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2nd Impressions

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PtoIemy #1 Posted Dec 26 2012 - 07:19


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I took a long break from WOT and wanted to get some feedback on my impressions since returning.  Some of these differences may be imaginary

1. Arty - Mixed Feelings
  • Not as powerful at range - good for game play
  • Not as powerful up close - Broadsiding foolish scouts and Batchats at 20 yards for less than 1/2 HP - Lame
  • 4+ arty per side - Lame
  • Bouncing direct hits off of T95's - Lame
I think the arty nerf was a positive but it needs work.  Arty should be capped at 3 per side, even if that means longer que times.  Damage in my T6 seems reasonable, but it should scale to range along something like an inverse log curve and direct hits should never bounce... Or the arty does not belong in that tier.

2. Spotting - Yuck
  • Camo net + Premium Camo + Camo skill + Brother in arms + Ventilation = Broken spotting
The first thing I noticed when I came back was how often I was getting invisi-tanked.  I believe the spotting system itself is working, but attainable camo factors are just too high.  Learning the new map contours and typical hiding spots helps... but, I prefer German tanks (natural snipers).  Several times I have setup in a good sniping position, only to find myself several minutes later getting sniped by a tank that is never visible.  Sometimes, I know exactly where they are based on hits, and several times I have been able to score kills by blind firing at their most likely position... However, the fact that they don't light up for even a fraction of a second after firing is nonsense.  

Perhaps a stationary tank with a stationary turret should have it's spotting ability increase overtime, much like binoculars but innate to help compensate for all of the stacking camo bonuses.

3, The Maus - A personal gripe

It wasn't the best choice of a first line to go down back then either, but I liked the idea of being a big, slow, heavy line breaker and 'mobile bunker'.  However, between normalization and power creep, today it feels much less beastly than I remember... is this a tank without a role today? Or perhaps a role that has been marginalized by tanks better suited to filling that role?  Relatively weak gun, limited maneuverability and frontal armor that isn't as invincible as it used to be? What are your thoughts?

Whee #2 Posted Dec 26 2012 - 07:32


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Maus is still exceptionally great in coordinated platoon offense or defense for pubs. For CW, it's often used to block small chokes like bridges. I heard from somewhere that the German heavies perform specifically better in urban maps.

Cleric2145 #3 Posted Dec 26 2012 - 07:55


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View PostPtoIemy, on Dec 26 2012 - 07:19, said:

1. Arty - Mixed Feelings
  • Bouncing direct hits off of T95's - Lame

Well...Yeah, that's kind of the point of the tank. It is the single thickest armored (on paper) tank in the game, and in reality was designed specifically to absorb artillery and extreme caliber direct fire. Now that's hitting the tank on the beak. If you're bouncing off the sides or back, then yes I agree, spaced armor should be effective, but not to the ridiculous degree it is now. (246mm pen defeated by 60mm of spaced? Right-O)

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