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Idea to change up maps - random (but labeled) minefields?

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xDiggerx #1 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:40


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I am no WWII expert but didn't minefields play a part in many battles?

Often each map in WoT plays out the same - one group goes this way, one group goes that way, etc....  What if on say 25% of the map spawns a random minefield would spawn also?  These would be labeled with "Caution Minefield" signs in game and could really change how some maps play, adding variety and fun.  Maybe the speedy scout wants to try and run through that minefield?

Could be this has been discussed in the past, or maybe it's a coding issue and can't be done, but it was just something I was thinking about one day as I watched yet another map play out exactly the same way.......

Also, were their specific tanks that were set up as minesweepers, with very heavy armor on their undersides?  Could be an opportunity for WoT to add something by way of equipment as well.

Christojojo #2 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:44


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25% seems too high but small patches here and there would be interesting if randomly done. It would be awesome and annoying to be the only tank left to sneak into an enemy base to start the cap and get destroyed by one.

PubKat #3 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:49


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This is an interesting Idea, as long as the minefield is clearly marked. Or maybe you could get a perk that will show you were the minefield is.

Question who gets awarded the kill? Is the EXP, and credits shared amongst the victor, or is the exp and credit gain a loss to all players?

TANK_DESTROYER1998 #4 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:50


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what kind of mines, anti-tank or mines that just destroy tank tracks?

Big_Spud #5 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:50


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that  would be cool
for example:

Artic Region

The vally of death has minex placed along it, the team could risk damage and destruction by fording it, or attack up the hills right into the base

Dieago #6 Posted Oct 08 2012 - 17:51


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Weren't they talking about something like this for clan wars? Something about if a clan holds land for a certain amount of time they can put defense where they want such as tank traps etc.. on the map. It might have been someone suggesting it in teamspeak but i remember the conversation about it. Not sure if it came from WG or just from another player though.

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