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Basic Combat and Knowledge for Dummies

basics for dummies

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fsjd #1 Posted Oct 27 2012 - 04:27


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the title and first two parts are meant to be humorus and based on the for Dummies collection of books. started due to seeing several players in high tier tanks not really knowing the info covered in these first sections. if youre new here, this can be a good guide. if you think im calling you a dummy, then youre probably one of those that NEEDS to read this.

Basic Combat for Dummies

Chapter 1: Starting up

Ok, you managed to load into battle. congratulations. this guide assumes you know how to move, and know what the post-battle screen covers.
looking around, you may notice several things.
The first is the big white clock in the middle of your screen, counting down to 0:00, from 0:30. this is the time to match start.

The second is the group of 14 tanks with green icons above them. these are your allies. :Smile-angry:  !!DONT SHOOT THEM!! :Smile-angry:

the third is a circle of dashes, with a large, loose + sign made of ^ marks, with a smaller ^ in the middle surrounded by a series of dots. this is a reticle. this is where your shots go.
the dashes are in two groups, the grey/black ones show your load indicator- how soon you can fire a shot.
the green is your HP- if this goes red you might want to avoid getting shot again.

fourth, you will probably note two columns of names and icons on the left and right sides of your screen- these are the team rosters.

fifth, you will see on the bottom of your screen, left to right, these are the damage display, showing what gets broken, your ammo loadout. if this is 0 at start, you messed up.  :Smile_sad:   on the right is a very important tool: the minimap. this will show all your teammates locations, and the locations of spotted enemies.

:Smile_sceptic: !!dont randomly click your left mouse button when the match starts. you might accidently shoot a teammate. this is very bad, and will result in very low cred/exp scores, was well as a possibility of getting TKed in return. !! :Smile_sceptic:

Chapter 2: aiming.

so you see a red icon on that little map in the bottom right of your screen. you may also see a green triangle originating from a white dot. this white one is YOU. green triangle is your view area.

step one for aiming: move your mouse around until you see the red icon on your screen. the red dod should be inside the green triangle.

step two: point the center chevron (^) at the tank below the red dot. you will see the circle of dots indicating your shot spread shrinking if you dont move your cursor. wait for it to stop shrinking. the number above all these circles is the range. please dont try to shoot at anything over 450, you will probably miss. hopefully the enemy tank is within 300 and fills half or more of the reticle.

step 3: the exciting part! if you remmebered to load ammo(check auto-replenish when you go into the garage and click on one ofthe ammo slots, all you have to do at this point is click your LMB once that green load bar is totally green. your gun makes a nice BANG or BOOM sound. :Smile_great:  notice one of the green bars turned grey. notice you cant fire when this bar is grey.

step 4: hopefully you saw a number show up over the enemy tank and thier icon flash white. this means you hurt them! if it turns black, you bounced off. :Smile_mellow:  this means one of a few things.
1: youre facing too large an enemy. if hes facing you, run around to his side or rear, where you have a better chance of penetrating. also, start running, if his gun is pointing at you (you can tell if you cant see the guns profile) hes about to shoot you.
2: bad angle. he probably wasnt facing right at you. good, cause hes probably not shooting at you, bad because this increases his armor value.
3: if it tured white but no number showed up, you broke something inside, but did not do HP damage.

keep repeating the above steps. remember, your enemy is doing the same thing. try not to die. now, if youre the lucky guy that gets to drop the enemy's HP to 0, it explodes! and you get a nice little 1 by your name. :Smile_trollface-3:  if your enemy does take your HP to 0, you can either leave, or watch your allies duke it out. you might learn something!

Chapter 3: tank classifications.

Lights: AKA annoyingly fast food. these are your starter tanks, usually through tier 3. tier 4 and 5 are your dedicated scouts. they see bigger tanks than other vehicles of tier 4/5. french lights are a tad different- these are combat lights, designed for being a pain in the rear when the enemy is distracted. they have the lowest armor and HP values. in return they are fast, hard to hit, and have next-to-useless guns, the frenchies being the exception. often used to kill arty or for sucide runs into the enemy base. represented by a solid diamond on the minimap and overhead tank marker.

Mediums: midway between lights and heavies. no match in the front, but lethal if they get to your sides. jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none. represented by a two-part diamond.

