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A guide to going hull down and playing peak-a-boom

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jdtherocker #1 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 14:38


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**note** this guide is more oriented towards the newer players.

Hello tankers, I have decided to write a guide about a manouver that could come in extremely very useful in many battles when used proper. Whether it means protecting a flank or making it extremely difficult for the enemy tank to take you out, going hull down or playing peak-a-boom is a manouver that should never be underestimated.

Hull down: Going hull down means that you hide the the hull of your tank whether it is behind a object (try to find one that isn't destructable such as a rock that could hide your hull but you could shoot over) or even having it that if your fighting on a hill your turret is the only thing peaking over the ledge. Tanker destroyer can hull down but you can only hide your lower glassis.
This following paragraph comes form a fellow player (and forum user) by the name of Blackhorse_Six. This paragraph was pointed out to me and it is quite useful of a read.
Folks, this is how you achieve Hull Down in the game ...
As you approach a crest or rising undulation in the ground, go to maximum Zoom with your sights. Next, pull forward slowly, until your inner sight ring just clears the crest-line or rise behind which you are going to go hull-down (as you level your reticle on the horizon beyond or on the enemy avenue of approach). You may adjust as you see fit, but the closer your reticle is to the crestline in your sight-picture, the lower your turret profile is, making your tank a much smaller target. All other information provided by Raemen and Ionviol2 is correct.
In the Real World, the same method is used, with the Gunner using the telescopic auxillary sight, which is mounted coaxially with the main gun. The Loader next performs a Mask-Clearance Check by opening the breech and looking down the bore to make sure that the muzzle does indeed clear the masking terrain. A conscientious TC will double-check the Mask-Clearance before the gun is fired, though there wouldn't be time for it in combat - the TC would have to trust the Loader ... I know this task because I've done it many times.
For those of you who may need to achieve Hull Down on a steeper slope with a rear-mounted turret, like the T1-Cunningham or LTraktor, try backing into position, so that your lower bow-plate and forward belly is not exposed above the crestline or crater-lip due to the length of your vehicle ...
Similarly, when you're playing peekaboo around building corners (with a rear-mounted turret), you may want to "back into action" so that your gun gets into play just a half-second sooner - otherwise with the front of your vehicle leading the move, you would have to expose the entire vehicle before your gun unmasks from the building ...

1. The first avantage is you provide a smaller target to the enemy. This advantage is something that is more useful then it sounds. Just by hiding your Hull you will reduce your tanks profile for the enemy to shoot at by quite a bit.
2. If you got a strong turret you will bounce a lot more shots meaning that you will be alive much longer in a fight. Although some tanks have weaker turrets that are much easier to pen they will still get the first advantage.
3. This also brings in a psychological factor on some players. a tank that has gone hull down in a great position is a daunting task. It can be quite intimidating to enemies.
4. You hide your tanks weakspots on its hull. If your tank has weakspots on its hull by going hull down the enemy can't really get a shot at it meaning they will have more difficulty penetrating your tank if their gun doesn't have that great of a pen and your armor is strong.
1. It Can only really be used to hold a spot, going hull down and staying there is obviously not really good if you plan on attacking. Its much more effective just to hold a flank from the enemies.
2. Just because enemy tanks can't hit you doesn't mean that their arty can't hit you as well. If your a strong tank and your hulldowned but your lit up on the enemies minimap. If arty can hit you expect a few shells to come flying your way.
3. Going hull down is not effective for all tanks. As a light tank (with a few exceptions) in a higher tier match you shouldn't be going hull down as your role isn't really to fight enemy tanks that much.

1. Hold the right mouse button and look at your tank from the front. Make sure its as hidden as could be and that you could still shoot. Just because you think your hull is hidden doesn't mean it is.
2. Don't rely on this tactic all the time. There is a time and place for going hull down its not useful in every situation but it sure is useful in many!

Peak-a-boom: playing peak-a-boom is when you come out of cover take your shot at the eemy and go back into cover to reload.

1. Great for tanks with a long reload but great alpha (meaning the damage of a single round). If your driving a tank with a big gun with along reload its always good to have cover to wait behind to wait for your gun to reload. If your facing a tank with a faster firing gun and a good dpm you don't want to have them blating away as you reload because your pretty much an easy target.
2. Makes you tough to hit. Only time you could be hit in peak-a-boom is when you peak out meaning if your taking heavy fire you could make the enemies come to you instead.
3. Great for urban maps as you could do it in tons of places.

1. if your trying to peak out at the enemy they may just track you and then while your stuck inflict heavy damage on your tank if their teammates are nearby.
2. Some houses can be destroyed. Make sure your cover won't disappear.
3. your much more vunurable to flanking. If your hiding behind a wall enemies might come in from many sides and overwhelm you be careful!

1. just like going hull dow there is a time and place for peak-a-boom.
2. careful when you pop out. Chances are when you have reloaded the enemy is reloaded too.
3. Keep aware to the minimap you don't wanna be outflanked.

Hope you enjoyed the guide.

Good luck,

minerguy1 #2 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 15:07


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I think this is good infromation for newer players

Fatality #3 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 15:22

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SourKraut13 #4 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 15:40


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Peek a Boom is when you are in Ruinberg, at the corner by the church and have the following tanks to your front, and rear: Maus, T110E4, Object 704 & BatChat 25t, T-62A. They peeked, I went BOOM!! At the time, the score was 1 to 14.... only 2 players on my team (Me included) received over 100 XP in the loss. Arty player had the lowest at 23 XP.

This is a T10 match!! Talk about failing your way to the top....

Neverwish #5 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 15:48


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Another tip if you're playing with a tank that has good gun depression (usually Americans):
Peek out just enough to see the target's cupola (universal weakspot, or almost universal), and fire there. It'll be almost impossible for your enemy to fire back at you since you are nearly completely hidden from him, turret and all.

Blackhorse_Six_ #6 Posted Oct 11 2012 - 17:33


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Nice piece, JD (+1).

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