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Thanksgiving Creative Contest news

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USMarine #101 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 00:21


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View PostNavySnipers, on Dec 04 2012 - 15:03, said:

Don't forget to go navy!  :Smile-hiding:
"Them's fightin' words" lol

NavySnipers #102 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 01:12


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View PostUSMarine, on Dec 05 2012 - 00:21, said:

"Them's fightin' words" lol


Major_Rampage #103 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 06:37

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View Postmghtymo32, on Dec 04 2012 - 06:35, said:

I propose a new idea.  I think we should have all contestants, regardless of contest, have their entries ranked (in this case, 1-269 or whatever it was).  I've entered 6 contests, and never been a finalist (which is OK; there's a lot of good stuff out there).  I guess now I just want to see how bad I suck compared to others.  Or, contrary, how much better I did than the majority.  Was I 15th?  Or 215th?  

I know this is not feasible at all and not worth the time, but I'd sure feel better  :Smile_smile: .

Congratulations on making my head spin  :Smile_amazed:

I wouldn't have been able to put the finalists in order...  I can't imagine trying to put the rest of them in order to....  

I wish I could give them all rankings...  but If I did I think we would run our next contest sometime around March...

But as always I love feed back on all the events,  and will see if there is anything we do on that scale but I am not sure.

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