Heavies: for the most part, these are your rolling harbringers of death- your main wall of battle. they have the most armor and HP, but are often the slowest things out there. if you even think one has his sights on you and youre not another heavy, beware. represented by a 3-part diamond

TDs: less armor than heavies, about the same armor as a medium, but generally highly sloped. very large guns, they have guns equivilant to heavies a tier above them. mobility varies enourmously, ranging between the lightly armored, mobile JP, and the hugley armored but turtle slow T95. due to thier foward-locked casemate-style guns, they are dead if something can get to thier side. note one branch of the US TDs has turrets.
represented by an inverted triangle

Artillery: AKA arty ak(incorrectly)a orbital laser cannon. the subject of huge forum debate, these have virtually NO armor, low HP, but MASSIVE long-range guns and a unique aiming system. similar reticle to tanks, but with an overhead view instead of a down-the-barrel look. these guns are long range, but very inaccurate. pretty much dead if they get spotted, thier tracer gets spotted, or something (usually at the start by lights or end-game by 3 to 6 enemy tanks) gets near em and dodges any last ditch shots. represented by a square.

Chapter 4: Modules

coming soon, its late at night where im at, ive been at this too long. ill have this section up this time tomorrow or the day after, depending on how busy saturday is.

Chapter 5: nations w/ general characteristics.

US: heavies tend to have massively armored turrets, dont shoot here. jack-of-all-trades line.
USSR: mid-short ranre brawlers with high-damage guns, low RoF, low acc guns.
Germany: mid-long range snipers with mid-damage, high RoF, high acc guns.
France: low tiers tend toward more armor w/ popguns, upper tiers low armor w/ clip-based high pen guns.
Britain (coming soon)
note that individual tanks can vary far from the characteristics here.

Chapter 6: ammo

AP: the primary ammo for tanks and TDs. high pen, average damage. backup ammo for some arties.
HE: primary ammo of arty and tanks using howitzer cannon. the most famous of this group is the KV-2 and its 152 "king derp" gun. very low pen, very high damage that gets reduced by over half if it fails to pen.
APCR/HEAT: premium ammos that have very high pen, and with few exceptions, the same damage as AP. these shells dont normalize, or angle slightly toward perpendicular to the armor face, so they are only effective on flat or slightly angled armor, extreme angles are worse for these shells than regular AP. they also cost gold, the main source of which is real money. expenses rack up fast, so beware of overusing, even with the 400:1 credit rate for gold ammo coming soon.
HESH: new ammo type, characteristics unknown.

to change ammo, double tap the number key associated with it. usually this is 1: AP, 2: AP(premium), 3:HE. tapping the key once will que the round, to be loaded after you fire your next shot. please DO NOT fire your gun to change ammos, you might end up hitting an ally. :Smile-angry:  youre definatly wasting creds.  :Smile_sceptic:

for more accurate and plentiful information, please see the WoT Wiki, especially the mechanics section. this is by no means a comprehensive guide, nor is it meant to be. think of this what you will. enjoy! :Smile_Default:

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ODAAT_chatbanned #2 Posted Oct 27 2012 - 04:30


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I applaud the effort that you have put into this post, unfortunately most of the players that this is directed to aren't on the forum  because they don't care.  I try not to rage about the noobs anymore, but the game has become so saturated with clueless players that rage is unavoidable.

Cl4nkCl4nk #3 Posted Oct 27 2012 - 04:30


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I feel your pain.

9braker #4 Posted Oct 27 2012 - 04:39


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Only thing you have to know is dont get hit hide behind something when enemy is loaded, hit them without getting hit if posible and by all means defend base, if you know its going to fall instead of rushing to enemy cap like you dont know they will cap you out before you ever get there, finally check with your mom that you were never droped on your head and your stats should sore.

That and excuses are the prostitution of a mans character dont blaim other blaim yourself if your losing try doing something diferent because it wont change unless you do.

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JDBiggs #5 Posted Oct 27 2012 - 04:57


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What is a green icon ? LoL Just kidding good job on the post.

FlapDaddy #6 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:16


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Nicely done. I haven't been at the game for too long, but my usual method is to lurk around the forums and glean insight of those more skilled than I. One thing I noticed is that very few are open to another sharing tips for combat. I know I have made more than my share of Doh! moments in-game and it's hard to watch others do the exact same boneheaded things. I guess Fireman is correct...now I just wish both teams GL, HF and go do my best hoping someone else will make a valiant attempt at teamwork.


