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T32 vs T29 Win-rate difference

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Zardnok #1 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:39


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The T29 is one of my favorite tanks and I would like to think I am a decent T29 driver.  Over 200 battles, I have a 57% win rate, 1780 efficiency, 1337 average damage, and a 2.0 Kill/death ratio.  The t32 on the other hand is giving me fits trying to learn.  I blew a bunch of free XP to upgrade it fully from the start and outfitted it with rammer/vents/vert.stab, but I still seem to have issues winning in this thing.  After my first 40 battles, I am sitting at 40% win rate, 1414 efficiency, 1247 average damage, and 1.5 kill/death ratio.

Over all my tanks, I am 1220 efficiency and 52% win rate while my efficiency in heavies is 1391 and 53% win rate, which is brought down by my KV-5 that I used to "learn" the game and finance my low-tier modules/equipment.   After not knowing anything about efficiency or caring about win rates for my first 2k battles, I am trying to be more sensitive to things I am doing right/wrong and the 17% difference in win-rate has me concerned

Is this just a matter of low sample size or do I need to adjust my play-style more from the other heavies I have driven?  Is it a matter of seeing higher tier matches and not being able to pen as well since the gun is the same, while I am being penned more by higher tier guns?  Are there any specific tricks for playing the T32 that are different from other heavies?  I try to stay hull down when possible and aim for weak spots when I can.  I am used to being the guy in front pushing the issue and leading the charge, can the T32 not perform this role?

Patonb #2 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:43


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How many Teir X battles are you in?

Your now at the bottom of some really deadly tanks.

MeSpankyYourTanky #3 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:52

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play the t32 EXACTLY like the t29. if you have the tier 9 turret you cant be penatrated, aim carefully. if ur top tier you can lead the charge but if in middle/bottom be a support role

ZombieFlanders #4 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:53


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from my expcerience the T29 is a bit easy mode at T7 with the 105.  most targets are easily penned. the T32 is a great tank, but it faces heavier targetes that are harder to damage since the gun has lawer pen than its contemperaries.  it makes up for it with RoF and great gun depression.  go hull down and go for weakspots on most tier 9 and 10s..lower hull plates, hatches/cupolas and sides

big_boo_baddy #5 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:53

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I noticed the same problem when I initially picked up my T32, imo the T32's issue is it's gun. It's fine for trolling around the games with tier 6's and 7's in but when you hit tier 8 (in any tank) in my experience you start to see more higher tier tanks. Tier 10's make their first appearance and suddenlly your gun doesn't seem so mighty. Add to that an increasing "general" skill level of players and even with a decent frontal armour (which T32 has and the T29 didn't) you start getting more shots placed rather than thrown at your tank.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my T32 and I do think about buying it back again as it could make some good money but I think it suffers more than others from the tier change hangover. I'm sure it goes without saying but being upfront leading the charge is where I used my T32 the most, but not if there are more than a couple tier 9's or higher. In those higher tiers play it the same as you would have in the T29, hang back a little and support the big boys. Your gun is pretty accurate and has a decent rate of fire, look to put the hurt on flankers and TD's while protecting your heavier tanks. Thats how I played mine and how I got a 61% win rate with her, hull down it's tha bomb..

Deusmortis #6 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:56


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I actually saw my numbers go up over a comparable number of battles when I went from the 29 to the 32.  32 was my highest XP per game tank for a long time.  You seem to have realized the two major issues, same gun vs higher tiers and similar armor vs higher tiers.

The thing to remember, though, is that the T32's turret front is one of the thickest slabs of armor in the game.  It also has great gun depression.  ALWAYS find spots where you can show nothing but that turret front to the enemy.  Use hills and your fantastic gun depression to give enemies fits.  And realize that everything you see in matches will pen your hull, so be careful when trying to lead the charge.

Thundercracker #7 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 16:57


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I only played 100 games yet in my T29 but i have a stunning 65% winratio in it. I never had such an high win ratio before in the first 100 games

VirgilHilts #8 Posted Oct 28 2012 - 17:48


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The T32 gets into much tougher battles, much more often. There is a significant gap between tier VIII and tiers IX and X, that is not there between tier VII and tier VIII. Also, the T32 has what amounts to a tier VIII cannon, while most tier VIII heavy tanks, even the T34 premium, have a real tier IX cannon.

Since I was power grinding to get the T34 and T30 when they were tier IX and tier X, my T32 had a low win rate, around 46%. I kept all my U.S. heavy tanks from the M6 up. So I play my T32 now, a lot, since I've found I despise tier IX and tier X, because stupid people buy their way up and play like fools. I find myself playing my T32 a lot lately, and not only increasing my win rate substantially (from 46% to almost 51% in less than 100 games), but also enjoying it, and having really big battles, such as 3K and 4K damage wins. Even many losses are 3K damage battles. My T32 may still have my highest average experience earning rate, I know it was a ahead by a large margin even when it was winning 44-46% of its battles.

You work your ass off to play the T32 well, especially in the tough games. It makes you a better player once you learn it.

dualmaster333 #9 Posted Oct 29 2012 - 14:33

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T32 plays similar to the T29, but as mentioned sees much tougher competition.  The gun is ok but the penetration is a bit lackluster but is sufficient against T8 and below.  It really starts to struggle against 9s and 10s.

For some reason I've been doing really well with the T32 (114 games, 75% winrate, 2050 damage, 2260 eff, 1113 avg xp) and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing differently.  Probably the biggest thing is that I've really been working hard on not taking damage while still dishing it out.  Doing anything to hide your weak hull is a good idea.  But also knowing when to back off or retreat or just stay out of the line of fire.  I rarely lead the charge with this tank (unless I need to or the terrain lets me do so without exposing my hull too much).  I also try to avoid direct confrontation with bigger or even equal tanks.

