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Rules of the Range.

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Xlucine #21 Posted Mar 12 2013 - 18:40


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No full frontal fusing, cone no likee big angles.

spiritwolf1954 #22 Posted Oct 31 2013 - 06:18


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amaROenuZ #23 Posted Oct 31 2013 - 07:53


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You're about 3 years too late for that.

cavtrooper1965 #24 Posted Mar 11 2017 - 19:52


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I've enjoyed some of your segments on Youtube about tanks.  there are some other technical issues about the Sherman I think you left out, but all in all a good piece.  I have enjoined your spots about tanks in museums.  I am a 28 year veteran officer of armor and cavalry, multiple deployments, and a history teacher now.  I have some issues with World of Tanks that really annoy me as a tanker and scout.  If you are facing an opponent and he fires, you will see his position.  There will be flash and smoke, regardless of smokeless powder.  I have been in multiple situations in the game and had head on shots at me and the firer's position is not revealed.  As an armor man yourself and with deployments, you know that pretty much crap.  I know it's not a full simulator like a UCOFT, but that is really annoying when you can't return fire.  Also, why are country's whose tanks have never seen a day of combat given such high abilities.  I mean socialism looks good on paper, but has never been able to work.  I think they need to have a it's really been built and been in combat factor.  I hope you don;'t mind my comments and hope to hear back from you.  Keep the tank segments coming, it's a job I'd love to have!!  Take Care!!  Alons!!  (motto of the 11th ACR)


CaptCaveman60 #25 Posted Jul 02 2017 - 19:34


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Ok here is a reply, WOT has done nothing to improve on game play at all MM, arty, know different. Tds sitting in bushes still the same there is no defense at all to being killed by something you can't see to defend against, this direction arrow just one if the many beads they dangel in your face . wow it tells you the direction you are going to die from. i don't need to curse to say you have done nothing but LOL all the way to the bank. yea i know those loyal unicorns will defend WG and thats ok, but you can't prove me wrong.

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