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Illusion #1 Posted Oct 26 2012 - 15:39


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So your new to the game/you suck heres some tips on what to do to get better and climb the all important winratio boards without resorting to rerolling/t2/tc battles.

Aiming/hitting your target
1. Forget about your hit ratio, this will come later.
2.Before taking your shot if you are using a low pen gun wait for the reticle to get right down to cover the ONLY weak point of the tank you are aiming at or till it gets as small as possible.
3.If you are high tier vs low tier you can fire without zooming right down as you will pen pretty much anywhere
4. If you are driving along don't be afraid to take snap shots that might miss if the enemy are about to become invisible/firing where you predict the enemy have moved to.
Above 90% and below 60% suggest you are doing something wrong (for non spgs).

Tank angling
I don't have any vids on this but there are plenty out there, angles are different for every tank. Learn your strong spots (turret etc and use it to your adv).
After 8.1 this isnt going to be so effective due to gold spam, but its still a useful skill to have.

I recomend xvm (so you can study how purples play after you die), aslains contour mod (for quick target recognition), and if you have sucky fps a remove bush/tree mod.
Recently downloaded jimbos cross-hair mod, its quite nice as I found the dashed reticle imprecise compared to a clean outline, also has a reload timer

For those just starting out, I recommend starting with heavy tanks to get a feel for how to play as they are the most forgiving to play. Usually for their tiers they are the best armoured, have good guns (penetration), and medium speed so you cant suicide to quickly.
After playing heavies, id move onto arty, try to get to t6 arty as then you will appreciate how good players hide in arty safe zones, move in the open after you have shot or when in the open move about as much as possible to avoid your shots.
I recommend playing med last as they are the hardest to get right, but when you are more experienced can effect the outcome of the fight much more than the other tanks.
Heres my class spread as of about 2 months ago.

Posted Image

Once you are past the quick 1-5 tiers use silver 20k crews for t8+ I recommend gold if you have it.
FIll up your equipment bar, preferably with rammer, vent-stab/bino/coated- If you cant afford this put on camo and binocs and buy the rammer/vent, you can switch the camo and binocs to your other tanks for free.
For most of the tanks out there you should take a med kit, repair kit fire extinguisher, and USE THEM, dont be a cheep bast*** (Make sure they are set to the same key on all your tanks so you can use them quickly when in a panic situation).
8.1+ buy enough gold rounds to fill 5-10% of your ammo capacity, and use them in situations where you killing the enemy tank will save the game.

This ofc will increase your winr assuming your mates are 50%+ standard over solo, I recommend platooning with player of better skill level and use voice coms for better co-ordination and quicker learning. However unless they are unicum++ 65+%winr 1850+ eff dont take everything they say as gospel.

Doing all these things should get you to at least 55%, which should allow you to get into a decent clan paying out gold (if you have a t10 tank and can make cw times).
I recommend you attempt to get into one of these clans, -g- forge as their gold payouts easily cover premium + a little extra for free xp/gold crews etc, you also have access to some of the best players on the us server to annoy for tips/pltoons/tourney teams/companies. Failing those two clans there are many others just look at the cw map for those with decent gold incomes which should translate to good pay.
Disclaimer: If you have 300+ ping or 10fps this probably isnt going to help you get better. Buy a new computer or move to a better country..

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MisterPatriot #2 Posted Oct 26 2012 - 15:40


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Didnt you just post this...?

Synturic #3 Posted Nov 04 2012 - 08:09


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gibney #4 Posted Nov 11 2012 - 01:25


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why repost then? you just made it more visible.

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