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Official Q&A Thread 8.1 Era

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HeavyDiveKick #261 Posted Dec 20 2012 - 22:17


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Is the arty-server crosshair lag a recognized problem?
For instance, this topic here: http://forum.worldof...ag#entry3256874

Mottlee4 #262 Posted Dec 20 2012 - 22:32


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Why is it when someone runs into me and damages them self why do I get the fine? after all they hit me

Peristeronicify #263 Posted Dec 21 2012 - 00:47

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View PostMottlee4, on Dec 20 2012 - 22:32, said:

Why is it when someone runs into me and damages them self why do I get the fine? after all they hit me
You did the damage, it's unfortunate but right now the system only tracks who did the damage.

VE_Day #264 Posted Dec 21 2012 - 03:45


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I just want to know how to delete an account from WoT? I don't want to abandon it, I want it gone. I want any and all info on me and anything game related removed. I don't want to be a number that is counted as a player because I am done. This game had potential, but the more I played the more idiots I ran across. The game is no where near as fun as it should be. Too many jackasses yelling and hollering and then I get back in their face. Don't need this crap. And for god sake, someone tell the developers that tanks can not disappear from view while they drive at you just because someone in the crew is good at camo. That is such bullsh*t it hurts to imagine someone could have actually thought that one up. SO, how do I get rid of this account? I don't want anything of me or mine to be left behind at all. Thanks.

Oh, and if I can, I will share it with the other dozen or so of my friends that tried this game and found the same hostility and stupidity in game as I did. Thanks again.

ColHammer #265 Posted Dec 21 2012 - 05:11


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Why is my Tier 7 Comet constantly being paired against T59's and M26E4s?
The Comet has to be one of the worst setups in the game.
You have 2 engine choices, both tier 5 and both underpowered.
You have 4 Gun choices which can't pen most tanks in same tier from the front and many from the sides, even with gold.
You have a Tier 8 radio but that pushes you into Tier 10 battles where you aren't even chum.

You get to Tier 8 and there is a Tier 7 gun you don't get on your tier 7???
And you start with the same Tier 5 engines which were underpowered in the Comet.

Normally once you get a tank fully upgraded, it becomes fun to play, the Comet isn't.

GoJoe2400 #266 Posted Dec 21 2012 - 12:37


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Why is it that events don't start at midnight UTC like the x2 refresh does? Seems a bit odd for the two to be out of sync given a common bonus is the xp multiplier increases.

Why is it that you have a month of events planned out and posted to the calendar but the info on said events sometimes appears mere hours before midnight UTC?

Person012345 #267 Posted Dec 21 2012 - 16:47

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Is there any way to disable the christmas garage? If not, does ambience volume actually do anything ingame? If so, can you make a way to turn off the christmas garage so I don't have to keep turning ambience on and off all the time?

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