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The bright side

gun depression is king

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Mazz #1 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 21:27

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Well I've seen enough "we don't want the Chinese line even though it makes perfect economic sense and we don't know what we're talking about" threads to last me a good few years, but what I haven't seen yet is anyone NEARLY AS EXCITED as I am for the American auto-loaders.

We're looking at a tree that combines drum magazines with US accuracy, aim-time and most of all, gun depression. If that doesn't get you excited, then your probably bad at this game.

Where is the petition to make sure these don't get nerfed into oblivion during testing once all the competent players realize how ridiculous of a combination this will be?

For all of you doubting this combination, just think of a Patton with the Lorraine's gun. Good luck.

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Fatality #2 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 21:32

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i want 8.2 NOW lol it sounds like fun

stugger #3 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 22:13


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I highly doubt the American auto loaders will have very good gun depression. With an oscillating turret you gain the auto loading ability but lose gun depression as a price. However I am still excited like yourself

Also any petition to stop a tank from being nerfed, let along before its even released, will likely be ignored. I remember seeing the petitions to stop the M48A1 nerfs yet they still came about

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