa #5 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:25

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#0 + #1 U boath must be clueless then.

1: AMX 50B is by far the weakest tier10 heavy in the game, and prob in most cases weaker than most of the meds as well, runnign around with a HUGE ass 100mm armored turret means that most tier 6+ will pen u with easy, as long as they shoot at ur huge turret.

2: The batchat has accelration advantage, + size advantage (big thing when boath have litterly no armor for their tier). + moveability advantage overall, + extra 400 dam in its drum/shell canister.

also batchat dosn´t do 300dam per hit unless they changed it in this patch, it does 400 per shell *5. vs 400 *4 on 50B.

Thats for manny of the reasons the bat is considered better. and i havnt even been going on about camo valves and hiding chances and stuff like that.

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Arphila #6 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:28

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A few things.

As far as CW's go, the batchat is a medium tank, fast speed, 5 drum mag, low profile, scout.

The AMX 50B is a heavy tank and personally I'd find it funny too see one filling the roll of a batchat (scouting). It's pretty big, has a lower traverse and even though it has higher hp/armor it can't do what the batchat can even if the stats look like there close enough too each other there still miles apart since they're two different tanks.

SqueakyShoes7 #7 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:33

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Batchat > AMX 50B
Nuff Said

Acewolf1 #8 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:35


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let not forget that it is easier to one shot the amx with an arty than one shot the batchat.

ArmoredCorps #9 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 02:41


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When you compare them head-to-head, the 50b mostly comes up short. Here's it's great positive attributes:

1) load time and intra-mag engagement sequence. You can get into and out of the fight faster, in terms of the time you need to stay exposed to get shots off.

The bat's superior mobility keeps it alive on target, the 50b is survived more by a larger hit point pool, better accuracy, shorter mag sequence and better armor.

2) gun depression 8*. will help it use and survive on complex terrain, risk less exposure, get earlier shot opportunities and beat back face hug / pin attempts

3) ramming
like a boss

lft #10 Posted Sep 27 2012 - 03:04

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Could have sworn I responded to this thread...

Anyways, 50B and BatChat play very differently and personally I do more damage per game in the 50B than my BatChat (7.5 era, won't touch 8.0 for the next few weeks).

I'm averaging more damage per game in my 50B than my BatChat, although I had a lot of games in my tier 9 BatChat so my damage should be a bit higher if it was only tier 10 stats. Regardless, the 50B has a far faster reload, a more accurate gun and a bunch more shells so it can (potentially) dish out a lot more damage, just has to be played far differently from the BatChat.

That being said, only the BatChat has any sort of worth in CW.

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