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In need of clan

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c4ey766 #1 Posted Nov 03 2012 - 11:26


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Hi everyone
I have a Type 59, Tiger II and a T1 Heavy. If anyone has a clan that I could join could they please send me an invite.
I am mainly doing this to get gold from it.

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RedAlert2010 #2 Posted Nov 03 2012 - 12:28


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Whats your usual playtime?? and how active are you?

You also posted this in the wrong section.

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c4ey766 #3 Posted Nov 03 2012 - 14:04


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I usually play for an hour or two every two or three nights. I'm more active on weekends when i might play three hours.
And sorry about the wrong section I'm only new to the forums.

Eraycer #4 Posted Nov 12 2012 - 07:08


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NET is allways looking for players that have a life other than the game, our league is about making friends and having a good time.

schnider #5 Posted Nov 27 2012 - 21:50


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For those who wish to know the type of clan mate you will be getting hear is a heads up. I was playing on lakeville the other night in a platoon. I was in my S-51 arty and my mate BWnetrider was in his GWpanther. I do the setup thing and start shooting down the valley to support my team. I'm in sniper mode fire then try to move  don't want to be counterd. I can't move so I come out of sniper mode and player c4ey766 is pinning me in place with his KV-1S. My first thought was BOT? because his tracks were moving forward. But then he shot me and I new ASS HOLE! Not being able to push him aside my platoon mate shot and killed him for me and pushed him aside so I could go back to helping my team. Hear is the conversation word for word that followed.

BWnetrider: Idiot kv-1s >>
c4ey766 : what.. its fun
T34: Did he go into the water
BWnetrider: no he started shooting arty
T34: oh thats lame
T34: who
BWnetrider: kv-1s started shooting us
c4ey766: i shot him once so you would team kill
c4ey766: what else am I gonna do in a tier 9 battle
T34: support fire.. PROTECT the arty maybe
c4ey766: meh thats boring
T34: in case any lights or meds get through
BWnetrider: then no platoon with tier 7
T34: Thenquit and go play COD lil kid
T34: reported
BWnetrider: never shot friendlys
c4ey766: and I care because

So if your thinking of recruiting this play think twice. He was to board to help the team and insted screwed the game up for every one else on his team. And if he tells you a different story I call BS because I do have the recording and it`s clear as day.

I have played 12k games am not a ranter or rager, have a high tolerance for new players. Hey we were all new at one time.

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