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Lord_Battleship #441 Posted Sep 02 2014 - 22:11


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View PostTheOldGangII, on Jul 20 2014 - 18:39, said:

hi to all tog lovers


which equipment do you use on your tog? im using gun rammer, ventilation and gun laying drive at the moment. are there any better options?


another question: whats the best way of playing the tog? is it better to play it as a sniper or a frontline tank? im playing it as a sniper but i feel that i cant deal enough damage...


do you use any inscriptions on your tog? i have 'iron fist' and 'jumbo' :D



I went with gun rammer, gun layer and the heavy spall liner. Got the heavy up-graded to the super heavy for free when they introduced that new piece of equipment.

I put squirrel and dreadnought for the inscriptions on it along with a sword art online tank skin. though I doubt that skin works since the 9.0 update and I'm still unable to play the game since my computer went out on me a few months ago. Miss playing my tog-2 and putting smart alec T-150 players in their place.

Kotetsu52 #442 Posted Sep 05 2014 - 14:03


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Just found that topic and thought I will just drop a message:


One of my clan's mate told me the TOG was super fun to play. Well, All I cans say is that I really HATE this thing. I mostly get 1000m maps and by the time I get to the action, well it's over... OK it has lots of HP but it's probably the most boring tank I ever played. I usually play OK my other heavies, I checked some videos to see if I was just doing it all wrong but eventually I found out that because of the extremely slow speed, all I could do is hoping for something to come accros (I possible not a KV-2 or a hellcat). I guess the only way to enjoy this thing is to play citiy maps or smaller ones and being able to take close spots. If you have to cross the map it's not even worth it... That and frequent T8 games for me as well... I think I will send this horrible tank soon because since I bought it I had absolute ZERO fun in it...

Maybe you guys will give me some positive advice...?

TheDude101 #443 Posted Sep 06 2014 - 10:11

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HMS Excalibur ready to roll out! 

caeman #444 Posted Sep 06 2014 - 14:36


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I have chosen to dock my TOG II* for a brief time.  Its once mighty WR of 55% has plummeted to under 50% and I needed its crew in a Cromwell.  Unfortunately, this also means the Excelsior is sitting in dry dock next to the TOG.  Fear not, fellow landship drivers, I will begin training a new crew soon.  But I fear that recent patches and tank introductions to WoT have made playing the TOG that much more difficult.  In addition, more maps have hills that present quite the problem for the HMS TOG.

nemoskull #445 Posted Sep 09 2014 - 23:01


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got a new tog. fun big [edited]tank. 25k a game, lol

BarfingOgres #446 Posted Sep 10 2014 - 02:37


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Fresh from the dry docks: HMS Yellow TOGmarine ready to strike... eventually.

EvenMoarDakka #447 Posted Sep 11 2014 - 03:09


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just arrived from her majesty shipyards


HMS Invisible Hand

CaptnDan #448 Posted Yesterday, 01:04 AM


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i dont have a tog but i  want them

zman007playr #449 Posted Yesterday, 01:41 PM


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This is her Majesties battleship HMS Man O' War reporting in.  We are waiting in harbour for the rest of the fleet!

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