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Tier VI - Cromwell Quick Review


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awesomeman5 #21 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 07:11


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It's a great tank, I'm playing it stock and I love, but is it just me or does this tank seem a little too big for it's actual size? I'm practically bigger than a KV and as large as a Sherman when in reality I should be smaller (height wise) then both. It even seems a little short on the length side. It's like they basically didn't stretch it enough horizontally. Any thoughts? Amazing tank but for some reason, this seriously bugs me. I mean at least it should affect my camo value or hit box or something. Looking it up, even the Mark VIII Challenger (a cromwell derivative with a 17 pdr a larger turret) was shorter then the Sherman by an inch!

TL:DR, This tank is too damn huge. Just look at the turret!

Don't you agree? I want to keep this tank in my garage for a long time. The size just makes it seem too bulky and it isn't a bulky tank.

Harkonen_siegetank #22 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 08:04


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Currently with the 3 inch gun. Grind is horrible, most matches I had was on the bottom of the list, cant do much damage.

corwin1968 #23 Posted Dec 05 2012 - 22:10


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I like speedy mediums so when I started reading about the Cromwell I spent a few days grinding my way to it.  It has lived up to it's reputation for speed and agility but I don't seem to like it as much as the Easy 8 or the VK3001H.  I did chase and run down a T-50 in it once...that had to have surprised him!

hairychicken #24 Posted Dec 07 2012 - 03:39


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So far I find this tank to be VERY under gunned and very little armor + bad matching.All = fail.I haven't played many matches yet but I used free XP to max out the tank after reading all these FINE remarks . I  am so far VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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navalartichoke #25 Posted Dec 10 2012 - 00:57


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Well I am at  0 and  9 in this thing. the gRind is horrible. Can't wait to earn enough points to get the better tracks, right now I am slower and weaker than my VK3601!

1858remington #26 Posted Dec 10 2012 - 10:11

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This is the first British tank I really enjoy.
Fully upgraded its on par with the shermans and very fun to play.
It doesn't seem to follow the trend of its predicessors, which had no armor, but were fast, yet had an ineffective gun.
This tank has Sherman like armor, is fast, and its gun is pretty darn good.

The only one of the previous tanks I liked was the A13Mk1, and thats because, for its tier it gets good matchmaking.
I also liked that its Pom-Pom didn't burst fire, but fired 4 rounds singly allowing better aim between shots.

The Churchhill 1 seems to be pretty good too.  
Matchmaker treats it nice, its slow but has good armor and its gun does well.

I just researched the Churchhill 7, but I hear its a bit of a dog due to the higher tier and matchmaking.

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