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Aldershot_II #7 Posted Nov 02 2012 - 03:26


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I saw someone's ID shown in light blue (cyan) on one battle. What does that mean? The only time I've seen it.

cheese_sdc #8 Posted Nov 02 2012 - 13:51

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View PostFort_Garry, on Nov 02 2012 - 03:26, said:

I saw someone's ID shown in light blue (cyan) on one battle. What does that mean? The only time I've seen it.

It means they've been flagged as a teamkiller and you can kill them with no consequences.

Soothsayerman #9 Posted Nov 04 2012 - 05:23


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I am a noob and I approve of this post.

eisen1973 #10 Posted Nov 09 2012 - 10:24


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View Postcheese_sdc, on Nov 02 2012 - 13:51, said:

It means they've been flagged as a teamkiller and you can kill them with no consequences.
It does have consequences, if you kill a blue, teamkiller player, your team loses another player that may have incurred in TK  by accident. I never shoot the blues, I let em regain their honour in the battle, unless the kid keeps shooting ppl, then he must be sacrificed

ThatsAPaladin #11 Posted Nov 10 2012 - 22:08


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Hi, I am PG908, and I use SPGs, or Self Propelled Guns, commonly referred to as Artillery/Arty.

Tips for using your SPG:
-Heat rounds and such are a no. They bounce a lot (bounce or are duds, or something of the sort)
-The normal HE is a no (there's two: the cheaper one and the slightly more expensive one). The second type does much better damage and it takes the same space allowing more damage and much, much better performance. You can switch the better shell to the main one by clicking the arrow next to it in the service screen. You can look at the stats of the shell to determine if its the good one are the bad one, the higher damage one is best. {This may vary, but has held true through all SPGs I've used.)
-Do not waste ammo. It gets expensive. Cap disruption is the only justified waste- use your judgement.
-Visibility of targets. If you see fences/buildings(collapses)/trees breaking, either a shell hit it or a tank did; it's easy to tell which. You can use that to find targets. You can also identify common firing positions and lob some shells there if you please (not always reccomended).

That means something went wrong. Maybe a pesky light tank got to you, your team got wiped, you decided you were a TD, or whatever.
-Team wipe: hide in a corner and save the repair bill, or attempt a shotgun/TD stand and cross your fingers (chance of success is low)
-Pesky Light Tank (or other vehicles) got in? Run away and hit f7 a few times and a team mate will hopefully help save the SPGs.
-You think you are a Tank Destroyer. Hope your team doesn't shoot you for being a moron. Consider proper use of an SPG in future battles.
-Rammings: SPGs don't do well with it. Avoid.

Helpful tips:
- [ !!! ] Scouts: Either platoon with a good one, try your best at making your team scout effectively, or hope you end up with a scout on your team. Scouts should have a good radio as well.
-Left Alt Key: this displays a vehicles stats, friend or foe. Helpful for gauging where to most effectively direct fire.
-Road safety:
          You don't always have the motor to get everywhere. So you can't take a lot of slopes, drops, or crashes.
          Don't collide with team mates. I normally give tanks the right of way because typically itl be more useful for them to get up and find targets than you to shoot unfound ones.
-SPG on SPG. These get fun sometimes when there's mostly SPGs left. Normally a draw.
-Bushes. It never hurts to hide in them. They saved me several times.
-"Attacking (Name)". When a target is highlighted in red, hit "T" and it will say that. On non SPGs it requests fire if you do it.
-Encourage your team to request fire when needed. Can be very helpful.

Be smart! (Applies to all tanks, TDs, and SPGs)
Some maps you will see people who like to do stupid things. The common one is on "Encounter" matches, in which you must capture a neutral base to win.
Some maps will see it common for the whole team to rush their spawn. This is a no. Learning the maps this happens on is trial and error.  Sometimes I have to... Encourage... my teammates if everyone does that. Sometimes enough listen to prevent disaster.

Unlike the other classes, SPGs stop at tier seven. Others stop at tier ten (light tanks vary, eventually giving way to medium and heavy tanks. You will likely not see light tanks past tier 5 or so). Anyway, this means SPGs are pricy. In the German tree, for example, the tier four SPG (Grille), has a higher research price than the tier 5 German tank destroyer. It's worth it when you are researching tier four and above to keep enough silver around to train your crew to 75%. Never forget to bring ammo.

The tier seven French SPG supposedly has a clip gun. I have yet to see it though. I don't know if its worth it or not.

gibney #12 Posted Nov 11 2012 - 01:18


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thank you for this nice tutorial. great job

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