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[WN7] What is it and how does it work?

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roopnarined #2481 Posted Mar 14 2016 - 10:06


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from my own experiences in world of tanks and other MMOs.... i would much rather an ADDITIVE by class formula.... eg


lt = all aspects encompassing a light tank performance

mt = ditto for meds

ht = ditto for hvys

spg = ditto for arty 

td = ditto for destroyers


(by virtue of the class analysis one will value spottingx99, mileagex69, track-dmgx299, and such for lites

then sniping/distance-dmgx99, mileagex39, track-dmgx299, and such for meds

then closein-dmg/brwling-dmgx99, mileagex29, armour-usex299, and such for hvys

then spotting-dmgx59, tracking-dmgx39, mileagex19, sniping/distance-dmgx299, and such for tds

and finally tracking-dmgx9, splash-dmgx29, distance-dmgx299, and such for spgs...

but most importantly all aspects of the game mechanics already captured by WG will have weighted meaning and properly show within the player "USE" of the game mechanics within his/her own career in game.... irrespective of changes/versioning of physics, maps, other players or WINRATE (the bane of all WoT players)...   


then ADD them up for a per class AND a overall capture of the player within the game mechanics.... seems to me to be a more "FAIR" and "BALANCED" way to assess any player from any situation, ETC, ETC, ETC


maybe even calc with tiers as well such that ...


tr1 = x1 weight

tr2 = x3 weight

tr3 = x6

tr4= x10

tr5= x15

tr6= x21

tr7= x28

tr8= x36

tr9= x45

tr10 = x55 weight


thereby "rewarding" players with higher tier play builtin into their ratings

also "penalizing" suicides or other behaviors that some use to skew their rating aka stat padding and seal-clubbing



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mustangman6579 #2482 Posted Mar 14 2016 - 10:14


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Holy old thread bump batman!

tindealer #2483 Posted Mar 14 2016 - 11:24


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This guy is so out-of-touch he replies to a thread about a metric which has been updated and is no longer used, then concludes his post with, "regards."


Next time feel free to "regard" us with a relevant post in a relevant thread.



SAVING_THE_WORLD #2484 Posted Apr 22 2017 - 05:16

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