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Fix those tank's MM

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TK3600 #1 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 21:40


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I don't know why dev cosider Pz38NA and AMX13 75 as scout. I mean, NA can't even scout even if it is moving on top speed. That thing is just not agile enough to turn. Also for AMX13 75, that thing deserve a normal MM. It is not fast enough to scout, and can't even pen tier9 on flank without APCR, and is very hard to pen tier10 side even with APCR. That thing can no longer troll people with its DPM. Trust me, that thing will not be OP or even close when against tier7s. If you don't want a MM change, at least give it a longer 75mm so I don't have to camp with arty in order to wait for scout on tier10 battle.

Haplo013 #2 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 22:02

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You should use the search function.  This has been brought up often enough before.  There is more than one way of scouting.  The Pz38NA is a hide and spot scout same for the M5 Stuart.  The T-50 is a great skirmish scout where they can quickly move forward, spot and then withdraw.  A passive scout needs to get to a good bush that has good line of sight to where the other team is most likely going to be.

paradat #3 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 22:14


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Elite scouts only need guns that can pen other scouts and Arty. If you are shooting the enemy Heavies, TD's and Meds you are no longer scouting.

Now granted some of the elite scouts can do that as well but it is not their primary role.

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Thoringer #4 Posted Nov 08 2012 - 22:49


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Every friggin' line has a tank you just will hate to go through. Take the Milk Truck T1 or M6, for example. I hated the VK30. and VK36. tanks but I played them all until I understood how they worked and I became better in general. Some tanks are hard in forgiving mediocre play. Take the French HT line: You start out with mini-Mauses that cannot penetrate a 50-sheeted notepad and then you have a glass cannon that might have a 6-shell autoloader, but once out of these 6 shell, it has as much armor as a LT and the size of a barn which makes you feel like hiding for the reload is the equivalent of having had two gallons of soda and being in the middle of a mosh pit. There is no quick way to disappear and survive on some maps. That is why you have to find your way of dealing with it - and it will teach you a lot for the tanks to come:

Let's take the 38nA:

It is small hence cannot be spotted easily. It is classified as LT, so, movement does not affect its cammo value other than the net. Because it is small, it is hard to aim at while in the move when "wiggling" or "rocking." Now if you want to become an expert, meaning you keep the tank and get the crew up to high trainings, you can use Sixth Sense and Camouflage as the perks and skills. Put some cammo paint on it and it is virtually invisible in a bush unless someone comes into your 15m range. You want to go to places and just light up. Don't shoot. Don't move unless detected. You will earn XP and Credits because other tanks hit targets you uncover from afar. Both, you and the team mates, might stay invisible and thus win that way. Remember: The longer you survive and spot, the more fun, XP, and credits you get. This tactics is true for almost all scout tanks. You can do it with the ELC AMX and even the higher-up AMX line even though the AMX 13 90 has a beasty 90mm that can circle and destroy most HT if assisting a team HT. With a few exceptions, I drove all LT in this game at one point. I don't care much for the VK 2801 and M24 for the simple reason that they might have good guns but lack mobility or speed. If I need a good gun on a Top-Tier LT, my choice would be the AMX 13 90 hands down!

Incinr8tor #5 Posted Nov 12 2012 - 02:19


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If you want to passive scout great. However, the main problem is that most maps are city or very hilly maps now with hardly any opportunity for that.

Add to that the ridiculous MM the AMX13 75 gets. Almost all battles are huge with multiple tier X and normally four or five big arty and I have lost count of the times I get Ruin, Ensk, et al. top that off with the fact you cannot kill a tier 7 or 8 arty with one clip EVEN if you are sat next to it. Then this is by far the worst vehicle in its tier. Everything about it it tier 6 or lower except MM. Putting this vehicle up a tier was essentially a hard nerf. It averages less than 100 damage per shot due to its unbelievable bounce rate and seemingly unerring ability to pen for zero.

Obviously u can tell I love it.... I want the higher tiers in this tree but question whether my sanity can cope with this godawful abomination

Pita_146 #6 Posted Nov 12 2012 - 02:42


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Why are you bitching about the 13-75?  The 12t sees tier 10's and is a tier lower.

ForeverN00b #7 Posted Nov 12 2012 - 04:02


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The Pz38na needs to be fixed, the AMXes don't.  Is the crusader a scout tank?  Its as fast as a 38 and its a tier higher, yet gets tier 5 medium MM.  Fix the 38NA and A20 for the love of god, people have been saying this for over a year.  The AMX drivers have fast tanks with burst firepower, they can find a way to annihilate enemy arty.  Comparing the 1375 to the 38Na is a JOKE.  Fix the Pz38Na and the A20!

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