Yesterday I had a game on Fjords where I was down to <200 HP with an E-75 barreling down on me.  I ended up driving over a cliff (tracking myself in the process) to get out of the way.  He ignored me in favor of more important targets and I lived.  I then repositioned so I could shoot the side of the E-75 and later ended up doing more damage to two other tanks before finally getting killed.  It was enough for our team to pull off the win though.  If I had just stood to fight the E-75 I would have died very quickly and would have done a lot less damage that game.

Tibalt #10 Posted Oct 29 2012 - 17:13


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The t32 pretty much sucks. A t7 gun doesn't cut it in the matches it sees. I would rather drive a t29 due to the better matchups and the equipment being about the same. I really don't understand why there isn't a linear progression in all the tanks, not just this one. Upgrading your tank to the next one and using the same gun is just retarded. Having an upgrade feel like a sidegrade, even when elited is not a good idea. When the tank changes the role it plays from one to the next i can deal with, but not progressing is another thing altogether. The 32 is not much of a progression from the t29 if at all.

If the tank had a 225ish pen gun optional on it i think it would be fine btw, like the is3s gun.

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Serbs_Diaper_Fetish #11 Posted Oct 29 2012 - 17:17


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You have to have better shot placement with the 32. For its tier it is not as good of a tank as compared to the T29.

Solo pubbing I hit about 63% in the T29 while I can only solo about 58% in the T32. The advantages to the T32 are your mobility and hull down. If you are not hull down then you are doing it wrong because that is the only thing you really have going for you.

Superspeed007 #12 Posted Oct 29 2012 - 17:29


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yea my win rate dropped a lot between the 29 and 32, tho my 29 stats are 71% with 1117 avg xp, my damage and kills per game have remained the same or are slightly better with the 32 now, but the teams i've been getting just seem to suck more i'm about 50% on the 32 but still avg'ing 950 xp per game

Dinkus21 #13 Posted Nov 05 2012 - 03:48

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Still have the T29.....but sold the T32 the moment I picked up the M103. Hated the T32 from the first game I played in it to the last game I played in it. It would have been a great tank if it had gotten a gun upgrade and there lies the problem. The T32 is too easy to overwhelm  by tier 9 and 10 tanks and you end up fighting those a lot. The IS-3 is a far more competent tank than the T32 in tier 8.

Xerosic #14 Posted Nov 05 2012 - 14:05


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The T29 was my Favorite in the American Heavy Line. It was an Exellent Balance between exellent Turret armor and a Good Gun for it's tier.

T32, No. It is outgunned by it's American Brother the T34 Easily. Which In my Opinion, the T34 has No business being a T8 Tank to begin with.

A Fight over 500 meters between a T32 and T34, The T34 will win hands down every time. The 105 is subpar, however effective up close when you have a place to aim at, over a distance it does nothing unless the tank being shot is under tier 8.

Was Happy when I finally got up to my M103, however that tank too is burdened by a severely underpowered gun until it aquires the 120mm Cannon.

Treetop64 #15 Posted Nov 05 2012 - 19:48


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I've given up on the T32.

The 105mm is sub-par for the matches it gets into.  The only advantage it has is rate of fire.  Sure, it pens well enough if you hit weak areas, but most of what you're fighting can take you out in three or four shots tops if they hit anything other than your front turret.  If you're tracked, you're finished.  I've even been two-shotted in the T32 a few times, and that's with the thick turret.  However, you can forget about ever two-shotting anything in the T32 unless it's a light tank or arty. You need multiple penetrating shots to have any hope of taking out anything else.  The T32 is outrageously outgunned by almost everything it faces in it's tier and above, even by some mediums.

People say "hull-down" all the time and that's fine, but you can't stay hull-down forever.  You have to move.  But staying hull-down is the only thing that the T32 has going for it.

You know it's a bad sign when arty pretty much ignores you when there's other heavies around.  It's almost as though you don't have to be arty safe in the T32.  On the other hand, the T29 gets artied to death!

The worst part is that, for some reason, you end up in an extraordinarily high number of losing matches in the thing.  I don't get it.   Since day one, without fail, every single time the T32 is played results in a long series of losses, punctuated by an occasional win.  This sort of consistency doesn't happen with any other tank I play.  It has by far the lowest win rate of any tank in my garage with 200 battles or more, languishing at 41% (this is actually up from 34%).  The next worst was 43% in the M6.  Everything else is 50% or better, including an M10 sitting on 56% after 700 battles.  Despite having an 80% hit rate after 237 battles, I've managed to destroy only 133 tanks, averaging 947 pts of damage, but I've been smoked 162 times.  It has the lowest death/kill ratio of any tank in my garage.

I'm having less success in the T32 than I did in the M3 Lee, which was fast-tracked and never elited, was never fully equipped, and who's crew wasn't even at 100% (the T32 crew was at 100% and had vents, rammer, and spall liner from the start).  And that was a grind not remembered with any fondness whatsoever.

What's the point?

blurr91 #16 Posted Nov 05 2012 - 21:12


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T32 is awesome! I have 60% win rate in my T32 while only 49% in T29.

The key to the T32 is play it like a medium and flank people.  It has execellent mobility (not raw speed) and very low profile.  Abuse that inpenetrable mantlet in combination with gun depression.

The 105mm gun is ignored by most people when you flank them.  You're in an IS-8 or Tiger II, facing against M103.  A T32 sneaks up on the side and hit you with 105mm gun.  Turn and deal with it and expose yourself to 120mm fire?  Or grin and bare it while trying to deal with the M103?

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